It happens to everyone at some point.

Smooshed by a rack.


Nice curled pawsitude, Nicolle M.!



  1. cute! like the site! smooshy face is awesome!

  2. Hope he doesn’t have to gnaw off a paw to escape from that flowered boulder crushing him.

  3. the cat is looking up like “doood! get your own rack!”

  4. *decloaks from stealthy lurker mode to swat littledreamer23*

    That boo–er, boulder appears to be smooshing kitty’s face so hard, he’s gone cross-eyed (not wall-eyed… yep!).

    *engages cloaking device to re-establish stealthy lurker mode*

  5. NebraskaErin says:

    This is a very real problem for those of us who have large racks and large kittehs who like to snuggle.

    The other problem being very large kittehs trying to walk across said racks with teeny paws. Ouch!

  6. I think perhaps he’s cuddling the rack instead of getting smooshed by it. That’s a “this is my rack and don’t you forget it!” look if ever I saw one! Not…that I see that look…at all…*shifty eyes*

  7. DavidBoBavid says:

    just tragic.. rofl.

  8. In this partnership, I’m assuming the cat brings the brains, and Nicolle brings the bra-n.

  9. Ahh, to be smooshed by a rack-what a way to go.

  10. Smallish boxcar cat update — this kitten (who’s now five months old, so a little bigger than in this photo) ran out to meet me eagerly when I went down to feed them this morning. She seemed so friendly, I dared to try and pet her, and she let me pet her and pet her for a good five minutes straight, purring all the while!

    My more experienced cat-lady friends cats get more affectionate when they’re in heat, but whatever — I got a boxcar cat to purr!

  11. That’s actually a cozy looking kitty to me….lol….the looks says “What? Leave me alone! I’m TRYING to take a nap here.”

  12. NebraskaErin: we call it the PSI (pounds per square inch) effect at our house. When big kitties with tiny paws step directly on your boob, like a nipple seeking missile. Ouch.

    Yay for LauriC. Happy purry little calico.

  13. [wink] to Maureen.
    [snerk] to RedZ.

  14. Teughcats says:

    We call that the PSI effect also. My ex once got the full PSI from a 10 pound cat jumping onto a sensitive area of his anatomy while he was sleeping. He actually had to put ice on it for a while.

  15. NebraskaErin says:

    Ah! So the phenomenon has a name! Thank you, Redzilla!

    Why is always the *heavier* kitteh that decides traipsing across the rack is a good idea?

  16. 2Cats: hee! Happened to my hubby, too. I heard him moaning, “PSI, PSI, oh, damn it,” from the bedroom and I knew exactly what had happened.

  17. You all:


    We always just called it tippy-toes. However PSI is even more accurate and descriptive.

    Yea for Laurie C!

  18. LMAO!!!!!

  19. misscrisp says:

    Aubs, you never disap ‘point’ us.

  20. Ah yes, PSI! My boy, The Dude, does it, but only when I’m PMSing and therefore swollen in the bosom region. It triples it frankly.

  21. NebraskaErin says:

    Amen, Teri. A. Men.

  22. Y’know, I really like the term “PSI Effect.” And I say this as the Glossary guy. Hmmmm.

  23. Hearts off to Laurie! Many hearts to purrdles!!

    This kitty’s eyes seem to match her dress. I wonder if they change depending on what she’s wearing… chameleoneyes yeemyeem?!

  24. A white cat! Is he one of those new hypoalergenic types or simply a white wonder?

  25. A thinker says:

    Well um…yeah…

  26. (turns to the left hand side)

    “Hey, LC gets BC kit purrage!

    What do you mean, ‘And what does Goldilocks have to say about that?'”

  27. I don’t think the kitty is smooshed by the rack… I think he (or she) is tucked in nicely and taking full advantage of the nice soft rack. 🙂

  28. PSI! Oh finally, a name! how even an 8 pound kitty can feel like a jackhammer! “Good MOrning. Are you awake?”, which is why we now feed them at 4 pm.

    The other kitty likes to knead on me, I redirect him to teh pectoralis minor (lower shoulder) to avoidwhat I suppose we could call PSI w/Attitude.

  29. Eh? Me thinks the kitty is smooshed in the crook of her ARM.

  30. Karen In Toronto says:

    Just noticed the image ID (rollover): Kitahtahs.

    Gsnerk! Blort! [coffee out nose sounds]

  31. PSI is made a thousand times worse by body jewellery. This public service announcement is brought to you by Miss Molly Molasses-kitty, she of the very small paws and very rounded everything else.

  32. That’s the horror of the PSI effect, even a petite cat can injure if her paws are small enough. It’s all about the body mass to paw circumference ratio.

    Eek, Kim & Teri, you have given me a chill with the very suggestion of these PSI-amplifying circumstances.

  33. And if the package of the rackage is small, and squashage of the pawsage is big … you do the PSI math.

  34. I LOVE this one! The curled paws make it, along with the fact that they’re crossed.

  35. LOL, Jaypo.
    [raises glass to the Motion of the Ocean]

  36. lurkertype says:

    !YAY! for a purry boxcar kit! She will rule someone’s world with her calico self someday.

    PSI — we just call it “OOOOF!” There is a certain intonation of “oof” that Mr. LT and I use for this. And, of course, they have bladder-seeking radar.

  37. Teughcats:
    Biggs, my 17-pounder, will make such a “misstep” occasionally when we’re playing climb-the-human. Ouch. It would be worse if he didn’t have moose feet, though.

  38. PSI–hee! Puts me in mind of my BFF’s cat Mowgli. He’s incredibly fat. Enormous. And when he steps on you with those little feet of his, it’s like some kind of furry drill trying to go through your flesh. BFF has put him on a diet, which he resents greatly. He refuses to believe it’s for his own good and is sulking as only a cat can.

  39. Made me laugh out loud! Package of the rackage.
    Cruelest thing ever with the bladder-seeking radar: the early morning bladder stomp. Invariably 20 minutes before the alarm goes off. Gah.

    In fact, I’m thinking Nicolle M. looks like she needs to pee, but she’s holding on valiantly to avoid disturbing white cat’s campsite in the Grand Tetons.

  40. RedZ: LOL. FWIW, that’s how that mountain range got its name – for real. Or, as my GF would say, “There are some mountains so majestic that only the bravest of men dare approach….”

  41. RedZ, how *DO* they know that?!

  42. Mad Mike — I’ve heard that too. What’s always mystified me, though, is why there are THREE Grand Tetons. With the biggest one in the middle.

  43. Theo: Hmmm… the guy that surveyed the area must have had some straaaange fetishes; if he were alive to-day, he’d probably run for Congress.

  44. Theo…your question intrigues and disturbs me.

    As a side note, when I was a kid, we went camping in the Grand Tetons and my dad in a rather cruel gesture bought t-shirts for me and my 4 sisters, which said, “Not all Tetons are Grand.” Ouch.

  45. yeah um, that happens to my cat alllll the time, damn those big boobs!

  46. Teho, it’s for the Sacred Third Boobie between our eyes.

  47. Lol…child abuse, Redz.

    My Boston Terror weighs 25 pounds each, but somehow he makes each separate foot weigh 25 pounds when he walks around on us. There is obviously some paradox going on.

  48. AuntieMame says:

    Obviously, the Grand Tetons were modeled after Eccentrica Gallumbits, the Triple-Breasted Whore Of Eroticon Six.

    And I need one of Redz’s t-shirts, for my less-than-grand Tetons…

  49. Jaypo — put the kitten down, you’ve huffed enuff. Yeeps.

    Lauri — your plurals disturb me.

  50. AuntieM — jeez, I’d forgotten all about HER.
    [sips Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster]

  51. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:

    The eye lid tweekage is the funniest part!

    I can’t stop laughing!

    I going back to see the eyes again and again!!

  52. TastesLikeChicken says:

    In my house it’s called pointy paws – all 4 dogs could transform their legs into points (like ballerinas) therefore concentrating thir weight onto the smallest possible area. The pain…
    My little peke once stalked my ex’s dangly bits while he slept and was caught in mid-pounce, teeth bared but that’s aanother story.

  53. RedZ: Wow… no offense to your Dad, but that’s ever so slightly creepy.

    I have a 16-y/o daughter, and whenever she starts to discuss any similar subject in a non-medical context, I stick my fingers in my ears and hum ‘The Stars and Stripes Forever’. Apart from medical or scientific discussion, such conversations with one’s daughter are TMI for this ‘Dear Old Dad’.

  54. Gak! My plurals disturb me, also, too. 😛

    My communication skills, never great, have deteriorated! Apologies and apoplexies!

  55. Oh, and Mad Mike, I think that is a very healthy attitude.

  56. Aubrey, every girl should have one:

  57. Heh, my friends have two cats, and the girl is kind of skittish. If shes sitting on your lap, and gets spooked, it becomes PSPC, or pounds squared per claw. She is not allowed on my lap any more, but my guy friend still has not learned.

    This contraction and possessive free post brought to you by some sort of imcompatibility between my apostrophe key, Mozilla Firefox, and CuteOverload. Yay.

  58. Oh, JP, how you tempt me.

  59. Lol, ElfOwl.

    jaypo, that bra is really cute!

  60. benvenuta says:

    it`s clear that kitty loves his rack! s/he looks so relaxed and content.

    and I think kitty`s human is voluptuous in tradition of Italian actresses like Sophia Loren or Monica Bellucci.

  61. I think you’re all acting like a bunch of boobs.

  62. bunnajenny says:

    Aubes, when busband was still boyfriend he went on holiday to the Galapagos. Upon his return we met in LA and he announced delightfully in the middle of a restaurant that he had bought be a nice pair of boobies. Yes, I am the happy owner of a pair of Booby earrings.

  63. bunnajenny says:

    …be should be ‘me’ it’s like my fingers have a head cold.

  64. Min Adus — just as I ex pect ed.

    egad I need to go to bed

  65. I LOVE earrings, and I think yours sound swell, Bunna. Incidents, a co-worker was at the Fangoria convention out east, and came back with a bunch of ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning’ keyrings – with little chainsaws dangling from them. I took two and intend to make them into earrings.

  66. [scanning for puns]
    [reading BACKWARDS, word by word]


  67. “We apologize. Ms. Aubrey cannot be reached for comment. We believe she might be tied up at the moment.” (stifled laughter)

    “Please hang up and dial again at a later date.”

  68. allycatgIrl says:

    Uhhhh…really not sure what to say,except the cat does not look very comfortable.At all.

  69. allycatgIrl says:

    (Cat says in high pitched voice)”AIEEEE!Being sqished!Can’t go on much longer…”

  70. So round, so full, so firmly packed. The cat, that is.

  71. [in the better late than never department…]

    Aubrey – I understand that the “Boobie Bird” is a very rare fellow. Catch one would truly be a Boobie prize.

    [okay, okay. please insert into the “never” department]

  72. the look on kitteh’s face says it all…
    “I may look smooshed, and competely incapacitated
    by the unbearable comfy-ness of this boobalicious rack,
    BUT, if you DARE to make ONE MOVE for these babies,
    prepare to suffer the consequences.”

  73. Marfy loved her comfy chair. Except when it moved around and refused to sit down. Also when other comfy chairs came over and sat on her comfy chair. Such was the life of Marfy the white cat.

  74. Redzin76 — ha! Boobie bouncer! ID please.

  75. Nicolle M says:

    Owner of the grand tetons signing in. I can confirm the kitty WAS snuggling, as she often does, I did NOT have to pee, and there was no face squashing involved. No kitties were harmed in the taking of this picture. You guys have crazy imaginations – it made me laugh!!

  76. I’ve been there where the kitty is… it’s a nice place to rest.. :o)

  77. Dave,
    Do you sometimes have to fight with white kitty? ‘Cause I can picture that:
    Dave: Hey, move over, man.
    White Kitty: [snuggling in a little deeper] back off, Dave. These babies are mine.
    D: You’ve been lying there since My Name Is Earl came on.
    WK: Turn schmurn. If you try to kick me off, you know she’s going to get mad at you. Besides you had them last night.
    D: Yeah, for all of half an hour. You’ve been there for 2 hours.
    WK: Not my fault you did a rush job, man. Purrrr.

  78. hrh.squeak says:

    Redzilla – (szznurk)

  79. You guys are killin’ me. Seriously. :0

  80. “Seriously” she sez…

  81. dancer_chic says:

    i can see her boobies!

  82. Scarecrow says:

    Um…DUH, dancer chic. You know what the name of this category is, right?

  83. Jasmine says:

    That cat is so pretty