Kumanoko, thrilling children everywhere

With his tiny honk-shus:


hernnnk-sherh. hernk-sherh.


Seattle Roll, nobody does it better…



  1. What is this particular species of cute? Someone must identify!

  2. Holy crap. SOCUTE.

  3. Looks like a very orange hammie to me. I want to get very small and take a little nap with it.

  4. that’s a lovely…um….yeah, i don’t know what that is. that said, i REALLY like it and want one for my very own.


    i’m so glad i still have something to rely on! my so called “best friend” has decided not to invite me to meet two celebrites i would kill to meet! she s such a sucky friend. i’m glad i still have cute overload to come to.

  6. Check the Seattle Roll link. More cute photos of hammies.

  7. So freakin’ cute!!!

    This made me gasp aloud with the cuteness.

    I can never see enough of this little guy.

  8. Hey, KOSAAF…you’re harshing my cute.

    Anyways…awwwwww! (reaching an octave only dogs can hear)

  9. the only way this would be cuter is if there were some indication as to how small this little guy really is. . ..

  10. !!!!
    What species is this little fuzzball?

  11. widdle bitty fuzzzzzinesssss

  12. his fur looks really really soft…it’s standing in little individual spikes. i know people who get that done, and they are not as cute as this little bugger.

  13. charlotte says:

    syrian hamster

  14. Oh my god … the toes! THE TOES!

  15. The hands and the backhands are equally adorable! How rare, and how thrilling!

  16. michellemybelle says:

    He looks like an orange velour shirt that I had back in the day.

    Hammie looks all cozy and sweet.

  17. NTMTOM, lol! It’s a tribble dribble.

    His little toes-ies aren’t much bigger than the terry towel. Slepping baby, so cute.

  18. useta hada kitteh says:

    What a cute little funny little thing! What a funny little muzzlepuff (ackshally, the muzzlepuff is nearly as big as the rest of the aminal, so “little” muzzlepuff isn’t exactly accurate.) He’s reminding me of something, but I’m not sure what it is…a seal? It’s more like a seal muzzlepuff than a hammie muzzlepuff, but I dunno, maybe NTMTOM is right and it’s a baby tribble. Whatever it is, it’s sure snuggled down all happy and cozy. Sleep well, little muzzlekins!

  19. Awwwwwwwwwwawwawawawawww

  20. Tribbles are spherical toupees. This little dude gots teh PAWZ. And is smooshy.

  21. Piggalette says:

    Definitely a BOY hammie-kins. Very cute indeed.

  22. Cutest….hamham….evarr *dies*

  23. ooOOOooo000oooooOOOOooo


    *grabby hands*

  24. What do I have to do to get one of these guys? Pull a ham-string?

  25. Oh he’s jsut the most adorable thing in the universe!
    *wants to poke him in his belly*

    The first pic, he’s all “I don’t wanna get up mommy!”

  26. GOODNESS GRACIOUS!!! That is so cute that I just lost control of my legs.

  27. Jackie from Michigan says:

    Awww…he looks like something out of a Beatrix Potter painting. What impressive photography and hammage!

  28. Jackie from Michigan says:

    Awww…he looks like something out of a Beatrix Potter painting. What impressive photography and hammage!

  29. omg!!! tiiiineh babeh feets! so pink!

  30. mejezabel says:

    He’ such a sweet lil’ hampstwerp!!

    In that first photo he looks like an OTTER!!!

  31. Hey, one of my favorite blogs (Head Nurse) just mentioned my very favorite blog, thusly:
    “For more critter fun, there’s Cute Overload. CO is the hottest thing going right now…”


  32. AuntieMame says:

    “hernnnk-sherh. hernk-sherh.”

    I can totally hear that!

    And, uh, yeah, I guess he is male…


  33. useta hada kitteh says:

    hey, mejezabel, thanks! He DOES look like an otter! That’s what I was trying to think of! (Why couldn’t I think of “otter”? Otters is one of my favoritist of all time!)

  34. I want to see this hammie
    In some flannel wee pa-jammies
    The pattern would be cami
    There’d be nothing cuter, damme!

  35. brownamazon says:

    A *Syrian* hamster? Really? I had no idea there was such a thing. (Pinches self to avoid thinking about hamsterrorists…)

  36. Does something *that* cute get to snore too?

    I always assumed tribbles had little tinsy paws that they kept tucked in.
    Probably near their also tiny mouths, the better to nibble on grain supplies…

    Sounds as if you need maybe a litter or two of kittens, and some more hammies.
    If it’s still bad, try some rabbits, and get back to us.
    (Celebrities tend to be an uneven lot anyway.)

  37. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

  38. Martha in Washington says:

    Danielle, Thanks for the link! Love the hammie pics. The one in the Mr. Brady spot (with the wink) is adorable. Never saw a hamster wink before. The towel looks like something from those groovy Brady’s too.

  39. ka9q's wife says:

    This is my new wall paper.

  40. What– no earse?

  41. is that a tail though?!?

  42. i see his tiny tailio, eeeeeee gads people

  43. A thinker says:

    Very squishy teeny hammie. Wit curled-up pawzes. Awww.

  44. Heh, J. Bo.
    Come on, Kumanoko, move yer bloomin’ earse!

  45. LauoWolf — hmmm. Come to think, I’ve never had the opportunity to dissect one.

  46. EGADS! MARMALADE hammie!!!


    (Okay, that isn’t marmalade, that’s bright orange.)

  47. Lauowolf, I think you’re right about the tribbles! Like an ultra soft hedgehog, with everything tucked into the middle.

    This little hammie, though, love the nose closeup, and he looks super squooshy and comfy. Let’s all go home and go back to bed, ‘kay?

  48. Isn’t he the most LOVELY color? I am getting my Vit C this morning thru my eyeballs! 🙂

  49. Oh man, Lauri! If I’d been drinking, I’d be wearing it right now! *ROFL!*

    And WOW that hamster is male, ain’t he?! @,@


  50. oooohhhh! he looks like he’s exhausted after a bath – all sacked out in the towel.

    if you look at his other pics on flickr, it appears that this is the only time of day when the little guy has his mouth shut.

  51. Awww… I didn’t know Ewoks had a larval stage.

  52. His other pics are SO cute, too! Hammies are shurtainly picturesque!

    And, yeah, D2D, I was wonderin’ the same thing…..hammies are not only picturesque, they are masculine, when they are masculine!


  54. Ack! So cute, but… hammie nads are disturbing!

  55. Littlelizard says:

    I hear ya Sarah Adams. Why do they have to be so BIG? Good job hoomans aren’t on a similar scale…balls bigger than your feets? Not attractive.

  56. Awwwww, so very very prosh! I wants to snuggles with it, but am afeared I might squishify him. *sad face*

  57. While he/she is adorable and soooo very sleepy-cute, I’m very glad I’m not the only one who had no idea ‘what’ this creature was!

  58. Saw the Flicker pix, boy oh boy all boy!

    I love his little crooked mouth in some of the pix!

    Huh? My favorite picture. (Check out his Flicker pictures and you’ll see.)

  59. It’s a hamsternuki!



  60. I think the hamster nuki was a few days back! 🙂

  61. Lauri: Ya better be glad I finished my carrot sticks a few seconds earlier, or my monitor would have a nutritional value now!


  62. So pink and MUSHY. But what IS it?

  63. I like these comments – this is a kinder, gentler thread. I’m pulling for this ham-string to continue.

  64. oh i’m now addicted to this little guy!

  65. Sweet Lady says:

    This deserves a Japanese, “KAWAII!!!”

  66. So, is a little Ham-let,
    all to sleep, perhaps to dream.

  67. ok, this deserves to be rule of cuteness #27: sleeping is cute

  68. Shall it be dubbed the “honk-shu rule”?

    I want a hammie to go with my 2 cats & 1 dog. Our newt went over the rainbow bridge a few weeks ago and his tank is now empty just waiting for life to be in it again.

  69. LOl, Aubrey. I could just achille’s Nuffs who are harshin’ the cute on the other threads.

  70. Indeed, Lauri. Hard to deal with these heels.

  71. Ix-nay on the ull-pay, Aub-ray. You wouldn’t want to run afoul of the runners.
    (Inn-Fay, are you eading-ray?)

  72. I’m with you, Diem. These and his Flickr pics make me seriously consider adding a hamster to my 2 cat, 4 fish and 1 bird menagerie. That is oooooone durn cute hammie!

  73. Doesn’t anyone else notice that this ham is cuddling his.. erm.. manbits? D:

    Cute face though.

  74. T., it’s Adidas peeps don’t mind risking.

  75. [straining]
    [scrunched-up facial expression]
    Sorry, I couldn’t scan that. “It’s a deed that peeps don’t mind risking?”

  76. I was waiting for this thread to go the way of the meerkats

    Every he-hammy I’ve ever known was built like that.

  77. Theo… try “a deed us peeps” don’t mind….

  78. cute face but eeks! the other end!

    only lady hamsters pleez … at least when shot from this angle

    (how does he WALK??)

  79. But… but normally one risks a [verb], not a [noun]… like sneaking a peek or risking a glance, or stealing a cookie… OK, so maybe not so much the last example.

  80. T., but if the deed is understood to be fraught with danger, then it is a thing to be risked.

    Truthfully, I just couldn’t think of anything that sounded like Reeboks.

    However, if teeny tennies could be made for this hammie, they COULD be called Reedonks, I suppose.

  81. Reeboks: chickens that stutter.

  82. chet's momma says:

    those are ‘nads???? crikey!

  83. He can put on his Redonks and run on his wheel…Go nads!

  84. FWIW, the art school I went to had one (count it, ONE) sports team, a hockey team, called, that’s right, “the Nads”.

    Naturally enough, the team chant was , “Go NADS!! GO NADS!!”

    (Yeah, and they were terrible too—the local cooking school always kicked their asses. Chain-smoking scrawny art students just don’t do well in hockey. But man, I’ve never had more fun at a game. Bunch of kids way in the back cheered and hollered, and brought out a giant very artistically made sign just for the zamboni!)

    Though now I hear they’ve added a basketball team—and in the same spirit, that team has been named “the Balls”.

  85. This little hammie is thrilling children AND female hamsters everywhere!

  86. yeek! Meg- next time blur out the naughty bits, ok? 😛

    but the rest of him’s adorable! velour indeed. 🙂 I love the squooshy-face.

  87. Hehe…that third pic on Flickr is SOOO cute, like just after little hamkins was woken from his precious deep sleep. He’s all one-eye-squinty and can you say Baroo? in hamster??

  88. Is it wrong for me to think the nads are cute too?