‘Tocks Up!

When in doubt, get those ‘tocks up.

Always works for me.


Heather G., NOW WE’RE ‘TOCKIN’!



  1. christine says:

    Too cute for words. I bet there is some wonderful toy just outside the frame of the photo, and this pup is about to pounce!

  2. cowsharky says:

    Ahhhhh, sploding head…not that I feel it with my cold, but sploding nevertheless…

  3. pugmamatimestwo says:

    Trouble with a capital “Qte”!

  4. NebraskaErin says:

    AHHHHH! Cutest pic of the week, hands down. Er…’tocks down. Um. Up.

  5. OOoo, stretch puppy stretch!

  6. We’re not in Kansas anymore Toto! This must be Cuteville, or some other magical place!

  7. Ahh…so cute.
    My favorite this week so far!

  8. Ahh…so cute.
    My favorite this week so far!

  9. awww.. i’ll play with you!

  10. Puparobics?

  11. (As in pup, not pupa. I look forward to some cute smiley pupae in the near future.)

  12. “When in doubt, get those ‘tocks up. Always works for me.”

  13. Come on now. Please tell me that this is really a photoshopped image of a dog and a rabbit. No dog could be that cute…could it?

  14. Puplaties Classes Anyone?

  15. Dave — sounds like you’re thinking of the elusive Dagnabbit, cousin to the Lesser Southwestern Jackalope. And those are TOTALLY real.

  16. Tell me, Tocktor, is there anything I can do for this asploding head condition I am suffering from?

  17. [puts on Cuteologist glasses]

    This picture tells us three things:

    1) There’s something or someone to the left, out of frame, that puppy wants to pounce on – and he’s crouching with his ‘tocks in the air.

    2) There’s something or someone to the right, out of frame, that puppy ABSOLUTELY hates – and he’s mooning at it.

    3) The puppy thinks he’s a skunk.

  18. I want one!!! Too C U T E!

  19. I think we have a “best puppy picture EVAR” here.

  20. With the kittehs, we call that elevator butt. Scritch em riiiiight there and the tocks go up!

  21. rpennefe- Tocktor! you mean like a Tocktologist?

    what a delightful pup!

  22. “tockin'”? HAHAHA

  23. lol… tocks… too cute 😉


  24. Oh my god, too much.
    What breed is that little snackable scruffers?

  25. This picture convinces me – that every animal to be posted on CO should go through a ‘tocks screen, first.

  26. I think we have a new cuteness rule here. right along with the “paws up” it’s “tucks up” !

  27. *holding ears*

    The Puns!!!!!!!! Oh gosh, that puns…..

  28. It is a Norfolk Terrier.

  29. This should be the illustration in my yoga book under “downward-facing dog”.

  30. I give you: Downward Facing Dog. The mystery is solved. (and his yoga form is perfecto.)

  31. Poke, poke, you owe me a Coke, LaurieC. LOL

  32. eeep! [splody]


  34. The pup’s bod is facing the wrath of gravity-except his tock-hind.

  35. StormCat, puns= puppy buns. :]

  36. … are we even sure that’s a /real/ puppy?! It looks like a plushie!
    I have this urge to grab it and feel all that fuzz….

    *groansnicker* Ohh .. the pun-ishment …

  37. A thinker says:


    That is one cute puppers. Meg, I think you’re on a one-woman campaign the last few days to get me to like doggies…

  38. A thinker says:

    And *snort*, Subhangi…

  39. AuntieMame says:

    Ah, Mr Livingstone, thank you. Sake and bakewells tart. Well, chaps, buttocks up!


  40. I would really like to know what kind of dog this is. He is sooo cute!

  41. firefinch says:

    Cute, but how about some bun-tocks? It has been nearly a MONTH since the last bunneh post!

  42. I think Thorne is right–it DOES look like a plushie puppie. Wonder if it has a squeaker inside…quick, somebody squeeze him.

  43. His head looks a little smudged, like he was in motion at the instant the picture was taken. Which, let’s face it, he probably was, being a terrier and thus constitutionally incapable of staying still for more than a millisecond at a time. But the tocks! The tocks are killing me!

  44. Can’t…take…the…CUTENESS!!!

  45. The front paws keel mee–one curled up, one down. erf.

  46. Crouching Puppy. Hidden Desire.

  47. Ohhhh, killin’ me. You know one millisecond after this pic was snapped, that tail was whippin’ backnforth so fast it woulda been a blur. Also accompanied by a sweet loud YIP! Love de pups.

  48. Congratulations to submitter for catching one of the two times the little guy was standing still all day. I’ll bet he took off like a rocket, ears flapping in the breeze, not a nanosecond after the flash.

    He needs his ears scratched – any volunteers?

  49. Must gently pinch little tocks,

    Must gently beep little nose.

    He doesn’t have on any socks,

    Let’s help him warm his toes!

  50. Holy Fuzzy Buttkins!

    That tail is just shy of 15 degrees from being parallel with the ground!

  51. You put your tocks in the air.
    You put your nose on the ground,
    Stick your tocks in the air
    and you shake it all around…

  52. Tock tocks Bo-tocks
    Banana fana faux socks


  53. BlurpleBerry says:

    I think I had a cute orgasm after looking at that.

  54. gwenchocolate says:

    Oh my got
    this is the puppy that is in cute heaven
    i just know it

  55. Cutest puptocks ever. I wanna scritch them!

    ‘tocks screen….maybe best pun ever, Oh Great One.

    This pic is a moment of suspended animation. Next millisecond his whole body had boinged completely out of the screen!

  56. It’s just a pounce to the left…
    And then some ‘tocks the right!
    put your heads on your paws
    And tuck your paws in ti-i-ight.
    It’s just the cosmic fluff!
    That really drives you insa-a-ane…
    Let’s do the snor-GLE again!

  57. AuntieMame says:

    Awesome, argentee! LOL!

  58. ‘Tocks Screen: a wicker chair.
    Possibly rattan.

  59. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:

    LOL! Whatchew tockin’ ’bout Willis?!

  60. I’m in quarantine. I have strep. Cute O is keeping me sane. We went through a puppy drought for a while, and i don’t begrudge the bunny fans their requests, but this and the puppy dog eyes and the five puppies looking through the fence are just what the doctor *would* have ordered. If he was a Cute O fan like us.

  61. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:

    Awww! Wook at da wittow poppy dok tock!!!

  62. TastesLikeChicken says:

    Total puppy overload. The tail, the ears, the cute….

  63. Elfie, I’ve had the strep, and it’s Not Fun. It was how I found out that I was allergic to pennicillin, in fact. And that doubled the Not Fun quotient.

    Hold hard, and I hope you condition does not become acute. But that it becomes a-cute, instead.

    You know what I mean.

  64. Acute tockitis!

    Lol, teho, tockscreen….like panning for buns?

    And NDwarfie! Rofl….whatchu tockin’ bout.
    How did I survive 36 hours without CO????

  65. Brak_Silverbone says:

    This has GOT to be a toy!

  66. Elfie, I hope you’re feeling better soon, po’ bebeh.

  67. Elfie, a good couple o days on antibiotics, and you should start feeling lots better! ‘Tocks up! 🙂

  68. hrh.squeak says:

    Does it help the poor bun-deprived peeps that this Cutie McPouncersons has a tail *just like a bun’s*?

  69. Love pup-tocks!

  70. What kind of dog is that? It is sooooo cute!

  71. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:

    Thank ya, Lauri!

    Cute with the “NDwarfie” btw! Thank ya, x 2!

  72. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:

    hrh squeak

    Yes, it sure does help that his tail looks like a bun buns tail.

  73. Already been identified as a Norfolk Terrier.

  74. but what KIIIIIIIIIIINND of Norwich Terror???

  75. Witch Terror? Is it Halloween already? How long have I been on CO?

  76. Witch Terror. Witch Terror. Nope, no witch terror.

    Got lots of witch hazel, though.

    here you go…

  77. Alright, I am going to express my ignorance. What the heck is a ‘tock? What’s that short for? thanks 🙂

  78. Kate, that’s brave of you. ‘Tocks is short for buttocks, witness:




    We admire and marvel at them. I hope you’ve enjoyed this brief ‘tock attock.

    OK, that’s me done for a few days. I’m off to Vegas (YAY) and will be back on Tuesday. Or late Monday. Whatever.

    Be strong, be happy, be cute. And leave all puddings at the door. My valet will see to them.

  79. Not a Norwich. Norfolk. And there is only one kind.

  80. I maintain it looks like a plushie. It’s too cute to be real! (and if it really is a Terror, then it’s also too /still/ to be real! Heh)

    … I’m taking a time-out from up-ending my kitchen into boxes/kitty litter buckets. Is there any butterscotch pudding left?

  81. Just made up a fresh batch, Thorne! I hope you are moving, and not just throwing your kitchen out in a fit of frustration! 🙂

    *Holds out the spoon and the whole bowl*

  82. LOL…oh man, just caught the No Witch Terror parts.

    (they were flying all over the room!)

  83. Folks! *wink*

  84. Jan Spencer says:




  85. this is, of freakin course, the standard freakin doggy “lets play” pose….he’s not mooning anyone or doing the hokey pokey, tho he obviously IS tocking….

  86. [moons Cap’n Obvious]

  87. which reminds me, 40 years too late, that

    “Everybodys tockin at me

    I dont hear a word they’re sayin…..”

    only the echoes of CO….thank DOG

  88. Oh my goodness, what a little cutie patootie!

    I wanna bite the ‘tocks!

  89. michellemybelle says:

    tomi – I love that song (both original and ‘tock version)!

  90. funny, michellemybelle—I hated it. OTOH am a huge Beatle fan.

    and please, can someone tell me if the “Cap’n Obvious” remark was aimed at my comment, i.e. me? I’m no longer familiar with public incivility, so have some trouble recognizing it now…

  91. [wink] for Tomi.

    I know the “let’s play” pose. Still funnier to imagine Le Dogue pouncing (or mooning).

  92. thank you Theo—I remember some flaming going on here awhile ago, tho not from you. I was hoping all was cool, but you never know when the flames will burst out…at my age I do not wish to engage in such, but I do remember how…

    meanwhile forget all that—more CUTENESS and VIVE LA CO

  93. SHUT UP you did not just say “now we’re tockin'” AAARRHHHH!!!

  94. william congreve says:

    nothing says “i’m an idiot” like using the word ‘tock