The eyes—THE EYES!

Sender-inner Heather DARES US to check out the ‘tip o’ the tail action’ of her poochness Buddy. That is if we can get past the eyes. THE EYES!!!!!!!


Heather R.—you wrote the caption for us, Girl!



  1. AWWWW!!! He’s sooooo adorable!

  2. it’s the m-puffs i can’t get past….first????


  4. chet's momma says:

    it’s the m-puffs i can’t get past….

  5. C U T E ! ! ! ! ! ! nuff said.

  6. Those eyes…must commit robbery to purchase bacon treats….nooooo…

  7. He looks like he’s wearing Mickey Mouse gloves…sqeee!

  8. Eeeek!!!!! Another cute puppers! Just pleadin for a scritch hims is! ACK!

  9. *Scrrreeeem* The eyes! The capsules! The teenytiny toe tips! The tail tip!!


  10. **a little blob of what used to be Lauri scrabbles back to say…*

    the lean, the forward leannnnnn…..


  11. Bwahahahahaha……Marty!!!!

  12. Why is this puppeh trying to kill me? What did I ever do to him…

    4 white socks + white tail tip. Never. stood. a. chance.

  13. A thinker says:

    Strikin’ resemblance there, Te-ho.

  14. OMG…what a snarfable pile of beagly-boxery goodness!!!!

    And the FEETS! Buddy won’t be this teeny for long!

  15. jackie31337 says:

    OMG! So cute! Good thing my daughter is asleep… I’ve taught her the bad habit of screaming “aaaaaaa, it’s too cute! I can’t stand it!!!” I think that would be her response to this picture.

  16. I think that’s a “You said there would be cookies” face.

  17. Oh man.

    *melts into nothingness*

  18. mejezabel says:

    OMG I was going to mention his socks
    then I read your description and I snorted my soy milk!!!

  19. Theo – That was just plain MEAN!

  20. Eep, Theo, you’re Abby Normal’s brother, aren’t you?

  21. What? …I happen to think Marty Feldman is the very PINNACLE of cute.
    (Walk *this* way.)

  22. Kleenex, please, for the beagling’s little eye booger right… over… there…

  23. Theo: Marty’s cute, yes, but in THIS way:

  24. This pup looks like her name should be Gina the Glamor Pup.

    (what knockers!)

  25. Hey, thanks Teho … but every time I walk *that* way I get a beagle in my back.

  26. Danielle — sounds like you need some semprini.


  27. No no….GinaLolaBeagleda.

  28. Hee, Subhangi! Marty is cute in exactly that way. I always feel bad, but with people who have, uh, that chameleon eye action, I wear myself out trying to figure out which eye to make eye contact with.

  29. T:

    “Hey, Jude…”

  30. No, Theo, that’s for a boil on the botty…

  31. I must do to him what I do to the others…

    Beep… nose,
    Beep… nose,
    Beep… nose.

    His little feets really do look like little socks that are sagging down a little.

  32. This pup is our Precioussssssss…



  33. chilledcat says:

    Spotted muzzlepuff…check
    Attentive look…check
    Brindle mask…check
    Slight whisker curl…check
    Almost a total screen snorgle…check
    Tiny white tail tip…check
    Buddy has it *All* goin’ on!

  34. AuntieMame says:

    Is “Buddy” not the most perfect name ever for this lil’ feller?

    And he needs to pull his socks up. They’re droopin’.

    *chucks lil’ pup under the chinny-chin-chin*

  35. Right, who’s got a boil on his Semprini, then?

  36. Teughcats says:

    How bad is it that I’m just waiting for a Nuff to pop up here? Even though I *can’t imagine* what they could object to with the precious, I’m sure some of them could think of something! Please, Teri, I need a cookie to cheer me up.

  37. Teughcats says:

    And yay! for Typepad working again. I couldn’t post for several hours there.

  38. He has BETTY DAVIS EYES….

  39. Danielle:

    I use Rancid Polecat #2 aftershave, myself. Keeps my skin nice and scaley. That is, when I’m not using a fishy requiste-t-t-t-t-t…

  40. AAAhhh, what’s it got in it’s muzzlepuffessess, Beagle?

  41. “One pup to rule them all
    One pup to find them
    One pup to bring them all
    And in the poitness bind them.”

  42. The socks! They are SO CUTE. And those big triangle-shaped velvety ears! And that button nose… ohhhh so cute!

  43. those little white whiskers!!!

  44. Teughcats,

    I would not want you to be disappointed…. *takes a deep breathe, cracks fingers…. evil grin*

    Why, it’s so obvious that this poor puppy is crosseyed. It’s probably got something to do with those bastards hell bent on breeding traits in traits to make a more saleable product… Yes, I said product.
    All the while poooor Buddy is suffering from eye-strain and will probably go blind at an early age.
    Yes, get in your ooohs and squeees while ye may.
    But pause a moment and think of poor prematurely blind Buddy. So, young… so unaware… that whilst frolicking with puppyish glee as his owner tosses tennis ball for his amusement…
    “Oh noes! It bounced into the street and little half-blind, cross-eyed Buddy is still chasing it! Watch out for the truck Buddy!!” *Sob!*
    Not cute! Not cute! Not cute!

    (((And no… for the love of God I am not serious with this. LOL!)))

  45. “Wall-eyed,” EE. Not “crosseyed.” It’s all clinical an’ s***.

  46. A thinker says:

    EricaE, boldly daring to go where no Peep has gone before…

    Very good. I was thinking something along the lines of the eye-boogers, but you’ve done that one better.

  47. Profoundest apologies, Theo…

    I shall try and make my fake, spur of the moment, more accurate next time.


  48. insert *rants* after *moment* oops

  49. What kind of pup is this? Anyone? He kinda looks like a pit bull mix — the baby version of a very sweet dog I used to sit for named Petunia. Whatever he is, he’s boo-tee-full.

    (EricaE, I was actually thinking someone might start a rant about purebred vs. mutt, a la labradoodleoramagate.)

  50. Alexis

    Please do give your nuffingest disertation on the subject. ;o)

    *Squishes into a comfy spot on the blue couch of fabulousness and crunches on some popcorn.*

  51. Interesting… can a couch really be both fabulous AND comfy?

  52. Oh, EricaE, my heart just isn’t into it today!

    I’m starting to worry every time I come to the site that SOMETHING harmless – a cute puppy or two, a turtle swimming – will cause absolutely ridiculous panic or angst. After a year of visiting (with more regular posting the last month or two) I have to say it’s crazy! So I’m just always prepared.

    It’s actually kind of fun to predict what the issue is when you see 200+ comments (pegged it for the pom-with-chick, but not for the labradoodles!). Try it some time!

    Anyhoo, back to your regularly schedule cuteness…

  53. Aubrey – those naughty chemists. They’ll make anything these days, won’t they?

  54. the m-puffs, the m-puffs!!

  55. EricaE – I’m wondering if you found the popcorn IN the blue couch of fabulousness.

  56. Alexis

    I agree. *offers some popcorn*

  57. piedoggie says:

    as cute and as lovely as that little puppy may be, it will turn evil at about age 6 months and restore its self to houndy goodness somewhere around a year to a year and a half if the humans have the strength to put up with him.

    I’ve rescued five coon hounds over the past 30 years and took all but two of them from two years old to roughly 15-16 years. my social skills show that I was raised with coon hounds so I know a little bit about them.

    Unless I’m very much mistaken, that puppy is going to be *ALPHA DOGGIE* in all of his amazing houndy cuteness.

    So owners beware, adolescence in hounds, like in humans, is not pretty. but once they emerge, they are pretty darn sweet

  58. T-o, sometimes what is fabulous about a couch is that it is sooo comfy.

  59. Aubry & Lauri… as a HUGE LOTR fan you’ve got me rofl-ing. I shall fall into the abyss now.

  60. I is a wuvy-uvyness/facelick mix breed.

  61. “Can a couch really be both fabulous AND comfy?”

    Why not? I know I am.

  62. …a couch?

  63. now that’s a face you cannot say “No” to!

  64. Thanks, EricaE. I just had some turtle cookies, so I gotta get some salty with that sweet.

    Then maybe some brandy. Whee!

  65. Well, actually, for the real Nuffingham, public portrayal of any cute pup or kitteh is logically verbotten — since portraying dah cute will increase demand for animals, which might encourage someone, somewhere to cause, or to allow, reproduction.

  66. Hmmm…

    Did I offend you in some mysterious way, Theo.

    You seem to have a rather negetive attitude toward my posts on this particular thread…

    A couch can indeed be fabulous and comfortable. In fact, I don’t think a couch can reach fabulousness without being comfortable.

  67. OMG I’m melting! Our pet of the week from Tulsa Animal Aid just showed up…he’s a 10 month old border collie/bernese mix and he’s beautiful. He’s got eyes just like Buddy’s. He’s very calm and friendly. If you’re in the Tulsa/Green Country area email me. This guy needs a home!

  68. (oh I’m just playing, EricaE. You’ve just been good enough to give me material.)

    (Here, have some puddins…)

  69. Eeew, Theo. That really freaks me out somehow. I start imagining all the places tapioca might end up and how I would explain that to the doctor…

    MamaDawn, the pup sounds beautiful. Wish I could have a dog. But I can’t and I live in NYC. Oh well.

  70. T. Yes. A person who has seen this couch has seen my twin:

    When I saw it, it just about quilt me!

  71. [“davenport” pun… “davenport” pun… MUST THINK OF “DAVENPORT” PUN…]

    Bah. The work’s hard and the paisleytle.

  72. Theo & Aubrey – AHEM.


  73. T., some of us are busy an davimport-tant things to do. I hope I’ve couched my explanation in a clear and polite enough manner.

  74. Hooray for poochies! My dog has a white tail tip just like that and it’s so cute when it waves and wiggles and woggles around.

    This post is pure cuteness. I cannot imagine anyone saying anything bad about it. (Which means someone probably will.)

  75. EricaE, today I decided to post only if I could come up with a dire, over-the-top, completely-uncalled-for, worst-case-scenario rant that was completely out of touch with reality … but I just couldn’t come up with anything for this pic because it’s so sweet and innocuous. Clearly you’re more inspired than I, and I thank you for it. Kudos!

  76. I was told there was popcorn?

  77. I dunno, all this punning, it goes sofa my head.

  78. Sofa you guys are really killing me

  79. lauowolf:

    We’ll try to do something to up-bolster your self-confidence.

  80. Oh dear, Aubrey, I hope I’ve not offended! Here, lemme put on some music…
    “When I get that feeling
    “I want sectional healing”

    Oh baby. [snicker]

    (I’d’ve come up with something better if I weren’t such a La-Z-Boy.)

  81. Jinks lauowolf!

    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

    You owe me a Coke!

  82. You guys are killin’ me!

    Anywho… this lil’ snuggums is kinda walleyed. Me likey.

  83. Tuldas, grab a seat on the daven..uh… lovese… umm, couchy-sofa thing and enjoy the popcorn. This is a safe place where puns and puppy-dog eyes rule.

  84. T:

    Gosh, I think I ottoman-uever out of this contest, but I don’t think I can.

  85. so i know it’s already been mentioned before but…

    eeeeeeeppppp! 😀

  86. The eyes, yes. But those velvety little ear triangles, sigh….swoon!

  87. –puppy’s great and the puns are divan.

  88. Aofie,

    This is what happens to the brain when you sit in a gray cubicle all day. *sigh*

    Thanks…. I think. :o)


    Tapioca…. bleh!

    And no couch covered in easy to clean vinyl is fabulous.
    Why do you hate me so!

    *Passes Tuldas the popcorn.*


  89. *grabs someones seat, munches popcorn*

  90. Here, Tuldas, you can have my [tries to come up with pun, fails utterly] seat. I gotta feed the kitties and then go tutor. Enjoy!

  91. Fawn: “Here it is! Here it is! Coming to drive me away! Divan! Divan!”

    Oh pooh. Wrong post. What can I do to off settee my mistake?

  92. Australiag says:

    None of the photos are coing up on my SCREEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!
    ROAR! ( she suddenly eats the computer in pure rage)
    HELP ME!!!!!

  93. Ah, that ‘splains it, EricaE. I have window with a nice view. 😉

  94. OK, that is the cutest puppyface I’ve ever seen…I want one!



  96. Brak_Silverbone says:

    What an adorable pupster! I bet he’s hell on wheels, too.

  97. i guess aubrey’s the king of the sofa….makes him sofa-king cute…

  98. For real this dog has bobby socks. too cute. tail tippalicious

  99. Whoa, I (table) leaf for a few hours, and I miss all the table/couch puns. In the furni-I’ll be -ture- to never leave again.

    Blah, forgive me I have to go watch House!!!!

    MamaDawn!!! LoTR is my FAVOrite!!!!

  100. WTF, House, no. Tigers, Yankees, yes. Ok, I’ll switch back and forth from Tigers (yay, go go, but afraid to hope too much) to Friday Night Lights. Cute guys!!!

  101. Meg, hello! And, I would like to say, thanks for all you post!!! It’s been an interesting week, and today has been particularly great!!

    For all you do, this pudd’s for YOU!!!


  102. ADORABLE pupster! And may I also say, I love the fact that there is always a plethora of Monty Python references/comments on this site, in addition to the cute wee lovemuffins. 🙂

  103. “First one to blink has to take a face-licking!”

  104. oh my gosh. so freaking cute

  105. bunnajenny says:

    my head splode from pandary cuteness.

  106. I’m totally done for. Can’t do anything for the rest of the night now, ’cause my head is in little bits and pieces all over the place.. I have a total weakness for brindles…

  107. Oooooo da pandas vedy dangerous, too….

    aaaaa, aaaa?, yaaaa, aaaa?

    Such cute little squaaawks…

  108. Pandapalooza!

  109. Ok, I nominate this guy for the next tshirt. He’s got muzzlepuff, buggy eyes, ear flop, and socks that are falling down along with the little white tail tip

  110. acelightning says:

    That face looks almost exactly like Tramp in Disney’s classic “Lady And The Tramp” – even to the ear-floppage and head-tilt.

  111. AuntieMame says:

    Holy cow, people!

    The Were-Rabbit is real! Call out Anti-Pesto, post haste! Festino!

  112. Um, gaaa, yeah, he is a Monster Wabbit!!!

    Let us Calimari out the Garcons before we are rotini’d in our gravy~~~!

  113. That whopping big bunny is simply largesse. I wouldn’t want to see him when he’s crostini bunnies should avoid him at all costs.

  114. “I love the fact that there is always a plethora of Monty Python references/comments on this site”

    Rumi? Is you name not Bruce?

  115. Oh, damn my eyes. Make that “your”.

    Night Night, all.

  116. Yo Peeps! I figured it was about time I went ahead and showed y’all the quirky house we’re hopefully gonna start moving in to hopefully this Friday:

    My connectivity may be very spotty at best for a few days while everything gets moved over, so I bequeath my puddin’-studded Nuffingham-Smashing Bat to y’all temporarily. Just remember no hogging it, keep it oiled, don’t feed it after midnight–and MOST importantly, remember to keep it within 5 feet of a fuzzy kitten at all times. See y’all in a few! *HUGS!*


  117. Beagles – LURVE them. Grew up with them around us all the time – most adorably sweet, wild & crazy puppers you’ll ever meet.

    Must. Pet. Silky. Ears.

  118. hehe cutest lil puppy ever:D
    mmmh popcorn:)

  119. A thinker says:

    Teho: “paisleytle”


  120. [rubbing eyes, smiling groggily]

    Oh, hey, puppeh. I wasn’t sure if you’d stick around for breakfast…

  121. [embarrassed pause]

    With, uh, all the romping and snorgling, I guess I didn’t catch your name…

  122. EEEEEEEE!!!


    MONSTA WABBIT!!! W0 … er …

    Cute, but not W00T. [cowering]

  123. AuntieMame – I found the Were-Rabbits brother…

  124. Good luck in the move, D2D. Hope nothing gets broken!

  125. You cannot imagine how much I need this site some days. 🙂

  126. Is that a li’l pit? I can’t think of anything else it might be. But adorable! I love brindle coloring, and with white socks? Perfect! I want to snuggle him.

  127. D2D, your house is a very, very, very fine house. Will there be two cats in the yard?


  128. I think a group of pandlings should be known as a “squee.”

  129. “Cute!”It is the only word that I can say,I think.

  130. hrh.squeak says:

    Yay, were-rabbit! I love the supplementary link – “Non-scary rabbit devours an ear of corn”. Somebunny had to type that with a straight face!!

  131. Monsta rabbit – ack. Maybe I do need to cut back on the pellets and fruit treats just a little.

  132. Superman discovers “the other kryptonite.

  133. I come on this site for cutes and what do I find all sorts of snappy witty comments – I can’t keep up. All I can think is aww and squee and gah. The wittier of you folks need to dumb down your comments for the cuted out like me.

  134. “The wittier of you folks need to dumb down your comments for the cuted out like me.”

    Don’t worry… we’ve ALL got our Kryptonite. Just wait & see.

  135. Brak_Silverbone says:

    D’oh, Aubrey! You got me good with that one!! 🙂

  136. That’s my dog!!!!!!! YAY! He’s famous! He’s a Beagle/Boston Terrier mix and he’s now 2 years old. He’s the awesomest dog ever…thanks for the wonderful compliments. Buddy would lick you all. 😀

  137. Cute little Buddy!! Those eyes are so ‘come heather’….um, I mean ‘come hither’ he. he. Totally adorable!

  138. I know this dog personally and he is the cutest thing ever!! Thanks for posting the pic.

  139. hrh.squeak says:

    Heather: The line for licks from Buddy forms behind me, please. What a cutie!!

  140. muffalatta says:

    I love his little gym socks, looks like they’re rolling down unevenly. Big kiss and smushing. Sooooo cute! I have to go break something over my head now!

  141. Oh Oh!!! The Boston Terror part explains it all! The lickiest of the lickey!

    And, I luvs dem!!!

  142. I think this dog kind-of looks all honesty, especially the eyes. I don’t mean to be harsh, but lets be honest’s a littlw eird looking.

  143. MGirl, you are an idiot. And you can’t spell. Keep your ignorant comments to yourself. He’s 1/2 Boston Terrier, which is why his eyes have a slight “buggy” appearance. But…in all honesty, I don’t have to explain my dog’s awesomeness to someone as pathetic as you.

  144. …and he’s half Beagle, too, which means he’s destined to be a World War 0.5 Flying Ace.