We loves us some wet pawsitude

As ya’ll know, we loves us some wet pawsitude here at C.O. headquarters. Lil’ stray "Chavo" was found and given a scrubbin’.

Chavo: "Meeeee-allllgh!"


And, ahhhhhhhhhhh….


VikkiRules, it’s true, you do.



  1. Awww! How cute!

  2. Lookit those wonderfully blue eyes! And the teeny pink tongue! And the white boots!

    Chavo’s saying ththththth in the second pic huh?

    Looks like you rescued a winner there!


  3. Dillon Thomas says:

    Poor kitty. In 2nd pic, it doesn’t know whats happening. And looks scared/sad.

  4. Oooooh da poor babykins!!

    *Soooo* sad…

  5. Well done, VikkiRules! He’s absolutely adorable! But man, was he mad in the first pic! 🙂

  6. Hope Chavo has a permanent home now! I think in the 1st pic he looks like he’s trying to be tough.. “you just wait, I’ll get ya for this!” and in the 2nd pic he says “I feel much better, now what’s to eat?”

  7. What a sweetie puss! I hope you have the ability to keep him…I doubt he’ll mind the indignity of a bath once he’s settled in.

  8. Chavo has no teeth!


  9. Awwww! Cutest thing I’ve ever seen!!!

  10. I actually laughed out loud on this one!!!! TOO CUTE!!! He’s all “ehn!”

  11. The pika bunny, aka real life Pikachu:


  12. Angelina Jolie lips in the second pic!

  13. Or maybe Jessica Alba?

  14. That’s a tongue, y’know, Maymee.

    This is awesome. I gave Artemis a bath shortly after she first arrived at the Catcave; she smelled like she’d been through a flea-dip carwash.

    No cat likes the BATH part of the bath… but with lukewarm water, turned on really low from the handsprayer, and a good quantity of gentle shampoo, it wasn’t too bad. No slashing or gurgling (or even backup personnel).

    The warm fluffy towel-dry/massage stage, though, was purrrr city. And then the brushing? Ohhh man, that was the stuff, all right.

  15. Poor baby, I’m sure he’s happy now. Someone cared for him enough to bathe him.

  16. oh that poor damp baby, I hope somebody snuggled him till he warmed up again.

  17. Of course it’s a tongue, silly Teho…that’s whats making me giggle.

  18. AWWW itty bitty kitteh tounge!!!

  19. acelightning says:

    There, now, sweet kitty, doesn’t that feel better? Being bathed may be horrid, but being *clean* is great!

  20. gloom raider says:

    That may well be the cutest animal nose I’ve ever seen…it looks like somethig out of a cartoon!

  21. Aww. My sister just took in a stray kitty. She’s looking after it until it’s not all skin-and-bones anymore, and then she’ll pass it along to a good home. Would anyone in the Virginia area like a male brown tabby named Button? I understand he’s already an excellent lapcat.

  22. Teeny ears!

    Lil’ soaking wet white boots!

  23. Of course most cats hate baths, but if they’ve got stuff on their fur you don’t want them licking off, it’s just the thing to do. He’s a lovely kitten.
    The only cat I’ve ever seen GRATEFUL for being dunked in water was our old cat Robin, who one sunny summer day got up on the corrugated-iron roof of the house and then forgot how she got up there. We heard her mewing faintly and piteously and discovered her pancaked on the roof with heatstroke. My mother phoned the vet who said ‘take her inside, dip her in a bucket of water, and if she doesn’t perk up in a few minutes bring her in.’ Robin went into the bucket with absolutely no resistance, soaked up the water like a SPONGE, and five minutes later was pretending like it didn’t happen. Since she was okay, it was pretty amusing. We all teased her about forgetting how to climb down from the roof.

  24. Awww what a cutie liddle cat! Although stressed by the washin’ was grateful for the lovin’. Best Wishes liddle ‘un xxx

  25. Must…hear…tiny meow…

  26. TastesLikeChicken says:

    Little pink kitty toes!

  27. Poor little baby! He’s so small and toofless and his eyes are still kind of blue. What a cutie.

    p.s. Love the suspended water droplet in the first pic.

  28. little gator says:

    Liddle wet dangly feets look almost human.


  29. Oceanic Aura says:

    That’s one wet pu–ahem. Nevermind.

    My first litter of foster kittens were bottle babies (kept them all! Manny, Pedro & The Golden Egg) The Golden Egg was constantly peeing all over himself and would have to be washed, and then he would get a blow-dry as it was winter! He loved the warm air and looked like a little dandelion when he was done.

  31. michellemybelle says:

    Theo – did you also use Dep Sport and teeth whitener on Artemis? I understand they are necessary items for cat baths.

  32. hes lush and i wants him!!

  33. Aww, jeez, OceanicA! Why’d ya have to go there?


    This guy is so cute. Poor little bebe. But a lucky little bebe too.

  34. The second pic reminds me of those huge, red, wax lips I used to buy/wear/chew/spit out for Halloween when I was a kid. lol Wonder if they still make them. I loooved that flavor! They’re prolly about the size of that little kitteh’s whole head.

  35. Jorden, lol @ The Golden Egg! Awesome name for a cat!

  36. musicchick2 says:

    P. Erasmus, thanks for the video link. VERY cute! I’m sure glad WE don’t have to work that hard to get groceries for winter!

    Baby kitty baffs…ah the memories!! ‘Dey no likes dem at all, but they’re so nice and floofy after. I always felt like they grudgingly forgive you. This guy is TEWTALLY anerable! Purrrrfect!

  37. Hey, it’s the same Golden Egg that needed catnip rehab! (then again, how many cats would have that name?)

  38. misscrisp says:

    OMG Thank you P. Erasmus! (or rather musicchick2 since your kudos made me go back and follow the threadjack)
    First of all, I want to be a pika because I lof les fleurs.
    First of everything…ATTENBOROUGH!!!!
    David A. is the O.G. nature reporter, he totally did it first, and INMHO still does it best. His voice is amazing, and his smarts show. This fave quote perfectly expresses the uniquely cooperative nature of a certain adorable aminal:
    “All for One, One for All……..the meerkat.”
    >>>poit< <<

  39. Ok. I just got permission from the dogs. Chavo may come and live with us. We’re used to no teeth and hating baths here.

    And cute paws.

  40. Denise in Nebraska says:

    Whenever something this small, stray, wet and cute is named a hispanic name, it seems to multiply its cuteness by at least 12 times. Why is this?? Discuss amongst yourselves.

  41. Martha in Washington says:

    The Pika video is exceptionally sweet!! I actually saw one live once when my family was camping on Mt. Rainier. I had to ask a ranger what it was. The little kitty is adorable too. “Why are Hispanic names cuter?” Because they are so macho and most of the animals thusly named aren’t?

  42. misscrisp says:

    So, they actually still have DEP? (michellebelle- been meaning to say>>teehee!)

  43. He looks like a gremlin! I thought you weren’t supposed to get them wet . . .

  44. ka9q's wife says:

    Pika’s are def very very cute. I love the noise they make. Unfortunately they need a cold climate so they probably don’t make good pets. Unless you like airconditioning. 🙂

  45. Great Rule #15! And that tongue! *squuueeeee*

  46. More Attack of the Tuxkitties!

    What a sweetie.

    Update on my toothless tuxxy foundling, Xena: *SHE POOPED*! YAY!!! (It’d been 3 days, and I was starting to worry.) Moreover, now that The Area has settled down, post-poop, it looks like she *is* a female. That means the name “Ishmael”, for a male foundling kitten with a loud voice, is up for grabs.

  47. Stephyf82 says:

    Is that a tongue in the second picture, or ‘shopped in lips?

  48. CatFreak, yay for the poopage! How old is she again?

  49. CatFreak, that’s wonderful. It’s -sorry – the Way To Go!(I’ve been holding onto that phrase since you first posted the problem, afraid of a sad outcome.) This little picture, with the small tongue trying valiantly to dry what it can reach- the nose- is utterly precious.

  50. CatFreak — how about “Sandra,” as in Bernhardt?

  51. christine says:

    ahhhh!!! cutest baby cat ever!!

  52. SilvorMoon, I would love a brown tabby boy named Button, however I live in a dorm room in Indiana, so I don’t think I can have him. 😦

    In the second pic, Chavo looks to me like he is saying, “Ok I’ve gone through this water torture, now where is the Kitten Chow?”

  53. Here is a pic of the dear departed Amber:


    She looks a little beat-up from her illness, but you can probably tell what a beauty she basically was and is.

    And here is a directory with some jpgs of the new baby foundling, Xena … whom I suspect Amber cosmically sent to us while her ashes were still warm, as her idea of a joke:


    (We’re old skool geeks. We don’t fool with hi-falutin’ stuff like thumbnails. Sorry.)

  54. Aww CatFreak Amber was such a pretty girl. So sorry for your loss. Little Xena is a cutie patootie though, clearly Amber is sending you cat love from the Rainbow Bridge.

    And the widdle tux kitteh getting the bath is so sweet. That little “get me out of here!” look in the first pic and the relief in the second is too much.

  55. shutterbug74 says:

    Good grief. That is too much.

  56. Si, Senor Chavo es muy guapo, es verdad.

  57. Oh my goodness, CatFreak, that Xena is sooo small and cute! :eeeeeeeeee!:

    It gladdens my heart that she was rescued and found a good home.

  58. CatFreak, Amber is now official one of the Best Cats Ever, with all the cats we’ve known and loved. What a pretty girl she is — so calm and wise. Xena will have to work hard to live up to her spirit cat!

  59. Oh dear. Amber is so beautiful, and “She was our girl” has me weeping.

  60. Poor little Chavo! So cute. I hope he has a good, secure home.

  61. > Poor little Chavo! So cute. I hope he has a good, secure home.

    He’s beautiful. I love his expression in the second picture.

    Man, I urge all you cat-fans to consider adopting a rescue kitten! I’ve made a new vow: From this point forward, I will try, at all times, to have two cats. As soon as our new little tuxxy-girl is out of the woods, health-wise, I think I’ll adopt another stray/foundling so they can each have a playmate.

  62. chet's momma says:

    dear puppymama-yay for taking him in! he looks like he will have a long and happy life! God bless you!

  63. chica y gatitas says:

    Oh Chavito! pobrecito! it’s so funny when kittens get baffed, den they hafta dry. It’s been said before, but I ALWAYS cracked up when the erstwhile Bugs Bunny animated cat (not Sylvester) would go all “air fluff” in the dryer and emerge looking like a cotton ball!

  64. animal abusers! cats dont need baths! why do u think they lick themselves??

  65. Because they can, Brittney.
    Start here first, k?

    Then try this one:

    Finally, if your attention span doesn’t allow you to catch up, as I suspect is the case, then just scroll up and read this comment right here:

  66. OMG that is just the cutest pics! The first one is cue by itself.. with the poor wittle toofless kitten calling for help.
    But that 2nd pic of it just looksing so refreshed and cute just makes the first one even better.

  67. WHAT IS GOING ON HERE? Dep styling gel? The very idea! Calgon take this kit away, immediately!

    CatF: Amber must have had a generous heart to guide your way such a warrior princess. ‘Forged in the heat of battle’ – no doubt!

  68. That tongue! He’s all: “Tanks, I was mighty thirsty. But there ARE easier ways to get a drink.”

  69. bonaircat says:

    check out the drop caught perfectly in the first photo –

  70. The second pic is the WUV.

    LaurieC – sorry about the kitty, and hugs for doing the good work.

  71. He’s still like bottle stage kitty. I hope you keep him 🙂 Or can I have him? :oP

  72. Soooo mightily cute. Kitties luvs da towelling snugglin part.

  73. Woohoo! Congrats on the poop, CatFreak. What, no pics of the heroic poop? Oh, well, the wee kitteh is cuter.

  74. Stop right there, Redzilla. Do not pass Go.

  75. Theo… can’t believe you missed the LOTR reference:



  76. why is this teeny kitty being washed in the first place?! Surely it cant be that dirty…and dont call me Shirley.

  77. I gotta leave SOME of the jokes for the rest of the peeps, MD.

  78. *scrolls back up rapidly to find the poop post….er post of poop?*

  79. Ooooooh. Ok, got the straight poop, now.

  80. Oh pooh, Theo.

  81. Believe it or not, some kittens don’t mind baths. When my Horatio was tiny I had to wash him a couple of times due to some gastrointestinal disasters (he was SO embarrassed). But he liked the warm water, and loved the blow-dryer. I washed him a few times after that just for the fun of seeing all of the clean kitty-fur getting all fluffy again.

    Until he was about a year old, he would sit on the edge of the tub while I took a bath, with his tail dangling in the water. I could even pick him up and carefully lower him into the warm water with me and he would sit there with me in the bath. He would look puzzled, but not afraid.

    Now, I would be risking major loss of skin to do that… but he is a scrupulous clean kitty with a lovely coat who never gets into anything disgusting.

  82. Horatio! Great kitty name! 🙂

  83. Thanks, Laurie! The kitty likes his name too.

    I was on a British nautical fiction kick at the time… but he doesn’t live up to the name, sadly. Not terribly bright.

  84. How cute! Wonder why he needed a bath…hope nothing too badly happened.

  85. Oh, sure, the little ones are easy to bathe…last time my brother and my husband had to bathe 15-lb. Nushi (she had fleas), they both ended up soaking wet and covered in scratches. I sat back with the camera and laughed.

  86. dancer_chic says:

    i cant belive ppl bath their cats. they are some of the biggest jearks on earth.

  87. give the troll a spellcheck! and a grammar check too, cause ppl are generous that way.

  88. gabrielle says:

    awwwwwwwwwww…this pic reminds me of my cat max…but a little bit fatter