Somethin’s amiss

This kitteh has some Runaway Bride eye action going on, and a brilliant display of stubtetude (see tail). The biggest question is, WHERE IS HER FOURTH PAW!? (I swears I didn’t Photoshop it out)


Elizabeth C., WHERE IS IT?



  2. useta hada kitteh says:

    I thinks she’s a sweetie-naturaltripod-tux! Awwwww! Sweetie-kins don’t have all her paws, but she sure has all her cute!

  3. Aaaaaaaaawww! Is is a tripod kitten? I don’t see the 4th leg either.

  4. I dunno.
    But she’s got me dazzled with her footwork with the other three.

  5. I would lurv to rub my face on his/her belly, even though i might get kicked by the back pawsies! 😀

  6. Cm’here, you. Gimme a huggeh!


    And I spy the fourth paw!!!

    (It’s neatly folded on the milk-belleh!)

  7. that’s her 4th paw stretched out. the 3rd is underneath, unseeable.

  8. I think the leg you’re seeing in the rear end is the right leg, and the left leg is UNDER the baby kidden. If you look closely at the toes on that hind leg, you can kind of tell that the toe on the top is a pinky toe.

  9. awww!! I wanna bite its tummy :[

  10. I think Subhangi is right. The other leg is folded on her belleh and you just can’t see it because it’s the same color as her belleh fur.

    Anyway, who needs legs if you’re going to spend your whole life getting belleh snorgles.

  11. NebraskaErin says:


    Line starts behind me.

  12. aw, jazz paws! too cute! very huffable!

  13. Oceanic Aura says:

    Does this remind anyone else of the Kitty-Cat dance?

    This pic needs flash animantion and a catchy jingle!

    Kitt-cat dance here:

  14. What a cute little sweetie!

  15. Oh my heavens! I just ‘sploded.

    I can just imagine the photographer has a feathery toy attached to the camera and that little kitteh is “ehn”ing to reach it.

  16. I agree with the tilted-rump theory. The last leg is hidden under the kitteh rump.

  17. OMG that’s too cute! 🙂

  18. Nope, gotta go with snow-white paw curled against snow-white belly. Follow the black part of the back right leg, and you’ll see the outline of the bottom edge of the left leg. There’s also a very slight shadow across the belly that delineates the shape of the leg.

    Plus: squee.

  19. I’m against tilted kittehs. I don’t come on CO to look at baby aminals that are all twisty. It’s disturbing and I’m not having it. Cease and desist or I’ll leave forever.

    [sound of door closing]
    [sound of door opening]

    I mean it!

  20. Oops … I think Ariel and Kelly O are right. The toes of the back paw DO look suspiciously right.

    Oh – and FIRST!!! Meep!

    Bring on the puddins!

  21. Aww her leg is underneath her!!! SOOO SWEET

  22. I think the back paw is her right foot and the left one is tucked under her.

    What a cutie!!!

  23. I love the black spot on her muzzlepuff. Kind of reminds me of the mole on Marilyn Monroe’s face.

    I want to squeeeeeeze those feet!

  24. She’s workin’ some Gimme That Toy paws in the front; never mind what’s going on in the back!

  25. I agree with the white paw across her belly, you can kind of see toesies in the black portion of her other leg.


    Pink noses go BEEP when pressed gently!

  26. My first thought was that the sticking out paw is the left paw with right one on top of belleh.. blending in. Close inspection now swings me to the other side of the fence.. left paw is stuck underneath and paw showing is right paw. Evidence: pinky toe, and the angle of tail stub also suggests the nether regions are twisted around in some weird way that only a cat could do.

    Regardless, she’s adorable. I hope to have a tux kitteh someday.

  27. You don’t need all your limbs to be a badass lethal NINJA KITTY!

  28. I think it’s the twisty-foldy kitty because that limb on the belleh, looks alot like a knee to me.

  29. Paw pads! Paw pads! Jellybean toesies in two, count ’em people *two*, flavors! Nawm nawm nawm . . . .

  30. TUX BABY!!!

    I remember when mine were that tiny… *le sigh*

  31. Three limbs, four, twisted – none of it matters, because she’s ready to eff your shite up.

  32. DavidBoBavid says:

    This is so cruel! I demand a second picture showing the kitten with all 4 legs!!

    rofl.. *ducks from empty pudding cups*

  33. [frowns]

    DAvid!!! Yer in for a spankin’, young man.

  34. We have a 4th paw people… I repeat we have a fourth paw.

    So, I decided to pull the pic into Photoshop at work and zoom in to test the “belly blending” theory and there is definitely a back paw carefully concealed in the belleh floof.

    Snorglers beware if the invisible paw of DOOM!

  35. Clearly, she was lying on her side, when the photographer with the feathery toy moved it to our right and the oreo kitty here turned to follow it. Kitty-twister!

  36. I ate it. I’m terribly sorry but this kitty was just too fragile for a full-body snorgle and it’s leg came off in my mouth.

  37. ShelleyTambo says:

    I think her back right paw might be braced under her front right paw. I think the whole black strip on the right between front paw and tail is the black fur of the back leg. My foster kitty gets into this position all the time.

  38. Oh, dear! This looks like the little three-week-old fuzzer I just found … only older and bigger.

    Guys, I’ve had a rollercoaster week. We had to euthanize our adored Amber, my 17 1/2 year-old torbie with CRF, one week ago today … almost to the minute. She had just become too weak to enjoy *any* of her life except the occasional chin-skritch, after fighting her disease so valiantly for 4 1/2 years. We made the decision to put her down while her mind and sweet personality were still intact, before the real pain started. She fell gently asleep on Mommy’s lap, with Dad’s hand on her head, listening to her favorite record, Hildegard von Bingen’s “Canticles of Ecstasy.” Just one soft little sigh, and she was gone.

    So we’ve been in a daze. Just got Amber’s ashes back Wednesday morning. They’re waiting to go under some of Amber’s favorite Hiding rosebushes.

    So Wednesday night, I start hearing little kittens crying from my neighbor’s backyard. I peep over the fence and see a feral Momcat, moving little kittens to a new spot, one by one. But then the crying kept up all night, and into the late morning, and I realized the Momcat had forgotten one, and it was becoming cold, hungry, and panicked. The crying became more and more frantic, and in the afternoon, I helped my neighbors dismantle their deck and remove the trapped kitten. (Yeah, I helped ’em put it back together!)

    This teeny kittehlet is only two or three weeks old, female, and she looks like *this* little kitty! I’m bottle-feeding her, but can’t seem to figure out how to get her to defecate. I’ve been rubbing “the area” with a wet washcloth, but … no joy. Anyone here ever done this, who can give me some pointers?

    Anyway … I almost feel like Amber sent us this little fluffball. Hope she makes it. Pray for crap, everybody!

    Sorry this is so damned long. Needed to vent about our weird cat sitch.

    “It’s the circle, the circle of liiiiiife!”

  39. Karen in Toronto says:

    If the kitteh pwnee’s floors are anything like my floors, that pwner kitteh actually has all-pink pawpads…

    Yeah, I’m slovenly, but my family’s coming next weekend for Thanksgiving and they’ll have to be clean by then…

  40. Good luck with your fluffball, CatFreak!

  41. Ooooh, CatFreak, you are in for some sleepless nights. It’s most important for the washcloth to be warm, and just slightly damp, and rub the belly, too, in a clockwise motion. (‘Cause that’s the way the poopy goes.) Good luck!!!!

    Oh, and I’m apparently dyslexic. I still hold that the missing paw is simply camouflaged against the white belly, but I flip-flopped my lefties and righties.

  42. Either the kitten is a tripod, or that is the right hind leg we can see. Either way, one of the hind legs is *not* visible. People who claim it is on the belly seem to forget the fact that cats have pads on the bottom of their feet. See those pink and brown pads on the front feet? They’d be there on a tucked-up hind foot as well. So yeah, it’s not there. And a kitty heal is generally well delineated unless it is a persion floofyball cat, which this little fluffer is not.

  43. AAAAAAAH! Back off, you big dumb space aliens!

  44. Oceanic Aura says:

    Oh Nooooes! I can’t comment on the seal post. Must…comment on…the seal post!

    Catfreak – best of luck with your little kitty! My friend’s got a little 3 week old orphan and it’s tough. Vibes you way – hope all is well soon. 🙂

  45. CatFreak, you’re a hero, to your old cat and your new kitten. Taking a cat through CRF is not easy, and you did it for 4 and a half years. Condolences on your loss.
    And all the best of luck with the wee one. She’s inherited good people.

  46. Don’t want to be accused of thread jacking but I know cats love nip and nip is hard to get.
    especailly the giant catnip, enough to keep the biggest cat happy

  47. “Snuggle meeeeee!”

  48. noharmthere says:

    You see. You twist as far as you can. Then you reeeaaachh you paws out aaalllll the way. Extend your shredders ever so slightly and hold your breath so your eyes get real big and crazy like….. works like a charm EVERY time. GOODNESS ITS GOOD TO BE A KITTY!

  49. noharmthere says:

    Perky. Did I mention Perky! Gotta look the part.

  50. noharmthere says:

    Best of kitty luck to you Catfreak. My heart goes out to you for little miss Amber.

  51. CatFreak – my sympathies go out to you. I agree that the little lonely kit was a messenger of Amber’s to reassure you that her life continues. Chin up, my dear.

  52. I could be wrong, but haven’t we seen this adorable little kitters before?

    *scurries to find link*

    Stay tuned…

  53. Eeeeehnn [gasping] I.can’t.breath.awl:KR:::::

  54. how cute, and yes I see the fourth white leg resting on her lower stomach too. lol.

  55. CatFreak, God bless you for a kind heart. I agree with Aubrey–Amber has sent you this dear wee one. She is in good and loving care.

    As for the 4th paw–I think the 4th paw, no, the 3rd, got wrapped around her tail so it looks like the 3rd is hiding, only it’s the 4th, but that’s only if you’re counting left to right. If you count right to left, you can see it’s the 4th. See?!

  56. i think the paw may be tucked under the back of her head- kittens can do that kind of thing- they’re basically put togther with rubber bands

  57. origamicat.

  58. I love the term Tuxkitty, it’s perfect…and this one looks perfect! CatFreak, hugs for Amber , and hopefully this new little guy will help fill your day.

  59. That wide-eyed look could mean: “Oh, no! I went and left my fourth paw in my other pants!”

    Or: “Don’t you hate it when you lose a sock in the dryer?”

  60. “Look ma’! No hands!”

  61. people, have none of you had kittens? have you never seen the squirmy dance? her right back paw is hidden behind her right elbow. just a little trick of the camera. it’s there, trust me.

  62. Okay, so as far as the whole leg theory goes: the other leggie is underneath the kitten. You can see the outline of the thigh/knee if you look.
    If you look here at my diagram. . .

  63. And while I’m at it, here’s my tuxedo kitty ^_^

  64. swell diagram!
    it really laid out the fact of the matter for me.

  65. ShelleyTambo says:

    Megan, excellent diagram, and so glad you pointed out the muzzlepuff freckle. Unfortunately, it reminds me of the “great aunt” upper lip mole that inevitably has hair growing out of it.

  66. Thank you, Ariel. I used my expert photoshop skills.

  67. First, download the picture. Next, open up your photo editing program (PS or whatever), enlarge and _invert_ the picture.

    With the photo inverted, it becomes quite clear that there is a 90-degree (+/-) kitten-twist involved here (ie, the hind leg is stretched across the body in a completely different direction than the front paws).

    And if you look really carefully at the enlarged version, just head-ward of the visible hind leg, you _may_ just be able to see the pink pawpads of the other back foot, peeking out from under the white floof… (There’s certainly some pink there, but I won’t swear it’s the foot.)

    Yeah, and I’ll bet there’s a feather-toy just out of the frame, and that it just came down and tickled somebody’s ear a second ago, but s/he wasn’t quite fast enough on the roll-and-grab.

  68. Who cares where the 4th leg is – it’s the paw pads people, the oh-so-soft as a baby’s tushy paw pads.

    *falling over*

  69. Megan, you’re diagram is so, well…so, yes, so very craftily done. I wish I’d been there to say just once I was in the presence of genius…Love it!

  70. many sorrows for your loss catfreakthe little one is Amber’s way of letting you know that she is ok and that you will be too

  71. all this talk about the 4th leg. “the 4th leg is here”, “the 4th leg is there”…

    silly, deluded peeps…

    there is no leg

  72. Meg, you’ve given us a one-two punch of kitteh cuteness. I’ve staggered back to my corner. I am REELING.

  73. Brak_Silverbone says:

    No matter how many paws this kitty may or may not have, he/she is desperately begging for a snorgling! *snorgle snorgle snorgle*

  74. Thanks, everybody. I’m sure, wherever Amber is, she’s laughing her kitteh ass off, watching us fumble with this tiny youngster. Amber was the soul of discretion and dignity; this little Tuxxy One is *wild* — vigorous, squirmy, noisy.

    If she (it appears to be a “she”, anyway) makes it, I think I’ll name her Xena, since she’s obviously the Warrior Princess type. If my eyes deceive me and this is actually a tiny little boy, then his name will be Ishmael (“God heard me”), ’cause his/her yelling for 18 straight hours is what led to his/her rescue!

  75. Allie and Jojo's Mom says:

    Catfreak – good luck with little Xena/Ishmael!! Amber is still looking out for you.

    And People – clearly the 4th leg is up by the ears, while the 5th leg is underneath the tail and the 7th toe is setting in the north but only the 2nd tuesday of the 8th month when the bells ring 6 times at 12.


  76. Peg of Tilling says:

    I do believe in fourth paws! (clapclapclap) I do believe in fourth paws! (clapclapclap)

  77. LOL Allie! Good point. But where’s the zorgwhut?

    Catfreak… you could try an old toothbrush too. It’s got that scratchy “just like mom’s tongue” feeling. That’s what I used on my 2 behbehs. Also, dig with your finger in a clean part of the litter… sometimes seeing you dig will get them going. Also, wet the brush with warm water and brush from bottom to top, partway up his/her tail, repeatedly (for as long as the kitten will stand for it, and sometimes longer than that if you feel like chasing him/her around a bit.)

    Also, don’t use the toothbrush in your mouth after that.

  78. No, it was the one armed man on the grassy knoll to the left of the flag pole.

  79. the photoshop graph theories are KILLING ME! i’m cracking up over here!

  80. Karen in Toronto says:

    OK, I keep coming back to look at this pic, and I have now officially gone from SQUEEEEEE to a great big final SQUOOOONK.

    I wish I had a camera good enough to capture my newest pwner dancing sideways and spitting at himself in the mirror, and falling over for no good reason.

  81. michellemybelle says:

    CatFreak – so sad about your loss, but the joy of getting the new little kitter through this is heartwarming. Good luck!

  82. I love that Cindy Crawford mole on this kitteh’s muzzlepuff!

  83. awwwhawwww! schweet li’l tripod – i ruv u! *clunk*

  84. So cute. Love kittehs. Love tripods. No need for alcohol tonight – we’re passing the kittens around…

  85. Oh cutie. My first two cats were tuxes.

    Definitely right back foot showing/left back/tucked under/extreme spinal spiral action going because otherwise where is the…ah, um…pucker?

  86. DavidBoBavid says:

    ummmm.. Omi.. you realize how completely inappropriate that little addition makes that picture look, right?

    or am i the only one with the mind of an 11 year old here?

  87. Oh cutie. My first two cats were tuxes.

    Definitely right back foot showing/left back/tucked under/extreme spinal spiral action going because otherwise where is the…ah, um…pucker?

  88. [educational voice – think that guy who reads all the movie trailers] He is not on his back but on his side folks. The backpaw you are observing is his *right* paw, and the left one is probably under him.

    He looks sooooo soft.

  89. DavidBB — you’re not. Plus it’s Friday afternoon.

  90. I spy with my little eye… the fourth paw. Just barely, but it’s there!

  91. Eep! Sorry for the duplicate posts. Now I know that visiting links from the comment page and returning = duplicate posts.

  92. Whew. It’s a good thing we’ve got Sarcasta to keep us in line: “Also, don’t use the toothbrush in your mouth after that.”

    It doesn’t get easier very soon, CatFreak. Our little rescue kitteh–all of 3 days old–kept us awake for 2 solid weeks. We called her LandShark, because all she did was crawl vigorously in a circle in her bed, screaming to be fed every 30 minutes.

  93. adorable!

  94. i think the the pomeranian in the “dog n chick” pic ate the 4th paw.

  95. I was so caught up in the “4th paw” controversy that I didn’t immediately notice the beauty mark on the left upper lip (yes, Nora, I agree, like Cindy Crawford). Wonderful!

    No question, left leg is hidden underneath, right leg is stretched across, whole body is doing a 180 to accomplish that. Yep.

  96. Omi, that kinda gave me a headache attempting to interpret the kitteh turned a different way.
    But… I is NOT CARE if she has 3 or 4 legs. She would be mega cute either way. But I am so grateful for this photo. No one proclaiming that she “obviously” just had her leg cut off and is reaching for help or something. I love the light hearted debate of this pic. Is it 3 legs? Or 4? It is on of Earths great mysteries. Perhaps we will never know!

  97. newlee, you totally just crossed the streams.

  98. Y’know, I have to, after long consideration and looking closely, go with the “paw camoflaged against the belly fur” crowd. Look at the shadow underneath his right armpit. That looks to me like the crook of a leg. I can just make out some little curled toes–top of the foot, so no paw pads visible–against his belly. I started out thinking he was just twisted around, but look at it closely.

    Anyway, he’s a cutie. Wookit that face!

  99. No, no, not like Cindy Crawford…I’m thinking Marilyn Monroe here.

    Also, CatFreak – I am sorry for your loss and I am sending good thoughts your way as you…um…welcome Xena/Ishmael (I almost hope it’s a boy…’cause Ishmael is such an awesome name!)

    Finally – Redzilla – LMAO – LandShark! I can picture it perfectly!

  100. Professor C here with your kitten anatomy lesson for today. I’m with the twisted-around-4th-paw-tucked crowd. I’ve provided this handy diagram as a study sheet. There will be a test.

  101. Just before I looked at this pic, my TuxKit (photos available on my Vox, ya know) was trying to eviscerate my arm, with this sort of expression and at this angle.

    So I grabbed him and used his belly as a kazoo.

    He froze, and the eyes got bigger.

    I do it all for you, peeps.

  102. *geez* Redzilla… Catfreak is welcome to use the sullied toothbrush afterwards… I’m not gonna stop anyone from doing what they want!

    And ARE ALL OF YOU BLIND???? (laughing) The leg is RIGHT THERE! [points} SEE??!???

  103. Oh, the “4th leg theories” are a hoot, and best of luck to CatFreak and the bebeh.

  104. Speaking of kitty legs… I’m watching my grey tuxedo boy from the living room as he jams his front leg under the bedroom door in an effort to get attention. (He’s having a time out. He was antagonizing the other kitteh). It’s very cute. Just thought I’d share.

  105. My TK does that during his time-outs too. First the paw, then working up to the whole arm flailing away.

  106. Boo-faced kitteh!

  107. Thank you Professor C for the picture. The “truth” should now be clear to everyone.

  108. I GOT THE ANSWER!! STOP THE PRESSES!!! It’s it tucked in under the kittay. What you see on the tummy isn’t a paw but the thigh and knee. Plus, the paw is obviously a right paw because we see an pinkie and no “thumb”.

  109. Sarcasta — wow. Nicely done.

  110. Theo! We missed you during the great pomtroversy of 2006! You missed the pudding fest.

  111. No amount of puddins, MamaDawn…

  112. You have to be very wise to see the fourth leg!

    (Seriously, I agree that the kitty is lying on his left side, so the back leg we see is his right. His left leg is under him. It’s possible to make out the curve of his right haunch against his side — his right side. Yep, part of that white expanse is Right Side, not belleh. He has twisted his upper body so he can flail his mighty claws at the camera. Cat spines are magic!

  113. You put your left paw in, your put your left paw out….ummm….you look to see where the heck your left paw went to…..

  114. whoa Sarcasta, nice Photochopping!

    is ok to say that, right T.?
    please don’t hurt meeeeeeee

  115. Just saw Professor C’s pic.

    Yes. Exactly. Thank you, Professor.

  116. Of course, it’s okay. Mariser. Sarcasta used p’shop for good instead of evil.

  117. Whoa, punctuation mistakey-poos. Sorry, mariser.

    As T said, it’s Friday…

  118. thanks Amy. I didn’t want to, yaknow, break any rules..

  119. I am so sorry for your loss, catfreak. I hope your new kitten is doing better.

  120. I don’t have time to read through all the comments so this may have been discovered already. The kitty is not a tri-pod… it’s twisted! The back left paw is under that fluffy kitty belly! The back paw we see, is the kitties back right! Am I smart or what? Yep – I am.

  121. its clearly right on her belly, it just blends in, you can see her toes!

  122. I *always* use P-shop for good and not evil! I remove shiny spots on cheekers, and make eye-bags a little less baggy, add limbs to hapless kittens, and when I used to work for a real estate agency, I would green up the lawns a bit! (much easier than doing it for reals… I do NOT have a green thumb.) Hee hee.

  123. we wouldn’t expect any less of you, Sarc

    I was concerned about that…[lowers voice to a whisper] Teho. he is a nice guy, I’m sure. loves kittehs and all, but Pshop…makes him *crazy*. you can’t even mention it around him…

  124. Well, the kit is rolling in the middle of following the unseen toy, which is downstage. And the rolling sequence of paws is right front, left front, right rear (the pads are clearly visible right under her right armpit) and left rear. She’s using her left rear to push with, and her next movement will be a really sincere attempt to fly or levitate to catch the birdie toy. I do envy her; she didn’t wake up cross and crumby with small green elephants circling around and around her head. And she isn’t worried about finding her pants.

  125. aaron, life is all about crossing the uncrossable. c’mon….you know you want to….

  126. ka9q's wife says:

    ya’all are killin’ me here with the conspiracy charts and the pics with the outlines. LMAO and then some…damn wouldn’t it be greats if my ass did get smaller the more i laughed.

  127. YES, I have started a trend of wonderfully made photoshop kitten leg diagrams.
    RidBaxter brings up a good point with the “where is the pucker” statement. If that is the kitty’s belly, we would probably see something.
    (these are the GOOD kind of commentroversies)

  128. omfg, you guys have to see this:
    and turn down the volume first.

  129. LMAO, Mariser.

  130. Peg of Tilling says:

    Oh, Mariser–it’s wierdly hypnotic AND IT NEVER ENDS.

    And speaking of something amiss–Miss Asomething’s eyebrows appear to be growing on top of her hair.

  131. Ah Peg, that’s an anime convention. The eyebrows always show, even (or especially) if the bangs fall in front of them. Now if only kittens’ legs did the same we’d have a clear view!

    Isn’t that Tomoyo-chan from Cardcaptor Sakura? *geez I watch too much anime*

  132. talk talk “ANIME CONVENTION” talk talk talk talk…
    [already fled]

  133. 😉

  134. That anime video has put me in this glassey-eyed state, I’m just sitting here staring open-mouthed and chuckling to myself. I have to wonder what would happen if one left it going, it could incapacitate entire nations like a WMC (Weapon of Mass…you know).

  135. Peg of Tilling says:

    Thanks, Sarcasta–don’t know much about anime except Cowboy Bebop, the anti-kawaii (except for Ein). Come back, Theo…there’s Pocky…

  136. Sarcasta, I seriously laughed out loud, that was hilarious.

  137. Ohmigoodness, that little clip is hilarious. I’ve been playing it on endless loop for 5 minutes!

    Mah Mah Coco Bannanna Mah Mah wah.

    Or something like that.

  138. I see it, it’s hidden by all the fluffy fur :9 If you look closely, you can see the little toes right below the left paw!

  139. What is this the X-Files?

    For those of you who do not have (whispers) Photoshop, here is crazy baby Chloe ‘shopped, showing the shadow of her top leg, which is hiding the bottom leg. I did not add the shadow, I just burned in what was there.

    BUT … you guys have all missed how sporty our Chloe truly is …

  140. Megan- that pic of your cat (cuteness, btw) reminded me of one of my tux.. he doesn’t have as much white, but he sure can lounge…

  141. I see the leg, it’s just really light and blends in with the coloring perfectly.

  142. Tess Lee – in Japanese, the word for “meow” is “nyan,” and a cat is a “neko.” I don’t understand everything in the song, but it almost sounds like she’s saying “nyanneko” which would be like “meowkitty.” Or, maybe, “nyannyako” which is kind of untranslatable. “Ko” means “child” and is often put at the end of words to indicate either a baby or something little, and is often used at the end of girls’ names. So Nyannyako would be the kitty’s name, “Little Meowmeow.” That’s my guess anyway.

    If you listen to it, the one thing that stands out (to me, anyway) is the “nyan nyan” kitty sounds.

    (An unsolicited, semi-scholarly lesson in interculteral onomatopoeia)

  143. I agree with your first statement Mitsu, I am pretty sure it is
    “nyan neko” in the song. ~o~ Nyan neko nyan neko nyan nyan nyan ~o~

  144. I think what we’re seeing here is a kitty that was standing up on its back legs trying to get the camera a second before, and just did a little twisty- spazzy fall onto the ground. I’m pretty sure that leg is under the kitty.

  145. julia, either you’re a dwarf and have the furniture to match, or that is a puma

    and either his tail is tucked up between his legs, or he’s got five…

  146. Kyon – I think you’re right, although the way she’s saying neko sounds almost like “nako.” Can you understand what she’s saying in the rest of the song? It’s been so long for me, I can’t quite get it.

  147. haha Julia2, my ginger tabby sits around like that all the time too!
    That CAN’T be comfortable

  148. Thank you mitsu for the unsolicited lesson on international Japanese onomatopoeia!! I must listen to it again now!

  149. You’re so welcome! Now we can all learn Japanese and become glassy-eyed cuteness addicts at the same time! I think Kyon might be a _real_ Japanese person though…I’m just a facsimile.

  150. tripawed no?

  151. Oh, CatFreak, you have my condolences. We just put down our beloved Spam (named after Monty Python, not the annoying email) Friday after a long battle with CFR and cardiomyopathy and all sorts of other things. I understand how hard it is. *hugs*

  152. 1 leg 2 legs 3 legs who cares that kitty is just too cute to think of its well hidden paw

  153. It’s behind her right ear! She’s doing the contortionist-kitty thing?

  154. “nyanko” means kitten.

  155. Awwww….I have a cat, Pongo, who looks like him except he has black on his nose 🙂 He’s 3 yrs old so he’s not a kitty anymore though 😦 Kitties are so much fun!

  156. I see it, it’s tucked up and you can just make out its little toesies!