Seal Puppage!

I swear I am not making this up, Sender-Inner Andrew W. caught this little guy on film. He’s practically Disney-ish, all stubby, resting on a kelp bed. Lo’ hep me!


This one is even better:


Get out, People! [Pushing yous against a wall in disbelieving fashion]



  1. OMG! It’s smiling! How adorable!!!

  2. “…I am the Egg Man.”

  3. prosh lil grin!

  4. lol theo, he’s a seal not a walrus!

  5. Well, Lennon wasn’t a REAL walrus, either.

  6. Goo goo g’ joob
    I’d look that smug and happy too if i were that adorable.

  7. There’s got to be a new rule of cuteness in here somewhere – kelp + happy squeezy eyed seal puppy = cuteness!

  8. Look up the definition of either “bask” or “smug” in the dictionary and you’ll see picture number 2.

  9. He’s totally mocking us…

  10. The ocean represents! A fat little sausage seal – yay!

    But is that his own kelp? Did he borrow it? Or is he a kelp-tomaniac?

  11. I think this seal gives the “Sam the Snowman/Burl Ives” cat a run for its money…

  12. Oceanic Aura says:

    I thought the walrus was Paul?


    ‘The time has come,’ the Walrus said,
    ‘To talk of many things:
    Of shoes — and ships — and sealing wax
    Of cabbages — and kings —
    And why the sea is boiling hot —
    And whether pigs have wings.’

  13. look at his little back feetsy-flippers folded together.

  14. How cute! I want one…

  15. he’s a kelp-oholic!
    he’s addicted to kelp-ohol!

  16. [picturing a bush-whiskered English gentleman with pince-nez, at pic#2.]

  17. Where are the other three seals?

  18. The smile says it all: “Silly human, you can keep your Lexus and your McMansion, and your designer clothes and Crate & Barrel decor. *I* have a comfy bed of seaweed.”

  19. No wait – NOW I remember! He reminds me of my dad’s brother – an army man. The military whiskers and puffed-out chest in #2 are bang on.

  20. Aubrey — already broken.

  21. Now try to imagine the mindset of one of those retards that’s next thought is “OK let’s sneak up and club him”.

  22. can a seal pup have a muzzlepuff??? I think so, he has a seal version muzzlepuff. How anerable!!!!

  23. Oceanic Aura says:

    Upon second glance at the second pic, I have decided that Mr. Seal is right fine and proper gentlemand, indeed.

    Someone photoshop that pup a monocle and a top-hat. He’s begging for it.

  24. noharmthere says:

    Ahh so my furry bipeds. You have witnessed the masterful art of cuteness. Sleepy eyed baby critter. LOVE IT! Oh sleep is soooo good. Sooooo very content looking.

  25. GAH Kathy beat me to it.

    I was going to say it’s another one for this resemblance category:

  26. A Fine Morsel says:

    “It is exceedingly difficult to procure a decent cup of tea here at the Kelp Bed Inn. Pish posh.”

  27. …and that would be other SIX seals, Aubrey.

    Four horsemen, seven seals.

  28. Squeezy eyes and whiskers and all bulbously laying around in a pile of kelp and it’s…just…too…much…::squeeeeee::

  29. Talk about a “SEAL OF APPROVAL!” LOLOLOLOL!! tee hee.

    Very cute.

  30. T:

    It is the End Time: fighting and drinking; small fluffy things are devoured by larger fluffier things, kittehs appear missing a limb…and do I see Brother Justin?

  31. Sorry, Thinkie – forgot about those horsemen.

  32. Denise in Nebraska says:

    It’s as if in picture #2, he decides to “pose” for the photographer! It’s a ballet pose! Clearly, this seal is in the ballet! Look at the pointed toes/fins, and the extension of the body!! All it needs is its partner, to lift it up and away from the kelp (and maybe a small diet, so that the lifting is logistically possible)! It seems proud. As well it should be. :^)

  33. Second picture – “Gaze upon my cuteness, you must. Fix everything, it will.” Indeed and it will!!!

  34. How to be cute, rule #1: Put your paw up
    (Do flippers count?)

  35. Oooh, he’s all: “Hey, behbeh. Come on over here and join meh.”

    S to the quee.

  36. Oceanic Aura says:

    I need a life. Here he is, a fine and proper gentleman indeed!

    Perhaps he is going to the opera or ballet? Chopin and a fine sherry?

  37. eeh Gods, thats one snotty looking seal LOL hes all “go away with thee” proshness. dang.

  38. LMBO Oceanic. Glad to see you put you dislodged the wombat from ur nostrils long enough to make that!

  39. [laughing] nice work oceanic

  40. I want one! Sooooo cute!!

  41. he looks SO peaceful and happy.. i wish I could have that serene look on my face most of the time! I want to love him and hug him and squiiiiish him awwwww <3

  42. w/the hat & eyeglass, i hear him making that old-man mustache-laugh, “hmur hmur hmurrrr”

  43. NebraskaErin says:


    *blink blink*


  44. A hat you think? Formal touch? Yes, I think so too.

    Hats off to you prosh gentleman seal.

  45. @Oceanic: Simply fantastic ^^
    A real gentleman indeed ^^



  47. t-o, i kent see yer biddeo. i nebber ken.

  48. No probs, Aub 😉 Much of the time I miss your references, so it’s all good…

  49. ShelleyTambo says:

    Hee @Oceanic. The first thing I thought when I saw him was Mr. Moneybags from Monopoly.

  50. OMG OMG OMG… I totally actually squeled when I saw this. I have loved harbor seals my whole life. cutes thing eva!

  51. OceanicA: no wonder this pup’s so chubby – he’s just come away from a meal of quail’s eggs, ptarmigan, curry and savouries!

    But he also looks like Mr. Peanut. Think he has some questions for those quilty puppies?

  52. Flippers up!

  53. We interrupt this regularly-scheduled thread to bring you news of a very, very naughty hamster:

  54. Looks like it’s All Floomp Friday, huh?

    Now where’s my seaweed? I need a nap.

    LOL to the seal in the shiny topper and monocle. What ho, chaps!

  55. Very pleased with hisself! Rightfully so.

  56. Dustbunny, ‘s just their excuse for bowing to the kewt. They didn’t want the li’l guy to get hurt.

  57. :/ I took Honors Marine Bio last year in college, I hope the photographer knows better than to get so close to a baby seal -.-;; It is teh dangerous!

    However, I must say THIS IS SO EFFING ADORABLE!

  58. And Mame, when sea puppeh finally does take a nap, what do you think it’ll be on?

  59. Naughty hamster? Well, I trump your naughty hamster with a revisitation to this story of a naughty guinea pig!

  60. Nuts….I fold guys, all I got’s a pair of muzzlepuffs and a lemur.

  61. Laws a mercy, that second photo just wrecked me! Attitude, that is. Just plain attitude.

    He receives my “seal of approval.”

  62. Allie and Jojo's Mom says:

    So cutes!! He can come live wiff me and the baby wombat.

  63. Awwww!

  64. Catnip, I’m with you on that one except I’ll change retard to ass—e!

    This little one is ADORABLE!

  65. …Aubrey, you just made my entire weekend a little bit brighter.

  66. rpennefe: ‘cha, I do still love Sooty, that naughty scamp.

  67. “The time has come,” the Walrus said,
    “To talk of many things:
    Of shoes–and ships–and sealing-wax–
    Of cabbages–and kings–
    And why the sea is boiling hot–
    And whether pigs have wings.”

    Pup to the Seal, Lewis Carrol 🙂

  68. michellemybelle says:

    pinnipeds are just right for the smooshy hug! the fact on pic#2 is just so…”Good day, humrumph!”

  69. “Excuse me waiter….There is a seal in my seaweed salad.”

  70. acelightning says:

    See, now, *THIS* is what we need – not “commentroversial” pictures, but KITTENS! and PUPPIES! and MORE KITTENS! and a gosh-darned BABY SEAL (in its natural habitat, even)! All we’re lacking now is a bunnyrabbit…

  71. I’ll be going to Monterey in November. That means: butterflies in Pacific Grove, harbor seals at Lover’s Point and otterz at the Aquarium!!

  72. Flippers Up™, peeps!

  73. no way..MEG… you *so* had to have photoshopped that sh*t ‘cuz it is supernaturally CUTEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Holy roll-y-pole-y, Batman!

  74. brownamazon says:

    Pillow–I was just thinking that off camera, a furious mamma seal is coming a-chargin’ (Ok, more like a-floppin’) up the beach…Our siamese does exactly this when I take his picture: lifts his chin, squeezes his eyes and makes his whiskers extra-bristly. This sleek little damp guy is seal-icious!

  75. lol I agree, expecially in that second pic:

    First shot: “Baroo? Is that a camera?”

    Second shot: “CHEEEEEEESE!”

  76. I think he’s definitely got the Burle Ives Snowman look – you should run another side by side!

  77. Anyone else notice how much this seal resembles a bird? Just imagine him smaller and with long webbed feet. The shape is so similar…

  78. OMG, I’m in love!
    I can’t take the stubby cuteness!

  79. Happyhappyhappy!!!!!!!!!!1

  80. Oh, acelightning, I dunno about that.

    Personally, I am VERY concerned about how close that human had to get to that seal pup and how many irresponsible people out there are going to 1) want to go out and buy one from a seal farm or 2) try to stick a chick in the seal’s mouth.

    I’m so concerned that I’m going to go drink another pomtini and then pass out.

  81. oh, he’s got character!

  82. Has this seal been neutered?

  83. Alexis, you are KILLING me. This was me:

    “Oh, Christ, no another bloody nuff….oh. BWAAAAH!!”

  84. *sigh* Seal farm…alex, everyone KNOWS seals aren’t raised on farms.

    They’re grown from spores.

  85. Sorry, Cerise. Didn’t mean to cause any distress. I just can’t believe how out of hand things have gotten over there.

    Anyhoo, the seal pup is beautiful. I love his “Mmmm, yesss” face in the second pic.

    Pillow – ya’ know, he does kinda look like a puffy fungus. And I mean that in the most positive way. Fungus tastes good! (NO I DON’T EAT BABY SEALS. I don’t eat meat at all. Leave me alone!)

  86. lol calm down Alexis, s’ok….nobody’s gonna flame you here.

    you’re in a safe place now. XD

  87. No, seelly girl, I was laughingk. Once my brain caught up with my prodigious temper.


  88. princessofcute says:

    Guh, cutest seal eva. It looks so regal in that second pic like it’s telling the little people, “Yes, you may bask in my fabulousness.”

  89. They’re now at 704 posts in the shooting gallery.

  90. Cerise, Pillow – thanks for the reassurance. Now I’m going to go take a nap with mah kittehs and dream of fields full of warm puppies and gently squeaking guinea pigs. And hopefully forget about all the absurdity on CO over the past few days…

  91. Pillow — I’m all in… I’ll see your muzzlepuffs and lemur and raise you a white husky, two ferrets, a meerkat and a cheetah cub (courtesy of Tulsa Zoo)

  92. JP, let’s officially call it The Panic Room.

  93. A cheetah cub? Ah, screw it I’m out *folds and walks out of the room silently*

  94. Ok Midder Thheeeeal! I’m gonna hafta writcha a tikkit! That is unneccessary flippers-uppitude, a human like face of extreme happehnisss, and you are in violation of the “dry muzzlepuffs ONLY on the seaweed” regulation. But… maybe we can make a deal, cuteness! Just… lemme snorgle your whiskers. And we can fugeedaabowt the whooole thing!

  95. [Looks at shiny ring on finger]

    So, Aubrey, I take it this is from you? Huh. Well, that explains that.
    Lauowolf – Looks like we both succombed to Aub’s drunken charms.

    This seals it. You peeps are the best!

  96. it’s a catbirdfish!

  97. Oceanic Aura says:

    You fine folk might be on to something with that spore theory.

    He does sort of resemble a big, fluffy, giant puffball, non?

  98. O_O *looks at Amy* Dude, nice rock on that thar finger! Heh, you should have more willpower like me, I never succumbed to Aubrey’s char…..*notices the bondage collar around her neck*

    Aw, crap.

  99. OceanicA, that is EXACTLY what I was thinking of! (Obviously I didn’t go take a nap. the cats started fighting and it all went to hell.)

  100. Aubrey, do you recognize that ring…? 😉

  101. “I’m a traveling man…”

  102. OceanicA, I would caption that, “This is my brain on drugs.”

  103. -pant
    That’s it.

    I brought all that pudding over here.
    It’s wasted on that lot.
    (Though the awful shaggy dog jokes are getting good.)

    I wanna start with spa time.
    Butterscotch facial with kitty removal service — leaves your face *seriously* exfoliated.
    (I’ll need a little loosening up before I’m ready for pudding wrestling.
    Maybe a lot of loosening up.)

    Looks familiar.
    So, does it say “crackerjacks” on it?

  104. [examines ring closer]

    Come to think of it, the band is adjustable and [SNAP!]

    PLASTIC?!?! Oh, well. It’s the thought that counts. Maybe.

    I need some of that pudding lwolf. Thanks for bringing it over!

  105. He’s all proper, yet cute at the same time. How he do dat?

    I’ll be in my tub-o-pudding.

    Actually, TK’s switch has now moved to “off” and I’m gonna watch him, so seepies and comforbuls.

  106. PUDDING TUB! ZOMG! *dives in*

    *spoots out pudding* Ohhhh yeeeah…..

  107. Look guys, I was drunk, I didn’t know where my next post was coming from, and I got a little sentimental, OK? And when I get all sentimental and gluey, I think plastics. Makes sense, right? So keep your jewelry and be happy.

    As I am. This snowy seal is making me DELIRIOUSLY happy.

    So…friends? Can we smoke a peace pudding?

  108. The second photo also looks a little bit like the Monopoly game guy.

  109. LMAO!!! I never noticed it before, you’re totally right, it does!

  110. OMG! Tewtally looks like the Burl Ives snowman!

  111. And the neatly tucked together flippers just kill me.

  112. Good times, Aubrey, good times. No need to make up. But I’ll still smoke a peace pudding with you!

    It’s probably good that we was all foolin’ and stuff. I have a first date tonight and that would be a li’l bit awkward.

  113. humpph
    All I can say is *someone* is just too damn charming to be let walk around loose.
    Oh well,

    Get a huff off that ambiguously-pedified kitten, and let’s try this foot thing:
    You cover both feet with pudding (not rice, bread or tapioca — no lumps, and no chocolate either).
    Let it dry.
    You’ll have to sit still, so grab a kitten.
    Then you’ll need a puppy, or two.

  114. Heh, yeah, good times and all, yes yes….so uh, Aubrey, do you think you can take this collar off now? Please…? Aubrey??

  115. Whenever I ask my husband what he wants for Christmas/Birthday/
    Anniversary he always answers “a supermodel and a hot tub of chocolate pudding. It’s theraputic…
    then Amber Valetta moved in across the street and I went to Sam’s for a couple of industrial size cans of pudding and called his bluff. Heehee. Be careful what you ask for.

  116. Off to go watch the kid’s ballet class.
    (Two and 1/2 hours on a hard folding chair.)
    Don’t finish the pudding without me.
    Can I bring anything back?

  117. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:

    Oh subitter…what a sweet sight for you to be able to see this seal in person!
    2 wonderful pics!

  118. seals are the best.
    this one has freckles too.

  119. Here, lauowolf, you’ll need this.
    [slips flask of butterscotch pudding martini into lauowolf’s purse]

  120. SWWET!

  121. My son has discovered the downside to snorting kittehs
    as he was doing it last night and the cat took exception to the activity and slashed his ear. You’d think a 14 year old would have learned to just say no!

  122. Ya, that’s the tricky part of it, it’s real easy to forget that five of their six ends are pointy….

  123. Cute, but DON’T TOUCH IT! Keep far away from it! It’s mom won’t take it back. There’s a problem with people getting cozy with baby seals on the beach near my university and it’s sad, because they can’t quite make it on their own yet!

  124. Pillow,

    Ummm…I can’t seem to find the key. I left it with those two guilty looking pups to guard…wait…guilty…oh-oh…

  125. The seal, the rock, th seaweed…kind of reminds me of the scene from “The Secret of Roan Inish” where the seal/selkie turns into the woman.

  126. #1: “H’lo.”
    #2: “Love me! You know you do!”

  127. hes more regal than sam the snowman. its beneath this seal to smile! hes all hmpff smile? what!

  128. i only just noticed the spots! is it like a dalmation or appaloosa seal ?


  129. Sabrina — cookies-n-cream. Duble Stuf.

  130. Oceanic Aura says:

    MamaDawn, inform the boy that wombat sniffing is the better alternative!

    I don’t have a problem…I can quit whenever I want. >.<

  131. threadjack

    they are showing the new season of Doctor Who *right now* in the Sci-Fi channel,

    [at least in the Eastern time zone. check your local listings]
    w00t! and !yay!


  132. Photo #2- There has never been an image which better defined the word Prosh. Ever.

  133. For some reason he looks all wise in that second pic. Or just very content =]

  134. “Smug” is what I was thinking.

  135. ka9q's wife says:

    brings cookies and just looks at the baby. There are sea lions and seals near where i live. They are so cute but they smell bad.

  136. We’ve only got squirrels and rabbits and frogs, said Hartmut Meine, negotiator for the IG Metall union.

  137. The second picture is definitely in my Cute Overload top 3 of all time. He reminds me of the Lorax!

  138. acelightning says:

    Alexis and Nikki, whoever took those photos might well have been at a safe distance, using a “macro lens”, or a telephoto lens, in order to make it *look* like a close-up. Most nature photographers use that technique a lot, because they do know better than to get too close to their subject.

  139. merysunshine28 says:

    I actually let out the biggest OOOHHH when I saw this. I want to make him mine!

  140. Theo – cookies n cream! lovely! 😀

  141. I was gonna say about the long lens, I use it and I can get a pic like this from half a mile away! it looks genuinely like hes snoozing for a moment. Which a pup wouldnt do with someone close by it would be all wide eye!

  142. I still think Jan Spencer had it right – this is the Ultimate Seal of Approval. This picture is one T-shirt I would certainly buy.

  143. *grumbles* I’m gonna get you for this Aubrey…. ;_; *wiggles* Rrrrr…

    At least it matches my outfit!

    Oh, and Sabrina, I think it’s a Harbor Seal pup. The spots are a dead giveaway. ^-^

  144. Aww, seal. -pets-

  145. Don’t worry, acelightning, I was only joking about people getting too close! I am sure the pup wasn’t harmed. I was merely anticipating another commentroversy over the unknowable circumstances of the photo.

  146. Ahhhhhhhh little seal. What facial expression in pic #2. Coo Coo Ca Coo.

  147. someone wanted him with a top hat and monocle… so appropriate

    go here to see him with it!
    i can’t link directly sorry

  148. thanks Pillow. I’m not up on my seals! I like the spots. I wonder if they’re born spotty and fluffy or just white and fluffy like the stereotypical versions! I’m gonna google 🙂

  149. omg their born spotty then they go…ginger?! what the!


  151. sabrina, they don’t all go ginger, they come in various browns and grays, too. I have photos of some in Howe Sound, near Vancouver BC.

  152. Oceanic Aura says:

    Nice work, Cdelaney!

    Although, I took my own advice and beat you to 5o posts that-a-way! Hee hee…But, you’re top hat is much improved on my own.

    Laurie & Sabrina – Ginger?! Noooo…Not ginger! But, does this mean he is…a daywalker?

  153. He is the reincarnation of buddah. Look at that face! Clearly he has found nirvana.

  154. Aww, this is too cute! I can’t believe the little thing did a cutesy pose!

  155. I love how in the first photo, he is all “Please. No photos on weekends. It is in my Cute Baby Animal Contract.” Then, “What? You do not get to see teh fabulous flippertude during the week? How terrible. I suppose you may have one to tide you over. Just a moment while I ready my proprietary heartstring-tugging squee-inducing Sealpreme Cuteness Pose (TM). Thank you, you may proceed.”

    I want to throw my arms around him and smooch his damp, oceany muzzlepuff, ‘cuz he’s cute and he knows it. Actually, my fam’s first dog, who was also outrageously handsome and knew it, could do that exact same expression 😛 True story: we were throwing bumpers for him at the beach one day, and a little further out in the water, a seal head popped up and watched for a while! It was pretty cool. I’m sure the seal was going “What the…?!”

    In summary, another vote for the Ultimate Seal of Approval tee! The seal that goes on all the puddings and whatnot…

  156. ahh ok i thought the ginger was kinda weird for seals!

  157. O…MY….GOD! words cannot describe!

  158. cutiness freak says:


  159. Am I the only person thinking Geek Love?

  160. Arturo the Aqua-Seal?

  161. Coo Coo ca choo cuteness

  162. Catnip and Deb, with you guys except change retard and a$$h0le to MURDERER! How could anyone harm this cutie???

  163. What an amazing and beautiful creature<3

  164. Elizabeth says:

    Now THAT looks like the snoman guy from Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer!

  165. These seal pups are cute but people keep bothering them on the beach and once some stupid human touches one the mothers do not take them back and they die. Just leave them alone.