Just a leetle kees

Now leesten to thees my darlingk, you are fab-you-luss.

I meeeean eet.



Kate B., glurp!



  1. *muah*


  2. NebraskaErin says:

    Feesh kees!

  3. I lurve dee leetle goldfeesh. It’s just so hard to blow dee bubble keeses to heem.

  4. I love your accents. <3 Please never stop!

  5. Fish? Cute?? Hmm.
    I did not know fish talk with an accent though.. so.. learned something already today! YAY! 😉

  6. ‘morning, peeps! I meess you guys. Work, eet ees verry deeficult thees days. Zees feesh, he sends you keeses for mee…. :-/

  7. He looks like he’s warming up to sing!!

    Me me meeeeee me me meeeeeeeeeee

    “Under the Sea, la la laaaa”

  8. Beaucoup BLOOPS to vous, mon cher Goldfeesh.

  9. I love koi carp! I have a pond full. (not goldfish lol) he’s a stunner but then i think he thinks that himself haha!

  10. Ze databaze, she ees een flames so preetee, but zees ees not ze way eet should bee… so I mus’ take my leeve ov ze peeps zees day.

    Moozlepoof, peeps!

  11. Vee shall miss vous, mon capitan Theo!

    Half a cute deh.

  12. is that another fish, or just his reflection?

    either way, I’m once again stunned that a fish is CUTE.

  13. “Kid, if there’s anything you need, just ask your auntie Deb. That’s me. Or if I’m not around, you can talk to my sister, Flo. Hi, how are ya? Don’t listen to anything my sister says, she’s nuts!”


  14. Bang on, NTMTOM!

    Darn. Now I gotta go watch Finding Nemo again.

  15. There is something fishy about that picture… fishy kissy?

  16. NTMTOM: Aw MAN! You took the thought RIGHT OUTTA MY HEAD! *falls on floor laughing*

    Sick–er, I mean *great* minds think alike…*grin*

    Alright, Peeps, today is the beginning of my husband’s usual weekend (yeah, his weekend starts on a Wednesday. Weird, eh?) and we’re going to be doing a bit of preparatory dashing around and finishing packing…here’s the link to pictures of our soon-to-be house for any Peeps that may have missed it earlier: http://picasaweb.google.com/whotendsthefires/HousePictures

    Phone service should be switching over shortly, so if ya don’t see me until next week, know that I’m jonesing for CO here! *grin!*


  17. POSH! Narcissistic much?

    Can’t spell much?


  18. By the way, his name is Chegwin, and he has his own site: http://www.thedailychegwin.co.uk/

  19. A thinker says:

    “Gohgeous, my dahlink. Yez, I am…”

    Te-O, good luck with your inflammatory database. Doesn’t sound good.

    Fishy kisses to Jaypo, slaving away…

    And congrats to D2D–looks like you’ve got a lot of redecorating in your future!

  20. “Moozlepoof, peeps!” –Theo

    ditto. computer nightmares.

  21. StormCat, I totally agree! Some throat-warming action going on there…

    “OOHH Sole – am – mioooooo…”

  22. Perhaps Theo needs some Preparation-HP for his flaming computer.

  23. Not a big HP fan right now, RedZ.

    [gets back to work]
    [though it’s safe to say I can’t stay away]

  24. Peg of Tilling says:

    Preparation HP: shrinks swelling of computational issues!

  25. The colors are so prettyful!

  26. Sooths your burning web ring of fire.

  27. er…soothes, that is. I start thinking I’m all clever and my typing goes to hell.

  28. Yah, we have a new interface called RPAC*.

    *Royal Pain in the Ass Computer system.

  29. Yeah, those weasels at HP. That’s why I use Ben-Mac for all my computer aches and pains.

  30. I use Tuldas brand computers for my needs. Much more reliable than anything I’ve found.

  31. Give ’em hell, Theo.

    And welcome back, jaypo! Grab some pudding and a cookie (Teri’s the new Cookie Monitor, by the way) and catch up!

  32. Is he saying “oooooh, my goodness, I am sooooooo cute!”?

  33. “Because I’m good enough…I’m smart enough…and doggone it, fish like me!”

  34. “Do you recall when we first were wet
    That’s the day I knew I was a pet
    My gills thrill to you
    That’s how much I love you

    Come with me, my love
    To the sea, the sea of love
    My gills thrill to you
    That’s how much I love you.”

  35. ^^ …the song that proved to me, irrefutably & irreversably, that Robert Plant and Jimmy Page had jumped the shark.
    (and now, the goldfish too)

  36. I use both a Maceral and a PC(erell).

  37. oops … I mean a Makerel.

  38. I give. I mean a Mackerel.

    (waiving white spelling flag)

  39. “Robert Plant and Jimmy Page”

    By God, how I hated Zeppelin. None of their songs ever had a proper hook.

    As for jumping the shark – gill-ty as charged. They were always perched and ready. And I stand by that – I’ll lay a fin that my judgement is correct.

  40. That’s okay, Danielle. We here on the Language Squad give you six sincere tries before we command the Peeps to point and laugh derisively.

  41. J Bo-
    Yanno, it’s dificult to find somone to throw the frist ston about spellin prblems arond here

  42. Oh the humanity (ichthyanity?)! The poor fish has been tricked into thinking it has a mate! Call the ASPCA! Get some hot water! Get some iodine!

    I lurve zee feeeshes.

  43. Iodine to know what happens next!

  44. It could be fins for the little guy.

  45. *throws spelling stones at lauowolf* You hurt my eyes.

  46. He’s practicing in the mirror before his big date!

  47. 😀 On a happier note, feeshes make me happy.

  48. “A pretty mess I have made of it”,it thinks.

  49. I think this little guy is tanked!

  50. “how I hated Zeppelin. None of their songs ever had a proper hook.”

    Aubrey — I can’t believe this — are you actually trolling?? You can’t do wriggly pentatonic scales on a Les Paul and NOT hook something. Zep redeFINEd the hook. Listen to “Moby Dick” (well, *before* the drum solo) and see if it doesn’t ship you straight off to some exotic port of call.

    Not everything has to be “Reelin’ In the Years” y’know.

  51. I have the courage of my convictions, chum. Maybe this was not the plaice to express them – I see that it has ray-sed some eyebrows – but I just can’t go on CO and express a gari-bald-i faced lie. Will you not let the scales fall from your eyes?

  52. I can’t believe no one has brought up how the fish has been TRAUMATIZED by the camera being so close! I mean everyone knows the delicate constitution of these creatures and how lenses remind them of their ocean friend’s eyes but then these lenses won’t blow bubbles at them and how that’s cruel to expose them to those painful feelings about their former home. Well done!

  53. I once caught my koi kissing for real, wish I had that on camara. was pretty weird.

  54. Hey! I don’t want to hear anyone dissing my Jimmy Page. “Sea of Love” was a Robert Plant solo thing and nothing to do with James Patrick Page. I hate Robert Plant.

    (Do you guys have any idea how tricky it is to love Jimmy Page, but hate Robert Plant? Man, if only I had some do-it-yourself-karaoke set that could just erase his idiot singing, I’d be sooooo happy.

    Rant, rant, rant.)

    Anyhoo, back to the cute fish—

  55. BlurpleBerry says:

    Eet eez very ‘ard to tell eef thee feeshee is keesseeng eets reflection or another feesh. But eeether way, eet ees cayoot.

  56. That’s it. I’m done. I’m playing Insaniquarium now for the rest of the work day.

  57. Thalia… [ahem]
    Jimmy Page is every bit as guilty as Robert Plant. And Jeff Beck too, incidentally. ‘Tis shameful indeed.

    Aubrey — oh my gar… I’m drowning in puns…

  58. T., let me throw you a line; once you’ve been de-punned, the discomfort will abait.

  59. Oh the whale of you two quippers, I’m feeling eel. I’ve haddock, I’m floundering at my desk. Tilapia later!

  60. omgosh just checked out his webpage and it IS a goldfish, apologies!! its head looks just like a carp. weird!!!

  61. >>Thalia… [ahem]
    Jimmy Page is every bit as guilty as Robert Plant. And Jeff Beck too, incidentally. ‘Tis shameful indeed.

    Oh my god. My bad.

    My only excuse is that I’ve tried my best to block out all knowledge and memory of the ’80’s. Well, that and a(n obviously) blinding hatred of Robert Plant.

    Oh the pain! Oh Jimmy, how could you? [raises eyes to the heavens, full of tears]

  62. oh yes of course, finding nemo! id forgotten that bit about the sis!! (just reread all old posts lol)

  63. Bwahahahahaha!!!! My computer was (sorta) hit by lightning Tues. night and I was without ALL DAY yesterday!!! Waaaa.

    I see you were all carp-pooling just fin without me!

    NTMTOM, love the Nemo post. ALL, love the puns!

    You are vunderful dahlinks, never change….muuuuuuuWAAAA.

  64. i love this fish site!


  65. you sure that’s not her friend “Flo”?

  66. aaaawwww,he just want’s one lil’ feeshy keesy!

  67. it probably is flo,nita!;)