Helllooooo Rule 23!

Hey! Did you ever notice that fawn noses look like Hedgehog noses!? Whats up with that!? They’re like, practically identicals!


Dear of you, Melissa O. 😉



  1. nightbird says:

    Fawn Butt! Fawn Butt!

  2. NebraskaErin says:

    I think the fawn is mooning us. See how he mocks with his ‘tocks.

  3. Fawns and hedgies clearly use the same supplier for their nose-age. Small and medium. Bulk discount.

    Boxcar Kitten M (for Masquerade) was enjoying pats from me again today, then I sat down on the metal stairs there, lifted her into my lap and she stayed for five minutes, purring and being patted. Huge Awwwww moment(s). Her tucedo gray brothers (who used to be more outgoing than her) just sat nearby with “WTF?” looks on their faces.

  4. tucedo = tuxedo, obvy

  5. Meg sure seems to be fawning all over this “Melissa” person. Hmmph.

  6. Wow. I’d make an evolution joke, but I always get snarled at by Nuffinghams when I do. So non-nuffers, insert evolution joke here.

    Go Laurie, it’s your kitten.
    Go Kitteh, get some pettin.

  7. Wheee … BAMBI!

  8. Sweetness perfawnified there.

    LaurieC, the boys be thinking Hey, that’s starting to look kinda nice… Soon they’ll want some. And you’ll have a lapful of awwwwws. Fingers crossed.

  9. jaypo, we’ve got vet appointments for spays/neuters for two of the three on Tuesday (then a third appointment a week later), so will be trapping on Monday night. Looks like I should have an easy time getting the calico by hand.

  10. “perfawnified”! BWAAAAA HA HAAAAAA

  11. High five, Laurie!

  12. Laurie-
    Look at that perfect fawn tail.
    Exactly covers everything with an ick factor with no extra.
    And the ears. Oh man. Look at those perfect ears.
    What a dear way to wake up.

  13. Laurie C – if no one has told you lately…YOU ROCK!

    Also…is it wrong of me to be inspired by this photo to think about hunting season?

    I just thought I’d ask.

    (BTW, I don’t hunt, but I grew up in small town, WI…pretty much every male in my life hunted.)

  14. Oh…one more thing:

    I ah-dore what the fawn has done with her hair…er, fur. Those little bleached dots – perfection!

  15. “is it wrong of me to be inspired by this photo to think about hunting season?”

    No, it’s not wrong, rp. It’s the inspiration that’s important. We’re nothing without it, no matter what the source.

  16. chilledcat says:

    Oh, the adorable spotted ‘tocks!
    The looks says “what?!me?”

  17. Tony James says:

    So there’s this doe who staggers out of the woods, looking very dishevelled, hair all mussed, etc. “That’s the last time I do *that* for two bucks…”

    So who missed me? 🙂

  18. Ya don’t know watcha got till it’s gone, Teej.

  19. *noses coffee all over keyboard* Nice visual TJ.

  20. Tony James says:

    They paved paradise and put up a parking lot, Teho…

  21. Big hand for TJ, people! Isn’t he wonderful, he’ll be back!

  22. We’ll have no mockage of the tockage or the knobbage or it will be roughage for dinner!

  23. michellemybelle says:

    Welcome back, TJ!

    Where’s our hamsters?

  24. One of my FAVORITE memories was when I visited my sister up in Northern California. She has a brindle rescued racer greyhound named Maggie. We were taking her for a walk when this deer just shot out of the woods and Maggie and the deer just stood there, staring each other down. They thought the other one was one of them, I just know it. I swear I could almost hear their conversation:

    Maggie: “Uh…are you a greyhound?”

    Deer: “I dunno, are you a deer?”

  25. I missed you TJ!

  26. Tony James, folks. He’ll be in the Ramada Inn Lounge all this week.


  28. Holy ear to head ratio!

    Is he raising an eyebrow at the photographer? Like, “What’s with the squeeing, strange dude?”

  29. I agree. That ear to head ratio is enormous. I hope he doesn’t hear me making fun!

  30. Does this tail make my butt look big???

  31. Doh, a deer.
    A female deer.
    (I think.)

  32. A thinker says:

    Teej! No lie, I was going to post today to ask if anyone knew where you were.

    Welcome back!

  33. bunnajenny says:

    TJ you’re back…and with such a flourish!

  34. Bambi got back.

  35. It’s good to have you back, TJ. I hope you had a great trip – perhaps you’ll be so kind to tell us about it in your blog one of these days?

  36. Awwww, tail, tucked in tocks.

  37. I like how the shape and color of the tail evokes the shape and color of the ears.

  38. OMG *dies* HOW CUUUTE!!!

  39. Between the fawn.. and the puppy.. I think a month rename to “Tocktober” might be in order.

  40. You have an artist’s eye, Laurie C.

    (maybe you wanna give it back?)

    hee hee!

  41. *takes artist’s eye out of pocket, blows off lint*

    Anybody missing an eye?

  42. I’ll see your eye and raise you a green thumb!

  43. I’ll raise your green eye on my thumb. icky…:-/

  44. The ears!!!! For Chrissakes…the ears!!!

  45. Okay. jaypo – if you don’t mind sticking your thumb in TJ’s ear?

  46. Yeah, and get it good and wet first. Here, dip it in this:
    [proffers pot o’pistachio puddins]

  47. Does this forest make my butt look big?

  48. And when you pull your thumb out, be sure to make a big popping sound. Cause there is nothing like a proffered pot o’pistachio pudding pop.

  49. Ooh ooh Danielle say that again in a Bill Cosby voice!

  50. Okay.

    And when you pull your thumb out, be sure to make a big popping sound. Cause there is nothing like a proffered pot o’pistachio pudding pop.

    Yup. Made all the difference.

  51. [giggling like an idiot in my chair]

  52. allycatgIrl says:

    I don’t know,but to me the fawn looks evil.Mabye it is because of the dark marks on his/her forehead…

  53. AuntieMame says:

    And if you check out the 2006 Ig Nobel awards, you’ll finally another amazing use for your thumb.

    Welcome back, Teej! We all missed you. But we’ve been practicing, and our aim is getting better. 😉

    Here’s another entry for Tocktober:

  54. Mary- “Tocktober”! I loves it! Let’s hear it for “Tocktober”!

    Meg- Can you deliver a tock a day for 31 days?

  55. Teughcats says:

    [also giggling like an idiot in my chair]
    You all are definitely ON today! Woot! for the peeps and for it being Friday.

  56. Wait, “knobbage”…isn’t that referring to the Rack photo below?

  57. Cleaning supplies for one thumb – $.50

    A cup of pistachio pudding – $1.25

    Teho giggling in his chair – priceless.

  58. [bloops a big fingerful of puddin’ in TJ’s ear]

    [can’t run away cuzza rotflmao]

  59. AuntieM, I thought that was a goat.

  60. Tony James says:

    [shakes head to clear ear of puddin’, and dusts off Puddinkwerferschnorglekanon which appears not to have been dusted recently – Kittinleutnant Arbed should expect to find herself on KP very shortly]
    AmyH – give me a day or two to sort out the pictures (one of which is just for Teh-0), and you’ll have a report.

  61. lurkertype says:


    Yay for Laurie C. and Kit M.

    I guess that’s enough fawning.

  62. hrh.squeak says:

    Yay yay yay, Teej is back! Even if the Puddinkwerferschnorgelkanon strikes fear in my heart . . . .

  63. [dusts off Big Bad ‘Brella]
    [unrolls municipal map & powers up the GPS]
    [looks for nearest Devonshire Cream hydrant]

  64. Y’know, it’s hard to tell Mad Hatter Day apart from any other day around here.

    Peeps rule!

  65. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:

    Oh deer/dear! that pic is fawn* tocks* stic!

  66. NDRO, clearly filling in as temporary Chief Punster with Aubrey absent.

  67. What! Abrey’s aubsent??

  68. Yes, Teho, gamboling her money away in Vegas.

  69. Tony James says:

    Aubsence makes the fart smell stronger.

  70. TJ raises the tone, I fold.

  71. [clawing at face]
    [trying to expel the Diet Pepsi so recently and rudely introduced into sinuses]

    Yeah, good to have ya back, Teedlyjidderbums.
    When ya heading out again?

  72. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:

    You call that raising?

  73. ;P

  74. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:

    Teeheehee O!

  75. Tony James says:

    Teh-0 – not sure yet – depends on when the International Society For The Study Of Eyebeams (acronym: YEEM-YEEM) wants to send me into the field again (stay turned for that pik).

  76. Tony James says:

    turned = tuned, of course.

  77. Teej,

    glad to see you back! hope you had a wonderful trip…
    [taps foot]
    where is my hamster?

  78. Tony James says:

    [connects hose from tap on Mariser’s foot to the Civil Defence Emergency Pudding Vat, pressurises the system to 500psi, and takes careful aim…]
    Alas, all of the Alleponian hamsters moved too quickly for me – remember that this is the Muslim month of Ramadan, when all animals must fast…

  79. Um, there’s an Aubrey the Arse Hamster next to the Liveaction Kenya video….one frame to the right—->

    WB, TJ!!

  80. even after the ridiculous treatment of my foot, I must ask.
    whut do you mean Alleponian hamsters?

  81. Apollonian?
    Alpo Bonian?

  82. Alleponian – meaning “from Allepo”, where legend has it the forebears (second cousins to Goldilocks) of all domesticated hampsters came from in the 30s. Don’t tell me you didn’t read the article!? Tcho – sometimes I wonder why I bother … :p

  83. I did too read that article. which was quite interesting I should add. but it was what, two weeks ago? I can’t be expected to remember everything, do I? neither do I have to continue with the rhetorical questions, do I?

    besides, being from Allepo makes hamsters *Allepish*, not Alleponians. now, this hampsters you refer to must be a new breed…one that stores dirty clothes in their cheek pouches, perhaps? 😉

    so does this mean you were in Allepo? can’t wait to see the pics. including the yeemyeem one.

  84. butbutbut I was sick for ages wif the flu, andandand then was reallyreallyreally busy, and now have a head cold ’cause I never recovered from the flu, andandand…….. oh damn, I’m sowwy……… 😦

    /halfheartedly blows dust off the Puddinkwerferschnorglekanon and waits for news of KP duty

    //wonders if there’s any chance of reprieve if I reveal that it’s my birthday tomorrow…..

  85. and more sucking up: you were greatly missed – I’ve been keeping from asking where you’ve been since your trip was only supposed to be six days and well that means you should have been back to us ages ago and well we were all just so lost without you and well screw it I suck at sucking up – but you *were* indeed missed, that much is true

  86. Kittinleutnant arbed, good job sucking up, but I doubt Der Teej Kommander be asuaged.
    good try, though. 😉
    lo’ knows the flu is a bitch; be careful with yourself that you dont’ have a recurrence

  87. AAAAaaargh Mariser — if yer gonna use teh spendy vocabulary, please to be spelling it with rightly correctishness. “Assuaged”

    And by the way, Arbed & TJ & HRHS et al… the way I remember it spelled is “Puddingkwerferschnorglekanonen.” I can only suspend my disbelief for CONSISTENT fictions.

  88. [a thought occurs]
    …of course, if that’s simply the PLURAL of “Puddingkwerferschnorglekanon,” then please let me know & I’ll note it in the Glossary.

  89. Gawd, it must be friday. And everyone started on the puddings and bunny creams. And I’m couped up in this stooooopid apartment.

    And my DVD player doesn’t work.

    But you guys do make it better. 😛

  90. HMPH! Vee do not haff to answer to Herr Teeo! Vee shall uss vatevah verds ve vant! And shpell zem howevah ve vant!

    /but, uh, yeah – what you said

  91. You ElfOwl, I’m cooped up, too. (Kinda like a chicken.)

    What were you planning on watching, eh?

  92. Kittinleutnant Arbed – in ze light of ze gnews zat you haf been mit ze inflooennnza afflicted, I am in ze mind of being merciful on zis occassion. Und consider yourself promoted to KittinKapitan for ze upsucking.

    Teh0 – one Puddingkwerferschnorglekanon, but many Puddingkwerferschnorglekanonen.
    The Yeems will be along shortly.

  93. “Und consider yourself promoted to KittinKapitan for ze upsucking.”

    [dry spit-take] [i.e. sort of an inverse snort] [which must be what a *SNERRK* is]

  94. KittinKapitan!!! Danke, danke – ze koffen und hacken und schneezen caussed by ze upsucking vass all verth it!

  95. Happy Birthday, fellow Canuckian arbed!

    (it’s my birthday, too, yay!)

  96. lol thanks Laurie C – and back atcha! And you know what happens when you combine illness that fogs your brain with taking a few days off so you don’t look at a calendar? You tell people it’s your birthday a day ahead of time – mine’s actually tomorrow. I’ve been thrown off all week, thinking it was going to be Saturday instead of Sunday – I’m such a freakin’ knob. 🙂

  97. arbed, you should just celebrate for *two* days, then.

  98. Well, E.C., I was ready to break out my brand new copy of the original Star Wars trilogy, digitally remastered and what not. Then maybe start a LOTR marathon. Or to balance the geekiness, I do have the 5 hour BBC miniseries productin of Pride and Prejudice on DVD. Mmmmm Collin Firth.

    Instead I watched Fantasia 2000 on VHS. Maybe I’ll go through my entire James Bond collection, with, with the exception of the last flick, is all on VHS.

    I’ll live. But I do need to sort out the DVD player issue.

    Oh. Um. Duh. I just bought a new laptop. With a DVD ROM. And a shiny media screen. *Blushes with embarassment* *Pulls out Star Wars*

    Catch you peeps later! And remember. Lock the doors. And hope they don’t have blasters!

  99. Hey your ElfOwliness- I have the Pride and Prejudice DVD’s, too.

    [say it in sing song with me…]

    L~O~V~E I~T !

  100. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:

    Happy Birthday Laurie C. & arbed!!

  101. Arbed-
    So now WE have the same birthday.
    (Happybirthdaytous(tomorrow)happybirthdaytous, und so weider.)
    I got (early) Session 2 of House — we spread out birthdays a bit around here.
    And we have Jeeves & Wooster out from Netflix.
    So we are in for an interesting afternoon: Hair, no hair. Stubble, no stubble. Accent, no accent. Brain, no brain.
    And — Pinky and the Brain are out on DVD!!!!
    (And just sent back P&P. After weeks. Yummy, yummy stuff.)

  102. AuntieMame says:

    I love Jeeves & Wooster!

    I can’t bring myself to watch House primarily because of the no-accent thing. 🙂

    (And my birthday is Tuesday!)

  103. Actually, AuntieM, looking at it from Hugh’s point of view, I’d say his accent is accent is completely foreign.

    Happy birthday to all you (hopelessly & gloriously nerdy) Peeps.

  104. michellemybelle says:

    Happity Birfdays to all the peeps!

    Zee German accents remind me of the old BBC show “‘Allo, ‘Allo” – all my limey friends make fun of me for loving it, but ya can’t help whatcha love…