A perfect “Baroo?”

Speaking of "Baroo?" Let’s take a look at this perfect specimen of "Baroo?-ness." It’s "Chase" pup, with a perfect inquisitive held tilt, at nine weeks old, already Baroo-ing!

Look at him ‘Baroo’ like a pro. He should like, teach at Baroo U.


Skyline Events, you rocketh.



  1. So cute.

    And first?

  2. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    Oh, wow… So clean and well groomed, and all, “Baroo?”
    [wants to snorgle puppy]

  3. Looks as if he’s the model for one of those chrysanthemum dogs.
    Sure this one is made of fur?

  4. Often times the captions make it soo much nicer. 🙂 Thanks for serving us so much Cute every day, this is such a nice beginning of the day. 😀

  5. Look at the ballet-like placement of the front paws. It’s the next Baroo-shnikov!

  6. chillinkzp says:

    awwww puppy! he’s SO baroo! and i love how the hind paw tilts too. anerable! agree w/ Thomas that the captions totally make the picture! thanks Meg! …. he looks like my friend’s maltese when they first got him. wonder what kinda doggie this one is.

  7. must snorgle this fluffball! hey, he’d make a great “baroo?” Cute Overload t-shirt mascot!

  8. Darn! The perfect baroo and I’m not there to toss him a ball to play with!

  9. Wow… another Superfluff dog. Maybe someday I’ll have photochopping time.

  10. TastesLikeChicken says:

    WANT THE DOGGY NOW! – lies on floor, drumming heels and holding breath until blue in the face.

    Need, want, must have…..


  11. Oh my gosh what kind of dog is this? Does anyone know?? I must have one exactly like it!

  12. NebraskaErin says:

    Yes, puppy, yes! You can have all my worldy possessions, just stop with the adorable barooing, it’s killin’ me!

  13. I can *feel* the Baroo now. Repeat baroooo, barooooo, baroooo… [elevates]

  14. Such a sweet little floofy fluff face. He’s baroo-tiful.

  15. A thinker says:

    Head tilt: 10.

    Inquisitive, pleading eye glance: 10.

    Perfectly perked ears: 10.

    Carefully placed forward paw: 10.

    Extra points for floof: 10.

    Yup, I think Chase pup is the highest-ever scorer in the “Baroo” category.

  16. heh….baroo U….heh heh

  17. “It’s the next Baroo-shnikov!”

    LOL, Aubrey! I always love your puns, and I also love Baryshnikov, so I particularly appreciated this one. 🙂

  18. Peg of Tilling says:

    It’s Hello Puppy!

  19. What kind of puppy is that?
    I’m not a huge fan of doggies, but this “Baroo” may have won me over!

  20. Beep… nose.
    Beep… nose.
    Beep… nose.

  21. Quite the perfect picture and pawcture! His little feets!! Squeeee!

    Baroodolph Nureyev?

  22. The nose! ‘Tis Cyrano de Baroogerac!!
    En garde! (Pooché.)

  23. ROFL, T.
    Right thru the heart, again!

  24. No, no, he’s such a little heartbreaker, he’s Baroolio Iglesias!

  25. Da leetle frawnsh arteeste….Baroolouse Latreche!

  26. Oh the PUNS!!! The Agony of them all!!!! Must rescue this little Baroo Expert from these terrible puns!!!!!

    (Oh heck, I just wanted the dog….) *grin*

  27. I believe it’s a BICHON FRISE!!! I have the privilege of looking into the “baroo-ness” of a face like this everyday x2!

  28. bev: Er…did you mean it’s a Baroochon Frise?

  29. What a sweet little puppy!

  30. Mook: That’s it exactly!!! 😉

  31. Check out the extended front paw. Picture it tapping ever-so-slightly, as if to say: “Baroo, are you ready YET? Why do I always have to wait for you…”

  32. Rowdy wanted so badly to be an RCA poster dog. So bad it hurt.

  33. I’m not really a dog person (having grown up with cats and not familiar with dogs), but I want this puppers! Tooooooooo Cute!


    I want a puppy now. 😦

  35. I would so let him pee on the carpet if he looked at me like that.

  36. That’s not bad, but how about this older pro with the aileron action:


    Looks like he could knock out a full baroo at 17, 18 miles an hour, easy.

  37. That much cuteness is lethal. This picture should come with the warning that looking at it could cause your head to explode from CO

  38. Heeee, love the baroo pic, Blair!

  39. for those that are wondering, im not sure what breed this one is…but we have a dog that looks EXACTLY like this one. face, fur, color. he’s a cavachon: half cavalier king charles spaniel, half bichon frise. makes me want to go home and make sure no one kidnapped him…

  40. aww soo cute

  41. i don’t think it’s a bichon. maybe a cavachon. hey owner, you’re killin us here! what kind of freakishly adorable dog is that?! if you don’t tell me i shall be forced to track you down and claim this little ‘baroo’-er for my own. no, i wouldn’t do that but i AM desperate.

  42. I wub you lil floofy puppeh!
    I wub you, I wub you, I WUB YOUUUUUUU!

  43. I want a puppy like that… Pleeeeaaaaasssse. 🙂
    (What breed is it? Soz, not a doggy pers.)

  44. Oh wow, you guys at C.O. should *totally* make a “Baroo U” t-shirt. I know I’d get one.

  45. Brak_Silverbone says:

    I want a “Baroo U” t-shirt, stat.

  46. beyond barooooooooo over the rainbow….

  47. sproutness says:

    looks like a maltese.. yeah pretty sure.

  48. I’m 90% sure it’s a Shih Tzu. My brother’s friend’s Shih pup baroos like this all the time, and those kinda dogs are known for the “chrysanthemum face”.

  49. I think maybe deedee and cavachon have it correct that it’s a cavachon. That would account for the Bichon eyes and black button nose, but the lack of curl which is typical of the Bichon…Can’t someone at Skyline Events clue us in… before we become completely overcome by those EYES!

  50. Baroo U.
    Snorg U.
    Schnozzles R Us.
    My Kingdom of a Moist Nosicle.

    All good teeshirts.

  51. whalllll shite. That was supposed ta say

    My Kingdom For a Moist Nosicle.

    Damn old eyeballs.

  52. Probably 90% maltese and 10% shi tzu. My little doggy looks almost like him…


  53. pebbles: “I haf rooler – you with oppossible thumb – please to mark off effry inch baroo?”

    btw: you have a cutie…

  54. So petable! My hands…must find way to reach through screen…and…and rubbity rubbity his soft clean little head!! AAAAGH!

  55. What kind of dog is that? I want one.

  56. Well he is a she actually, and her name is Pebbles (I figured that I should use the cutest name I had for cuteoverload) and she is a maltese. Most people can’t recognise the maltese breed without their signature mop-look and really they are so much more cuter with short hair 🙂

    Pebbles woofs her thanks!

  57. julianna hagert says:

    he is so cute. i love dogs a lot anyway my dog benji looks just like him.

  58. MissMichelle says:

    Oh my lanta! She looks just like my floofikins, Roxy! If only there was a purely (or mixed of course) Maltese section! I’d go CRAZY. haha

  59. Mia Estadella says:

    is this cutie a coton de tulear?

  60. Good question… and I don’t know the answer, but here’s info…