Get back to work, Slacker

So, you’re an employee at Cute Overload Headquarters, and your "boss" McKittersons here, demands that you "GET BACK TO WORK MEOW"!

You are *such* a slackerrrr! [singsong]


Maria W., He wants that repurrrrrrt on his desk first thing Monday morning.



  1. It’s Saturday.
    I’ve mowed the back lawn.
    That is all I am willing to accomplish today, claws or no claws.

  2. i would ALWAYS work if that anerable kitten was my boss…just awwwwww

  3. Hey, i saw this on boingboing. A taiwanese kitten right?

  4. I *wish* this was my boss! <3

  5. ah… we need some bun rabs, meg….

    ( )
    ” “

    (Cute pic, but still!)

  6. But Boss, it’s Saturday!

    You want what? A saucer of cream on your desk, pronto?

    Yessir, right away, sir!

    *whispers* slavedriver…

  7. Look at that pack paw stretched out waaaayy in the back. it’s like this kitten goes on for miles!!!
    I think I need to start a bring a kitten to work day tradition.

  8. I would immediately and happily do whatever this boss asked of me.

    And I would always scratch his sweet little chin when I was done.

  9. chet's momma says:

    um, yeah, about Sunday…. yeah…I’m gonna need you to come in…ok….yeah.

  10. The only downside to having a kitten as a boss is that come performance review time, there’s bound to be some hurt felines.

  11. ka9q's wife says:

    oh dear lord Dustbunny, you made me cough up my water…I should know better than to read this and drink at the same time.
    I might even get a job if i could have this kitten as my boss.

  12. I groaned out load, dustbunny. After I snorted with laughter, of course.

  13. Toot Sweet!

  14. i think this is a message for me.


    love this little one’s ears…

  15. Looks like a “Stop constantly checking Cute Overload for new posts on worktime!” look.

    I’m sorry to have a sad boxcar update. The next cat we were going to trap, Kitten R
    passed away under the boxcars. I found him this morning and took him to the nearest vet so they could cremate him. He was at most, 6 months old.

  16. AAAHHHHH, I want one!!!!! *too much cute in one place*

  17. P.S. That photo is not Kitten R dead, that was several months ago, taken when he was only slepping.

  18. 😦
    So sorry to hear that, LC.
    Keep up the good work.

  19. Thanks, Teho. It looks like we have a several-weeks’ lull forced on us, though. Of all the regular cats at the site, the only ones not yet fixed are too young or too pregnant.

  20. LauriC: I am so sorry about that poor little kitten – I went down to the boxcars to give them cat treats just last Saturday and he was right there snacking away. I shall go and snorggle my own cat extra as a tribute to that poor wee box car cat.

  21. Ack! You called me out. It’s a total slacking day.

  22. One of the girls in my office had to bring her kitteh in one day, after it had been to the vet (she didn’t have time to go home&back again).
    I wish it had been as cute as this little guy!

  23. Hey, browngrl, we were wondering who had left the fishy-shaped treats.

  24. So very sorry to hear about the kitteh, Lauri C. How sweet of you to care for him! He looked like a Turkish Van, my absolute favorite breed.
    *heavy sigh*

  25. acelightning says:

    E. Collison, I agree – we need some bunnies. Not that the kitties aren’t utterly snorgleable… but it’s time for a fluffybunny or six.

  26. Peg of Tilling says:

    Look! It’s a scene from Clean Furry Clean Paws by David Meow-met!

    Yes sir Mr. Kitten sir!

  27. Skittles was the understudy for “The Bunny” in Monty Python and the Holy Grail. These days he can be found writing his memoirs and starring in Japanese commercials in his free time.

  28. chibinightmare says:

    Aw, I was so psyched out for a moment, thinking that they answered my suggestion to post little Cici here… but someone else beat me to it…

    Checkout the flicker group posted above though, lots of kitten contortions on that keyboard.

  29. LAST!!!
    >>>shakes muddled head, confused by recent C-O (Comment Overload™)< <<

    I mean, um, OMFG Cici is SO Qte! Her pwnees have a really good camera too or something, those pix are redonk.

    and, I am like the cat who ate the canary with my smug satisfaction at seeing further confirmation that cats, as a species of intelligence and discernment, favor Macs. (I feel something coming on….cats on macs??)

    Ruble definitely agrees:

    finally, to make this my all time longest comment evar, this week I had to write a catchy slogan for geeks. Thanks to my immersion in cuteness, the word popped right up:

  30. oops, forgot to say Laurie C-
    What a sad discovery to make…sending some warm, treacly pudding your way, boxcar heroine that you are.

  31. Hey this kitty seems to be taking lessons from mine!

  32. Eep! I wouldn’t want to argue with the boss! Look at the claws! Yes, sir. No, sir. Right away, sir. Ouch, sir.

  33. First, hugs and puddin’s for Laurie C. I am very sad about the beautiful kitten R.

    I would never get any work done if this kitteh was my boss. Sure, I’d spend hours at the office, but I wouldn’t work, I’d be snorgling him all “who’s a cute widdle bosskitty then? yes, him is!”

  34. What have you done to this poor kitten’s claws?

  35. Sorry, I screwed up my link way above. *This* is Kitten R slepping.

  36. Well, boss, how can I get anything done with *someone* hogarthing the keyboard all the time.

    (Laurie C, many, many hugs.)

  37. LaurieC, so sad to hear about little R… 😦
    I’m glad you were able to send him off decently.

    You’ve reached a turning point in this feral colony, having completed your mission to a lull. Bastet blesses you (if I have my Egyptian goddesses right)…

  38. oh that boss is cute, but that kitty combover of his is fooling no one!

  39. TastesLikeChicken says:

    LaurieC, so sorry about the kitty. You did what you could. The quiet spell shows what great work you have been doing. Lots of custard with the puddings.

  40. Off-Topic Thread-Jack:

    CALLING ALL PRATCHETT FANS! Get an eyefull of this amazing wedding cake!! It is TO DIE FOR!!

    (We Now Return You To Your Regularly Scheduled Thread, Already In Progress…)


  41. I have to interject so exsqueeze me, I can’t hep myseff….but….
    [singsong] The kittehs are here!! the kittehs are here!!! I got my two foster chilluns this afternoon. Approx 8 weeks old.

    And guess whot? They are ***super delushious**** marmies with white mittens.

    They got their kitty shots today, so they zonked out once I got them home, but I’ll get better pictures in the days ahead…here’s a previewzzzzzzzzzz.

    happy happy happy

  42. Oceanic Aura says:

    That cat is all, “Not today, Biznatch! No CO for you!”

    He’s fierce! I wouldn’t defy that.

    Denita: That was the most amazing thing I have ever seen in my life. I will be clogging up every forum I am on with the link. Thanks for sharing! If they could have done a marzipan Granny flying around, I just might have cried.

  43. …either that, or Rincewind in a mad dash from some random peril…

    I guess Death on Binky wouldn’t have been very appropriate for a wedding. *grin*

    Laurie C: My sincerest condolences on the loss of the kitty…I know that you did your best. *hug* Keep fighting the good fight, hon!

    As for the keyboard Kommando, he looks like he’s got a little kitty pompadour! *LMAO*


  44. Laurie C, I’m so sorry about your little R. You are one of my CO inspiration peeps and one of the reasons I got the foster kits (also saved by some nice people at a bad place). Hugs to you, you did your best.

  45. michellemybelle says:

    Laurie C: Despite the sad news about Kitten R, you and your boxcar pals are doing great work. Think of all the happy rescues!

    D2D: Pratchett fan or no, that cake is utterly amazing (I just got “Good Omens” but haven’t started it yet, never read any other Pratchett). That bride is just darned lucky to have such a mom!

  46. Snorglit, those bebe kits are super sweet! Can’t wait to see more.

    D2D, that is the coolest wedding cake EVAH.

  47. Laurie C, very sorry to hear about Kitten R. Best of luck with the other foundlings.

    So I’ve had a flu-cold thingy for the past day and a half. It’s been so great to spend some time on CO in spite of the craziness of some earlier posts. At any rate, this pic just made my headache-sore-throat-and-stuffy-nose ridden day. Thanks CO.

  48. Misscrisp, ‘adorkable?’ I love it!!!

  49. Shannon L. says:

    “Look at that pack paw stretched out waaaayy in the back. it’s like this kitten goes on for miles!!!”

    OMG…lol!!! xD

  50. musicchick2 says:

    Laurie C. – So sorry to hear about the kitten. I’m so inspired by what you’re doing though. They’re too feral (and fast) to be caught? Where are you doing this. I think I remember seeing that you’re in the East somewhere? I’m in Seattle. Will they let you foster if you already have 2 grown kittehs?

  51. misscrisp says:

    so much to say(!)
    lauowolf- it pays to read closely around here…”hogarthing the keyboard” LOL! Hogarth being the AT&T commercial of animal painters. (and, um, that’s a hard moniker to spell right, I gotta say. Is there a story?)

    LC- for some reason, the REAL kitten R pic hit me hard…sniffle…

    snorglit- AHHHH!!! I’m all green wit envy and very happy fur you.

    D2D- clearly I needs to get on the patchett-wagon STAT, because any work of words that inspired a cake like that is mos def for me.

    AND finally maymee- thank you! for alleviating my adorkable writer type nervousness…I admit I was questioning of the wisdom of sharing my lil’ word nerd moments. It’s funny, huh?

    *le sigh*
    feels like good olde daze around here, like when I got all misty at the peeps’ collective croc hunter reaction.

    (ok, I promise stop with the wordiness)

  52. AuntieMame says:

    Snorglit, your kitties are so cute! What are they living in, though? A bed of lettuce greens?

  53. This pic is from Jeremy K, from Taiwan. It was posted on Boingboing a couple days ago;

    Have a look at his site and maybe the CO kids can help further his cause to keep this littleun and other similar kittehs safe and loved.

  54. Misscrisp, I have already used ‘adorkable’ in conversation and it was a BIG hit. 🙂

    Consider it officially stolen!

  55. Snorglit, congratulations on the fosters, what cuties!
    lots of kisses and belly rubs to them from us.

  56. Snorglit – What CUTIES!!!! Oh my gosh they are totally adorable!!! You definetly need to get us more pics when you can!!

    Laurie C – I’m so sorry for your little one’s passing… You are such a sweet person to do all you can for these wonderful, but lost creatures… Bless you and I’m sure that Bast does…

  57. The ‘Puter is MINE, ALL MINE! Now get back to work!

    Yess Sir!

  58. Adorable! Looks like my laptop. Cats rule!

  59. Piggalette says:

    D2D: That cake is beyond awesome! I have ready several Discworld novels and would recommend them to anyone. Very funny, entertaining, and unfailingly witty.

  60. lurkertype says:


    Foster marmies.

    Discworld cake.


    CO gooood again. Maybe all we needed was McKitterson here to get us back to work?

  61. Such a beautiful little face on this kitty.

    Laurie C – I am so very sad to hear about the little one passing on. I just lost my Sam and I know how it can get to you. We are all behind you. Please keep up the great work. ((hugs!!))

    D2D- I just bought my first Terry Pratchett, ‘Going Postal’ (from the Discworld series). I can’t wait to jump into that one.

  62. ka9q's wife says:

    The problem is Lurker, I have a 2 kitten a day huffing habit from all the huffing going on earlier. And I thought it was non-habit forming. I am hooked on Kittehs.

  63. Thanks everybody for the support (again). You guys are the best.

    Snorglit – what wonderful marmies. Take many pix for us.

    musicchick2 – Yes, I’m in Toronto. The boxcar cats we haven’t caught yet are ones too young to be spayed and ones who are pregnant and we don’t have any place to keep them till they have their kittens and the kittens are weaned. And it’s way different fostering a feral (born wild), than a stray (born domestic and fallen on hard times). A feral won’t foster well, and the younger guys have six weeks to go to neutering time. At the right time, though, speed doesn’t matter, we use a live animal trap and it only matters that they be hungry enough to go after the bait.

  64. I want that cake too……!

    Laurie C, even though I’m all the way over in the UK, feel for you – that must be hard, losing kittens and cats you’ve watched and fed and tried to take care of from afar. I couldn’t do it – it would probably break me. Kudos to you, and I really hope the cats you save go to wonderful homes eventually – or just get taken care of. I try and feed the strays and feral cats I see where I live, even though they tend to run at the sight of people I still leave food like plates of tuna and warm chicken (they deserve a warm meal!), but it’s just so sad that they have to live like they do….I already have three rescued cats of my own, I can’t fit any more in my home 😦 otherwise they’d all come home with me!

    Good luck, LC!

  65. kittens are the cutiest thing in the world.

  66. Kitty not saying “back to work” its “ehn mousie mousie”.

  67. oh big hugs and puddin’ Laurie C. Just think of all the kitties you saved.


  68. Don’t be so bossy little maow maow. People won’t like you so much.

  69. No one has yet commented on his coloring that looks like a wee mohawk? 🙂

  70. smokeyJoe says:

    good lord, laurie — how many cats are under this boxcar thingy?

    sorry, i don’t know the backstory. it seems as though there is an endless supply of feral cats.

  71. can we have this wallpaper size? 🙂 too cute.

  72. Hoarseman says:

    I thought some of you might get e kick out of this

  73. While we’re waiting, lalalalala….

    Well I uploaded a 15-second clip to YouTube of the marmie fosters. EGAD how long does it take to process?

    I would’ve done a longer one, they had a good rassle session, but my digicam only does 15-s Quicktime movies (no meeping sounds AAAACK).

  74. oh, and Hoarseman, I’m using that as a screensaver at work… 🙂

  75. D2D, sorry not to change the subject, but just wondering if your peeing problems (the kitties’ that is) are solved.

  76. smokeyJoe, I’ve counted a total of 25 cats at the boxcars, BUT, of that total:

    – 5 adults have now been fixed and returned
    – 9 kittens have been rescued
    – of the ones remaining, 2 are pregnant, 3 are too young to spay/neuter, and several others haven’t shown up in a couple of months (may be around, may not be)
    I keep a diary of my visits day by day, a calendar keeping track of pregnancies and births, etc., *and* have an all-singing, all dancing spreadhseet census to keep track. Plus the photos.

  77. “it seems as though there is an endless supply of feral cats”

    This is actually a rather self-contained colony. With our trapping/neutering, we think we can stop the “endless supply” at the boxcars within a year, because it’s isolated and doesn’t attract new cats. In general though in a city like Toronto, yes, sadly, there is an endless supply of ferals/strays.

  78. Do you know the ‘M’ on a Tabby’s forehead is supposed to have been earned when Mary touched a cat that was ‘humming’ and made baby Jesus stop crying? Think it’s a lovely story anyway. All the way from the very deep south of New Zealand!

  79. It’s soooo sad to see all these ferals. At least you got a pile LaurieC and here are two more. Sorry for the video quality (it was better on the camera playback).

    How I spend a Sunday afternoon:

    These two have been hand-raised since 3 weeks and won’t be feral woohoo!!! Completely snorglable. They are the squishiest kittens I’ve ever been around.

  80. Laurie C., where is this boxcar thing you talk about? I’m just curious so next time I go home I can go and do a feeding or something. The only time I noticed feral cat problems when I was still living there was in the Kensington Market area.

  81. sandy p., the cat rescue group doesn’t want me publicizing where a colony is, because some people don’t have nice intentions toward cats. But e-mail me when you’re in town, and maybe I can take you down there.

  82. Snorglit – what fun! Those kits are lightning quick!

  83. Thanks Laurie C. I’ll be up there in November, I’ll try and contact you then.

  84. this photo is soooo cute! But i wouldnt wanna get scratched up by those nails!

  85. Lauri C,
    If this little guy has no one to meet him across the rainbow bridge, tell him to find Gremlin. I can’t wait to meet him…

  86. GreenEyedHawk says:

    I wonder if that kittin is related to this kittin:

  87. LC – this is heart-rending news. I am so sorry. If you’d like my not-too-shabby rendition of “Keep The Home Fires Burning”, to keep your hopes up, just let me know. We aim to please.

    Also, I’ll be starting my holiday cookie baking soiree soon – I’ll be setting some aside for you.

  88. Sandy P.: No probs about changing the subject, I’m just sorry I haven’t had a chance to reply until now. I’ve been trying to get here for at least half the day, and I think something’s going all sideways on my phone lines. (A pox on Verizon!!)

    As of, um, several days now (I lost count…*grin*) I have had only ONE puddle of feline wee–and that was last Friday and I think it was my Fart-Fearing Galoot Elric, who had been suffering from some VERY loose bowels. (He’s back to his usual solid self, thank goodness!) I’m pretty sure he hadn’t been feeling well enough to make it to the catbox at that point, and just let fly on the nearest absorbent thing he could find, which just happened to be my son’s giant floor-pillow. But since then, I haven’t found any other puddles and I think we may have nipped this thing in the bud!

    I wanna thank everyone for offering advice, encouragement, and puddin’s. Y’all are tha bestest! 🙂


  89. This kitter IS the boss, but he’s demanding that the human COME TO BED, fer kibbles’ sake. Can’t you see I’m tie-tie? Knock it off with that stupid computer thing. Let’s snuggle.

    Like a wife, whose husband is addicted to the internet…not that I know anything about that.

  90. Awwwwww. He’s all like “Will you PLEASE get off that laptop and play with MEEEEE?” followed by a look of resignation.

  91. Aaawwwww. He looks a bit sleppy. Snorrrrggg.

  92. Oh, I am SO glad you got the wee-ing under control, D2D! It’s not an easy thing to do once they start!

  93. Given our recent hyperbolic attention to animal safety, I am shocked and disappointed that no one has addressed the safety of our our feline friend due to proximity to a possible explosion from that laptop’s battery.

    If we are going to be ridiculous, let us at least be consistent.

  94. smokeyJoe says:

    laurie, i am really impressed with your hard work. it’s amazing what one person can do with a little determination and a lot of love.

    i caught a feral a few years ago and got him neutered in time to gentle him. he was a cutie but i found a nice family for him.

  95. smokey Joe, I also am lucky to have some other wonderful volunteers helping me.

    Good on you for rescuing that feral. It only takes helping one cat to know you’ve made a difference.

  96. Well, Kyle, I myself was concerned that the little hammie honkshuing in the towel would get his toe up his nose, accidently. Or, what if the towel were washed with an irritating detergent? Huh, what then???

  97. Actually, Kyle, given cats’ magnetic attraction to everything WARM, your concern is possibly valid. But I’m going to have faith in this kitten’s innate danger-sense.

  98. If you imagine the keyboard is vertical and this kit is climbing up it, it gives a whole new perspective to the pic.

  99. Everytime I see this kitty I melt into a puddle on my chair.

  100. Awwwwwwwwwwwww! kitty! lol

  101. cutiness freak says: