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HOLY Shifty eyes! These pup are TEWTELLY up to no good. They are sooooo lookin’ for troubles. Hiding under plants, muzzlepouches to the ground—truuuuhhhhble! [singsong]


Lin S., Great find… This one is BEGGIN’ for an animation…



  1. …and with dirt on their schnozzles. Looks like TROUBLE.

  2. muzzlepups.

  3. oh their wee wittle pawsies! and their nosies! And their earsies!

    GAAAAAH. I think my brain just exploded.

  4. Guilty-looking eyes. Methinks they’ve already been into something and are hoping nobody notices.

  5. NebraskaErin says:

    “Theriouthly, dude. Lay low, don’t make eye contact, and they don’t even know you’re there. You can get away with anything!”

  6. NebraskaErin says:

    Addendum to above post: These were the exact thoughts of my old pupsicle (RIP Kody). She thought if she didn’t look at you and kept her head down, you didn’t see her 80 lb self sneaking around.

  7. Look at the naughteh puppehs!! I think it was that evil peanut sitting between them that caused all the trouble.

  8. Allie and Jojo's Mom says:


  9. What steak? No, we didn’t see any steak defrosting on the counter.

  10. Oh boy Oh boy! too cute

    *snuggly sigh*

  11. Yes!!!! And I can almost see their eyebrow twitches each time their eyes move from side to side!

  12. EXACTLY what I was thinking, Lauri. Sweet puppehs.

  13. They are so cute!! I want a puppy to snuggle with!

  14. ‘just play dead, play dead, don’t move…the human is getting closer…it’s getting closerrrrrrGO!’

  15. “Whatever you find, we didn’t do it.
    Not us.
    We’ve been here being good for a long, long time.
    Oh, and we didn’t do the other thing either, when you find it.”

  16. Digging? Under the fence? Why no, we don’t know nothin’ about that. A puppeh size hole you say? Nope, no idea how that got there.

  17. merf!

  18. squee!
    muzzlepups>>>is that a brilliant first? me giggle much T.

  19. the brown one is all “uhh, can we HELP you with something? we’re having a private convo here”

  20. “Hey, we weren’t doin’ nuthin’…peanut? What peanut?! Oh, *that*…”

  21. I’m no peanut farmer but it looks like they’ve just be caught red…pawed, digging up the peanut field.

    *out of corner of mouth*

    “psst…just lie rilly, rilly still and they won’t see you…”

  22. Hahaha! Those pup-peeps aren’t pulling the wool over anyone’s eyes..

  23. So what kind of pups are these guys?
    I see them around, and I think of them as the perfect sort-of Platonic Dawg.
    (“What means dog?” asks the Martian. You show a picture of one of these guys.)
    So what are they?
    –Cat Person Seeking Enlightenment

  24. Yep, those two where digging and now they are in a classic submissive pose. Crimminal cutties!


    *Snorg snorg snorg*

  26. “Would you believe a cat made us do it?”

  27. Oceanic Aura says:

    Those puppies look guilty. Of what, I know not.

    But, clearly it involves the peanut.

  28. Nice puppies!
    They could only be cuter if they were both eating baby chi……um. Nevermind.


  29. Dear Cat Person Seeking Enlightenment,

    These prosh pudgy examples of puppy pandemonium and preciousness are most likely a generic “shepard mix” sort of beast. They may have some german shepard in them (based on coloring) and possibly a little rottweiler.

    Anyone who knows for certain a breed that looks like this as baby, please correct.

    dog person who lurves cats that snorgle

  30. Michelle,

    Nice tie in to yesterdays commentroversy! I’m cracking up over here…

    “Nice puppies!
    They could only be cuter if they were both eating baby chi……um. Nevermind.


  31. Oceanic Aura says:

    Nice catch, GG.

    I missed Michelles brilliance earlier, and now I have cherrios on my pantleg.


  32. And here I thought she was talking about chinchillas.

  33. Brilliant, Michelle. Ma Belle. Sont les mots qui vont tres bien ensemble, tres bien ensemble…


  34. They look like they’ve been rooting in the dirt, maybe burying someone’s Rolex or favorite toy.

  35. That reminds me of my pup Larry-Bob. Once he got into a birthday cake I made for my neighbor. I walk in the kithcen and notice half the cake is missing. The first thing I think is, those kids are getting it, I mean really getting it.
    Then I hear thump thump thump coming from under the kitchen sink. I open the door and there is a little long-haired weenie dog covered in yellow frosting with those exact same eyes……..

  36. I am imagining an argument over the peanut, and then noticing the human, and instantly slinking into the Ididn’tdoit stance.

  37. They are being naughty and they know it! Look at those eyes-

  38. Alicia – Larry Bob!!!!?

    Ok that’s as cute as these pups are!

  39. Ha! Michelle, a grateful nation thanks you.

    But perhaps that’s what really happened? Hence the guilty eyes-neath-the-brows.

    And that empty shell? It’s just a decoy, to throw us off, the CO peanut gallery.

  40. Oooooh. Someone’s been busteeed.

  41. “Oh, and we didn’t do the other thing either, when you find it.”

    Lauowolf: BWAH! 😀

  42. I wouldn’t trust those two. They’re definite trouble. Worst part is, they could totally get away with it, since no one in this world can resist snorgling them. I can practically feel the soft puppy fur!

  43. okay, i’m stuck on the frosted weenie-dog image. where’s the pic of that???

  44. I think they look like victims of the old “faux ball throw” gimic. They’re waiting for the ball to be thrown, looking up expectantly, but also, they’re having this thought:
    “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, piddle on your carpet.”

  45. I love doggie eyebrows.

    ariel – frosted weenie-dog? Isn’t that a band?

  46. I’m not saying what they did, but I have a feeling that it was extra crunchy.

  47. Brak_Silverbone says:

    You just know when you see a dog with this look that there’s a mess to be cleaned up somewhere. But somehow, you just can’t get mad at ’em, even though common sense tells you that you should.

  48. Ariel & JPants — nope, but it IS magically delicious.

  49. The guy on the left is almost the twin of my little boy!

  50. whatever they have done or are about to do, they will be forgiven

  51. I just took my contacts out and read the post title as “Shi**y-eyed Central.” Heh heh.

    Anyhoo, I too love puppies with eyebrow spots. The little black puppy’s got ’em. And now I must go melt…

  52. My dog loves to dig and he KNOWS he’s not supposed to. Whenever he comes inside, he gives me that look of guilt and I know he has been digging. Well, the dirt crusted around the edges of his nose is also a dead giveaway…

  53. Cuteness times two, love this one!

  54. well let’s see between giving the dog a bath, worrying that he was going to barf on something, going to the store and buying the stuff to make a cake nope no pictures…..

  55. LOL we dont need another PomChickGate! That made me laugh.
    These look like naughty pups, but if they were in trouble, all they would have to do was be all “Baroo?” with ears up, eyes big and head tilted, and I would think “Its ok puppehs. I will buy more expensive flowers, but dont dig them up!”

  56. They did it, but the magnificent eyebrows will let them get away with it.

  57. brows + dogs = browzers?

  58. Thank you, Aubrey. I’m going to use that.

  59. You know what I’m going to do to you two! Rub you behind the ears, come here!

  60. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:

    I dig this pic!

  61. okay, I’ve managed to avoid PomChickGate, but the shuddering references are cracking me up! Yay Michelle. Also, on the office lunch patio today a woman had a Pom, and I swear all three people I was sitting near started saying “OMG did you see the one with the Pom and the chick?” LOL.
    And uh, Teho, if I weren’t familiar with the excellent term ‘muzzlepuffs’ I wouldn’t have found ‘muzzlepups’ quite so hilarious now would I? But really you just put the C.O.G. link so everyone else would get it too, right?

  62. MC — I think you were just giving me too much credit; that’s all.
    (But yeah, of COURSE I’m happy to pimp the Glossary. Dig it.)

  63. I love this one! So cute!!

  64. I love this one! So cute!!

  65. those dogs are toooooooooo cute

  66. GreenEyedHawk says:

    I love the eyebrows too. Both my dogs have the eyebrows, as does my ferret.

  67. Did someone say this was just begging for an animation? Well, see if you still think so after you click this (220 KB):

  68. useta hada kitteh says:

    NTMTOM!!! ROFLOL!!! That was so cool! I like it! I like it!

  69. NTMTOM – You are an evil genius and I would buy you many beers of your own choice if you were anywhere near me. You rawk, dude.

  70. “We solemnly swear that we are up to no good.”

    LOL!! Way too cute…

  71. NTMTOM, you clever sunuva…

  72. NTMTOM is an evil genius; we should be glad he’s on our side.

  73. NTMTOM…dood! 🙂

    So, are you gonna eat that peanut?

  74. NTMTOM,

    you are a master of the absurd, dewd. I solemnly swear to buy you a beer (and peanuts) if I ever catch you in person.

  75. Other Mike?
    U R teh d00d.

  76. butteredtoast says:

    that is just crazy cute!!!!

  77. those pufferpuppies just buried my sacred peanut collection!! BAD DO–awwww…..aren’t you soo cute? *snorgles*

  78. misscrisp says:

    I have to raise my glass too NTMTOM, utter genius strikes again. Kinda goes back to my initial reaction to the C.O.–it’s all about the copy baby.
    and Teho…I’m trusting that’s 6:47 a.m. NOT in your timezone, otherwise I might be a little worried.

  79. misscrisp says:

    okay okay, 6:43 AM, same diff.

  80. MissC — that’s Pacific Time, I think, in all our comment date/time stamps. So it was quarter to nine when I posted that.

    And *now* it’s quarter to two. AM. (I have been SPAMHUNTING!) Now, I really need to get to bed.

  81. Dammit, haven’t been able to comment for the past 2 days …

    NTMTOM –

    *deep bow*

    *keels over*

  82. what kind of dogs are those?

  83. ROFL, NTMTOM!!! Soooo good!
    I am a bit slow catching up with all the CO, also!
    But, it’s all still here to chortle over!

    I would “guess” that these are some sort of sheperd lab mix. Just a guess!

  84. Zeemegoosh!! Those pruppehs look EXACTLY like my brother’s dog did when he was a little babeh! *cuddles adorable mischief-makers* Also- rofl, NTMTOM. XD

  85. Oh wow, these two lovelies are so cute!!