“Purrrr-shuuu” + toes

Do you think when cats sleep it’s like:

"Purrrr-shuuu, Purrrr-shuuu" [repeat]

Let’s listen and find out… [paws clench and release pillow]


Michele S., tiny honk-shus to you.



  1. Positive jube says:

    Less is more. Go the toes!

  2. what if those were little bunny ears? I think the Huffingtons and Nuffinghams are all honk-shuing themselves.

  3. “You can’t see me…”

  4. army_kitten says:

    oh the tiny paws! i wish i could fe-lyin’ curled up and toasty under the covers, too.

    ah, homework.

  5. “i can’t breath!”

  6. pendlerpiken says:

    I want a little furry hot-water-bottle in my bed tooooo…..

  7. When my kitten was still a kitten (before he turned into a horrible gray monster), he snored like this: “HONK-mew, HONK-meeewwwww”

  8. Hey I almost bought some covers with that same design the other day!

  9. I’m deaf, so I don’t hear the tiny purrr-shus, but oh boy, I FEEL them! It’s one of the best feelings in the world, and provides immediate falling-in-sleep.

    What was proved yesterday, when I napped THREE hours, damn. Shouldn’t have taken Sirius to the bed with me. Purrr-shuing is dangerous, believe me.

  10. speedwell says:

    I also have a Great Grey Fur Monster who loves to sprawl on my chest when I’m lying back in my chair. He sticks his face in my ear and does the extra heavy breathing thing while purring like a 16-wheeler idling. He’s a neurotic and demanding cuss sometimes, and in fact is yowling about something or another in the next room at the moment, but boy, I think his purr would cause world peace if we could broadcast it through outdoor speakers. 🙂

  11. jackie31337 says:

    Mystery Wolf: “Hey I almost bought some covers with that same design the other day!”

    I _have_ those covers, so it was a little weird to see a cat sleeping in “my” bed. 😉 I guess I’d better rush home to check whether the hubby and my daugher adopted a cat while I was at work.

  12. My cat has gotten kind of old, so now it’s sort of a “purr-SHUUU-wheeze”.

  13. Waaaaaah. I still sleppy TOO. No fair.

  14. TastesLikeChicken says:

    Doesn’t Meg realise that litle animals can suffocate under bedclothes – this is the sort of picture that brings CO into disrepute!!
    Sorry, couldn’t resist. Puts on waterproof ready for pudding assault 8).


  15. oh that bed looks soooo comfy!
    Wish I could be back home slepping with all my little purrrr-shu machines.

  16. Thats not a cat. Lift the sheets. Thats an 800 pound gorilla under there.

    … but he’s cute!

  17. A thinker says:

    GAH!! Kitty feets sticking out from under the sheets!!

    [goes into cute-shock]

  18. chet's momma says:

    i love when the paws clench and release!

  19. sleppy stretchy pawsitude. Makes me wanna snuggle.

  20. they DO say purrrrrr-shu! they definitely do!

  21. These little pawses make me want to go back to bed. My little black cat Sippy has this crazy purr-snore: “Purrrr-tweet, purrrr-tuweet.” It’s the tiniest little bird sound, but it vibrates her whole body.

  22. Redzilla… check the cat for feathers… sounds like Sippy has been dining on poultry (tweet). My black cat Shadow AKA Ratsy likes to crawl under the covers and massage my shoulders while he snorgles my chin. I would like to be at home now!! I caught him in the bread pudding last night so I guess he’s still sleeping it off (twas the non-alcoholic pet friendly version).

  23. Now if that doesn’t make you want to sleep in! What a cozy little kitty!

    My girl, Cujo (big 17lb black cat) will curl up with me in the mornings on the couch, on top of the soft woolly throw. Her purrs of utter cozy contentment often make me ponder the wisdom of calling in sick so that I can stay like that with her all day long. My boy, The Dude (15lb black cat) will sometimes curl up against me in bed at night, in close range for snuggles and kisses, but for him, under the covers means game time.

  24. oh those paws are so cute! I always want to snorgle cat paws…then I remember the places they’ve been (ie the litter box) and try to resist…then I just go in for a nice little pinch, a happy enough compromise!

    has co ever covered the phenomenon of “star paws”? when they stretch toes out in all directions? I LOVE star paws.

  25. fifi…my Cujo does that when you give her belly rubs! Stretches her front legs over her head and then stretches out her little toes, all while purring to beat the band. And The Dude stretches out all his toes when he does a biiiiiiig stretch after a good nap.

  26. Hey ! The bedsheets from Ikea ! I have a set of those. Hmm, but I don’t recall it having a pair of cute black kitten paws.

    I think I’ve been shortchanged !

  27. My little guy, Cujo (7 m/o tiger) doesn’t snore, but he sighs in his sleep, like the weight of the world is on his tiny, little shoulders. I always feel a little twinge in my heart when he sighs.

  28. Awwwwww, teensy tinsy black paw pads!!! I want to rub them on my cheek. After removing any litter crumbs, of course!

  29. Awwwwww, teensy tinsy black paw pads!!! I want to rub them on my cheek. After removing any litter crumbs, of course!

  30. you guys r silly says:

    My kittehs always like it when they s-t-r-e-t-c-h their hands/toesies out (in a “star”…&:o) and then I gently RUB the footsie area in between the stretched out toesies with my fingertip … it has always seemed to feel *really*good* to them.

  31. Ooops. Sorry, typepad was being weird!

  32. My cat does the same thing. She will burrow under blankets in a heart beat, so I have to look under the bed covers or the throw on my couch before I decide to sit down. Or I will get a really mad kitty.

  33. lin: find your receipt & immediately return the bedsheets to Ikea!…what use are sheets minus snarfable velvety kitteh paws????

  34. This just in from the Paw-lywood Reporter:

    “PAWS” the newest film from noted paw-teur Pawliver Stone has just been given the noted
    Paw-lm d’Or Award at Cannes. Noted for it’s sharpness and cinema-paw-graphy, “PAWS” should be making its way stateside in time for the pawliday season.

  35. [pawapplause]
    Pawthor! Pawthor!

  36. OOO, is that the one that won the Acatemy Award, staring Pawl Giacatti, and Priscilla Purrsley?

  37. Karen in Toronto says:

    “Purr-shu” — I only wish. The Giant Shaven Spherical Cat is all like SNOOOOORK-guuhhh (short period of apnea) SNOOOOOOOOOORK-guuhhhh. I’ve incorporated her snoring into my dreams, and was once dreamily convinced that my ex-sister-in-law was crouching by my bed and talking to me.

    Cat’s on a diet.

  38. TOTAL kitty foot fetishist. Dont tell anyone! loves me some kitty feet.

    Except my boy who fell in the toilet last nite. (so laughing behind his back!)

  39. “star paws” = chicken feet, chez nous. Esp. when they streeeeeeeeetch the back legs out, total drumstick action.

  40. If that is an 800 pound gorilla those must be two of his nosehairs!

  41. A thinker says:

    ROFL, Lauri!

    (ok, ok. must work…)

  42. ok…everytime I look at this pic, I want to go home and curl up with my kitties.

  43. Sorry, thinkie, I am having the best day off today and yesterday!
    Gardening, cooking, playing with animals (ok, and hubby) and hanging about on CO.
    What could be better?

    Pft. 6 days of work straight comin’ up….gotta huff teh cute whilst I can. (Snug in my infrared antiNuff goggles)

  44. bunnajenny says:

    I’m so excited that it’s almost kittie snugglin’ weather again. George and Emily, my felines, don’t care for the snuggles during the summer, even with the ac on…but come this time of year they slink back to bed and settle in for a good long purr-shu.

  45. Wouldn’t it be nice to be purrr-shu’d by such a kitty?

  46. Yeah, you can tell the weather’s changing when they suddenly become lap cats. (There needs to be some old-fashioned weather-predicting aphorism about that, like, “When cats sleep on laps, summer is past”, or “When on laps cats do appear, winter is near”.)

    Scofield, I think cats have some kind of “sleep waves” they send out that affects other living things within range. I know I tend to oversleep if Sir Isaac Mewton is asleep on the bed too. Don’t feel bad, though, I think it’s physically impossible to resist.

  47. Hahaha, Aubrey, he’s wearing his Hot Purrsuit.

  48. Thalia–my own experiments have proven this. My cats have this completely evil sleep-death ray that they use on me. What would be a 30 minute nap without cats is a 3 hours nap with cats. It’s like they have some sort of specialized anatomy–like a butterfly drinking nectar–that allows them suck your soul out.

  49. lurkertype says:

    We call ’em “sleepy cat vibes”. They cause you to nap when you don’t want to, and make your naps 5 times longer than you expected.

    They do something to your brain waves; reach right out from the bed all through the house. You can’t escape.


    HRT and TK are chasing each other about full-tilt. At least one chaos has been completed. Probably more, but I’m afraid to look in the other room.

  50. Ok, I think I’ve found a safe place…

    No Nuffinghams, here, I hope?

    [glances around surreptitiously]

    (Ok, here’s the deal. There is a very “cute-but-sad” video on YouTube. Search “fainting goats.” I don’t dare post the link… Poor goats. But they are soooo cute…)

    [glances around again]

    Whee! Kitten toes!

  51. Redzilla, don’t forget Copurrrnicus and his famous catnap mulitple theory… the length of the nap is directly proportional to the number of cats on the bed and their proximity to the napper.

  52. Karen in Toronto says:

    Sleeping with cats: I woke up struggling one night, because Cat One was at my front, Cat Two was at my back, Cat Three was in front of my knees, and Cat Four was in back of my knees. They were Giant Staples, and I had been stapled to the bed.

  53. Karen in Toronto says:

    lurkertype said “At least one chaos has been completed. Probably more, but I’m afraid to look in the other room”: If they succeeded, there won’t be another room. Just a void. A big catless void.

  54. Lurkertype… your cats have the rips (they rip from one room to the other). the rips are most common in the spring and fall, as the weather changes, and have been observed in domestic rabbits and dogs. The only cure is a good snorgling.

  55. Rips? And the only cure is a good snorgling?? Oh YES, I will over-snorgle ’em!!

    *looking for rips of such madness that compared to them Mad Hatter is actually pretty sane.*

    *clomp!* *putting a paw into my mouf* *kissingk a lot* *kitties ripping away*

    hmm.. perhaps it doesn’t help at once? Some kind of a long-spanned snorgling therapy seems to be needed. Progress has been started. *snorgleSNORGLEsnorgleeehhhh…*

  56. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Ha! My poodle gets the “rips” sometimes, but we call ’em the Zippety Zooms! He likes to play tag with my oldest cat, Sheba.

    And I think this photo should be on a greeting card.

  57. MamaD, Brak — the James Herriot name for this domestic phenomenon is “cracker-dog.” Tricky Woo was very susceptible to bouts of cracker-dog. (from “All Creatures Great & Small”)

  58. OK. So if a kitters finally is weary of the rips, is it then rip-tie-tied?

  59. Re: stapled to the bed

    Isn’t that the worst? I only have two cats who sleep on the bed (O purrrfers the office chair in front of the computer…any guesses as to why?) The twenty pound linebacker likes to sleep on my chest while the tortie-tude princess lies on my legs. It’s nigh impossible to move when they have me pinned like that.

  60. There’s so much cute today, a virtual plethora…I can barely handle it…

    Hey! I have those sheets! and my *real* name is Michelle (with two L’s), and that could very easily be my Buster Chops stickin’ his pawses out like that.

    Must. Replicate.

  61. Hahahah…what a great day it was! Karen in Toronto, MamaDawn, lurker….hahaahha!

    We call it the Zoomies, here.
    Tearing around, tail tucked….banking off furniture, walls, beware the inanimate objects!
    So funny!

    And, Betty Michelle, breathe deeply, there are more worlds than these.

    (lurves James Herriot, too)

  62. acelightning says:

    In my family we refer to Feline Sleep Rays… the presence of a sleeping cat has the power to make humans fall asleep, and/or stay asleep when they should be waking up.

    My Loki won’t go inside or under anything – in fact, the way to get him off the bed is to drape the covers over him. So I don’t get to see paws like that. But… toesies!

  63. Isn’t that a darlink picture, cogerbil?
    I saw it earlier today! A Valentine card if I ever saw one! 🙂

  64. tooooo cute!

  65. Star-feet = Got toes!! (usually, to the kitty’s disgust: “What are you ON?!”)

    This: Got FEETS! Got li’l black kitty feets! *glomp!*

    *bashes nose on screen* … ow. Heh.

  66. Ee! Sirius is purr-shuing at my lap. I don’t want to sleep! HALP MEeee-eezzzzzz…

  67. This reminds me of my friend’s sister… they had two cats and one of them used to sleep underneath the covers. Well, my friend’s sister had returned from a hard day of work and flopped onto her bed, only to hear a “PUH” sound– she’d flopped upon the poor sleeping kitty underneath! Ever since that day, he’d always sleep with one paw hanging out of the blankets so everyone would know he was under there. ^_^

  68. I dont have a comment. I have a question,I have 6 month old little girl kitty and everyday now she goes and hides under our blanket, We the owner’s want to know why they do that? If anyone know’s why please feel free to answer my ?