The Adventures of INVISI-CAT

INVISI-CAT can sneak up on prey!
He blends into ANY BACKGROUND!
He’ll purr in your ear without YOU EVEN KNOWING IT!
Wait—where did he—go?


If you squint, you ken’t even see ’em, Christa P.



  1. A thinker says:

    Wow. That’s some remarkable camo-floof.

  2. I squinted and couldn’t see anything. *opens eyes* hey. I can see again. Whadyaknow

  3. What cat?

  4. Ack! I just want to bury my face in that fluffy belly, even if it earns me a scratch or twelve!

    And the fur peeping out between those little toesies! Ack! Ack! Ack!

  5. Eek. More dangerous than a punji pit. Plus, it has that snorgle feature your average booby trap doesn’t.

  6. …as long as the background is Maine Coon.


    Only a little less flurrffy. And this cat has a curlier belly.

    But their tails and face are EXACTLY the same! Great great great pic!

  8. What purrrrfect camoflage! And such a fluffy belly – that looks like my Maine Coon mix and he lurves getting his belly rubbed.

  9. Wow! Where did he go?

  10. ShelleyTambo says:

    His back right paw really blends. This could be another “where’s the fourth paw!?!?!” pic.

  11. Man, the quality at CO is really going downhill. I mean who seriously finds Tiles cute?

  12. I had an invisible fence once. The dogs didn’t pay attention to it either.

  13. [snickers] …nice, Yoshi.

  14. ACK! GRINCH FEET! AND, the most snorgleable belly EVAH! I need that kitty and his belly!

  15. It’s teh CHESHIRE CAT!!!

    ‘Cept he’s a Brown Maine coon ‘stead of a pink tabby.

  16. That kitchen floor has EYEBALLS!

    A Thinker, lol for “camo-floof.”

  17. so cute!!!

  18. A thinker says:

    Good one, Yoshi.

  19. you guys r silly says:

    Ashley – MY Maine Coon looks *EXACTLY* like that, TOO!!!
    I think ALL Maine Coons are ALL identical twins/cousins!!!

  20. ooohhhh, his back feet are killing me with cuteness!

  21. So, does the cat match the floor, or does the floor match the cat? Hmm!

  22. I usta have a kitteh like this.. (sniff)Beautiful!

  23. Denise in Nebraska says:

    So, the tile here reminds me of pictures that I’ve seen on the NASA website, of outer space. Does anyone know how to “erase” the grout from this photo (photoshop, anyone??) so that it would appear that the kitty is floating in outer space, with no boundaries?? Consider this a “challenge”!

  24. And I actually squinted… I’m a dork.

  25. Hoarseman says:

    As per the request of Denise in Nebraska I did a quick and dirty Pshop of the kitty.

    When I have more tiem I’ll try to clean it up some.

  26. a few months ago my mom got a kitten and a new kitchen floor. they match. coincidence? I THINK NOT!

  27. Hoarseman — cool! Can you do that with the grout in my bathroom??

  28. You know, I don’t think the ordinarly rules of perspective and phsics apply anymore. Is this the fourth dimension? Has this expanse of floof created a rift in the space/tile continuum?

  29. AuntieMame says:

    Space/tile continuum.


    And he’s better than an elfin magic cloak that renders you invisible against any background, be it green grass, green rocks, or green sky.

  30. I very much enjoy his little disgruntled face.

  31. haha! that reminds me of my dog matching the kitchen floor at my house!

  32. That’s the face of a kitty who was just rudely awoken from a nice catnap.

    And yes I agree withy Aubrey, the flooftitude……!

  33. This floofykins is exactly like my cousins kitteh, Kookie. She has passed away tho.. :o( She was sweet and soft and cuddleh. sniff… sweet snorgalicious belleh!!!

  34. I want a floofy floor like that!

  35. Yikes! I’ve been petting the floor… Oh! there you are! [kisses the floor instead of the floof…] HEY, where..?!

  36. I think that’s a main coon cat. They have extra hair on their toes and even coming out of their ears. Be careful! Don’t step on this floofy baby!

  37. This is an acreage of fluff.

  38. This is one of the two coolest cats I’ve seen on CO. The only one that tops it is the little orange cat that chased the bear up the tree. :o)

  39. This is the kind of thing that is dangerous for “older” people.. can’t see the darn thing without glasses and could easily kick or step on it by mistake.. causing the “disgruntled” look.

    He’s quite gorgoeous though.

  40. Too hilarious – we have an orange/ginger Maine Coon who blends into our warm tan colored hardwood floors too! So convenient for ignoring the clumps of shed fur.

    I LOVE Maine Coons, there is more to snuggle.

  41. Hehehe Back when I had to dye my hair red for a show I was in, people would state at me funny whenever I took my little marmalade kitten out with me to run errands. ^-^ He used to love riding on my shoulder (he had a harness on, don’t worry) but we really were quite the pair.

  42. beautiful kittah! <3

  43. Hoarseman-
    that’s lovely — a nice cat-jumped over-the-moon look.

  44. ah yes I believe T.S. Eliot wrote about this cat:

    Macavity’s a Mystery Cat: he’s called the Hidden Paw–
    For he’s the master criminal who can defy the Law.
    He’s the bafflement of Scotland Yard, the Flying Squad’s despair:
    For when they reach the scene of crime–Macavity’s not there!

  45. Oh, Aubrey. Space/tile continuum… *sigh*

    If it weren’t for the white patches of fluffitude, I wouldn’t have seen teh kitteh at all.

  46. Cats… in… SPACE!

  47. NebraskaErin says:

    Why do I want to snorgle the tile floor?

  48. herpantsness says:

    AAAA! Cat-floor matching is also a problem in my house, in which the marmalade kitteh is impossible to distinguish from the wood. *steps on cat* *dr. moritz can taco yowls*


  50. I’m with folks in their fondness for Maine Coons.

    I think my Trixie is a mix because she doesn’t have the “wild” look. She does how ever have the ear tufts and fluffy feet.

    I always find it interesting how soft their fur is. Their coats look shaggy but the fur is soft like a bunny.

  51. I have a carefully tabby-coloured bedspread. Doesn’t show the hairs as much. But you do lose the cats.

  52. Wow… a chameleon cat! Check out this kitten playing on a keyboard:

  53. Martha in Washington says:

    This kittie and floor could be a long lost Monet painting! Just an IMPRESSION of a cat really. I want a cat so bad I can’t stand it!!!

  54. Martha in Washington says:

    Rachel, is that Mewzart?

  55. Camo-fur. ^-^

    ah, and: ADORBELL! (pronounced “a door-bell,” my family’s equivalent of anerable)

  56. Rachel – it’s the world’s first Pi-meow-no Concerto! Chopin, perhaps?…

    Other than that – I think it’s the new X-Men sequel: “X-Men 4: X-Pet the un-X-Petted”

    *runs for cover for fear of flying pudding*

  57. thepinkestpainter says:

    Love me some Maine Coon, looks like my cat. Maine coons are the coolest because of the fur between their toes. When I grow up I want fur between my toes too! Even though I doubt it would look as good on me as with this cutie.

  58. hrh.squeak says:

    Siberian kittehs gots snowshoe feeties too! I love my Boobers’ toe fluff. He gets shy when I play with it, though. (waaaah)

  59. Whoaaa, dude, it’s like is it a cat, or is it a floor? Whoa, pass that kitten back this way, I need another huff, this is tooooo radical.

    Do we have any nachos?

  60. hrh.squeak! Who names their kitty “BOOBERS”?

  61. He, he. Excellent choice of floor covering. If the hairs don’t show up that less housework.

  62. That picture would work really well as an oil painting. The flooffy belly fur and the blending colors already look like a painting. I can see the tiles done with a palette knife for that texture.

    Hmmmm. Must do some art…

  63. Woah.

  64. What a great cat. He looks just like my cat, Anna, but she’s not even a Maine coon…just a long-haired alley cat…or, in her case, a cul-de-sac cat.

  65. Hoarseman says:

    Thalia, I ran it through an Oil Filter, something like this?

  66. Anerable.

  67. Black cat on a black bed-spead, in the middle of the night.
    Me: *crawling innocently into bed, puts hand squarely in the middle of the cat*
    Onyx: Myrr! *moves*
    Me: Ack!
    … yep. Been there, done that, probably have the scars to prove it. ^.~

    … and this cat looks like Thea! She was a Mini-Coone – or looked like one. We never had floors that matched her, though.
    One should always coordinate with one’s kitties. ^^

  68. BlurpleBerry says:

    That is a fantabulastic cat indeed.

  69. Hoarseman, wow, cool!

  70. Yeah, Hoarseman, that’s awesome!

    Thorne—my black cat Maude likes to sleep in the middle of the dark hallway on the way to the bathroom in the wee hours. She is pretty smart, though, and almost always wakes up when she hears me shuffling around, and then meows to let me know she’s there.

    *Almost* always.

  71. i wonder if he/she gets stepped on a lot?

  72. “CATS….IN…SPACE!!!!!”

  73. So cute!

  74. confused about the colour says:

    Soooo…Would one call this an ”animalprint” floordressing…or a ”floorprint catdressing”?

  75. There are heated floors, and then there are proper heated floors.

  76. lurkertype says:

    Maine Coons are the bestest kitties ever.

    I lof zees cat. With the floof and the blending in, and the nice artwork.

    That tummy needs snorgled, damn the claws and teef.

  77. I can’t handle this. Looks like I chose the wrong week to stop maine-lining.

  78. [fumbles for screwdriver]
    [finds it]
    [splashes it all over face]

    […and confuses the heck out of everyone who doesn’t get the reference]

  79. Cat? What cat…?

  80. Shirley you can’t be serious…?!?! Sorry it needed to be said. Couldn’t help myself.

  81. T., I thought you’d got over your drinking problem.

  82. Nah, Aubrey; I still drink like a… wait, wrong thread.

  83. It a cat-meleon!

  84. (Sorry, forgot the “- ‘s”)

  85. OMG! DemonKitty DOES have an evil twin! Run away!

    My mum’s DemonKitty lays in the middle of the kitchen and wraps herself around your feet when you walk past. She’d LOVE some camoflage tile like that.

  86. I see Sir Lewis has another house with slate tile floor JUST LIKE OURS!

    I swear he is collecting families. At least I can take comfort in the knowledge that he is about to KEEL the arm reaching to touch his floofy belly.

  87. And here you have it – yet another fine example of Why Cats Make the Best Ninjas: Stealth Mode.

  88. acelightning says:

    It’s Camo-Cat!

    I know the proverb, “Never feed the cat anything that doesn’t match the rug”… but it doesn’t say anything about the *cat* matching the rug (or floor). Besides, I’ve got oatmeal-colored rugs, but my orange stripey cat hates oatmeal…

  89. christa p says:

    Thanks for the comments! This is Miss Kona. She’s visiting for a while and I just looked down from my pc and she was spralled. Trying to cool down in the summer heat. I sent this in months ago and didn’t expect to see it post. Reow!

  90. musicchick2 says:

    Acelightening… my 17 lb Pooh LOVES oatmeal…begs to lick the vestiges from the bowl. Isn’t that kind of wierd for a kitteh? Ah, but this one is wierd in so many ways…. LOVE the pic, btw. 😉

  91. hrh.squeak says:

    Thalia – Well, I did. His name is really Bubeleh (little darling), but he’s such a galoot it got shortened to Boober. Hey, he answers to it. When it pleaseth him, or when food is involved.

  92. I too have a camo-kitty. He matches both the hardwood floors upstairs AND the couches downstairs. Needless to say, he takes full advantage of this!

  93. Oooo, LOVE the catmoflage, and what Hoarshack, I mean, Hoarseman did with it! Yay!

  94. Bunnymummy says:

    Ben the bun is not camo-floof, but he his “Bun-in-Space” in this photo…

  95. allycatgIrl says:

    Dude!I didn’t know cats did aerobics!

  96. allycatgIrl says:

    Dude!I didn’t know cats did aerobics!

  97. allycatgIrl says:

    Oops!Sent it 2 times:’}

  98. “Oops, I clicked it again…”

  99. allycatgIrl says:

    Dude,(meaning Theo),are you making fun of me or somethin’.

  100. I am ALWAYS making fun of somebody or something. Thank you for playing.

    By the way, here’s some cats and their aerobics:

    (You get that you’re perfectly free to make fun of me or whatever else, right?)

  101. allycatgIrl says:

    Haha!Funny video.I never thought I would see cats fight over an exercise wheel.*sigh*I wish I had a cat,or a dog,or something.My six year old brother is allergic to pretty much anything with fur.He also has asthma.He was put in the hospital for an asthma attack when he was five.There is no way we are getting a pet any time soon,unless we get a fish.Anyway,I get that I can make fun of you anytime I want.I probably won’t,but there is a possiblity…

  102. That looks just like our Roons! 🙂

  103. Oh my God, that cat is the spitting image of my big girl Squeak and I have that exact same flooring. My Husband is convinced it is our cat but I told him otherwise. Wow, what a co-inky-dink eh!