Question: "What did you do today?"
Marmalade Kitteh Answer: "Oh, I just floomped around."


Thanks to the McFloomperson Phill for this one 😉



  1. I love when kitties have you know, their normal fur length, most of it is that length, but then they have this like, aura of longer hairs sticking out.

    I really want to skritch those little muzzlepuffs. *sigh*

  2. I HURT for another marmalade boy, but I’m overcatted as it is in my small apartment with my three. 😦

  3. Marmalade kitty! Spread him on toast, yum.

  4. I wish to floomp about as well. Can I floomp somewhere nearby said kitteh?

  5. I think floomp is my new favourite word!

  6. [Cerise gets nose-to-nose with kitteh]

    “Who’s a pretty boy? You are! YOU are! Oh, I’m gonna git my nose in there and oh pretty kitty wuff wuff snorgle…”

    [kitteh stares balefully into space, praying for death]

  7. That cat looks like he’s dreaming of Solla Sollew, where they never have troubles (at least, very few).

  8. useta hada kitteh says:

    YAY!!! Dis guy is K Y double OOH T CUTE! I wanna floomp wif he. Cuz he’s cute. And there can’t be no argufying of dat, can there? (Checks under nearby rocks, keeps troll repellent handy…)

    Hand me the purry object!

  9. Hah! If there was any justice in the world, I would be floomping instead of working, too.

    I just got finished cat-sitting for a friend, and she (the kitty) was great pals with the kitties across the back fence, one of which was a marmalade with the most amazing orange eyes. As in orange lollipop-colored. I have never seen a kitty with orange eyes.

  10. reminds me of a book from childhood where a tiger had to pretend to be a rug, or something along those lines.. this pic is just too cute 🙂

  11. Jenne… that short for Jennifer? ‘Cause that’ll be a new one for me.

    Anyway, I love it when my kitten does this, but she’s never close to as cute as this ickle kitteh!

    Adorable! ^_^

  12. my photos of my precious kitteh never get put on here.

    but this kitteh is edible!

  13. Obscenely relaxed! Again!

  14. Allie and Jojo's Mom says:

    Me wantsta floomp too.

    *snuggles up to floompy kitters and gives him a big glompy snorgle*

  15. I am just glad to be rid of the dog and peep show.

  16. Allie and Jojo's Mom says:

    Can we rename that post as The Post That Darenot Speak Its Name v. 2.0

  17. I think this kitty is recovering from last night’s bread puddy affair. He’s all like, “Wuh? Where’s the coffee? I’m not getting up until it’s ready.”

  18. chet's momma says:

    I love the way Floompy has his wittle bod spread over both piwwows! Mine!

  19. I just wanna brush him pretty fur and press my nose to that widdo (runs tp hide from Teho) cold prosh nosie!!!!

  20. I think kitteh started on the pink thing and just oozed over.
    If he keeps napping, my guess is he’ll slither down to (my) right.
    I want to hang out and watch to see if I’m right.
    Let me get a cup of tea, and a book, and I’ll just get settled here in the quiet.

  21. oooooo how cute. teey tiny little face, spread out in an X pattern.
    what a lovely way to end a-not-so-lovely-week.

  22. Wow, what a sweet fella! That’s how I feel after yesterday–just askin’ for a hug and a smooch!

    “I have never seen a kitty with orange eyes.”
    My girlie had orange eyes. She was silky black and white longhair with pumpkin eyes. I heard it’s peculiar to Persians, though she was a mix-o-cat.

  23. He looks like the kind of super-relaxed kitty that if you picked him up, would just flop back and look at you like, “What’s up?”

  24. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I said I was going to go do work, but I DIDN’T. Because I heard angels singing…and it sounded like a marmy kitteh purring.
    Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah.
    >shakes dust of PomChickGate from her heels…and rushes over to snorgle kitteh.

  25. YAY!!! Floofy Marmalade Kitty!!

    I wants him. I wants him so bad it hurts.

  26. [gurrrrrgle…]

  27. ka9q's wife says:

    I think this kitty looks like a little marmie angel complete with halo of guard hairs.

    I just want to snorgle him and eat more pudding.

  28. NebraskaErin says:

    He’s not sleepy…he’s DARING you to take one of the pillows.

    Go ahead. Do it. I dare ya.

  29. (wanders in, cup of thick coffee in hand)


    A baked marmalade. Yummy!

  30. This is what happens when you guys huff too much cat. Look at him, he aint got no bones left!

  31. oooh Aubrey-

    Those Paws.
    That foot is as big as his face.

    My only question: Is there a cream belly under that marmalade, or is it marmie all the way down?

  32. “I just want to snorgle him and eat more pudding. “

    puddy + puddytat = heaven

  33. Too floomped to ehn!

  34. Yeah, somebody flip him over so we can see his belleh.

  35. It’s going to be a cold weekend to take boats outta the lake! AmyH, what is it in the ‘zona? 85?

  36. Lol, lauowolf, do you ask questions like that of your human friends?

  37. mieve–
    He’s just recouperating,
    We can huff him again in a few hours, if we let him sleep now.

  38. Lauri-
    Weeeell, umm.
    I might *peek*

  39. That is a limp, tired, kitters and I need to carry him him draped upon my shoulder.

  40. oh LOL “is it marmie all the way down”??
    we’re a ripe bunch.
    my bebeh is flooomped out right next to me….yay.


    *Scoops up marmie and makes a run for it*

  42. the BABY! oh its sleepy grumpy little face! oh the little hairs sprouting off its ear-tips! oh the drapey tired paws! oh the orangey fluff! mmmamaaaaaaaaaaaaw

  43. my jack is black w/that measure of floof, and orange eyes. the pumpkin king!

  44. That’s me on Monday morning.

  45. I see a kit chin under which there needs to be much skritching.

    By golly, I wish I could have pets.

  46. “Look, I stared real mean at the mouse. I threatened the dog next door with a head nod. I hissed real soft at the fly buzzing around here. What more do you want from me?”

  47. You said it, James.

    We needs a Glossary update, STAT!

    Aaron DL – LOL.

  48. Wow, that is a fuzzy wonderful kitty!

    And pillows that are being floomped on are of Flickr colours!

  49. This’s it. I’m being reincarnated as a kitteh next time around. They’ve got the life, I tells ya!

  50. The Magical Blue Couch strikes again! Loffly lovey.

  51. HRH — I did wonder, but I think what we’ve got here (besides Mssr. Marmie Tres Magnifique) are 2 plush pillows and a bedsheet.

    We are couchless and denied.

  52. Don’t know if this is post cat nip floomping but for those who want cat nip might find
    good, especailly the giant cat nip

  53. Floompy. lol. I want a new cat now so I can name it Floompy. I love that! ROFL! And I *did* use the word floomp in conversation this morning.. my coworker came in with the box containing my new cell phone I’ve been waiting for and while I was clapping and saying YAY ME (yep), she FLOOMPED the box onto my desk! I said HEY SHEESH lets not be throwin that around like that huh!!

    and yes.. Jenne.. short for Jennifer.. I did that 13 years ago thinking I was being creative and original and different. Turns out I was just being confusing. 😉

  54. I guess that did not illustrate how I used floomp in conversation.. not that it matters.. but I DID use the word a few minutes later when relaying to a friend the story about the box being “floomped” onto my desk. Really.

  55. oh megaw….
    I want this kitteh to floomp on my head. or at least over my arm like Frieda with the naturally curly hair’s boneless cat Faron.

  56. Just looking at this picture makes me sleepy. *yawn*

  57. JUST floomped around? Floomping is serious business when you’re a cat.

  58. This is just a friendly warning. STAY AWAY from the Pom Post. STAY AWAY.

    And stay focused on the marm. And breathe (huff) deeply.

  59. “This is just a friendly warning. STAY AWAY from the Pom Post. STAY AWAY.”

    It’s bad. I pulled Kermit the Frog in for some help, but I dun think it’s gonna help.

  60. little miao says:

    too cute… little kitten needs a snuggle…

  61. Ohhh, my aching head… After last night’s brandy rice pudding pomtini fiasco I need some dry toast.’

    Ok, maybe I’ll spread some orange marmelade on it…

  62. TastesLikeChicken says:

    Jenne, can you imagine everyone’s face at the vets when they announce that the vet will see Floompy now!

  63. This is yet another example of feline relaxation superiority. Of all the animal friends I have ever had, my gatos are definitely the most creative and artful slumberers. This reminds me of the Garfield cartoon strips wherein Garfield would purposefully rest and sleep in bizarre poses. SIlly gatos.

  64. TLC:

    Hopefully their faces would express the purest joy.

  65. me want !!!

  66. TastesLikeChicken says:

    Aubrey’ I imagined awe tinged with jealousy;D As in “Why didn’t I think of that!”

  67. TLC: Actually, I always get a reaction from the vet when I have to call for an appointment or bring my cat in. It’s kinda fun.

    Her name is Snack. (She loves to eat.)

  68. Oooh, we used to tell our marmie boy “You’ve got cat hairs sticking out of your cat fur!” Like this guy.

    I predict he oooooozed farther down, left paw leading.

  69. When my parents would bring the family cat, Pandora, to the vet, the nurse would always announce her by her name, with our family name attached to it. It was nice.

  70. Lauri – we’re supposed to be 102 today. We had glorious week or two in the 90s and have been back in the 100s for a few days.

    The mornings are high 70s and then will hit 80 around 8:30 a.m., 100’s probably around 2:00 p.m.

  71. …and now we go to Sports.


  72. “…and now we go to Sports.


    “…the Eagles beat the Chickens with a dog eat dog defense…”

  73. Don’t you mean “dog eat chick defense”?

  74. After I posted it, I realized how I should have phrased it. It’s so friday…;)

  75. [singsong]
    I’m already hoooome!
    I’m already hoooome!

  76. T., I have another hour and 1/2! STOP IT!!

  77. [stretching baaaaack in the Bungee Chair of Delight]
    [spelled correctly this time]


  78. When my sweet Dot (who is a calico jam) does that pose, I call it “splat-cat.” It is irresistable! Cats who splat (or floomp) require emergency pounce-and-kiss stops!

  79. Mom!

    Someone’s let the air out of the cat again!

  80. Quote lauowolf:
    “Mom! Someone’s let the air out of the cat again!”

    Ow…That hurt

    Y’alls are too funny! I needed that!

  81. OMG, that’s so cute. He reminds me of my cat, Max… when he was little.

  82. acelightning says:

    Oh, that is just so perfectly …*feline*. Cats, and especially kittens, have a lot to teach us about the subtle art of relaxation.

  83. i just love marmalade cats. i loved that book as a kid.

  84. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:

    Of all the marmalade kitten pics this is my most fave as far back as I can recall seeing them on C O.

    No…My guess is that other marmalades are tied with this one…

    They are featured quite often so this can’t be THE CUTEST marmalade kitty to be posted here.

    But I can’t recall the others right now.

  85. I WANT TO BE A CAT!!!!!

  86. butteredtoast says:

    where did you get floomped??????