Sweden weighs in on Cats ‘n’ Racks

It was only a matter of time before the Swedes got in on the Cats ‘n’ Racks action. Check out Ms. Hanna K. here. She’s all "der teh der" stuffin’ a kitteh in her rack. Ahn.


Purrs to Hanna—utmärkt!



  1. purr-ske-derrr

  2. A thinker says:

    Veddy tewt twitty. My favourite, grey tabby…

  3. A purrfect chest warmer!! Those swedish winters are COLD.

  4. that is one happy kitty, my friends. i trade places in a minute if i could.

  5. Eeek! That kitty looks so cozy and content! If my two weren’t so big, I’d set up a cat n rack pic myself!

  6. AuntieMame says:

    Um, miss, your cleavage is honk-shu’ing!?!

  7. Contrary to human male preference, the slepping kitteh actually prefers a modest rack for honk-shuing.

  8. the kitty is so soft and cuddly!

  9. I want to be that kitty.

  10. It is so natural to have a warm kitten im der titten.

  11. Or would it be a warm kitter im die titter?

  12. Gee, I kind of envy that kitteh!

  13. DavidBoBavid says:

    i’ve never wanted to be a cat more.. rofl.

  14. Lol! Such a sweet titty kitty! And the kitty appreciates the warmth , too.

    I love the gray tabbies, too! My Murphy was a twin of this bebe. Murph the Smurf! I miss him.

  15. A thinker says:


    This may not be the time or place, but I thought I’d share with you:


    (This was inspired by recent commentroversies…)

    There is a website called CO
    And to its pages thousands go
    To get their sure-fire daily fix
    Of kits and puppies, hams and chicks

    The place is frequented by Peeps
    Who often lose much-needed sleep
    With pudding fights and awful puns
    And pirate talk and snorgling buns.

    The Peeps are known by “Aww” and “Squee”
    And some excel at poetry
    They all engage in happy banter
    They’re quick to slap the off-track ranter

    But there’s another, darker crowd
    Their voices ring out long and loud
    Not on every posting, mind
    But only ones in which they find

    Some hint of hidden danger there
    Of which we all were unaware
    Until they kindly pointed out
    What we should all be freaked about.

    No picture’s ever simply cute
    Its testimony speaks, though mute
    Of untold suffering and pain
    Occurring just outside the frame–

    The Dark and Awful consequence
    Of our lighthearted ignorance
    Of all the dreadful things that happen
    To Cats with Birds, and kittens nappin’–

    The blood and mayhem, goo and gore
    We didn’t understand before
    These solemn pundits let us know
    Yes, we can’t see it, but it’s so!

    There’s tragedy in every pic
    Oh no, watch out, the dog and chick!
    The baby’s play is cat abuse
    The cat and bird–well, it’s no use–

    They chorus all in tones of gloom
    About each picture’s certain doom
    And those of us who think it’s cute?
    Naive, uncaring, harsh to boot.

    The kittens now are surely dead
    That baby’s got a squashed head
    The bird is suffering bad infection
    We know thanks to their skilled detection.

    It’s up in arms! We must react!
    And everyone should form a pact
    Avoid CO from past today
    And call the good SPCA

    They’ll surely stop this awful stuff
    If we all storm off in a huff
    CO will lurch on in control
    Of Nuffinghams and Cute Patrol

    No pics with kids, or double species
    No cats ‘n’ racks, rude words or feces
    Be careful ’cause we’ll analyze
    And cut your picture down to size

    Those silly folks who think it’s cute?
    We’ll harsh their mellow, down we’ll shoot
    Lightheartedness or hint of glee
    And anyone who dares to “squee”;

    The world will be a better place
    For kittens and the human race
    We’ll sit back and enjoy the fruit
    Of our do-gooding: safer Cute.

    Beware lest you should give a squee
    You’re just not thinking carefully
    Watch out, examine, look again:
    For danger lurks, beyond your ken…

  16. And nobody is asking Teri if she is talking about her cats?

  17. Great job A thinker! You coould put music to that.

    (I heard cymbals crashing. I did! I did!)

  18. A thinker says:

    LOL, Teho!

    Granted, that’s not saying much, but still. 😉

  19. That poem was off the hook! My props to you “A Thinker”.

    Although some may wonder how much time you have on your hands 🙂

  20. thinker, you sir or madam as the case may be, are a credit to these tubes we call the internets.

    thank you. seriously, thank you.

  21. A thinker says:

    tee hee. Werk has been more relaxed lately, Wow. (shhhh…)

  22. THINKIE! Smooch. That’s just pure geniosity!! I’m printing out. Every peep should carry a copy and have a worldwide chant-aloud when the nuffs get their scruffs up.

  23. Danielle….lmao….you made me choak on my coffee! Yeah, maybe I should have specified that it’s my cats that are too big for a catsnracks pic….I reread my post and realized just how it looked….lol

    What can I say? I was so overcome by the cuteness of that little grey fluffers I lost my head!


  24. A thinker says:

    w00t! Glossary update! My tanks, Teho.

  25. Thinker…that poem was fantabulous!

  26. Teh paws! Teh paws!

  27. LOL! Symbals…

    I’d make a Rack photo with my kitty, but I’ve got the opposite problem that Teri has, I’ve got nothing there to show… ;_; I’ve got the anti-rack!

  28. YaY Tink! YaY T_O!

    Maybe we should bury a troll among the QTe on YAY?!

  29. Jaypo — there *is* one, actually, and has been since the first version. He’s not buried, though. See him Yay’ing there on Freako’s shoulder?

  30. Oh now that kitten is one comferble fluffball. ZZZzzzZZZzzz-purrrrr

  31. This is exactly how I shoplift all my kittens.

    And a /hi5 to Thinker!

  32. Yaaaaaaaaaaaay A Thinker!!

  33. Thinker gets a big W00T!!

  34. Thinkie, that poem is a KEEPER!! Someone please to be immortalizing the poem-y goodness…? We need a Poetry Corner here! *LOL*

    Yeah I kinda sorta blew my top at a Nufingham last night a few posts down…all I can say is, don’t annoy a Peep who is suffering from severe allergies and is under the effects of ephedra-based antihistamines.

    Oh–and I would like to take this opportunity to gleefully announce to all curious Peeps, that I have recieved word this morning that we’re now in the final stages of closing on a groovilicious slice of 80’s-era architecture. After several mild hiccups and a near-disaster, it’s good to know this insanity is drawing to a happy conclusion! *snoopydances*


  35. useta hada kitteh says:

    Thinkie! You is the Thinkest of the Thunk! Wowsers that was a good poem! Thankyee, Thinkie! Thankyer, Thinker! (Thanks.)

  36. A thinker says:

    w00t D2D! The 80s rule!!

    LOL-ing @ UHK 😉

  37. A thinker, thank goodness there are folks like you (and Teho and aubrey and e. collison, etc.) on this site. Although I only post occasionally (and it’s always to squeal over the cute, never to be a poophead), I check this site about 50 million times a day, so I appreciate all the poems, puns, and puddin’.

  38. Thinkie, you just thought us right out of the water!

    Oh, this photo? Hot crosssed paws for breakfast!

  39. misskitka says:

    Thank you thinker for the incredibly apt poem. I was such a crabby crab last week reading about all the “cruelty” and being put in my place for thinking interspecies mingling could be cute.

    I didn’t have the heart to comment tho…I never do. I don’t like to add fuel to the huffy nuffy hellfire.

  40. “there *is* one, actually, and has been since the first version.”

    teho, I had something in mind more like this:


  41. OOOOooo, *hopping around*…..thinkie, I hearby dub ye teh Bard of CO!
    *splats a butterscotch creme brulee on each shoulder*

    And, Teho, big hoppin’ YAY for updatin’ da glossary with such genius!!!

    Something good HAS come of the Nuffs!

  42. *choking on chortles at jaypo’s troll*

  43. “You got your butterscotch in my brulée!”
    “No, YOU got YOUR brulée in MY butterscotch!”
    [frantic splatfight ensues]

  44. Three things:

    1. Yay Thinker! Your poem was thoughtfully arranged and its rhythm was perfect, with hardly any of those forced getallthewordsinbeforetheendoftheline type rhymes. 😉

    2. I can’t possibly do a Cats ‘n’ Racks pic. Both participants would be so oversized we’d need a circus tent to contain them and a panoramic lens to capture them.

    3. Check it out: the girl’s got the same wooden criss-cross box end table I saw at Ikea a while back! The Swedes actually DO use Ikea stuff! 😀

  45. ps: And by “both participants” I mean the cats AND the rack. (And not bragging — not with my big fugly bras and backaches.)

    ::sees Teri’s point that it’s hard to make these things clear!::

  46. Lauri… I found a creme brulee recipe in my favorite cookbook last night. I’m testing it in the MamaDawn kitchen on my 14 and 18 year old boys this weekend, then it’ll be ready to send out.
    Yea for puddin’!!

  47. MamaD — your boys can have fun with the blowtorch step. Yee haw!!

  48. tracy accordingly to the abouve comments about cats prefering medium size racks contrary to the popular obsession that the majority of the human male… bigger is better… go for it

  49. (steps up with a shoulder mounted rocket launcher)

    “Say hello to my lil’ fren’!”

    (blast of brulee ensues)

  50. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. Warm grey tabbiness!!!

    Thinker – That was friggin’ BRILLIANT!!!

  51. A.Thinker, n. a person who believes that people with “negative” opinions should not be allowed to express them. (“Negative” being defined as anything with which s/he disagrees.)

    With your moniker you claim that independent thought is a virtue, but with your posts you despise anyone who expresses those thoughts which don’t forward your agenda.

    Get a job, you hypocrite.

  52. looks like the best place in the world to take a nap. lucky kitty.

  53. CB — please. It’s “Get a job, you HIPPIE.”

  54. CB-

    What agenda?


    Did you guys send out an agenda recently?
    Gad, now I’m going to have to go through all this stuff….

    Ah, Got it!!
    Nope, that’s the pudding recipe…)

    Humor, a difficult concept.

  55. A thinker says:


    Luvs. Da. Peeps.

    Espec. Tracy B’s point #2. Indeed sounds like a challenge…

  56. CB needs a serious, week long isolation session with cute animals.

  57. *SNORt*!!
    Theo, you online pervert!!!

    If there is a creme brulee fight, I am in it…with my mouth WIDE open!!!

    And woooot, share da recipe, MamaDawn!

    My motherinlaw sent us boxes of instant creme brulee mix. I did the *eyeroll* cuz everyone knows instant creme brulee…..bleeeeeeh….
    Big surprise for MeKnowitallSelf….
    You mix one cup milk, one cup whipping cream in saucepan. Add instant powder, bowl one freakin’ minute. Pour into ramekins.
    Top with sugar and blowtorch (yeah, perfect for teenage boys!)

    ….the stuff was EXCELLENT.

    Shock of my life!!!! Then I topped it with butterscotch and toasted pecans…..


  58. “Pervert”?? Why am I a pervert *now*??

    Was it something I said?

  59. CB needs a convoy of cute animals.

    “Breaker! Breaker! I’ve got kitteh on my back that I can’t shake off – I can’t back off the hammer, now and I can’t be passing no bear caves – can I get the road clear, I need a clear shot: bring it back!”

  60. Ten four, good boobies!
    BUDDY. Good BUDDY.
    Jeez, don’t know WHERE my mind is.

    (NOTE — I may be lying)

  61. Paws up! 🙂

  62. Lol….offering Traci B a camera for her catsnracks attempt at the Gimmeness Book of Whirled Records!!

    But, that’s not perviness, that’s just BOYS!

  63. Thinker, let me join in the chorus of appreciative Peeps. You rock, woman!

  64. A thinker says:

    Aw, thanks, Laurie C.


  65. Lying like a rug, Thinkie.

  66. …and happy as a tabby!

  67. A thinker says:

    Yup, I think so, too.

    (Stifles obvious rug joke…)

  68. Wise, Thinker.

  69. *Snort*

  70. [Said in Homer’s Voice]


  71. To my challengers, 😉

    While I don’t have evidence on hand of rack size (and besides, I think it’s more fun to let your imaginations guess ;)), I do have an example from these very pages of approximate cat size:

    My two guys (http://www.tracyberna.com/about/cats.html) are not as fluffy, but just about as ample.

    And I did say “guys”! There’s two of them! Getting them BOTH in the same picture would be insane! INSANE, PEOPLE! NOT SANE!

    ::head goes splody::

  72. Hmm. Linky no work. Stupid paragraph character hanging on. Trying again:


  73. A thinker says:

    Dey is very cute, Tracy B. Brothers, I assume?

  74. bunnajenny says:

    Adding to the YAY Thinkie chorus!

    Why are there so many grouchy peoples at present? I think we should mix some happy drugs into the puddings.

  75. Tracy, I think your cats have been into the butterscotch puddings. Just look at their faces!

  76. So, does Wallace like cheeeese?

    I love his orange muzzlepuffs!

  77. thinker – that… tha

    t…was… just … friggin’ AWESOME. We had no internet at work today (it caused much distress) and I couldn’t sneak peeks at the cute. I have a lot of catching up to do…

    Wish I had a rack that could hold either of my cats. (Ain’t gonna happen.) This kitteh is super-cute. Love the cross-paws.

  78. (Oops, sorry for the weird spacing. Don’t know what happened there.)

  79. Tracy B!!! The boys are beeyootiful! And Healthy!! 😉

    Puttin’ them doods in anyone’s rack would cause a serious shift in center of gravity and fallonyerfaceritude!!!

  80. Wallace and Gromit are very adorable.

    I think we should water down a batch of pudding laced with happy drugs and fill our squirt guns with it. Take aim at all would-be gloomey gusses.

  81. lurkertype says:

    THINKIE!!!!! Just wanted to add to the chorus of huzzahs.

    Wallace and Gromit are such handsome boys, Tracy B.

    Katzen un racken are everywhere. Did this lil’ gray guy come with an Allen wrench and wordless instruction diagrams for his assemblage?

    Creme brulee. One of my favorite puddin’ species.

  82. Brothers Wallace and Gromit say thank you for all the compliments. (Well, actually, Wally rolls on his back and flips around cutely, flirting like a madman to get his belly rubbed since he knows you like him, and Gromit just fixes you with a steely glare and demands to be paid in fish.

    Gromit’s got a grudge, you see: he was born with a too-short tail with a permanent right-angle bend in it — he’s pretty much always trying to compensate.)

    If you really want to see one of the cutest pictures of them ever, it took me a while to find it but it’s here, in the LiveJournal kittypix community where I posted it a few months back:

    I’m still considering the Cats ‘n’ Racks shot…perhaps if I hired an architect to help. And we built something with flying buttresses… 😛

  83. latelatelate,

    but must add my kudos to the many already received by A Thinker. wonderful ballad about the travails of Peepdom. is it bad that I hear the ballad being sung to the tune of “Sir Robin, Sir Robin” from the Holy Grail?

    Tracy B., I am speechless. what a gahhwgeous picture of W&G. the soft lighting, the intimacy… :poit:

  84. I must say – this is the first time I’ve ever seen a Cats n’ Racks post WITHOUT a single ‘Nuff.

    Thinker’s poem, it repels. Excellent work.

    Happy snuggly Swedish kitty agrees.

  85. That poem was the most delightful mockery of the Nuffs ever. What a clever, fun, and most importantly, CUTE way to cut Nuffs down to size. I hope at least one Nuff will see themselves in your words and rein in the incessant censure of CO.

    Well done!

  86. Just saying something about the poem. People are cruel they do horrible things but not all of us are like that. bad things are happening but there are also good things happening with animals. There are loving families (without kids), the RSPCA taking an animal away from some horrible person and getting a second chance, some organisation saving animals or doing protests.

    Now thats over I think the cat is cute and dosent seem to mind its current situation. I had a cat just like that. He was small and we got him from the vet. But he ran away so I dont really know what happend.

  87. Thinker? You are an effing genius in AABB.

  88. Teri- your cats are big or your rack is big? Hmm? :p

    I love gray tabbies- somehow they look softer than other kittehs. And I love the tangle of little kitten appendages.

  89. Love the kitteh boobage and the Ikea table in the back! Too much awesomeness!

  90. Caitlin, and can anything look softer than this little kit’s paws?

  91. Aubrey, I know… I just want to rub the little pawses…

    Also, I was just thinking… I believe all sweater sets should henceforth be sold with kitten included! In coordinated colors, bien sur.

  92. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:

    Awww! Grey fur on animals is always so pretty!

  93. OMG!! This is SO CRUEL! I mean, how would YOU like to be…


    Never mind.

  94. A thinker says:

    Tracy B! GAH!! The shot of your kitterses snuggling! *That* is the cutest thing I have seen in a long time.

  95. eggZACKly, Loris.
    prrrrrrrrrr prrrrrrrrrrrr prrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  96. Thinker: Encore! Encore! Bravo! :oD

  97. Piggalette says:

    A: Awesome poem. The cute has been thoroughly harshed as of late. *Sigh*, the price we all pay for this site being so effing sweet.

  98. That may very well be the happiest cat in a rack to date – he looks like he’s in absolute bliss. 🙂

  99. Thinker: Thanks! 🙂 Maybe I’ll send that snuggly picture to Meg to see if she wants to put it up all official-like. 🙂

  100. A thinker says:

    ‘Twould be worthy IMHO, Tracy B.

  101. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:

    She has a treasure on her chest!

  102. wow!! very hot…nice rack

  103. Omigod, he looks just like my Wiley boy when he was a baby… except, y’know, with boobs in his face. Waaaaay too cute.

    TracyB, your kitties are FABU, definitely send ’em in!