The nearsighted fawn

First of all, this clearing/meadow/back yard tewtelly looks like a Ranger Rick poster, like there should be a caption at the bottom that says "Working Together!" on it. The kind of poster on the wall in third grade. Radical!


Apparently, this fawn wandered out to make the scene even better. Have you ever seen a smaller fawn? Didn’t thiiiink so! [singsong]


You know that horse is all "git out the way" and the fawn is all "I shall mimic your grazing pattern!"


I think I’m cruisin’ for a C.O. coma…Amy M., call the DOCTAH!


Um, could this kitteh follow MORE rules of Cuteness? [Chandler voice]

1. Assuming a snorgling posishe
2. Crossed lower paws
3. Totally vul-nerable (that’s vulnerable + anerable)
4. exhibiting stubtetude (in tail depahtment)
5. Close to a rack


Are you happy now? You just added 5 more rules, Robert R.

Das Hammen und das Rakken

It was ONLY A MATTER OF TIME before hams got in on the action. Move over KITTEHS! THE HAMS WANT IN! (Oh, and whatever hams want? Hams GIT.)


Right, Sender-inner who’s email just got placed into the swirling vortex that is the C.O. mailbag and I can’t find it after an hour of searching—<gasp> right?


THIS is completely unacceptable.

What a CRUMBELIEVABLE way to start off the week.

I swear—WHO SENT THIS IN!? [Looking around the room shifty-eyed]


LOL, ‘Tock-sniffin-ham-owner Jane H.! 😉

It’s official—reader Briana T. is nuts

So, a while back, we posted a kitteh that exhibited some unesscessary paws-uptitude while sleeping. This cat had two limbs hanging in the air, for really no apparent reason.

But that’s not important right now (say in Leslie Nielsen voice.) What’s important is that Briana T. has decided that this cat is Burl Ives reincarnated in the form of Sam the Snowman.

Well, obvy, she has a good point, there. Voilà the side-by-side comparison.


Briana T., you’re Officially Nuts™.

Pass the Haagen Paaws

I just LOOOVE that Dulce de Leche.

Passitover. C’mon.



Squirreltastic image from Chelsea W.

Sometimes, [head tilt] Kittehs need rehab

Don’t let this happen to your kitteh. Perfectly good cats are WASTING THEIR LIFES snorgling catnip. Just look at this flailing-limbed-kitteh ("The Golden Egg" is his name, apparently. Sounds like a Hippeh.) He is completely out of control, snorting bush after bush of nip, laying there like a bum. Crimminy. What is with KITTEHS TODAY?


On second thot, looks like a great way to spend the afternoon, Jorden C….

Smallest Monkehs

Marmoset_1From Reuters: "A rare newborn albino Pygmy Marmoset monkey perches on a zookeeper’s thumb at Froso Zoo in Ostersund, Sweden August 22, 2006. The Pygmy Marmoset, which lives in the upper Amazon basin in South America, is the world’s smallest monkey and reaches 35 cm ( 13.7 inches) in length and weighs up to 100 grams (3.5 ounces) at maturity."

Holy tiny tails, sender-inner Deidre D.!


Saturday morning morsel

Just a little kitten morsel to start off your day.

Please meet Mr. Jackie Chan, Kitten Esq. at your service. (Luuuurve the chipmunk-esque stripe)


Nice name, Jenni W.

Boxingk match

Dees faucet box! I SHALL NOT LET HER WEEN!

I shall defeat her—WEETH ALL MY STRENGTH! rarrrrrrrrgh! [pushing against wall]


No-tingk ees safe—zee sides of zee box, ZAY WEEL PEREESHE!


[NAWM NAWM] [Belly flops out]


[Suddenly stops] Bah—Oui? [Tiny paw sticks out, back leg trembles]


BON, Keeeem S.!