Cats in boxes part 4590

Howard and Roz sent in this fabu kit-n-box photo. At first you DON’T EVEN SEE the entire cat… THEN YOU DO! Those two eyes starin’ atcha! hee!


Gabe, the cat, thanks for checking the Diet Coke box for any danger… >^•^<



  1. badkittie2021 says:

    awww kitteh.

  2. OMG! If any kitty needed a diet coke…

    …although you might want to make that “caffeine free”

    So cute!

  3. Cats are bat$#!t crazy, AND impossibly flexible. Photo proof.

  4. Too funny.
    But watch out, kitty is set to attack anything that gets too close.
    (They’ll never see him coming from inside the coke carton.)
    BTW – Gabe, I think you need the next bigger size of box.

  5. Wow! I almost didn’t catch that cat’s face it blends into the silver on the box. That’s one big cat to be sticking into a soda box, and making it look like it’ll burst.

  6. Stump tail!!!! I love stumpy cats.

  7. MANX CAT! yay! and she totally has that “What?” look on her face.

  8. Peg of Tilling says:

    Okay, now I’m picturing what it would look like if Gabe totally conquered the box–tiny little head with big green eyes, the long silver box, and the stumpy tail hanging out the back…I think he could do it. He looks determined.

  9. Ok… who’s going to clean the coffee off my keyboard? I should know better than to drink while checking in to CO.

  10. The New Diet Coke. Now in Kitty flavour!

  11. Yeemyeemyeem!

    Cocakitty Cola, it’s the real thing!!!

  12. He looks a bit like “OK, now how do I get _out_?”

  13. This just happened to my cat last week. NIKE got her head stuck in a Pepsi pack and didn’t know what the heck happened to her!! I had to LOL when I saw this! You guys always make my day!!

  14. Ha ha! He’s got that “just got goosed” look!
    I like his stubby tail, too.

  15. REDONK!! Half a kitty, half a tail, halfta pee now…:-p

  16. NebraskaErin says:

    “Cats inside stuff” could be its own cat-egory.

    I have a pic of my fluffy gray kitteh in an empty Busch beer box, head sticking out the handle, her wittle paws holding closed the large hole she made to get into it, eyes pleading me to pick up the box and carry her around in it. So I did.

  17. Ah… the quintessential ‘what the hell are you doing here’ look. This look appears quite often in my own household, and is inevitably followed by a swift retreat and assumption of tremendous casualness and/or coolness. It’s obvious to anyone that *I’m* the goofy one for laughing until I make vague snorking sounds…

  18. blueberries4me says:

    How he managed to fit his chub-chub self in that lil box is what I want to know.

    My cat actually has a thing for plastic bags. Loves to sit and chew holes in them.

  19. See, now, when I look at this, I read the cat’s expression as: “You keep lookin’ at me, an’ I’m agonna keeel you. You already seen what I done to yer little frend, Mr. Diet Coke.”

    That’s when I creep away from the box very slowly.

  20. It’s almost as if there are two cats there… one rather large one (the back end) and one little one (the front end)!

  21. Laura, it’s the latest model of Compact-a-cat.

  22. Oh sweet mother of absinthe, I needed this laugh! Man, what a frazzled 24 hours…most of it spent cleaning up after my hooligan, Elric; who likely decided to eat a bug that–to put it REALLY gently–didn’t agree with him. If I never see diarrhea again, it would still be too soon.

    Thank goodness the vet says he’s just fine… The worst problem we had was that the dumb galoot is scared of his own farts, so he kept trying to hold everything in.

    Anyhoo, the above picture is a valuable lesson in trying to stuff a ten-pound cat into a five pound…er, soda box? Erm, yeah.



  23. useta hada kitteh says:

    Must. fit. self. in. box… what’s the sound for a kitty squishing itself into a box that’s three sizes too small? It’s sort of a ehn-oof-urgh-(rip)-squodge-oof-aahh! But that’s too long to write more than once…

  24. I want to know where his left front paw is. We can see the right paw but surely there is not enough room in that box for the other paw.

  25. You know, the manual that came with my new kitten (and I’d just like to point out that I did NOT get a complimentary manual with my boy) says kitties don’t have collarbones, so they can fit into anything their head will go through.

    However, Gabe’s girth and said new kitten’s “I like canned food, oh yes I do” belly both seem to be obstructive forces to rival collarbones.

  26. SEE! See, I *told* you cats are honour-bound to fit into any cardboard boxes in their immediate vicinity, no matter how small!

    This simply verifies the First and Second Laws of Cat Physics.

    Also, LOL!

  27. Also, check out the compression on the front half of that cat. More verification of the Laws…

  28. And I definitely think it’s time for a new website: Anybody want to check availability?

  29. HA! My Elvis kitty is long past his “I want to jump into boxes/suitcases/gym bags so you can’t see me” prime. I’ll have to get my “I’m hidink” fix here. Thanks!

  30. LMAO that is freaking hilarious, and the caption TOTALLY got me, I didn’t see the ~FACE!~ until I read it!

  31. Why the eff do I have to keep typing in a code before my post goes through all of a sudden? Barooooo?

  32. Elastikitty!!!!

  33. Cardboard-nated Cat. (that kitty face-ette is complete surreal: I thought it was part of the artwork on the box. I don’t bother asking myself questions like “Why would there be a cat’s face on a 12-pack of Diet Coke?”)


  34. I can just picture this cat having to scoot along the floor, trying to shove himself in. The box scooting, the cat shoving…good stuff.

  35. OMG, 2Dragons, afraid of his own farts!!! i almost spewed diet pepsi all over my own keyboard.. the people at work are wondering why i’m snorting out of the blue… i went way past giggle, past laugh, past huff, and well into snort with that one….

    what a smooshible smoochalbe, snorglathon possibility if he gets stuck in teh box!!

    ~snort~ (oo)

  36. D2D–that is high-sterical, OMG! And you used the word “galoot”–ahhh, fond memories of my Cajun dad calling me a “skinny galoot” when I was kid!

  37. The kitty does look like a magician’s trick gone badly awry.

    Luckily, I think we’re looking down on the side of the box, which is about half the height of the other edge.

    (That still doesn’t explain, however, the excessive separation between the cat’s head and its body… Yikes!)

  38. ShelleyTambo says:

    Once again, is something wrong with my cats that they don’t try to stuff themselves into too-small spaces? Only the big comfy boxes for them. And my girl doesn’t like tuna.

    D2D–I’m scared to ask if it’s the feeling, the sound, or the smell that he’s scared of, but curiosity evidently has killed many cats so it may as well get me, too. And thanks for making me snort out a laugh that, because of the headphones, I didn’t realize was so loud until my coworker appeared around the corner of my cubicle to ask if I was choking.

  39. Where’s teh kitteh’s tail???

  40. Auntiemame, that there’s one o’ them fancy-pants fridge packs, so it’s square.
    And it is amazing how much floof can be squished into it!

  41. Kitteh: “…Does this box make my butt look big?”

  42. “Don’t just stand there laughing at me! Put down the #@!!$%! camera and get et me outta this g-d thing!!

  43. I think kitteh is just laying on her tail. You can see gray floof at the white belly line.

    This one looks just like my Trixie. And she has a big floofy tail.

  44. This should go to SOMC! 🙂

  45. wolfwhocriedboy says:

    *sung in a Chris Farely Voice:*

    “Fat Cat in a little box… FAT cat in a li-ttle bOOoox” 😉

  46. LOL Wolf!!!!!!!!

  47. Let’s get small!

  48. Allie and Jojo's Mom says:

    I love how she’s got her little paw poked out of the hole as if to say “Hello…Goodbye”

  49. Jaypo, quick on the draw. Tanks for the link!

  50. Squeeeee!!! I want BOTH! (Kitty and Diet Cherry Coke)

    I love the way his tummy just PUUFFS out of the box and his upper tummy is squimched in all tight. Adorable.

  51. Oh my GOD, I cannot believe there actually IS a site called “Cats In Boxes.”

    (Yay, another site of excessive cuteness with which to torment my grumpy boyfriend!!)

    Oh, and the cat? LMAO.

  52. wolfwhocriedboy says:

    Heh – thanks Pillow. I was hoping someone would “get it”. It’s my first attempt at a witty post. 😉

    Usually I’m just: SQUEEEE, Drool, snorgle… etc.

  53. Stub-tail! *squee!*

    This cat is defying the laws physics. He’s squishing into a box that’s more than half his size 😛 Awesome expression!

  54. Well duh, apparently there IS danger in that box. It got his tail!

    He’s got a nubby butt.

  55. “This cat is defying the laws physics.”

    But Clotypus, he is demonstrating the Paws of Physics, completely devestating everything you’ve ever learned about the theories of purr-spective.

  56. D2D… be glad it was just a bug. My cat Ratsy left me half a rodent in my shoe this morning (the back half of course)… then I found the hairball shaped remains behind the bed. UGH. I don’t even want to know where he found it. Mice are cute…mousebutts are not.

  57. LOL, MamaDawn! Living up to his name… 🙂

  58. “sweet mother of absinthe, and scared of his own farts..”

    Every day, in every way, we are getting weirder and wonderfuller!!!

    Aub, don’t forget purr-modynamics and relasniffity!

  59. But he does seem to exist in several dimensions at once, in purrfect purrspective, according to the Furbonacci Set. Hmmm…how does he do dat?

  60. Holy Fright, Mad Mike!
    I remember the warcray “Let’s Get Small!” from my spring break days way back…..uh…when???


  61. These people obvy have no idea they’re missing cats in boxes as a modality:

  62. Bwaaaahahaha…MamaDawn, true, mousebutts exclusive of mousebodies…not cute!!!

    Speaking of dog body functions…yesterday I got my scrubs on for work, and knelt down on a dog blanket to check an aquarium light,,,and knelt in a pile of partially digested dog kibbles.

    Scrambling and screaming ensued. Change of pants, too.

  63. Is anyone else suprised no “OMG THAT’S DISGUSTING THAT CAT IS BEING NEGLECTED” posts are in this comment section?

    Adorable kitty! Why do cats love boxes and bags so much? lol

  64. Whee! Cat in a box! That’s effing incredible. How come my cats never do this kind of thing? They just demand food and get fat and sleep.

    Maybe they gallavant around all day and jam themselves into tiny spaces while we’re not home to enjoy the show.

  65. Aw, man. I tried to use a fancy word and spelled it wrong. It should be “galavant” or “gallivant”. It’s fun to say. Try it at home!

  66. So much snarkiness going on over in Pomland… [sigh]

    I love rice puddin’! And tapioca puddin’ and bread puddy and choco puddy and… and… Who put cookie crumbs in my ear?

  67. Yeah, jaypo, rice pudding is my fave-o-rite. Anybody from Philly? If so, head over to Effie’s (Greek restaurant on Pine) and try their rice pudding.

    Best. Pudding. Ever.

  68. That would have been me, JP. Just to see if you were paying attention.

    Now give them back. I’m on a diet, and I’m feeling mean.

  69. Jaypo, email me and I’ll send pudding in the morning. You wouldn’t believe the response I’ve gotten.

    Lauri, for shame, you own pets you should know to look before you step or kneel.

    I’m tired of the Pomtroversy. I’m heading home for bread pudding and brandy and I’ll check in again then.

  70. If you haven’t been following the pom thread (and I don’t suggest it — it is full of nuffinghams), I am offering my Louisiana Deep South Bread pudding recipe to whoever e-mails me. It can be made for ages 21+, or without brandy for kids and pets.

  71. Thanks for the warning you guys….I was SO bummed out by the last Nuffingham attack I was reluctant to even read the comments. I think I’ll stay away from the Pom one.

    Durn Grumpypants!

  72. Aubrey was just giving you a word to the wise, jaypo, aka “earcrumbs”!

  73. [raises hand sheepishly]

    Ok, I’m a total technology idiot. MamaDawn (or anyone else for that matter), how do I access a poster’s email address? I want that recipe bad…

    (And if you don’t feel like posting the answer, please feel free to email me if you know how to…)

    Thanks, all my alcoholic, kitty huffing friends…

  74. Yeah, I spent the day away from the ‘puter and all of a sudden, there’s this new post with 200 frickin’ comments on it–and I *KNEW* I shouldn’t even bother to open it up because it would be trollspew with a light salting of Peep comments…

    So I’m back down here, with an update and a hearty round of Glad I could make y’all laugh!ses… *grin* Elric the FraidyFart is definitely NOT in his happy place with the antibiotics and other meds he was given today, but he’s apparently forgiven us for making him take all that acky-tasting medicine. He’s currently curled up in his favorite place when I’m at the computer–right under the table, at my feet. He even graciously accepted his favorite thing in the whole world: ear rubs. (You should see his face when I do that! It looks just like Lord Farquaad in the scene right after his marriage is interrupted by Shrek,and he demands his kiss from Lady Fiona!)

    And there has yet to be any further puddles, so that’s also great!

    Lauri: Oh man, that’s as bad as waking up in the wee hours of the mornin’, steppin’ out into the living room to start my daily routine…and landing my bare foot smack into a fresh, lukewarm wad of kitty yark. Ya just wanna curl right back up into bed and stay there, after that…

    Aubrey: Absinthe is, alas, off my budget list right now. *sob* I could use an Absente cocktail right about now…(Curses to the prohibitionistas for making the real deal a no-go here in the States! *grr*)


  75. D2D:

    I had a glass at the Berner’s Hotel in London years ago. Ah, good (decadent) times.

  76. Yeah, it’s baaaad. All I could do was make idiotic comments in the middle of the blathering. It was actually fun because nobody cares what anyone else says anyhoo.

    MamaD, I emailed you for yumyum.

    Aubrey, I *knew* it was you. You’re just lucky I didn’t wake up!! You woulda be durn sorry.

  77. wolfwhocriedboy says:

    Hey D2D. Being a bit of an amateur entomologist and an owner of several sporadically insectivorous critters (dog and 2 cats), I’d LOVE to know anything you might about what your fart-fearer consumed. I’m officially fascinated.

    Plus, I’m an owner of a chi/terrier/Warglette that is continually stunned by her own farts. She’d downright terrified by them in others. She’ll jump off of someone’s lap and stare at them from across the room like they’ve just committed the ultimate sin possible. As an animal that spends a lot of time under the covers… I guess it’s understandable. 😉 :p

  78. WolfWCB — :-p

    My kitty pooted once (I only heard it once) and scared herself half to death. I’m still laughing about it and she’s crosssed the rainbow bridge!

  79. wolfwhocriedboy says:

    Jaypo – Heelarious! I’ve never noticed pootastic experiences in my kitties. I’ll have to start watching more closely. 😉

  80. I’m so glad someone else’s kitty has been known to fart. Both of mine have done it, though only once or twice, and it’s super stinky.

    (Not to beat a dead horse — oh, gawd — shouldn’t have said that — but can anyone help with my email issue from above? I can offer only virtual cocktails in thanks…)

  81. O.M.G. I just peeked over the hill to Pommel Land and it’s gotten worse.

    PEEPS–Do not, I repeat, DO NOT go to Pom territory because it’ll burn the skin right off your puddins. Promise me you won’t go there.

  82. Alexis, just click on MamaDawn’s name in her post and you’ll get a new message box to send with her address in it.

  83. Thanks, jaypo. Gin and tonic? Rum and coke? Let me know…

  84. [raises right hand]

    I promise.

    [uncrosses fingers, sneaks back over to continue baiting Nuffs]

  85. Believe me, I loaded it and got ten comments down, thought better of it…and I refuse to go there anymore! I’d sooner waltz into a tiger enclosure wearing roast beef lingerie, then go back to THAT mess…

    Aubrey: I have a friend who gets the high-octane stuff on eBay (it can be sold as a “novelty”, for the same reason glassware of dubious function can legally be sold in head shops…), and I’ve had several cocktails of the stuff before. Aside from being stringer-tasting compared to Absente, I still haven’t had the urge to kill anyone or cut my ear off. *grin* I’m not as hollow-legged as I was in my youth, though, and I have to draw the line at one cocktail. The hangover the next day is BROO-TAWL!


  86. …and by “stringer-tasting” I mean “STRONGER-tasting”…argh, maybe I need to have some more tea…*sigh*


  87. LOL, Cerise! They’re like junkyard dogs. I can only hope none of ’em have nuclear capabilities…

    MamaD- G&T, please. With lime. Double yum.

  88. Ooops, sorry, Alexis! You looked just like MamaD when you said that.

  89. D2D:

    So I suppose wearing Beefy-T’s wouldn’t be a good idea either.

    I’m not sure when I’ll get all Fleurs du Mal-ish again, but I can still dream…

  90. D2D, I’m afraid you’ve given Aubrey license to begin the parody of an Oscar Wilde evening.

  91. jaypo – must be the beer goggles.

    G & T, comin’ up!

    And after that, I’m off to make some dinner. Gotta soak up all that booze. I’ll be back to check on Pom land later.

    Mmm, Pomtinis…

  92. I was gone all day.
    Pomland is scarey, and so sad.
    I think that is one cute picture.
    When they keep threatening to leave, why don’t they?

    Only my old lady cat (The Great Queen Primpcess of Them All) poots.
    She just gives ME a dirty look, and walks off.
    I guess that’s why she owns the world.

  93. lauowolf, evidently you didn’t appreciate The Great Queen’s poots to the full extent that they should be appreciated (hence the disdain). Gotta work on your groveling ecstacies over future ones. 🙂

    And the question about those who theaten to leave but never do…that was a rhetorical question, right?

  94. JP – well, as Oscar himself once said, the only way to overcome temptation is to give in to it.

  95. Brak_Silverbone says:

    One time my cat Sheba was lying across my head while I was lying on the couch watching TV. (Those of you with cats know thise pose, I’m sure.) Suddenly I heard a “pffft” right near one of my ears, and nanoseconds later I got a whiff of the WORST SMELL EVER. It was SO bad, the DOG got up and left!!

    It was harder for me to leave because I had 16 lb of Sheba on top of my head.

  96. Alrighty, so…

    IF $postcount=>200
    Read comments
    ELSE, ignore

    Forgive my syntax, it’s not my dayjob.

  97. Hrm. If postcount <200 would be better. x.x I suck. I'm off to go hang my head in shame now.

  98. Brak S!! LOL! Man, if it drives the dogs off you know it’s bad.

    Tuldas, you need some din-din. Have something to eat and you’ll feel better

  99. D2D – I laughed puddin all over my keyboard! (Rice, please.) May I use the divine phrase (“I’d rather waltz into a tiger enclosure wearing roast beef lingerie….”), oh please? Genius!!

    I went to Pomland, read it before I got here and read the warnings. I feel much more comforbuls now. Pass the cheezypoofs?

  100. Hehe

    Diet Cherry Kitty

  101. HRH.S:

    Yeah, over at Pomerania a few of us were getting liquored up to deaden the pain.

  102. You know what I _Wanted_ to say, over in Pomland?
    It’s Captain Kronsch!!!

    But, I didnae.

    Here’s the mostest weirdest story I have yet lived. One night I was awakened by an instinct. Probably an in-stinked. Anyhoo, our German Sheperd, Stormie, had had a diarrhea attack. There were 9 puddles of diarrhea throughout the livingroom. I found myself on my knees with buckets, paper towels, sponges, at 4 am, singing “Follow the Yellow Brick Road.”

    I scared myself.

  103. Aubrey, I saw you hanging out with Cerise and Pillow over there and thought, hey, maybe it’s not so bad anymore. Then I read the last post from IdioTroll #233 about a pinata and had to leave. Made me feel kinda dirty…

    Much happier over here.

  104. Lauri,
    “Instinkt” indeed! 😉

  105. And Lauri, you scare us too.


    I have here a kitteh of the finest grade, or the dregs from my absinthe bottle – a bottle I’ve been staggering about with for over an hour. What’s your pleasure?

  106. I want the kitteh, Aubs! Please can I have the kitteh?!
    [tries to reach finest grade kitteh, tiptoe-ing]

  107. Aubrey-
    C’mon, play nice and share.
    Maybe we’ll break out a nice floofy white curly puppy who shall remain unlabelled.
    We can all snorgle it here and *they’ll* never know.
    Anything left in that bottle?

  108. (quick pass to JP) but be quick about it now; Lauri could be cleaning up her dog’s explosive poo and singing even as we write!

  109. Thanks.. [holds kitteh to cheek and kisses whiskers]
    AAAHhhhhhhhh! Much better now!

    What stinks?!

  110. Lauri: “Captain Kronsch”.

    Me: “Hee hee!”

    Can y’all pass the bottle on over here? I seem to have run out…

  111. Espilonarge says:

    That cats hooked on Diet Coke! Quick get it to a detox center! XD

  112. No, the cat isn’t hooked on diet coke, it’s merely stuck on(in) it.

  113. Bad news, guys. Absinthe is quite gone. I’ll have to contact my people on the continent for some more. And that kitteh is looking a little dog-eared. Can someone roll another?

  114. Ok, a challenge for y’alls.
    Describe to me the taste of absinthe.

    It’s sorta like the “what does skunk smell like” challenge.

    *Lays seven tiny frogs in a line. Snorts them into nostril with straw. Closes other nostril. SNIFFS. Aaaaahhh.*

  115. Lauri, I can imagine you lining up frogettes in front of you like Nora Charles lined up martinis!

    Absinthe is strong, burn-y and anise-y. The taste took me by surprise; my first reaction was to go on a severe coughing jag, but I fully intended to look cool and edgy so I had to surpress the coughing. I was able to – I never dreamed back then that I’d be sharing my next absinthe experience with my peeps on CO!

  116. useta hada kitteh says:

    Is it absinthe makes the heart grow fonder? Or am I thinking of something else? Things are a little foggy… … … er, froggie??

  117. Once upon a time a mother skunk had two children named “In” and “Out.” They were very active children and whenever In was in, Out was out. When Out was in, In was out.

    One day when Out was in and In was out, the mother skunk said “Out, go out and find In and tell In to come in.”

    Out went out to find In to bring In back in. In just moments, Out came back in from going out and Out brought In right back in.

    Amazed, the mother skunk said, “Out, you just went out to find In and brought In right back in! How did you do it?”

    “Easy,” Out replied. “Instinct!”

  118. ROFL…..cough cough cough…..

    Aub…absinthe sounds like high class Jagermeister! The Jager I HAVE had. Absinthe sounds so….cool! 😛

    Absinthe makes the heart grow fonder. OMG, a new tagline if I ever heard one, useta. Lol….veddy veddy funny!!!

  119. auntiemame…In stinked. Man, can I relate to that! 😉

  120. hrh. squeak: Feel free to use the phrase, hon–I’m not like the RIAA! 😉

    Lauri: if you like Ouzo, Sambuco, or pastis, then you’ll probably like absinthe. It’s bittersweet (in a BIG way!) and has a strong herb-y and licorice-y flavor from the anise. The scent is also strongly sweet and licorice-y, from the combination of angelica and aniseed. The first sip tends to hit you in the mouth, but after that the anise makes your tastebuds a little bit numb so the flavor mellows out a little. Usually around two or three sips in, you can start tasting the other herbal components that make up the drink. By the end of the glass, it tastes mostly sweet and herbal, and your tongue and lips are tingling.

    The most common way of serving the stuff is about a 50-50 combination of ice-cold water and absinthe. The absinthe is poured over a sugar cube that sits in a slotted spoon over the glass, and then the cold water is poured over the melting bits of sugar that are left. As the water mixes with the absinthe, it turns the clear green liquor a milky-opaque instead–this is called louching, pronounced “looshing”–and looks like fine jade. Very pretty!

    And there’s your mixology lesson for tonight! ^__^


  121. Eeee! Mad box-kitty! Flee!

    Mine don’t do boxes, really – they seem to prefer bags. Paper bags are apparently the best thing since dried catnip … ^.~

  122. hee hee, he looks like my scotty! 🙂

  123. all the cats here are so cute, except mine.

  124. Geez! That cat scared me! I only saw the end of the body, then I’ve been looking at the box, and *boom* staring eyes! For a moment the cat looked like it was actually a picture on the box, but nooh! It’s Aliiive!
    *brrr* scary! ^^

  125. Hi, Peeps. I was off the grid yesterday entirely, checked in at midnight last night and saw the Pom post with 385 (and counting comments). Didn’t go near them, knowing it would be full of Nuffinghams. Good to see you all hanging out here safe and sound. I did, however think, Brave Meg, Bravo Meg.

    Boxcar cat update: the rather young female (5 months-ish) that we trapped the other night for spaying, couldn’t be spayed at it turns out she’s 2 weeks shy of delivering a litter! So she had to go back to the colony, because the rescue group doesn’t have anyone who can hang onto her until she delivers and her kittens are weaned (8 more weeks). We’ll just have to keep an eye on her, and trap her and the kittens in 2 months if we can. Sigh.

  126. Good work, Laurie. I hope the weather holds out for them.

  127. Good mornin!

    Thanks for the mixology lesson, D2D! Very interesting!

    Darn, Laurie C, I sure wish I were closer, I would take in that pregnant kitty. I need to get out and foster a kitty around here. Need to convince hubby first. House is rather full of animules. 😛

  128. Man, I love the peeps.

    Safe refuge from the storm howling over in the next post–and my laugh for the day. G’morning, everyone.

  129. ahhhhhhhh,kitty n the box…
    and jsut how does one submit other pics that show this malady?LOL

  130. Love this pic! I emailed the link to my mom and she emailed back, “how do you know it’s cute? You can’t see it’s face!” I emailed back and said “look again!”

  131. Thorne,”Mine don’t do boxes, really – they seem to prefer bags. Paper bags are apparently the best thing since dried catnip … ^.~”

    Putting some crushed, dried catnip in the bottom of one of those bags should set them off, then, right? My over-the-rainbow crew loved that trick.

    As for the Pomtroversy, it’s too bad the nuffs don’t apply that energy to some *real* problems instead of perceived ones. Chick in mouf–cute, maybe; funny, hellsyeah! Go, Meg!

  132. *emerges from bedroom, yawns, brushes cat fur off nightshirt and picks dried puddin’ skin out of hair* A-Mornin’ y’all! 🙂

    PomGate 2006 has reached 515 comments and counting. Sheesh, folks! I say we all plead to Meg (sad puppy eyes optional but recommended) to shut down the comments on that thread, so the Nuffingtrolls will be forced to put down their torches and pitchforks and go home. Whaddya all think…?


  133. I was thinking this last night as I (well-behaved person that I am) resisted the urge to go troll-baiting and stayed around here instead…

    I lurve the peeps here. You all make me laugh.

    More than that, you are so good hearted and friendly! Why can’t everyone be as chill as you?

  134. Although to be fair about Pomgate, I would venture to guess that *at least* half of the 500+ posts are about pudding and kitten huffing, and not really part of the commentroversy.

    I’m not criticizing. I’m just wondering how much of Meg’s server space we’re taking up with this stuff, that doesn’t really add anything more constructive to the conversation than the trolls and the Nuffs do.

  135. Oh Laurie, that’s hard.
    You will get her.
    You will get them too.

    … I was wondering. Are the Boxcars mostly related?
    I notice a lot of calico and marmie guys.
    So is it a sort-of kitty clan?

  136. Lauri –
    “No, no, man, I’m tall, I’m tall!” Yep, I remember that one too. I still have some brain cells left from the early ’80s….

    Cats have this ‘shrink to 1/3 normal size at will’ ability which I find astonishing. Biggs, my 17#, 3 1/2-foot-long (with tail) panjandrum, can stuff himself upside down into the 4″ space under the sofa. He usually forgets that his tail is still sticking out, though.

  137. useta hada kitteh says:

    Auntie Mame — about the server space, I’ve wondered that, too. In fact, when that invite to join Vox came out, I wondered if it could be an invite to do our pudding paulting and kitteh huffing over there, instead? I just wondered.

  138. Pomtroversy, Pomgate — love the terms.

    lauowolf, yes the boxcar kitties do all seem to be part of a familian clan. Their location is kind of isolated, so it doesn’t seem to collect bunches of other wandering cats. That’s why it’s an excellent colony to try to clean up — it might actually disappear naturally over time once we get all the spays done.

  139. See that number, 4590? Has nothing to do with this wonderful photo. It’s actually the predicted number of comments for Pomgate.

  140. AuntieM and others, re: server space — our comments take up next to nothing in terms of space.

    Of course, the frantic reloads of each post to check the comments take up bandwidth, but then again, they also generate ad impressions.

    Just sayin’. 🙂

  141. SnorgleSnorgleSnorgle says:

    She’s all, “I’m ready for my close-up now, Mr. DeMille…”

  142. Sprinkle dried catnip in the bottom of a paper bag… hmm. KC would probably try to eat it. I may try it anyway – both of them are Into The ‘Nip … like, bigtime.

    Kitty body-pillow. Brought one home from the Saturday Market one time, and my cats were taking it away from each other … it was great.

    Am worried about the now 700+ pomtroversy posts. Don’t they have anything better to do? (unless it’s huffing kittens and slinging puddin’ – if that’s all, it’s cool. ^^)