Teeny "Houdini" the leopard gecko is like, just about to slurp his own eyeball to keep it moist. Nice mini smile and shiny nosicle.


Stacy G., tiny gecko-golf claps to you.


Ehn! Ehn! Ehn!

First time in the pool McSwimmersons here, wet pawsitude and all.


Thanks, Christina…

We interupt your regularly scheduled costumed Halloween pet for this sugar glider

I know, I know, you’ve now seen one hundred dogs in front-paw costumes and you need a break. DID SOMEONE SAY SHOO-GARE GLI-DARE?!


OK, OK , I admit it. I said "Shoo-gare gli-dare."
And so did Sender-inner Agnostic Anarch M.

Duh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh

BAT DOG!!!!!!


Happy Halloween, Peeps 😉

Have fun tonight, Brianna E. [Ears not included in costume]

Hard day’s snugglin’

Dewd, we’ve been snuggling all day, and I am BEAT. Proper snuggling eats up, like tons o’ energy!


Ah, much better. Now I ken relax.


Aaaaaaaaaaaah, Ksvrbrg 🙂 and recommendation from E to the Ceeee!

Teeny glurps

Teeny glurpitude caught on camera by ingenius wild-haired guy "Ksvrbrg".

Glee-urp de gleeorp. Guh-lerp.


Terrif recommendaishe, E to the C, of the Ksvrbrg Flickr streamage.

[Waiting patiently]

The little dewd on the left is too funny. He’s got bed head and some serious competishe in the treat-snatching department. I can relate to that.


Nice going, CuteTracker…

A Monday-morning inspirational message from this kitteh.

People, I know you don’t NEED to hear an inspirational message. Especially from a little kitteh who can barely focus on his own pawsitude. And sure—what type of message could this kitteh even give you that you don’t already know? But take a moment out from sipping your double-soy-chai-mochacchino and listen:

[Audience places ears up to the screen]

GET THOSE PAWS-UP! Now get out there, People, and kick some Monday morning ‘tocks. Pronto.


Back to your regularly-scheduled C.O. Thanks, CuteTracker!

Prosh Corgage

Holy ear floppage, juicy tongue action and eye chub.

Sutatabo posted this lil’ guy…

Listen, Dahlink.

This pup is sooooooo"Peg" from Lady and the Tramp. She’s all taking Lady to school and tellin’ her how it’s gonna be.


Julie L., How dies the song go?