Listen up!

So, this weekend, I was hanging out with friends talkin’ Overload, when one guy announced "I really like animals with the big ears. Yeah. Really big ears." It was followed by an uncomfortable silence, but oh wells. This one is for you, Thomas.


JAY KAY, THAT’S NOT HOW IT HAPPENED. But he does like ’em big. Nice photog, Loolee L…;)



  1. Lee Gibson says:

    Duck duck duck duck GOAT!

    oh wait…

  2. lol Lee

    I was already psyched to see that while I was muddling through all the comments 2 posts back a new pic miraculously appeared, and then-it was cuter than I could have even hoped for! Seriously makes my night.. *suddenly refreshed and sated with cuteness*

  3. ka9q's wife says:

    i love goats my sister had one named priscilla. She was so sweet.

  4. Baah… goats.

    The milk is not really worth the tendancy to eat anything that doesn’t go for them first.
    … the fiber (angora goats) might be, but I would require both. One by itself is not enough.

  5. Yeh … goats are cute. They are. It’s the combo of the ultra-satanic eyes and the cute floppy ears. Good job.

  6. maybe it’s because i’m tired but it looks pink and purple to me………….

    i think it makes it even MORE cute.


  7. It’s the goat workout! and up, and down. and up and down. 3×15 reps of this and you’ll have the best ears in all the county fair. Keep it up, lil dude.
    And you and your odd, square pupils will live happily ever after

  8. Goat: he went thattaway!

  9. That questioning tilt of that ear says: ‘Baaah-roo?’

  10. skuh-WEEEEE!!!!!!! I love goaties! They are such nice critters, too, and nibbly and snuggly. Look at his funny little goat smile and his little funny goat chin. Oh, I wish we could see his little hoofies.

  11. Cheers, big ears!

  12. Villeline says:

    Goat and sheep babies rule! I wish it was kid/lamb season! Look at this Norwegian baby!

  13. pendlerpiken says:

    herlig, villeline 🙂

  14. “Do your ears hang low?
    Do they wobble to and fro?
    Can you tie ’em in a knot?
    Can you tie ’em in a bow?
    Can you throw ’em over your shoulder like a Continental soldier?

    Do your ears… hang…. low?”

  15. I am also into big ears. Donkeys, bunnies, dachshunds… and this goat is lovely. Yay ears.

  16. willowrk4clay says:

    Too Cool!!! That is my neighbors goat. His name is Lefty. He was born on July 25. Has a twin named Poncho. My Sister-in law took this and put it on He smells especially sweet. He’s a Nubian. They have big ears….

  17. chet's momma says:

    his cowlicks are cute!

  18. NebraskaErin says:

    Diggin’ the wicked eyebrows, little goat dude.

    And is that not the velvetiest nose you’ve ever seen??

  19. A thinker says:

    Goats are Kewt.

    They don’t smell Kewt, but they look it.

  20. [deep breath]
    i like goats, big ears or small.

  21. Hey Monica- we used to do the “ears hang low” song when I was a kid at camp Nokomis.

    Ahhh…. good memories.

  22. It may be sacrilege, but I have to agree. Sometime the large ear to head ratio is as cute as or cuter than the small. Lop-eared bunnies and basset hound puppies are a prime example. Who’s with me?

  23. Lol, A Angela….he DID go thataway!

    This goatling is in training for directing the big jets into thier docking bays at the airport!

  24. Goat ‘copter earse!

  25. Kassie,
    I am with you. This is why I love the way hairless cats look. Their ears are crazy big.

    It’s the heresy of big ears.

  26. A hear-esy of big ears?

  27. That is one hairless big heared cat, red. I have to look at a while to decide if I like it or not! It’s SO different!


    Me likes baby goaties better though.

  29. Redzilla, I’m sure that (ahem) kitty is a lovely creature, but it’s kinda creeping me out…

    Or, as Dr. Venkman would say: “Hairless pets– weird.”

  30. Martha in Washington says:

    Goats are some of my favorite things in the WHOLE WORLD. I had a wonderful pet goat-Billy, of course-when I was little. He was my best friend. We shared cookies and secrets. I always drag my kids to the county fair so we can pet the goats. My neighborhood doesn’t allow “barnyard animals” or I would have a whole flock of soft, fuzzy, amazing goaties.

  31. The only really creepy thing about my hairless cats is when I catch them making surveillance notes to transmit back to the mothership. You know, I get out of the shower, and there they are, sitting on the sink, muttering into a little recorder:
    “Day 1,874, subject has again spent ten minutes in the pouring water torture chamber, applying sudsing chemical liberally.”
    Creepy, but most of the time, cuddly and silly, like a kitten-dog-monkey-toddler.


  32. Lol, redz!!!
    I can picture them, now!
    I imagine they were the ones who flew the pyramids here, too!

  33. Brak_Silverbone says:

    My cats send messages to the mothership too! Except my cats aren’t the hairless type. They’re just sneaky.

    Oh, and a very cute goat!

  34. All cats have to do is slit their eyes slightly to send messages to the mother ship!

  35. gah!! so cute. and im sure he does like ’em big.

  36. Lauri, yes, and there’s a good reason why their ears rotate like satellite dishes, too…