Pup #1: "Like, ONE!"
Pup #2: [Not paying attention] "uh… TWO!"
Pup #3: "TRES, HOMBRE!"
Pup #4: "quah-quah-quah-troh?"
Pup #5:
"ummmm…. Cinco?"


Michael K., thanks, times five [holding hand up]



  1. I am deathly afraid of being number one, so here’s hoping I’m not.

    Anyway, what have these anerable little masked pups done to deserve being put in the stocks?

  2. A thinker says:

    Rez, the anti-first poster.

    Cute pups!

  3. A thinker says:

    *Redz, make that…

  4. “Anyway, what have these anerable little masked pups done to deserve being put in the stocks?”

    Bewitching us with cuteness, Redzilla. They are clearly in league with the devil!

  5. AWWWWWWW…just want to give kisses times 5…er, cinco

  6. Jan Spencer says:

    Woof! They look like they are trying to get into a rock concert that is sold out by sneaking in. LOL

    LOVE IT!

  7. NebraskaErin says:

    “They are clearly in league with the devil!”

    Especially #5. Shifty eyes, that one.

  8. #3 is the one I don’t trust. I think he’s maybe causing my cow to stop giving milk.

  9. juggle geese says:

    BIG question. Which one is the cutest. Personally I think the middle one. This one looks cheeky

  10. ereshkigal says:

    Whereas number 1 is all, like, “d00dz, what are we doing here? Hold me, I’m scared.”

  11. Heh, Redzilla good one.

    I dunno though, number 4 (the one that stutters) walked by me and said: “Good morrow mistress” and then no matter what I did my bread would not rise!

    Bewitched, my bread is bewitched!

  12. “Barks Behind Bars”

  13. #3 turned me into a newt!

  14. RedZilla. A Theo-proof FP. Well played.

  15. “#3 turned me into a newt!”

    A newt?

  16. one of these things i not like the other….
    dammat… they ARE ALL LIKE THE OTHER!!!!

  17. I got better.

  18. #1 is the tootest, and causes me pain each minute that passes

  19. “#3 Turned me into a newt!”
    “A Newt?”
    “Well I got Better.”

    I’m voting for #2, that tongue hanging out, happy dog grin just melts me. And I’m not even a Dawg-person!

  20. *gasp* They’re so adorable! What kind of puppies are they?

  21. Mel, I couldn’t hear you very well. Take that carrot off your nose.

  22. ereshkigal says:

    Corgis maybe?

  23. If *any* of these pups is in league with the Devil hisself, then it would be pup #4! Just LOOK at that silly grin, trying to be all “oh! me? i’m just so cute and adorable! pay no attention to me!!” and then you’ll turn your back and *POOF* ~ Your kittens will be barking, and the hamsters will be walking backwards in their exericse wheels.

  24. They looks like Corgis to me. Soo cute! I wanna puppy pile with them…snorgle on!

  25. #2 gets my vote. We must take paw placement into account here, and while a few others have similar poses, #2 combines the paws AND the tongue. He is truly the perfect being.

  26. blueberries4me says:

    I just can’t choose between the lot of them. They’re all adorable!

  27. #2 wins. It’s definitely the tongue.

    But seriously, could life get better than a field of soft green grass with the 5 of them all crawling on you and playing? No, I didn’t think it could.

  28. I think you’re right, Kyle– paws, tongue, smile– #2 is definitely the cutest… and, therefore, the MOST EVIL! Get thy cuteness behind us, spawn of Satan, lest we do thy hellish bidding and surrender all the bacon treats in the village!

  29. I like number 4 the best. It looks as if he is wiggling so hard that he can’t quite make it between the bars.

  30. They look like canine groupies!

    Corgious. Tewtally.

  31. A new singing group? I’d buy their album! Adorable!

  32. They’re mighty cute, but I feel a little cheated. Like I just opened up a six-pack of beer and GASP! One is missing.

  33. Sergeant: And what about…them?

    Warden: You mean The Corgi Cartel?

    Sergeant: Yeah – been giving you any trouble?

    Warden: Oh, the usual; leering whenever ‘new kibble’ is brought in – the usual stuff.

    Sergeant: Our team did good work to get them all – they’re incorgi-gible, you know.

    Warden: Sergeant, I’ve got no time for your joking (both laugh).

  34. LOL! How cute! I want one!

  35. Corgis FTW <3

  36. Uno!


    Bery Anorable!

  37. So much anerable puppage in this picture 😀

  38. Aubrey – lol … heehee

  39. Quin-Pup-lets! :))

  40. The Puppettes?

  41. And no one’s even mentioned the perfect white paw-age going on.

  42. Awwwwww… Cerebus was so cute when he was a puppy; NOW look at him:

    (Yes, I know — there’s just three heads.)

  43. cerberus*

  44. That’s what I said! Ceb-er… Cerb-ber… Cerb-bob-bo… Cerb-ba-ba…booey … Cerb …

    Whatever! The doggie with all the heads! 😉

  45. I want one!

  46. you guys r silly says:

    What crime could these Fluffy McSpunkersons EVER HAVE COMMITTED to be cruelly locked up in this GROUP STOCKADE this way???

  47. NebraskaErin says:

    “Whatever! The doggie with all the heads! 😉 “

    I believe Hagrid named him “Fluffy”. 😉

  48. you guys r silly, see the first dozen or so posts…

  49. I like how their poses, feet, and expressions are symmetrical—i.e. 1 and 5 look a little unsure, 2 and 4 are both smiling, while 3 in the middle is looking straight at us.

    Nice pose!

  50. “What kind of sin could a pup commit in a single lifetime to bring this upon himself?” – from ‘The Amazing Colossal Corgi’

  51. you guys r silly says:

    That’s part of the annoyance of TRYING to post comments while I’m ALSO supposed to be working… I actually get an original idea, START to comment, WORK INTERRUPTS…. and when the work finally GOES AWAY, I finish the “original thought” and post it — only, it ISN’T original anymore…

  52. Five-headed Staircase Dog has joined forces with Ceiling Cat …

    .. and they’re watching YOU, Rep. Foley.

  53. File it under “Great Minds Think Alike,” you guys r silly.

    And, if I may make a personal observation, you really need to watch this “work” addiction. It’s starting to interfere with the Real World of Cuteness.

  54. you guys r silly says:

    J.Bo — Work IS mighty inconvenient and intrusive, isn’t it?! &:o\

  55. you guys r silly says:

    That’s why *the*powers*that*be* need to get busy making the CO Dream Office a reality! I wanna get paid to spend my days schnurgling and squeeeeing!!!

  56. Fie, J.Bo on your “great minds think alike.” ’tis the work of these hell spawn pups which causes us to have group hallucinations… That or it’s all the fungi in our rye bread.

  57. Wow, Redzilla– a Salem Village/ergot shout-out at CO? What an intellectually impressive crew of regulars we have here!

    P.S. THIS is an excellent movie about the trials, by the way:

  58. Five white’n’tan puppies, siiiiiiiiiitting on a wall! Five white’n’tan puppies, siiiiiiiiiiitting on a wall! And so on, and so forth.

  59. So Loris, do you then “take one down, pass it around”, (which I guess means that puppies can be huffed too), or is the next line “K-I-S-S-I-N-G”?

  60. “Hi, my name is J. Bo, and I’m a puppy-huffer.”

    [Peeps] “Hi, J. Bo.”

  61. Allie and Jojo's Mom says:


    *Head explodes. Brain juice leaks everywhere.*


    Pass me a hit of the corgi puppy

  62. Pass the corgi pon the lef’ hand side,
    Pass the corgi pon the lef’ hand side …

  63. Squeeeeee! Corgi puppies!! So. Very. Cute!

  64. Take one down and pass it around does fit in with my theory that this was originally a six-pack of puppies, but that some moocher already snagged one.

    [and takes modest bow in J.Bo’s direction.] I do love to fit in a little Crucible-style trivia where I can.

  65. I think number three is stuck.

  66. Cooooorrrrggiiiiisss!!!!! <3<3<3 The Giant-Eared Avengers :D I hope they still have their tails! :P

  67. I vote #2 cutest, but I certainly wouldn’t kick any of those bad boys out of my bed 😉

  68. Mia — count ’em… you’d have no bed LEFT.

  69. I want ALL the puppies! They’re super cute. Gimme gimme gimme!!

  70. Who cares which one is the cutest? I want them all.

    *jumps into the dogpile*

  71. OMG! Cruelty to animals! Their precious wittle necks are being SQUISHED. X_X

    Aw, don’t keel me!! I think dis pic is positivallyy cuuute. I was just keeeding. ^^;;

  72. kawaii!!!

  73. The middle guy has the best eyebrows.

  74. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Wow, five cute li’l corgi pups to snorgle and smooch! And they can’t get away ’cause of the staircase, mwa ha ha!!

  75. It’s the Corgi Kissing Booth.

  76. Katherine says:

    Man this was just what i needed today. The cuteness is overwhelming! I just wanna nuzzle all their noses.

  77. acelightning says:

    “Uno! Dos! One, two, tres, cuatro…” (& cinco)

  78. #2!!! #2!!! I feel like he’s smiling at me!

  79. Sorry, but when I see all those anerable Corgis lined up, I’m thinking they’re counting like this:

    “Ein, Ein, Ein, Ein and…Ein!”

    *ducks objects thrown by anime fans who get the joke*


  80. What only makes them better, is that they’re CORGIS!!!

  81. “EIN!”

    One cute mutt, and smart two, to bad nobody knew how valueable he was!

  82. Lurker3181 says:

    hey guys leave the puppy/kitty huffing references alone…it’s getting to be a tired joke and gets in the way of all the cuteness! Please!

    Normally love the comments but feel like I’m stuck in a degrassi junior high moment when the “oh please pass the puppy bon” jokes start…

  83. Wow, it’s like a pup dispenser! All lined up and ready to go 🙂


    Yay! Cute puppies! awwwww!

  85. How can any of you actually decide which one is cuter??? My God they are CORGI’s – quite possibly one of the most adorable dogs of all time (2nd only to beagles, IMHO).

    Short leg to long body ratio – HAS to be a new rule of cuteness. Permanently happy visages, upright ears – there is SO much going on with Corgi’s, where do I look first?


  86. AWWWhhhh

  87. It’s the new series of Pez dispensers. Picture them with rectangular plastic bodies.

  88. YAY for corgis!

    Whoever said corgi kissing booth was right on.

    I want this as a huge wall poster

  89. Blissfull says:

    Corgies are the best, I’ve always been a sucker about corgies 😀

  90. hrh.squeak says:

    A friend of mine has a Corgi/Chihuahua cross (Corhuahua?). Rusty got the corgi body, slightly longer legs than a corgi, eyes as big as a chi but not bulgy, and the Biggest Ears Evar Seen. I try not to refer to him as Dumbo in his dad’s presence.

  91. Chihuagi! (Chewaggy?)

  92. Distractor says:


    Would you like some bell peppers and beef with that joke? I think I’m out of beef though….

  93. jackie31337 says:

    I totally agree with everybody who said #2 is the cutest. The others are all cute, don’t get me wrong, but #2 just has the cutest pose and expression, and the tongue hanging out just sells it for me.

    My parents adopted an abandoned corgi mix puppy 6 years ago. When they found it, nobody had any idea what kind of dog it was. They asked the vet, and he actually said “the only thing I can tell you for sure is that she’s a dog”. Now that she’s gotten bigger, the corgi heritage is very apparent.

  94. Scout's Mom says:

    Jackie31337 —

    I would LOVE to see a photo of you parents’ dog. I, too, have a Mystery Mutt. I think she’s part shepherd/part Corgi. Either that or a Corgi on Miracle Grow! The vet doesn’t think so…..

  95. Hi!
    They are gorgeous cutes! I know sometimes the bars can look bad but sometimes it is for their own safety!! Lots of love!!
    Andrea – Invercargill – New Zealand