Could someone please explain what is going on here?

Because, even the fawn can’t believe it. He’s all—"Baroo!? I’m in a halter in a minivan, with a blond, WTF!?"


Oh yeah, and somehow, it’s November already. Thanks, Kari K. (Who’s friend of the girl took the photo. 😉



  1. Clearly, the future is adorable.

  2. ka9q's wife says:

    cute is this a pet. How much work is a fawn as a pet?

  3. So adorable.

  4. sweet jane says:

    i lurrrrrrrrve the fawn.

    if the fawn were a popsicle, i would slurp it right up! fawnsicle, mmmmmmmm.

    meg, you’re… brave.

  5. I guess there was someone tall, spotted and handsome in her future.

  6. This year’s Christmas will be unlike any other. And Rudolph is already in harness prepared to pull his new ‘sled’: a blue VW minivan. He is here showing how he ‘doesn’t play any reindeer dames’.

  7. Wait… Is it legal to have a fawn? Woah.

  8. If you read the date like those wacky Europeans, it’s June 11th, not November 6th.

  9. Amazing…the picture won’t even be taken for another month.

  10. Another Angela says:

    wow, this one is just weird! What’s that thing poking out of it? Is it going to smooch that girl? Is her saliva safe?

  11. umm…isn’t it only october?

  12. mejezabel says:

    Gryph!! That was the most perfect comment.

  13. My best guess is that the photo was taken in Europe, where the date format is day/month/year instead of our yankee-style month/day/year.

  14. Careful toots, those hooves are murder!

  15. ka9q's wife says:

    yeah and her lack of sleeves argue for june instead of November as well.
    I think that day month year format makes more sense but i am used to the other way as an American, so of course i want my own way. heh.

  16. Or Australasia. We all do it dd/mm/yy too.

    I like the satellite-dish ears. By Bun has those. I bet they do 360 degree rotations like in the exorcist.

    Actually he has got a bit of creepy-eyes going on there…

  17. That was *my* Bun, soz.

  18. As a Finn I’d say the photo was taken in Finland. The name “Kari” mentioned in the text happens to be a Finnish male name.

  19. As a Finn I’d say the picture was taken in Finland. Kari just happens to be a Finnish male name.

  20. Gary Fixler says:

    Those eyes are enchanting me, not unlike those of the Hypnotoad.

  21. jackie31337 says:

    Riku: how many Finns are lurking around this site, anyway?! I know there’s also Scofield, and I sort of count (I live in Finland, but I am not Finnish).

    At least none of us have added ourselves to the Cute Tracker map yet. I tried to add myself, but for some reason it didn’t work.


    …now off to the brain slug planet with us.

  23. Deer me…

    Maybe Miss Spotty Fawn is being kidnapped by Santa Claus. It’s hard to get good help these days.

  24. On this episode of Fawn’s Gone Wild: Spring Break Edition…

    A young, naive fawn had one drink too many…it’s going to do something it shouldn’t write home about…

    TAKE! IT! OFF!

  25. A thinker says:


    *confused snickering*

  26. Is her saliva safe?

    I looove the cliche this has become! Good one, AnotherAngela!

  27. Poor little deer is trying to weem*weem*weem her mouth away from him.

    “Maybe if my laser beams are set to full blast her lips will melt off before she gets any closer.”

  28. Important lesson for fawns: If you’re going to go to a sorority party, limit yourself to 3 drinks, and don’t get separated from your friends.

  29. It could be in Canada, too, as we do the dd/mm/yyyy thing here. It’s only the Yanks who have it backwards!

  30. Grace: I love that show!

  31. hiljaisuus says:

    Kari is also female name in Germany, probably some other central european countries as well.

    And just one more comment about date. Not all the countries use same date format as in USA, then again not every camera owner know how to set date on their camera to show correct date. 🙂


  33. “When I woke up, I smelled like whiskey and my bum hurt…”

  34. It’s cute. But kinda not liking the harness on what should be a wild animal.

    But no flaming here – just my thoughts, such as they are.

    Still cute though.

  35. Its illegal as fuck to have deer anywhere. Its freaks like you guys that are so obsessed with cuteness that you will break laws (owning fawns) and torture animals (turtle banging its head).

  36. Leslie, here at CO we don’t call names… and we send Nuffinghams such as yourself back to English 101 to learn to punctuate.


  37. Illegal as fuck, eh? Is that a legal term?

  38. Another Angela says:

    me doesn’t think this is a north american deer

  39. Whoa, looks like the *human* is fawning over the deer. 😉

  40. D’oh! A deer! A female deer?

  41. Re: a drop of “Watch your mouths, Leslie and Kyle”…

  42. I am sooooooooo jealous!!!

  43. Me, a name. I call nobody else by such a name.

  44. Feh, what we say to Nuffinghaaaams…

    (Try to keep up, Melinda.)

  45. Carnivore says:


    There is my upcoming dinner.

  46. Gods Leslie. Take a chill pill and mellow out. Yeesh, it’s folks like YOU who make this site less enjoyable for the rest of us.

    You also have zero proof that a) this fawn is owned – perhaps it’s a rescue because mamma got offed in deer hunting time, perhaps this is at a wildlife preserve and fawny is going to the vet? and b) that turtle is no more being tortured than I am. (well, not counting having to read the posts of the likes of YOU…that’s torture enough!)

  47. martha in mobile says:

    Deep breath, Leslie. Just enjoy the absurdity of the image. No one wants to own a fawn – we all read The Yearling and were scarred for life.

  48. Would a fawn even make a good pet? How would it interact if raised from youth by people?

  49. It would become a valet parking attendant, Kyle. Everyone knows that deer look FABULOUS in little red jackets and bow ties.

  50. Oh! Oh! Oh! And movie ushers. A doe would make a great movie usher, too.

    She would be like “here’s your seat and if you’re not going to finish that popcorn, I’ll gladly help myself to it.”

  51. It looks like it’s being taken to a vet–The silver-gray circle on its right shoulder looks like the end of a joint pin for setting bones.
    So chill out, she’s just being helpful!
    Oh, and I nominate this for the “Cute or Scared” category! 😉

  52. My first thought was “Nicole Richie is trying to make out with Bambi!”

  53. “So” , a futile change of thread……

    *still singin’*

  54. OMG, PonyGirl….

  55. *singing*
    La la la! (with pillow over head)

  56. *harmonizing*
    Tee, with pudding ‘stead of bread…

  57. My grandparents were from Finland, but I s’pose I’m still just a plain old American.

  58. So, little Lord Fawn-tleroy doesn’t want to play nice? Hah! I hope you stag-nate!

  59. Which will bring us back to Doe ! Do re me fa so la ti……Doh!!!!

  60. I was hanging out over at the turtle post and heard about Huffington sightings over here. They seems to be related to the Nuffs, but angrier and the official uniforms are bunched up panties.

    I must say though, when I read some of the nasty posts I just laughed. People, people, if you are going to be self-righteously indignant, please don’t be so absurd to not even have a point.

    Example, courtesy of Leslie: I never knew that every single Peep breaks laws and tortures animals. Huh. Is that in our charter? I must have missed that during the hazing ceremony – too loopy on the puddin, perhaps.

  61. I would love to be escorted to my seat by a fawn. She would exitedly guide you down the aisle, then gently nudge the chair you will be seated in with her head. You could tip her in snacks.

  62. Ah, you have just described the movie theater in CO Heaven, Kyle.

  63. I could see to it that a mini-theater makes it into the CO Dream Office blueprint. This is something I can do. (You provide the Bambi Brigade.)

  64. Another Angela says:

    I used Huffingtons to refer to the kitten huffers on this site that really hate the Nuffinghams and find all things cute regardless, but I agree there seems to be a more virulent strain of Nuffinghamism going on that I can’t relate to at all.

  65. Yes, please, Theo!

    (Teri, of couse, will run the cookie concession…)

  66. Ah, I see. I took Huffingtons to mean all the people who seem to get all in a huff at the first whiff of anything perilous. Thanks for the clarification.

  67. I’d really like to hear Arianna Huffington’s take on this. LOL.

  68. Yeah, there is definitely a different flavor to the harshing that’s been happening of late. I hardly see how a turtle swimming into a wall is “animal torture”. (And I’ll avoid getting all “If you want animal torture, I’ll show you some real animal torture” ’cause it’s depressing and pointless.)

    At any rate, I think I probably would have given anything for a pet deer as a kid, growing up a little fantasy world of Piers Anthony and Zilpha Keatley Snyder as I did.

  69. Piers Anthony, eh? I imagine you feel right at home here, with all the puns…

  70. Oh, dear, I usually don’t admit my 12-year-old self’s reading preferences. Now I’m blushing a little. But yes, Theo, I do feel at home. I just wish I were as creative as you lot.

  71. I love deer. They are so beautiful. And btw, nuffinghams, it is not at illegal as anything, especially not such an obscene word, to own a deer in many places. Just google “pet deer” okay?

    “La, a note to all nuffinghams that says ‘leave away!'”

  72. As has been pointed out, pet deer are very legal in many places, and are quite common. I can’t count the number of deer I’ve seen in petting zoos. Plus people rehab deer all the time. They’re not an endangered species, their biology is fairly well known, and anybody who claims that owned a pet deer is illegal anywhere is talking out of orifices that shall remain nameless while impressionable fawns may be watching.

  73. aawww poor little deer.. I’m going with the theory of the blonde assisting him/her in receiving medical attention of some sort. His/her expression screams ‘sedated’ to me.
    Definatly one for the “Cute or sad?” category.
    Still a cute deer though ^_-

  74. That fawn is all like – OMG!! What was I drinking last night?!?

  75. and oh.. did anyone else notice the mustache?

  76. Brak_Silverbone says:

    “…and the official uniforms are bunched up panties.”

    Thanks to Amy H, I nearly wet MINE laughing at this! Cheers! 🙂

  77. You know, I don’t like to get involved in all the controversy, but my SO just doesn’t go on the site because of the worry that animals were hurt. Rather than going on and trying to convert the people who clearly feel that this isn’t animal cruelty, why not just avoid the site and spend your energy volunteering at a shelter or something?

  78. AuntieMame says:

    If he hasn’t already, Teho needs to add that uniform requirement to the Nuff definition in the gloss.

  79. AuntieM — I think I’m already dancing on the line of propriety for that particular Glossary entry, as it is. 😉

  80. ereshkigal45 says:

    Am I the *only* one who finds the fawn’s eyes totally freaky and demonic? All that white showing? OK, OK. The eyelashes are anerable. And the little spots. And the splayed little stick legs. Oh! And the big sticking up pink ears!

    Alright. I give up. Squee, dammit.

  81. Christine says:

    I agree with you. It is illegal to have a pet deer in some places and dangerous to them if an untrained person rehabs them. Deer that are rehabed as pets and then released stand a greater chance of being shot or hit by a car because they learned before that people were ok and therefore they don’t runaway from humans scent. Don’t get me wrong, deer are cute as hell but we have to respect nature. Also, if this is a trained person transporting this deer I wonder if there are rules about taking personal photos and placing them on the web?

  82. Out of morbid curiosity why on earth WOULD there be rules about pros taking personal photos and putting them on the web? What possible reason would there be to prevent them, and what kind of bizarre gestapo would try to regulate something like that? Rehabbers do not join a cult or a military organization. Rehabbing a deer is not Top Secret.

    Trained rehabbers, of which I know a few, are still private citizens, and most of ’em luuuuv to put pics of their beloved critters all over the web so the rest of us can go “Wow! That’s so awesome/ cute/ majestic/ chicken-lipped,” etc.

    And thank god for ’em.

  83. Animal transport story (and another AmyH’s crazy folks story):

    My parents went to a cattle sale years ago and ended up buying a baby Brown Swiss (that’s a dairy breed, if you didn’t already know).

    They weren’t going to buy anything that day, so they only had the car. Since it was just a little calf, they decided to put it in the back seat and hoped it didn’t need to go potty for the next hour until they got home.

    She curled up, took a little nap and never made a mess.

    Mom and I did the same thing once with a pair of lambs. Everything was fine until we went through the drive-through. We were ordering some food and the lambs started bah-ing like crazy. Oh, my, did that cause quite a stir inside the restaurant.

  84. “a baby Brown Swiss (that’s a dairy breed, if you didn’t already know).”

    Oooh, AmyH, is that the kind of cow chocolate milk comes from?

  85. The deer is all like,”Gawd, I hate it when she gets all drunk like this, I’m so sorry…it really is embarrassing..”

  86. LOL! Love the transport story, AmyH!
    We took our goat, Jamie, home that way. We had a minivan. She was on a regular dog leash. I had no idea how she would behave.
    She was scared and so she simply laid down in the back of the minivan and didn’t move the entire trip. When we got home we opened the door, she heard our other goat, Rocky, blatting, and JUMPED out of the van, running to his yard.
    Soooooo cute.

  87. ereshkigal says:

    Lauri and Amy, I can’t believe you transported those animals in the back seat without proper restraints! What if you had had an accident? Completely irresponsible. People like you should be barred from ever going near another animal.


  88. Lauri – Exactly right! Chocolate milk comes from Brown Swiss cows. One year at the State Fair in Detroit (8 Mile & Woodward, beautiful part of town…), we were bored and put some Hershey’s syrup at the bottom of the milk tank prior to our show cows being milked. City people LOVE to watch the cows be milked. Anyway, we told the crowd these cows give chocolate milk. When my brother poured the milk from the little tank to the can, lo and behold – chocolate milk!

  89. Oops – messed up my Lauri(e C). But thanks to you both for enjoying my story!

    I actually busted out laughing when I remembered the sheep transport story. The sheep were pretty good in the back seat until we pulled into the drive through. As soon as someone said “Welcome to the Happy Hamburger Fast Food Place” the sheep started bah-ing into the speaker box. My mom couldn’t order anything because she was trying not to laugh. We finally got through with ordering and when we pulled up to the pickup window, about five employees were trying to see what in the world was going on. Then we saw customers standing at the windows trying to check us out well.

    Good times! I had forgotten all about that.

  90. Aw, baby cowlette car nap!

    Were there mooey little honk-shus, Amy?

  91. I saw an adorable story on Animal Planet about a couple who rescued a fawn they found in their driveway. When he got older, they put a big, orange collar on him and let him roam free. They put up signs that told people, “If you see a deer with an orange collar, DON’T SHOOT! His name is Hoppy.” The show said that even now that me mostly lives in the wild, he comes to visit them every day.

  92. LO freakin’ L! “Oh ya, and somehow it’s November already”…! Well done, esp. with the blonde in the pic, who’s all, “Hello ‘Deer’, kiss me”.

  93. A thinker says:

    LOL, AmyH! You need to write a book about your family’s Animal Escapades.

  94. Thanks, Think. It’s actually in the plan. I just need to get around to it. When it happens, I’ll be sure to let everyone know – although by then the Peeps will have heard a lot of the stories!

    And J.Bo – little itty bitty mooey honk-shus indeed!

  95. Denise in Nebraska says:

    So, I am back at the idea of the fawn and deer ushered movie theater. Screen 1: The Sound of Music. Screen 2: Crash (not a reference to what happens when fawns are hit by cars, but rather the movie where people who are very different learn to see that racism/prejudice/bashing cute websites and always assuming the worst in vague and unexplained photo scenarios….is just not right. Worker fawns will wear shirts that say “broad generalizations are always wrong!” on the backs of them. Buy one large sized popcorn, get another one free. The owners won’t need vaccuums….the “staff” will eat the droppage right off the floor, for ultra-clean environment that will pass any health inspection. Enjoy, patrons!!!

  96. Denise — re: health inspections and droppage… I think we’ll need to do some serious engineering around this.

    I like the T-shirt concept, though. I used to stencil them in the basement (back when I had housemates) with sayings like “IMPOSE YOUR VIEWS ON OTHERS” and…

  97. While I appreciate the sentiment of the tshirt, I do not want to sacrifice the overwhelming cuteness of a fawn in a red vest with bowtie in favor of a chance to push opinions. Let the cuteness speak for itself: it is very persuasive.

  98. Denise in Nebraska says:

    Kyle: Fawns are not just “meat”, you know. They can be good looking, and have opinions, too. For God’s sake…they just want to be appreciated for who they really ARE! “Cute” is just a PART of that, my friend. I say the opinions stay on the staff shirts. :^)

  99. Point well taken.

  100. brownamazon says:

    On the subject of, um, unorthodox ways to move animals:
    My friend was with her mare at a large animal hospital this summer. She claims she saw a pickup drive up pulling one of those little U-Haul cube trailers. The people got out, opened up the back of the trailer, and out hops an alpaca.

  101. “and out hops an alpaca”

    …who immediately notices that this is NOT the Coachella Valley.

  102. I simply love all the commentroversy in this post. Marvelous.

    I also like all the stories. Thanks. :]

  103. “rescued a fawn they found in their driveway”

    hmm, i’m wondering how long the fawn was there before they rescued it. sorry if this is a bit long but…for those interested in the subject

    “Many people who come upon a solitary spotted fawn in the woods or along a roadway mistakenly assume the animal has been deserted by its mother and want to take the apparently helpless creature home to care for it,” said Charles Ruth, Deer and Turkey Project supervisor for the S.C. Department of Natural Resources (DNR). “Young fawns like this have not been abandoned but are still in the care of a doe.”

    The apparently “helpless” deer fawns born during April, May and June in South Carolina will begin daily movements with their mothers in about three or four weeks.

    Human handling and disturbance of fawns can cause a doe to shy away or even desert her offspring.

    Also, a bleating response by the fawn can summon nearby predators.

    “It’s part of nature’s plan for a doe deer to leave her fawn or fawns alone for their first few weeks of life,” Ruth said. “The reason for this unusual maternal action is that the fawn at this age is better protected away from the doe. The presence of the doe nearby would attract predators because the doe lacks the protective coloration of the fawn, and the older and larger doe has a much stronger odor.”

    A fawn that appears abandoned is merely awaiting a visit from its mother, according to Ruth. A doe, after brief periods of feeding and grooming her fawn, will spend much of her day feeding and resting somewhat removed from her young. The fawn ordinarily stays bedded down as if sleeping, but will occasionally move short distances to new bedding sites.

  104. *Sigh*

  105. Huff, J. Bo?
    [passing the kitteh on the left-hand side]

  106. Ahhh…

    (eep) Thanks, Theo.

  107. “Oh, dear, I usually don’t admit my 12-year-old self’s reading preferences.”

    Tsk tsk, Alexis.. Didn’t you mean, “Oh, deer”?

  108. I know for a fact down here in Aus, that deer are not illegal to keep, as my friend farms deer and they always have little deerlings to play with. And in Aussie we have our date like that too. Its only you Americans who do it backwards.

  109. “Its only you Americans who do it backwards”
    Oh I dunno about THAT…

  110. Who else writes it backwards? Americans always want to be different. writing colour and neighbour with a u, still on the imperial system and still using money that we updated from in 1966

  111. oo, did someone mention Finland?? Bugger, how come I didn’t notice this before. But lemme say, I’m not an happy Finn right now, my toes are freezing and all my woollen socks have disappeared.

    Could someone buy me a single ticket to Mauritius?

  112. Tweegan — ohhhh…. you meant the DATE format thing. Got it.
    (Clearly, you need a dirtier mind.)

  113. Now the girl was REALLY cute 😉 // B