Ehn, ehn, ehn!

Looks like someone just arrived home from the PETSTORRRRRRE in a BOOOOX!!! [Singsong]

Ehn, ehn, ehn!

Whitney L., love the giggles…



  1. A thinker says:

    It’s a box turtle. *Snort*.

  2. We need someone in here on a set of drums to BA DUM CHA after all the punny lines.

  3. Looooove the teeny tiny turtle tail.

  4. Makes me think of those “endless” swimming pools…


  6. @ Theo: *headdesk* Oh, the punnage…

    @ Mr. ‘Box’ Turtle: it’s like the turtle version of a treadmill!

  7. ROFL…..Gryph, you are elected to Ba Dum Cha!!!

    T. hahaahhaah!

    (and badumcha!)

  8. that’s sad 😦

  9. ereshkigal45 says:

    ^^^^^Classic Nuffingham

  10. Actually… *gulpage* I need an explanation here, you guys. What happens after Mr. McTurtlesons arrives home in the box? I know that at the time, people believed terrapins can be kept in plastic boxes, but they were wrong – turtle-boy here is going to be moved to an aquarium, right?… I had a friend who had three of them in a large aquarium and they were very cute, so… Not trying to kill the cute… Jus’ checking… *backs away slowly, waving the flag of “Barooland”*

  11. Little devil would be half way across Lake Erie by now if that darned box wasn’t in the way! 🙂

  12. useta hada kitteh says:

    Turn awound, you silly turkle, turn awound! Go de other way! (On the other hand, paw — what do turkles have, flippers — he is a determined little guy. “If I just keeps swimmin’ I’ll get there someday…”)

  13. Hila – it looks like the plastic was just the ol’ transport box. Perhaps the aquarium just isn’t quite set up yet. So just for temporary sake, the lil plastic ones for holdings sake.

    But I do love the lil’ legs just going and going and going and going! He’s like the Energizer Turtle!! 😀

  14. I nominate for ‘Cute or Sad’? Bless his heart, he’s trying so hard.

  15. Katheryn Rourk says:

    It’s like a turtle version of a hamster wheel but with procusion.

  16. Poor turtle. He needs a real aquarium instead of a plastic box. I forsee him living a miserable life in that.

  17. Errm… ¿qué significa “procusion”?

    Valeria — let’s you & me just assume you’re doing the tongue-firmly-planted-in-cheek thing.

  18. (apologies for my pathetic attempt at a Spanish accent)

  19. Meh, I’m almost certain that it’s just a transportation box, if he was living there (sad as it is to say) it’s likely that he wouldn’t be paddling like hell that way, instead he’d just be sitting there, resigned to his fate.

  20. awww poor turtle – I feel his frustration! 😦

  21. He looks completely healthy and ready to move to his new deluxe aquarium complete with fishy friends, plants, rocks, a filter and a real sunlike lamp!

    (thank you, little Lauri Sunshine)

    We have raised many healthy, happy (and with turtles you really can tell, they are HAPPY) turdies when my son has found them just hatched outside. They live 3-4 years in here with us, then move out to our big protected turtlesafe pond in the back. Have seen them years later! (One had a notch in his shell so we could recognize him! )

    Actually, this is probably a turtle spa and he is doing his water aerobics!

  22. Ack, no, WE didn’t notch him, he came that way! *stuffs pudding in ears*

  23. OH MY! That is one of the saddest things I’ve seen here. The poor thing must be scared, not to mention confused. Just don’t see the cute in it at all.

  24. Teho, te perdonamos. No hay de qué.

    Pobrecita tortuga…Hopefully his new mama will get him a nice big aquarium. Couldn’t help but giggle myself, though.

  25. Awww.. He reminds me of two turtles I had long ago, Fatty and Butch. They were so much fun. A friend made them a big plexiglass tank with sunning decks and different levels. They had it very good! I wubsed dem so much.


  27. I don’t actually know what is funnier, hearing the girl laugh on the background or hearing the taptaptaptaptap the turtle’s head makes tapping against the box wall.

    Please let him out.

  28. At this point I’d love to find some way to ban people that leave any comment that even remotely resembles “this isn’t cute, why would anyone find this cute?” It’s getting to the point that I can see a post that’s really cute and dread clicking to read the usually ultra funny puns because some idiot wants to ruin it for everyone.


  29. Awww… I second the nomination for cute or sad…

  30. ScorpioSpirit says:

    Are we sure that vid’s not on fastforward????

  31. Definitely sad.

  32. musicchick2 says:

    Po’ baby…..let ‘im outta ‘dere and put him in his Super Deluxe Aquarium posthaste!

  33. Something ugly is brewing at the Minivan/Fawn post. If you visit, make sure you bring your goggles and a firehose.

    Just a word to the wise and whimsical.

  34. Oh for god’s sake everyone, haven’t you ever owned a turtle? This isn’t sad, it’s perfectly normal behavior and it’s necessary to place them in a transportation container if you want to take them home from the pet store or to the vet. It’s no different than having to put your kitty in a carrier to travel, it’s just the way things are.

    I for one think this is adorable ^-^

  35. Aw. I just wish I could see the little guy better. To better view his toitleness. I had a turtle once, but my dad hated it and made me give it away, and I kept the cute little feeder fish, one of them lived about 8 years after that. A ten cent goldfish!

  36. pinupkate says:

    ohhh man, my turtle used to do this constantly when we’d put him in the smaller container while we cleaned his aquarium. the sense of urgency is so adorable.

    relax little buddy, you’ll be back in your house soon!

  37. “Help! Jane! Stop this crazyy thing!!!”

  38. That is sad… he needs more room.

  39. “Gentlemen, I have heard news of a turtlette in torment! It is up to you to TEAR DOWN THE WALLS! To arms! To arms!

    And have fun storming the petstore box!”

  40. LOL Stooge! XD Best reference evarrr.

    ;_; that’s sad Michele, I had a box turtle once too, that my sister and I had found in the driveway. We had him for a few years, until he ran away.

    Yes, my turtle ran away….I’m going to say that again, for those of you that missed the irony.

    My turtle. Ran away.

  41. LOL, Aubrey! Yeah, he’s Sir Lance-a-turtle!

  42. Aubrey — it’d take a miracle.

  43. *phew* Thanks everyone 🙂 I was pretty sure that that was the case, just needed a little boost of confidence there. I’m sure this fine exhibit of Turtledom is on his way to a luxury aquarium 🙂

    Come to think of it, my hamsters used to display similar behavior sometimes when I put them in a plastic box while cleaning their (luxurious! very luxurious!) cage. The hammies would try to climb the walls of the box – and failed miserably, of course – but they were very adamant and would not stop trying!… That is, until I put a piece of fresh fruit or vegetable in the box to keep’em busy. Then they’d run and nibble on the food, while giving me beady-eyed looks that clearly said “Just a little refueling here… But gimme a second, and I’m back to storming the walls!… hmm… *munch* nevermind.”

  44. I think we’re giving Nuffings too much attention, they keep doing it because they get a reaction, not because they really mean what they say. Just ignore them and maybe they’ll go away…it’s classic child psychology: “good attention vs bad attention”.

  45. Quarter-sized baby turtle!

  46. Elizabeth says:

    This reminds me of my favorite day at the Washington DC Zoo where the little baby turtle would swim up to its mom really fast and go “play with me play with me” and she would swim right past, and then he’d speed up again, swimming frantically to get in front of her “play with me play with me” … and the cycle continued. Frantic turtle swimming is anaerable.

  47. bad form, meg. 😦

  48. Stupid comment, Gena.

  49. Karen!!! You reminded me! (quarter size turtle), my very first turtle was named TwoBits cuz he was the size of a quarter! That was WAY back in the day when everyone had turtles, and no one knew how to take care of them. Things are better now….really they are!!

    (I stole the name from my neighbor across the street who had a Twobits Turtle)

    Ignore the Nuffs…I really am trying. I started a post on the Mini/fawn thread and then cancelled it and walked away….cuz that’s…how..much…self..control….I….ehnnnn

  50. Stoogeswoman:

    Nah, he’d be battling Sir Gawaine – as the Green Knight!

  51. BAAAAAAAh, Gena…..there goes my ignore the nuffsssssss



  52. Hey, to talk about something else….would you tell me ONE more time how to post a pic link here? I have a pic on Flickr I want to share.

  53. okaaaaay, that’s not the pic I wanted to share, but it worked, so now I go find the right one!

  54. Lauri — just copy & paste the whole URL from your address bar, into a comment. And make sure to leave at least one space at the end, so TypePad formats the link right.

  55. Lauri–success! Luv Spaghetti Monster, BTW.

  56. er… yeah, like that. Yep.

  57. okaaaaay, that’s not the pic I wanted to share, but it worked, so now I go find the right one!

  58. devil's advocate says:

    Perhaps the turtle’s human can state for the record what exactly was going on? Maybe they didn’t see any harm in this clip and that it could be potentialy upsetting to others? Nevertheless, the little one appears anxious and perhaps that is not something to be made a spectacle?

  59. Theo – I believe she meant “percussion”.

    So what should Gryph’s new title be? Rim Shooter?

  60. Get thee behind me, Satan.

  61. Thanks, Theo, I get a bit overexcited…ok, here is pic I wanted to share. This is Philbert.
    He is very happy guy and a fast paddler just like little turtie above.

    Oh, pardon’a’mois the manicure, my son is restoring a 1969 Mustang and it’s hard on the nails!

  62. le sigh. Why so many dingdongs out to harsh the cute mellow? Bad Nuffs. Bad! No cookies for you!

    Geeze, always thinking the worst, why dontcha try those rose coloured glasses when viewing this site?

    And when I was a kid, my best friend had a wee little turtle in this HUGE tank…little guy did just the same thing at times that this fellow is doing. Boink Boink against the glass.

  63. Yes, VacKO, I meant to say that earlier…procusion=percussion

    Yay for Rimshot! 😉

  64. Lauri — is that date in US format, or…?

  65. Teehee, date is indeed in US format….twas July!

  66. Jamie May says:

    Hehehehe. Adorable! I also own a turtle. He has a giant tank but will swim into one wall for hours. My theory is that he doesnt even see the glass wall there and thinks he’s swimmin across the English Channel. =P


    (reads further) Oh.

    You know, Teri, things are bad nuff without the Bad Nuffs.

    Can I have a cookie?

  68. chet's momma says:

    are you a white stripes fan??
    squee, me toooos!
    yet another angela

  69. Martha in Washington says:

    Can you say “persistence”! I love the way he finally gives up and swims off in the second video. I love the snorty giggles too.

  70. [hums “Been Thinkin’ Bout My Doorbell”]

  71. *chokes on coffee* I forgot about those snackcakes Aubrey….lol…and of course you can have some cookies! I have choco chip, peanut butter, oatmeal raisin and shortbread.

  72. This is NOT CUTE.

    I love Cute Overload. I don’t think this video should be in here and encourage holding turtles like that.

    Turtules should be in open space, not in a tiny box.

    With it, I want to say that I worship Meg! 🙂

  73. Hee hee! Our box turtle, Gwendolyn, does this when we take her out of her Rubbermaid winter home to clean it. Scrabble, scrabble, scrabble; crane, crane, crane. Sweetie turtle neckypoo.

  74. I found this really depressing. The turtle was cute, but his sad state was objectionable.

  75. Ummm….Tom…methinks it’s just being used to transport turtle from shop to home and new turtle parent wanted to video the turtle silliness before putting it into a tank.

    Yeesh. How else to get turtle from point a to point b? It’s not exactly pocket friendly ya know. *exasperated eye roll*

    No cookies for you.

  76. Lol, Aubrey. Dingdongs and the World of Wackiness Twinkie Shop! Yoiks!!!

  77. A thinker says:

    Wow. I actually just watched the video (work *does* interfere at times, y’know) and methinks that turtle would be the Turtle Swimming Champion of the World if he was actually *going* somewhere…

  78. Whit — a “sad state” for a turtle is being soup.
    Please to be adjusting your perspective.

  79. TOITLE! Soooooooooo CUTE!

    [scrolls down]

    Ahem. Make that Cute Or Sad. Cute turtle, SAD comments. Tsk, tsk.

  80. He is fast & strong…. clearly he should be tested for performance enhancing drugs!

  81. Waitaminnit.
    Thinker, you’re saying you HAVE a job? (…you hippie??)

  82. “My turtle. Ran away.”

    This cracked me up, Pillow.

    Oh, so TERI’s the new Cookie Monitor. I was wondering who had the keys to the pantry (last seen in Theo’s kimono sleeve)…

  83. I have a title now? Kewl! Cookie Monitor! None for the Nuffs, all for the rest of us!

  84. A thinker says:

    Teho: as for hippieness, guilty as charged. I frequently get hit with that moniker by those who know me best (though I’m not sure their definition is completely accurate…)

    As for workiness, also guilty as charged. I’m an 8 to 5 slave 😉

  85. Hehehe, thanks J. Bo ^.^;;

    Where I grew up there were marshes and ponds all over the area, so I’m certain he found a nice lil’ waterhole to spend the rest of his days.

    *munches on a cookie*

  86. wolfwhocriedboy says:

    One pic falls off the front page – another rises in it’s place to replace it.

    It’s the commentroversy phoenix effect. 😉 :p

    Gang, turtle is FINE. Anyone who has cleaned an aquarium for any number of creatures has seen this behavior before. Don’t over anthropomorphize here. He’s not suffering any kind of mental/emotional angst here. This is not the equivalent of the “pacing tiger or rocking elephant” you see at the worst zoos.

    Let’s nip any nastiness off at the bud shall we?

    Oh and that is one cute little turtle-babee.

  87. Pillow: I’m assuming you weren’t actually pursuing your turtle when he. ran away. I mean, I’m just guessing, but maybe it was more like he. snuck away?

  88. lmao! Redzilla…I had a sudden image of that scene in The Simpsons episode where Homer believed he saw an alien and they had Fox & Mulder…you know…the turtle stole Grampa Simpsons’ teeth and he moved slower than the turtle trying to get them back….

  89. “Let’s nip any nastiness off at the bud shall we?”

    Dewd, your heart’s in the right place. Sadly, YOU aren’t. Looks like that kind of thing just won’t happen here anymore.

    Swim away, little turtle! Swim away from these comments!

  90. It’s the strangest thing actually, we kept him in a big terrarium in the living room, then one day, don’t ask me how, the top was off and the screen door was open.

    I guess ninja turtles really DO exist. o_O

  91. that’s pretty mean actually and not at all funny or cute.

  92. Aubrey, hold me, I’m scared, they just keep coming…

  93. *hands Pillow and Aubrey extra cookies*

    Bad silly Nuffs.

  94. Raymi — you’re here a lot; you have to understand it was just a temporary tank for transport. Right?

    I used to be staff at a small nature museum, and most of the turtles would behave the same way when I’d have them out of their pen/tank for cleaning. Little dude’s fine.

  95. *munch munch* fhank yoo Tewwi…

  96. We had a Mama Blanding’s Turtle ™ lay her eggs right by our driveway. In a few weeks….bebe turtles hatching from eggs!!! So miraculous!!!

  97. wolfwhocriedboy says:

    Hey Subhangi,

    “Dewd, your heart’s in the right place. Sadly, YOU aren’t. Looks like that kind of thing just won’t happen here anymore.”

    I’m a little confused by the comment but I choose to take it in the best possible way. 🙂

    Hence, I sadly agree?

  98. She means that the Nuffs just won’t go away anymore. Worse luck!

  99. that’s not funny, it’s sad.

  100. wolfwhocriedboy says:

    Gottcha – that’s what I figured.

    ‘S all good. As me dear ‘ol pappa always says: “We’ll live to die of something else.” 😉

  101. what a cuty:D I wish those would be allowed back here in iceland:D

  102. what a cuty:D I wish those would be allowed back here in iceland:D

  103. Ever get the feeling that some folks ain’t reading and therefore getting the necessary basic information that would prevent them from looking like, well….types lacking basic logic?

    *glances at nicole*

  104. That turtle’s terrified, obviously. What the hell’s cute about that?

  105. *just shakes head sadly at the silly little Nuffs lacking logic and continues to hand out cookies to non-Nuffs*

  106. This is too cute and I will play again with the volume up.

    I can just see him poking his head up from transportation box saying, “Are we there yet?” and then putting his head back into the water and making the motor-boat sound with his little mouth as he paddles away.

  107. *munching happily*

    Teri, you’re the best Cookie Monitor EVAR.

  108. indigoreiki says:

    I love this little guy. We need an offical turtle catagory.

  109. When I brought my fish home from the store, I transported them in a small plastic bag rather than in their 20 gallon aquarium. I suppose this makes me guilty of fish abuse.

  110. BTW, love the turtle. I wants to kiss hims little toes.

  111. Turtle Power!!

    Can I have a cookie too? I likes the oatmeal raisin ones.

  112. *hands ebee some oatmeal raisin cookies*

  113. Squee and squee again! Swimming McSwimmerson here is adorable. What sort of turtle is he exactly?

  114. I wouldn’t mind a chocolate chip cookie. 🙂

  115. RE runaway turtle

    I trust we have heard of Calling All Pets? If not here’s a link:

    According to Dr. McConnell turtles are very patient ney, stubborn, critters and will take the time to make a break for it. It’s ok, your turtle Boris and Natasha’d you.

    And for the nuffinghams who dont understand travel arrangements, I wish them good luck trying to drive while an insane cat tries to excape a small box that is OUTSIDE (yes, this would be my beloved clauster/agora-phobic cat). Much better to crate animals to transport!

    PS don’t watch Am. Funniest Home Vids.

  116. To clarify- this small box outside is the car. In a crate she’s nowhere near so unhappy and she doesn’t cause any wrecks. No, I was not driving the time we let her de-crate, but we were stopped for a break.

  117. Mini M&M for me….pweese!

  118. ShelleyTambo says:

    Sometimes I wonder why people who are so determined to see the worst bother to come to a site like CO. I can’t imagine that “Debbie Downers” would be interested in cuteness. (Yes, I will admit that my first reaction to some posts is “geez, gets your pets fixed!” but I try to keep those to myself.)

    Teri, I’ve got a recipe for chocolate caramel cookies if anyone’s interested.:)

  119. Yer Papa sounds like a Wise One, wolfwhocriedboy!

    I would like to use his line in the future! 😉

  120. “Teri, I’ve got a recipe for chocolate caramel cookies if anyone’s interested.:)”

    ShelleyT, yes please!

  121. Aaaaaah, Shelley!!! Me me me! Chocolate caramel recipe…me!!

  122. Amen, sister ShelleyT!! See my theory above about needing any attention, so negative attention will do. It’s a blogger’s disease unfortunately… Teri, these cookies are fabimundo!! Now where did I put the milk?

  123. Here it is…oh,wait. There’s a turtle swimming in it…

  124. Choco cara????? mmmm….yuppers!

  125. OMG… you can’t mean… TURTLE COOKIES???

  126. Resisting…the urge…to strike back…at Nuffinghams…

    Aw, cute!! Turtle! He’lll be so happy in his new, loving home!

    Can I have a cookie too? (No milk — have a cold… : ( )

  127. is that a red eared slider? we had two and they got huge. the bigger the tank we got, the bigger the turtles got!! good luck!

  128. The Turtle… That Wouldn’t… STOP GROWING!

  129. This little Yertle is trying so hard, he’s going to start drawling, stretching, and fainting in coils. Do not Mock this Turtle.

  130. …mmmm…sliders….

  131. You name it, I’ve sat for it… I’ve been a turtle-sitter too, and the owner used to bring him to my house in a little fanny-pak-like pouch or a backpack. He was fabulous. So cute (my guinea pig thought he was pretty cool too). I DID have a little trouble feeding him the live worms and things that he liked so much, though…

    At any rate, turtle transport may leave a little to be desired, but its temporary.

  132. ShelleyTambo says:

    Turtle cookies! I didn’t even think of that! Except no nuts–I don’t understand why people ruin perfectly delicious baked goods with nuts. I’ll start passing them out as soon as I’m done wasting time at work.

  133. (holds out empty plate)

  134. (Should be “it’s temporary”. Sorry, grammar folk.)

  135. this is a baby, and is scared out of its mind. good luck with it, and get it a friend as well

  136. *sigh*

  137. I agree with Tom – I LOVE your site, but this is very cruel and not worthy of it. It is heartbreaking! Would you consider removing it?

  138. ereshkigal45 says:

    Wait! I demand to know if there are any other animals or small children in that turtle’s household or small children. Turtles carry salmonella which can cause Teh Death, People!

    Meg, in the future, please establish all circumstances and facts surrounding your posts: Was the animal harmed in any way? Is it being fed properly? How was the animal acquired? Will it interact with other animals or children in a way that might be harmful? What is its life expectancy given its present circumstances? Has it been treated by a vet recently? Has a pet behaviorist, psychologist or psychic been consulted to ascertain the animal’s state of mind? Does the animal feel validated in its feelings? Is it given a supportive emotional environment in which to express itself? If the animal is stressed what therapies have been considered? What about alternative or holistic therapies?

    I really think that if you can’t answer the foregoing questions you should not post at all.

    Thank you.

  139. ShelleyTambo- can I have the recipe too?

    PS: The woman from whom I am getting Beamer (on Friday, YAY!!) is feeling sad and guilty about taking the kittens away from mom- any comforting words/links you can point me to? (This is the stray cat/litter that she found under her porch. Mom’s already got her spay appointment.)

  140. Do people even read the text before the pics/videos?

    “Looks like someone just arrived home from the PETSTORRRRRRE in a BOOOOX!!! [Singsong]”

    COME ON PEOPLE. It’s obvious that turtle is not permanently living in that transport box.

  141. Well, if the wicked sheriffs of Nuffingham won’t wander off, then the Merry Men (used in a generic sense) will just have to skulk around in the forest rescuing cutes (and munching cookies — tidier than pudding, except for the crumbs)

  142. Poor little Turtle-Man. And they laugh at you. You’re just trying to swim for your life. Oh, so sad….

  143. Christ almighty ereshkigal45, I hope that’s sarcasm you’re using.

    Look people, Meg has no obligation to anally gather every scrap of information from a submitter of a photo or vid before putting these kinds of things up on her site. Granted, even -I- have been grossed out or otherwise mildly unhappy by some things on here, but it’s her site, and frankly, I feel that there’s a bit of ignorance spreading here. There’s nothing wrong with the turtle, we’re over it, you’re over it, give Meg some peace!

  144. PPS: Ereshkigal: Bwha!!

  145. ereshkigal45 says:

    (Yes. It was sarcasm. I thought the validation and supportive emotional environment bits would be the tip off. *Not* that some animals don’t have emotional lives, but really, I don’t think that turtles do. There is a reason they call it the reptilian brain.)

  146. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m not interested in any information that’s “anally gathered,” cute or otherwise…

    (Sorry, Pillow; I couldn’t resist.)

  147. Another Angela says:

    wow, that people can project so much onto a wee turtle is amazing. I truly doubt he’s sad or suffering. Just swimmin. This is not cruel. Now I know I fit somewhere inbetween a Nuff and a Huff because I can’t believe this is sad at all!!

  148. good old whatshername says:

    Turtles on a Treadmill–the lost sequel to Snakes on a Plane.

  149. Pillow, they won’t read the initial posts, I don’t think they’re going to acknowledge anything said to them.

    It’s too hard to read, and comprehend anything these days. Much easier to just find a way to get your name mentioned, so that your ego-searches will have more hits.

    *meanders off*

  150. Not pointing at you ereshki, just the trolls.

  151. Shanchan — ooh! Wicked! Your link-fu is strong, grasshopper.

  152. Theo – love the link, going to hand it out as needed.

  153. cuties, but watch out, they carry Salmonella!

  154. definetly sad people- turtles = not good pets, and that bare plastic box is just heartless.

  155. GAAAAAAAAAAHHHH *head explody*

  156. I have a turtle at home, had him for 5 years…little booger. He does the same thing, when he was a baby we had him in a 10 gallon so we moved him to a 30 gallon, still does it from time to time, but it helps if there is a rock to bask on…

  157. These trolls suck. Maybe this should be a password-only posting blog, like Defamer.

  158. I remember when I was younger (8-9) we had a turtle, and I would play with it all the time, and as far as I can remember, I never got sick.

    I just love all the fearmongering around animals. Actually, around life for that matter. Isn’t it great? Don’t enjoy anything, it might hurt you. If you enjoy a movie/picture, people will think you’re sadistic. If you buy a pet, you’re sick and twisted for safely transporting them. If you take a pet home, it’s going to cause enormous problems, and you shouldn’t bother.

    *waddles off again*

  159. Do all shores have walls?

  160. Hrm. There were supposed to be [sarcasm] and [end sarcasm] around that big paragraph.

  161. I dunno Johnx, do all CO posters have brains, tact, or any level of common sense?

  162. One thing I;d liek to ask all these flamers, do you all think that pet ownership in general is wrong? All I’m seeing are complaints about keeping turtles in a box, all I see is proper pet care. If that mentality were to be upheld, nobody would be allowed to own a pet ANYthing.

    What a sad, sad, fluff-less world that would be. ~_~

  163. Have, probably, atleast on the brain level. Do they use them is the real question.

  164. That’s really cruel.

  165. Me? Yeah, I am particularly cruel.

  166. (Heheh, Tuldas. That’s what I was thinking.)

    Hey, anybody want to come up one post and check out the great-looking puppy? We’ve got popcorn!

  167. Hi Marianne. How’s Gilligan?

  168. Heehee! It’s like the little guy has his own swimming lap pool. Those giggles are precious. I can just imagine them running to grab the camera to capture the moment before putting him into his new home ^_^

  169. Salmonilla&turtles?
    Okay, I won’t put it in my mouth.

  170. Stick them in your ears instead: Turtle Wax.

  171. Yeesh, leave ya’ll for a bit and look at what happens? Idjiots come running back to harsh the cute mellow.

    *restocks cookie supply – non for the silly Nuffs*

    I mean, seriously….those of you calling this sad or cruel…are you just not THINKING? Do you SERIOUSLY believe that the turtle spends it’s days in a small plastic box? Yeesh, braindead. It’s called either TRANSPORTING or CLEANING IT’S MUCH BIGGER TANK.


  172. ShelleyTambo says:

    K, chocolate caramel, warm out of the oven. *starts flinging cookies* Hm. This isn’t as fun as pudding.

    If peeps e-mail me for the recipe, I shall send it out once I find it. The secret: Rolos.

  173. Very cute!

  174. Hey Pillow, when my brother & I were little (about 7 and 8) we had tiny turtles in an aquarium. One day we came home from school and Mom told us they had both “left”. I don’t particularly remember my reaction, but years later she told us that there was some sort of salmonella scare, and she had Dad take them out to the lake (really sort of a big pond) behind our house and “liberate” them. I wonder if that’s what happened to your turle?!

  175. i agree
    more sad than cute?

    trapped and wanting to swim free?

  176. SilvorMoon says:

    I admit, I laughed. Paddle paddle paddle paddle paddle paddle paddle paddle… What a cute little turtle. Who says turtles are slow – this guy looks like he could really get around.

  177. geeze, someone quick get a picture from the owner of the turtle in it’s happy new aquarium so people will stop argueing over whether or not it’s being tortured.

  178. heh yeah SilvorMoon, my brother had a box turtle and she got loose from her big area we had for her in the back yard a few times. Got across the street once before we realised she was gone.

  179. I had a turtle like that when I was a little girl. I named him “Howard,” and he loved to eat ant eggs. He’d get very excited when he saw me coming to feed him; and when I spoke to him, he’d squeak back to me. He lived three or four years before he paddled off to that Big Pond in the Sky. I loved that little bugger.

  180. *snort* Theo.
    Gilligan. *snort*

  181. pillow-
    i had a desert tortise and it lived so happy in our backyard eating yummy plants. however he ran away twice. first time the neighbour found him trying to escape (he was a quick turtle) the second time we never saw him again. so i sympathize and understand how they get away.

  182. wolfwhocriedboy says:

    Hey Lauri:

    So far as I know, good ‘Ol Papa’s sayings aren’t copyrighted – YET! 😉

    Use to your heart’s contentment. 🙂

  183. Wow, some people need to chill out about the leaving of negative comments. I understand that’s YOUR opinion, but that’s the neat thing about opinions…people can have different ones! Imagine! So why don’t you just skip over them if you don’t like them?

  184. AWWW! I bought a red eared slider just like that one a year ago! She’s quadrupled in size and now is in super deluxe aquarium(moved her out of the plastic tank when she got bigger). But when I move the tank outside for real sun, she still lurves swimming at the walls. She’s just not as fast as that lil guy. teehee

  185. Just came in here to clarify that I’m not a Nuffingham and could I pretty please have a cookie?

    And don’t forget I bucking for the coffee girl posish in the dream Teri better just keep to her cookies…

  186. I think what might concern people about this picture is that stores that are selling these small turtles are not always forthcoming about what goes into caring for them. I’m not trying to be mean or ruin any fun, however, as we all love animals and want what is best for them I think it is important to be aware of issues surrounding purchasing these turtles.

    They are small and very cute and people probably assume that they are easy to care for. However, in reality they do grow to be very large and require aquariums with filters, UV lamps and above water locations for sunning. When the turtle does become larger you still have to be committed to taking care of it and options are limited if you no longer want to take care of it (releasing it outside might not be a good option if it has lived in aquarium its entire life). I personally know of a situation like this that could have been prevented if people were more educated on the matter. A lot of people do not realize how to properly care for them when they purchase them and end up having to find an agency or person to “adopt” them.

    Once again, they are very cute but make sure you are fully aware of what goes into caring for them before making such a commitment! You can check out the following links:

  187. useta hada kitteh says:

    Leilani — Howard the Turtle? Cool! I don’t know where you’re from, but when I was a kid there was a children’s TV show in Canada called “Razzle Dazzle”, one of the stars of which was a puppet-type turtle named (you guessed it) Howard the Turtle. You brought back some great memories!

  188. Elizabeth says:

    Cute, yes; but sad too. This is exactly why I don’t go to zoos. I can’t stand to see an animal that wants to be freeeeeee!

  189. useta hada kitteh says:

    It’s not that he wants to be freeeeeee (not sure I got enough eeeee’s there…) it’s that he’s in training for the swimming-in-one-place world challenge, and swimming in one place very very fast is very very tricky, so you have to practice a lot, and it helps if you keep your head against something solid while you’re training so that you get the “in one place” part right. I think he’ll be a contender.

  190. Martha in Washington says:

    My son has a smallish (for now) Chinese Water Dragon and we just found out that they will knock their noses against their tanks until they injure themselves! Talk about your reptilian brain! May I have a cookie, please?

  191. BCteagirl says:

    I love turtles! They are my favorite! So cute! They should put two tiny tanks side by side and race them! hee…. that oughta freak the nuffinghams out, perhaps they will just keel right over 😛

  192. Wow, I didn’t expect to actually see this get posted!
    Just to let everyone know, this was indeed a temporary setup–Rufus has a big tank with lots of rocks and a sunlamp and everything. He’s a very happy little turtle!

  193. BCteagirl says:

    aww…. ‘They told you so… told you so!!!>

    Looks up hopefully: Cooookie?

  194. Counting perspectives, not actual posters, the results are:
    50 Cute: 27 Sad
    It seems to me that a higher that 50% ratio of Sads might at least merit some reflection as opposed to ridicule

    Reptiles have in common with mammals the amygdala; the part of the brain that processes emotion; it is actually necessary to their (and our) survival to experience emotion, especially fear. It is safest to assume that when critters look like they’re upset or afraid that they probably are.

    What I interpret as the Sad Camp’s position is there is nothing cute about what they might be seeing as a moment of panic as the turtle transitions from one environment to another. Turtles paddling away in play, or in pursuit of a tasty snack, would most likely be painfully outrageously adorable to those very same Sadders. And as for the Cute Camp; I imagine that if you were to watch a video of a puppy in a crate transitioning from one environment to another in what you interpret as a panic (clawing, scrabbling, digging relentlessly at the door) you might vote Sad.

    Sads know that Rufus is happy now. That will help those that might have thought that was his permanent home. However, for those that didn’t enjoy witnessing a video that looked like he had no idea what they hell was about to happen next, they’re probably still feeling the Sad.

    Context informs Cute. And lets face it, a big part of Context is what we make of it (ie interpretation). And We, all us Overloaders, are a huge group of individuals; it seems only fair that we call Cute and Sad as we see it.

  195. is that funny? jesus christmas.

  196. little miao says:

    Awwww, Rufus is such a cute little turtle, and so determined!

  197. Is the glass half full or is the turtle half empty?

  198. Hooray for Whitney and Hooray for Rufus!!!
    The tank is full of turties!!!

  199. Raise the Rufus peeps will now celebrate this turtlet’s new life and utterly swell name!


  200. Wow, that’s the fastest turtle I’ve ever seen!
    Lauri- Philbert’s a CUTE little nut! 😉
    Chocolatey, caramelly cookies! >slurp< Gonna short out my keyboard!

  201. it’s a red-eared slider baby turtle…i found one of these in a river right by my house, took it home for a day and it did exactly what this turtle did – didn’t want to there at all! so i took him back

  202. I get the feeling the girl was like… “omfg what the hell kind of turtle did I get??!!” hahahahaha.

    That’s one of the most awesome videos I have ever seen. I LOVE how she’s laughing at the poor turtle. Just great.

  203. acelightning says:

    Ya know, the extremely visible set of CAR KEYS in the first video might just be a clue that the turtle was in a TEMPORARY container for purposes of relocation…

  204. Well, acelightning, clearly the turtle iss trying to get TO the car keys. I mean, Rufus is a VERY IMPORTANT TURTLE and has many IMPORTANT THINGS TO DO.


  205. “iss”?

    Pardon me. Apparently my typring fingers have gone insane…

  206. loladapusica says:

    This is not cute at all!

  207. Oh for flip’s sake! He’s clearly only in that box for transportation purposes. There is nothing cruel going on here. As I type this, he’s probably living it large in a massive condo-tank by now, nibbling on bloodworms and shaking his head in embarrassment at the distant memory of the ‘panic in a plastic box’ times.

    What’s cruel, is me having to read the reactionary rubbish posted by some of the idiots who visit this site.

    PS – Theo for Prime Minister please 😀

  208. I feel sad for the turtle.

  209. i laughed at the turtle’s antics for a while, but i’m still laughing at the fact that some people cannot/do not read.

    laughing/banging my head in frustration…

    Whitney, maybe you should’ve posted your comment in flashing 72-point letters =D

  210. Tilly — many thanks for your support… but I’d hate to have to take that position away from Conan O’Brien.

  211. A thinker says:

    I nominate ereshkigal45 for winner of this thread.

    And Whitney for letting us know the turkle is Just Fine.

  212. I love him even more now that I know his name is Rufus. Is there a better pet name?

  213. RedZ —
    “Sir Isaac Mewton”
    “Princess Hank”
    “Willow ‘The Pillow’ Wabbit”

  214. Also “Steven Elizabeth”.

  215. Princess Hank?????
    (Must get coffee, could swear someone named something Princess Hank. We’ll see what that looks like with my eyes open.)

  216. Lauo — those are all real pet names, known to real CO peeps. (Even if it’s also true that one of these things is not like the others.)

  217. And it’s an official mess-age now; we’ve hit 200.
    (Even my computer admits it, and it told me it was at 18 this morning.)

    And what IS Princess Hank, anyway?
    Now I must know.

  218. Pillow, you’re lucky your turtle just *ran* away…this one’s clearly about to leap out of the transport box, grab the set of car keys in his little flippers and drive all night until he gets to Mexico.


  220. You’re sweet to be concerned, but why not read some of the earlier comments?
    Like the one from the owner.
    You are seeing The Arrival Of Our New Pet — who then went into proper roomy habitat.

  221. Hey Teri, Some idiots really do keep those tiny illegal China town baby turtles in those crappy little plastic critter keepers. I’ve known plenty of people who did that. Needless to say their turtles didn’t last very long. People who are concerned have the right to be, as they speak from experience. So unless someone *COUGH CUTE OVERLOAD* puts up a disclaimer, people will assume what they want. And not everyone’s going to read through 200+ comments. Somebody tell CO management to take the 2 minutes to edit the post with the owner’s statement.

  222. *quirks eyebrow*

    So you lash out at me because?????

    Hmmm…because I don’t assume the worst about people who submit their pictures?

    Because I allow myself to take the moment to find the cuteness?

    You might want to take a moment to learn about ‘innocent until proven guilty’. Just cause you know a few idiots does not mean that the person submitting a video/photo is.

    So back off and stop harshing my cute mellow. NO COOKIES FOR YOU.

  223. Hey Teri – ‘whatever’ doesn’t get a cookie for not taking the said two minutes to actually read the disclaimer. Sure, it’s in the middle of here somewhere, but if people are going to bother to weigh in like that, they should at the very least do some background research.

    But hey, I’m rational like that. Rationality doesn’t work for everyone.

    And I’d love a cookie, too, please. I’m not fussy, I’ll take what you have left. Thanks bunches!

  224. The cookie tray is always loaded with the bestest ever cookies! Help yerself!

    (No ‘whatever’, still no cookies for you. EVER.)

  225. wolfwhocriedboy says:

    Whitney – nice to hear from you.

    If people are paying attention, they’ve just gotten affirmation that you are a good turtle-parent. Nice to hear. It’s true that a lot of herps are sold to people who don’t have a clue and do get abused but assuming that that is what’s happening here is jumping the gun.

    Thanks for posting AND for taking good care of lil’ Rufus. Great name by the way. 🙂

  226. Hey wolfie – so what you are saying is “No Herps for Perps!” ?

  227. [munchies cookie from Everflowing Tray of Cookieness ™]

  228. wolfwhocriedboy says:

    AmyH – Rolling ON Floor 😉 >Snerk<

    I’m avoiding the cookies. I’m on a diet, even a cyber-one.

  229. AmyH — we will DEFINITELY have one of those in the Dream Office breakroom.

  230. karen (with a small k) says:

    Now everyone that has handled the wee turtle be certain to wash your hands very well before you touch anything else. We wouldn’t want to contract salmonella, now would we?

  231. Just take a moment to see the number of comments (234 with mine) about this, and you naughty people laughing about the poor turtle hurtling to surmount hurdles in a puddle!
    Amazing 😀

  232. omygoodness! Looked at this turtle and thought, even as I half-smile at how cute this turtle is, and even though I have no doubt he is only his way to a luxury terrarium etc., it’s kind of disturbing to see any animal frantically trying to escape. Clicked on the comments to see if only I had qualms only to see a co brouhaha!

    Anyway, can you really tell turtles are happy? I read a book about keeping turtles that stated that ‘turtles will come to recognize their primary caregiver but signs of affection are hard to determine.’
    So how do you know?

  233. oh and by the way…so evil to tantalize us with comments about Rufus. Oh where is he now? I want more Rufus pictures! He’s like a CO All-Star…oh those eyes, that ear biting, those paws stickin’ out from the covers…oh rufus your fans are hungry for more.
    my cat’s like, thanks a lot you want to leave me for a dog you met on the internet?

  234. sorry, with 200 plus comments I did not read them very carefully. I see, sadly, the reference is that the turtle is named Rufus. But Rufus the dog, Rufus the DOG…that’s the Rufus I’m pining for 😉

  235. You can tell at the end of the second vid that he’s just like “Ok whatever.” and gets bored with it.
    If he was being tortured he most likely wouldn’t have stopped.

  236. That’s so sad! I hate seeing animals in small cages.

  237. ereshkigal says:

    ^^^^^Will it NEVER stop? Jee-sus.


  238. [in voice of the Soup Nazi] Petra – NO SOUP FOR YOU! (or cookies either!)

  239. BCteagirl says:

    Wow, we are almost up to 250 here! (and almost as many cookies!!). Do we have any of those mint thins? Haven’t had them for years… but suddenly feel like one 😛

  240. They’re only wafer thin…

  241. Somebody should put this one in the Cute or Sad? section!

    Poor toitle.

  242. hrh.squeak says:


  243. Put me in the sad-turtle category.

    Yes, I know this is a temporary home for this turtle. However, the first turtles I ever rescued were kept in something that size for over a year. Most people don’t realize that their Yertle or Toby will grow to around 10 inches long and they just toss the turtle into some fetid water in a 10 gallon tank, where it gets sick and dies.

    God, I can’t believe I’m saying this, but most people are too stupid to realize that this is not the best way to care for a turtle. People see those dime-size babies and scoop them up. The pet stores hand out twenty types of wrong information. At the end of all of it, people like Turtle Homes are left trying to care for all the abandoned pets. Maybe if people weren’t so cruel to their reptiles, I wouldn’t think this was so sad.

    Remember kids…an animal without fur and soft puppy eyes still deserves to live.

  244. Um…*reading over sad comments*

    I know it’s Ultra Uber Super late to reply, but…but!

    That really does look like a Transport cage for cleaning and vet visits…also…And this is gonna sound really, really stuck up of me..and get me yelles at, but…

    turtles, as reptiles, having simplified reptilian brains, lack the part of their brain that actually processes or expresses emotion, last time I checked. He Honestly wouldn’t -feel- upset over this,in a human sense unless he was somehow put in direct physical pain or Discomfort. Reptiles only really have the parts of their brain that control autonomic response and basic instincts, like eating, sleeping, mating… Um….Gibberish aside..

    …Sheesh, They’re just cleaning his Tank. Heavens to Betsy. He’ll be Okay.

  245. ((adding to that)) Not that I’m Advocating Reptillian Cruelty. I’m just making sure everyone knows that the cutesy isn’t ‘sad’ about any of this.

  246. Um…*reading over sad comments*

    I know it’s Ultra Uber Super late to reply, but…but!

    That really does look like a Transport cage for cleaning and vet visits…also…turtles, as reptiles, lack the part of their brain that actually processes emotion, last time I checked. He Honestly wouldn’t -feel- upset over this, unless he was somehow put in direct physical pain, which would actually not be an emotion so much as a physical response to outside stimuli. Um….Gibberish aside..

    …Sheesh, They’re just cleaning his Tank. Heavens to Betsy. He’ll be Okay.

  247. 😦

  248. butteredtoast says:

    swim little man,
    swim <3<3<3<3<3<3