One ear: Baroo!? Other ear: flop

Beautiful shot of Bailey, Dennis Y.


Soft focus act-shon!



  1. Karen In Toronto says:

    Is this a French BD? Cute pupsters, but UGLY dawgs.

  2. first????!!!!

  3. Boston terrier I think. They are so sweet!

    What’s with the “first!!” stuff? Urgh.

  4. Hi, Karen. I don’t think so – I think it is a Boston Terrier, yes? But I think they are a similar-type of breed. He is just to die-for cute!! 🙂

  5. Denise in Nebraska says:

    Karen in Toronto– How could something this adorable grow up to be (as you say) UGLY?? Say it isn’t so!!! I don’t believe you!!! *puts hands over ears and shakes head in ‘no’ motion*. What has happened to the word “subjectivity”, here?? One person’s “ugly” is another’s “come here, little smoochems”. Just food for thought *gives cute puppy a little pat on the head* :^)

  6. Wow… that’s a really good photo. Calendar/greeting-card quality.

    Carmi — you flunk twice over. Ooo yay.

  7. NebraskaErin says:

    Totally “baroo?”

  8. This dog appears to be giving me a come hither look, which I am powerless to resist.

  9. SHE is adorable! Loooook at that little “wuv-me” face. Excellent photo work. Those ears are to die for. Or to munch on. I’m not sure which.

  10. Hey, the larger size is even better:

  11. 11th?? 452nd?? I don’t understand in what way this could possibly be important. However, that is one dem fine-lookin’ pup, and a great shot to boot!

  12. what a sweet pupper, with his twisted nosicle, pink belly and papery ears. He needs someone to kiss his beeg feets.

  13. i just died of cute. i originally didn’t like boston terriers, but now i’m not so sure. gah! the wrinkly old-man forhead!

  14. OMG – my first time responding – what a cutie. And Karen – I can’t see this cute face growing up to be ugly – NO WAY!!!

  15. sorry…he’s a she.

  16. Bah! So cute… I just wanna grab him and snuggles. He’s all, “You rang, mademoiselle?”

  17. Karen in Toronto says:

    My bad. Of COURSE it’s a Boston Terrier (being a cat person, almost all dogs look alike to me). Mucho cuter than the French Bulldog, which starts like this:

    but becomes this:

  18. I could probably say the same thing about your cats Karen.

    What a lame way to start the comments on a really cute puppy.

  19. Let’s not start the nuffers again… pretty pleeease with canned cheese!?

  20. I made a big pan of bread pudding last night… ready the puddinpault! Aim at any trolls or nuffers… the brandy it it ought to perk ’em up.

  21. *Shreeeeek* It’s a Boston Terroriser!!! I have one. His name is Sheldon! His is a cute dog and was a cute pup!
    Ok, so they fart a lot! Who doesn’t?

    *Opens mouth wide for brandy bread puddin’*

    *waves hands*

    Over here, MamaDawn!!!

  22. Maybe it’s too early in the morning and I shouldn’t be thinking this hard, but I don’t see Karen as a Nuff. She said the puppy was cute. She just doesn’t care for adult Boston’s. That’s her opinion that she’s every right to have. And to express.

    As for the dog, she has that “I’ve pee’d on the carpet and now you get to find out where” look on her face.

  23. Hey, hey, Ali– we don’t call names OR do the rude here (Nuffinghams notwithstanding).

    Let’s all step back and take several cute breaths, kitty- and/or puppy-flavored, as per each Peeps orientation.

  24. Adult Bostons, no apostrophe.

    (I told you it was too early in the morning.)

    Speaking of Bostons, does anyone remember that show on Animal Planet that had the guy and his Boston having all kinds of adventures? It was sort of the BT version of Wishbone, without the literature.

  25. “peep’s”


  26. Boston! Boston! Boston! I grew up with them. They’re adorable as puppies and tough as nails as adults. We used to take a bicycle innertube and have them grab onto it, then swing them around by their jaws. I had to learn that you couldn’t do that with other people’s dogs of other breeds.

  27. Puppy is wondering why her peep is standing there fiddling with a camera when puppy wants a HUG now!
    (C’mere Bailey, you and me’ll snuggle…
    Hey, are your ears as soft as they look?
    Must nibble to find out.)

  28. Lauri… puddin’ away! You must be over 21, cuz it’s very potent — laced with Bailey’s!

  29. Puppy is wondering why her peep is standing there fiddling with a camera when puppy wants a HUG now!
    (C’mere Bailey, you and me’ll snuggle…
    Hey, are your ears as soft as they look?
    Must nibble to find out.)

  30. Oops…not THIS Bailey’s anything (unless it is puppy breath) but good old Irish cream and brandy sauce.

  31. Oops,
    I have no idea how that double-posted.
    I must go have coffee — sadly without anykind of Bailey’s anything.

  32. Lauowolf, you’ve captured it perfectly!

  33. haha, good name, suda nim! “D

  34. omg, I’m getting memories of my sister in law’s boston named Murray. These dogs are a tornado with four paws XD

  35. *splat, gulp, sluuuurp******

    Fanks, MamaDawn, glurgle…..mmmMMMMM…

    And, yes, I’m waaay over 21! 😉


  36. Thanks, Lauri! A surprisingly large number of people don’t get it…..

  37. Creative spelling, ftw

  38. Shel, aka, Smells, the Smell, Beef Shellington, the Smeller, is definitely a tornado on paws. But, as loving, cute, friendly and adorable as is possible for an F4!

  39. MamaDawn, do you share your recipe?

  40. I *heart* Boston Terriers. Gawd, this one is too anerble for words!

  41. Hehe, definitely cute.

    Laura, you’d love my sister’s blog, she’s got a pretty good interpretation of the Boston Terri-essence:

    (just scroll down a little ways)

  42. Erm…Lauri. Sorry. ~.~;;

  43. Mama Dawn,

    Didn’t think they had bread pudding in the States, mind never had it soused in liquer?

    “Opens mouth hoping puddinpult can cross ocean”

    Dewi well over 21

  44. Oh wow, Pillow, the website looks perfect! I saved it so I can peruse it at my leisure later!

    Hahahaha, vowelmoovement.

    Gotta run fer now!

    Keep the good thoughts! Blood pudding to Nuffs!

  45. useta hada kitteh says:

    What a sweetie-baroo! But instead of the eager happy questioning baroo, it’s more of a “I know I did a bad, but I’m reeeelly reeeelly sorry, will you wuv me anyway, baroo?” Just wanta pat the baby, and say “It’s all right, baby-baroo”, and I’m not even a puppers-person, I’m a kitteh-and-bunneh person, but who can resist that little one? And I bet she grows up cute, too!!!!

  46. Puppeh: You. Come here. Gimme a hug.

    Me [meekly]: Yessir.

    It’s a Boss-ton, all right.

  47. Translucent ears!

  48. Cutesy wuppers, veddy nice photo shot.

  49. Subhangi:

    I’m looking at the sox. Sure it isn’t a Chicago?

  50. Okay, he’s cute, but he doesn’t hold a candle to my little goofball.

    [respectfully nuffers]

  51. What a cutie! I want to smooch that little dip between his eyes and run my fingers through the wrinkles around his snout.

    P.S., if my cat was a dog, this is what he’d look like.

  52. “Oh, sweet baby, don’t worry, don’t worry, come here, shhhhhh…”

    [kisses furrow’d brow]

  53. I’m a cat AND a dog person, and I vote for more adorable puppies on CO. The ears!! The expression!! I wuv it!

  54. MelissaLovesPugs says:

    Aww what a cutie. Gimme a hug! I used to have a Boston before I had pugs. He was a Boston TERROR. Tornado w/ 4 paws, indeed! I loved him though. 😀 I miss him. Ex-boyfriend took him when we broke up. 😦

  55. MelissaLovesPugs says:

    Forgot to say. Pillow: I looove the before and after happy hour entry on that blog. Sooo cute. I love the Boston grin.

  56. Haha yeah, that’s the look they give you right before they tear around the house and cover your furnutire with shed hair and snuffles XD Definitely a big personality in a little package.

  57. Re: ears –

    “Barr – oops!”

  58. Love Frenchies! says:

    Karen, of course when you pick a bug-eyed, senior frenchie it isn’t going to be the most attractive dog in the world. But please stop calling them ugly. Or I may have to resort to finding pictures of ugly cats.

  59. i want a dog just like this one.

    oh puppy of my dreams, wherever you may be…

  60. When my Grate Danes ears do this, I say his volume is on medium.

  61. HRH –
    Re: ears –
    “Barr – oops!”

    I rilly did LOL.

    Thr Boston Terrorizers are even cuter when teeny. My building manager got one, and omg, he was the size of my Chihuahua with a wrinkly forehead.

  62. suda nim, was going to comment on the screen name the other day. Very nice.

  63. My brother works for the government. Suda Fed.

  64. My sister is a star wars geek. Boba Fett.

  65. AuntieMame – that show (Pet Project) was filmed in Toronto, and used 2 of my friend’s dogs as ‘extra’s’ in many of the episodes. “Fernando” was actually a rottie x golden mix named Laurice (RIP), and Brody, a shaggy little white mop made cameo’s too.

    just my slight brush with fame, if a little bit removed…

  66. LOL, suda nim…

  67. Whoa, Pillow. Re: cat picture.

    DAY-am. I had to back away from the screen for a second.

  68. Dewi… puddin’ away! It’s an old Louisiana recipe I’ve tweaked to perfection –and NO raisins.

  69. Hehehehe eeesh oogleh, no?

  70. God, yes. And yet still sweet, because it is a cat.

    I love this puppeh with her lil’ back legs to one side. Is she tasty, Precious?

  71. …Most of the time, I think Boston terriers are just about the ugliest animal in the world. Then Meg goes and posts something like this and I go, “….awwwww, okay, you can be my college mascot” and everything’s forgiven.

    Curse you and your soft soulful eyes….

  72. Ummm thanks MamaDawn

  73. You should have seen our pet of the week for adoption yesterday here at the radio station… a boston/chihuahua mix. He had a boston face and his little tongue hung out to one side when he was happy and relaxed (all the time). He likes to be carried like a baby, and already has a forever home.

  74. Aubrey, I live right. next. to. Fenway Park – please don’t get the Red Sox people started.

    (Angry Red Sox fans are scaaaaary!! At least they’re not “Yankee Terriors” or anything!)

  75. Oh, gorgeous B.T. Look at those eyes…love you, Puddin’ Head.

  76. MegW – I was offering just about the only baseball knowledge I had. Don’t mean to Vex the Sox.

    I used to be a hockey girl – very strong for our L.A. Kings. (anyone remember the Tiple Crown Line?)

    And I’m also a WWE fan. There. I said it.

  77. *coughcough* I’m a nominal Yankees fan, myself, so I take the brunt of Red Sox jokes.

    Seriously, though, a CO baseball team would rule. We’d be the Cute Overload Fuzzy Hamstars!!!

  78. (…how my mind made the leap to a CO baseball team, I have no idea…)

  79. I vote we’re called the CO Nuffing-tocks!

  80. Is that a Boston Terrier or a French Bulldog? I want a FB sooooo badly… can’t find a breeder in NJ. 😦

  81. I think we should use our CO t-shirts as uniforms. And we have plenty of pitching talent, having many peeps who have good arms due to their puddin’ pitching.

  82. I’m a southpaw and a mean center fielder… put me in coach, I’m ready to play.

  83. Think this baroo pup is a southpaw, too?

  84. (kelly, be careful what you say about purebreds! See the labradoodle post…)

    Ahem, sorry:

    Cute puppy! Me wants to luv.

  85. Little baroo here could be a retiever.

    Can’t wait for the pudding to fly!!

  86. This is a cute pup, beautifully photographed. How the heck to get that selective focus thing?

    Oh, and I’ll take my bread puddin with bourbon hard sauce, s’il vous plait!

  87. MamaDawn-
    No raisins?
    You are a genius.

  88. Arghh

    I can’t email you because that part of my computer is weird.
    (won’t open Mail. just won’t)
    Could you email me re bread pudding?

    Evil ‘puter is being updated, but it’s going to be my birthday present and they’re being all *technical* about when that really is.
    So I have to keep fighting with this one for now.
    It is possessed by evil spirits, and has like no memory, and other unendearing traits,
    If it were a car, it’s trunk would be held shut with rope and it would have a coat hanger for an antenna.

    Hell, except for the rope part it’s just about true of the computer too.
    So anyway, it won’t follow email links because it doesn’t want to.
    Why couldn’t computers become vintage instead of just old.

  89. that’s MY doggie…*petpetpetpetpetpet* no you can’t have him he’s MINE!!!!!! grrrrrrrrrrr

  90. Roz-
    Well someone’d better petpetpetpetpet puppy cos he looks needy.
    But remember (puts on parental hat) we’re not allowed to rescue and adopt animals that already have homes!
    Even if they want to be patted, even if they follow us.
    Are we all clear on this?

  91. lauowolf, it’ll be in the email in the morning. I broke the internet this evening (at least our little corner of it) so I’m a little behind… at last count I had 45 requests. I have found a way to post it on a website, so I’ll let you know the where and the when also. Bourbon hard sauce recipe included, no charge. My husky keeps trying to figure out what is so funny as I follow these threads, but she can’t read.

  92. Yummmmm.

    Poor husky. Furry peeps really do want to understand us.

    I had a cat I wished could just read.
    I’d have to go out, and always wanted to leave him with a good book.
    Smart guy. I knew he’d really enjoy it if he only could.

  93. Yay for husky, MamaDawn! Post her picture with the recipe! 😉

    Oh, lauowolf, I always called our little gray Gandalf kitten “the scholar” cuz he stole my sons pens when the homework was being done. Gand was obsessed with pens!

  94. What a great shot! I missed if it was professional or not. I love it. (And I thought I was the only person in the world who nibbled my pups ears. Feels soooo much better now!)

  95. Hmm, I think he’s less ‘baroo?’ and more ‘unf?’

  96. “(Pet Project) was filmed in Toronto, and used 2 of my friend’s dogs as ‘extra’s’ in many of the episodes. “Fernando” was actually a rottie x golden mix named Laurice (RIP), and Brody, a shaggy little white mop made cameo’s too.

    just my slight brush with fame, if a little bit removed…”

    Kaytris, that’s exactly the one! I really enjoyed that show, and the dog was a hoot. I vaguely remember the other canine extras, too. How cool that you knew some of them.

    The human was kinda cute, too. Heh!

  97. My favourite had to be “Bite Club”.. although the Casablanca spoof was great too…

  98. I lurve BTs!! My roommate and I have two — one is a bit of a terror, at 12 pounds soaking wet, and the other would love to lay next to you on the couch most of the day…and he’s the puppy! They aren’t always crazy, and they’re excellent family dogs.

    LOVE the before & after pics that were linked. Awesome!

  99. I lurve BTs!! My roommate and I have two — one is a bit of a terror, at 12 pounds soaking wet, and the other would love to lay next to you on the couch most of the day…and he’s the puppy! They aren’t always crazy, and they’re excellent family dogs.

    LOVE the before & after pics that were linked. Awesome!

  100. MegW- we’re neighbors 🙂

    I have a picture of my cousin and her Boston on my cousin’s wedding day. My cousin was beautiful of course, still had hair and jewelry but changed out of the dress; but the pup almost outshone her in her diamond collar and adorable little face.

  101. This is gorgeous!

  102. OMG you have *GOT* to see this… another bostie, and this one has her own blog. (Sorta. OK, it’s her “owners” blog, a friend of my Schmoop’s in her book club.)

    Watch the YouTube video. Maybe it was Friday Night Brain Syndrome, but I could NOT stop laughing.

  103. Oh gahd! That is hilarious! I expected Sophie’s head to turn completely around on it’s axis! Great Boston moments!

  104. Well I’m glad SOMEONE’S still reading this thread. 😉
    Yeah, picture-perfect “baroo” there, eh??

  105. Haha, for sure! I have to admit, the farting noises were cracking me up, too.

    And, I scroll down and here at the bottom is this bebe and his little face STILL gets me!