Socks, sandals and theeee

Check out these McStackersons on this foot. How did they get there? Were they drawn to the "Chicks Rule!" sock motif? I mean, I am drawn to it, so the ducklings must be too. I think I saw those socks at Fashion Week.


Don’t flick your foot, Leah B! (and Sebastopol photographer Delora P.!)



  1. FIRST POST!!!!!

  2. *does the happy “Chick’s Rule” dance*

    Those little fuzzy thangs are soooooo cute!!!!!!!

  3. Oh, flufftons! Are they peeping? It looks like they’re peeping. Squee.

  4. Now let a Commentroversy begin over whether it is proper to wear socks with sandals.


  5. Well I think it’s wrong to mix genders like that… I mean really… Ducks and Chicks? Can you imagine the mayhem that will be caused? Someone should pass a law…

  6. I was thinking about raising a fuss over whether or not the Mama Duck is spayed and that the sock-with-sandals wearer is surely from some undesirable strata of Western society, namely the Group That Doesn’t REALLY Care About Animals.

    You start. [mad giggling]

  7. Those ducklets are being nursed by that sandal! Why hasn’t that foot been spayed?

    Anway: Hooray for the Charge of the Flight-less Brigade!

  8. Wait. Stratum?

  9. Aw! Look at the fluffeh duckulences! I want to snorgle them with my whole face. LOL I know a girl named Heather who would totally wear socks with sandals. Especially those socks. She calls herself “the bird nerd” and she is awesome. that pic is probably of her!

  10. I wonder if the behbehs feel warm…

    [looks at own feet sadly]

  11. NebraskaErin says:

    “Fluffeh duckulence” is my new favorite phrase, Michele!

    I want to stick my face in that little pile of fluffitude and snorgle away!

  12. I only hope these ducklets are the product of a “responsible breeder” but I suspect it was an evil backyard breeder, or duckymill. Sigh.

  13. i was going to post something about liver pate but figured the serious people would get bent out of shape. the last thing we need here is negafluffitude.


  14. Ah, I love a good game of “Duck, Duck, Sock.”

  15. Oh No you DI-IN’T!!!!!

  16. EEEEEE!!! Fluffeh Duckehs!

    [nervously scrolls down, keeping troll-repellent ready]

    W00T!!!! I LOVE teh peeps.

    [tips hat to Cerise, Aubrey, Stormcat and Soxfan]

  17. Socks with sandals: Definitely not cute.

    Little duckies all in a row: Super cute!

    (first time commenting!)

  18. Redonk. You s’pose the ducklets are kinda velcro’d to the sandals? ‘Cause that happens to me sometimes. Go for a walk around the pond, come back with a duckling or two clinging to my sandals.

  19. Eep eep eep eep! Buh beep beep!


    Fluffy duckies!

  20. Awww, I really like that 5th duck that got left behind in the grass waiting his turn for a ride on The Foot.

  21. RedZ — those were burrs

    “Socks with sandals: Definitely not cute.” — LOL!


    FIRST POST!!!!!

    Posted by: StormCat | Sep 27, 2006 at 12:06 PM

    …oh for petesakes. Let’s review:

  22. Do you s’pose those ducklings have duck socks, too?

  23. Is Leah B. footing the bills?

  24. *looks at Theo with wide, innocent eyes*

    What? What’d I do?

    *giggle* Sorry, couldn’t help it… That fluffitude got the better of me… I’ll put myself in time out…

    *grabs all the duckies and scampers to the corner*

  25. OH AUBREY!!!!!

    THAT was terrible!!!!!

  26. AUBREY!!!!

    You go sit with StormCat now.

  27. Uh, OK, great. Just sprayed my screen with chewed bits of
    curry. Redzilla, you’re super-funny and now I’m gonna kill ya. [grin]

  28. You too, Aubs.

  29. “Look at the fluffeh duckulences! “

    Look at the duffeh… oops never mind…

    Peepings are keeping the piggies warm.

  30. Teh-o,
    “oh for petesakes.” Who’s pete? And


  31. LittleLizard says:

    I think this picture got submittiteded to the wrong site. Surely it was meant to go here:

  32. I love how the second ducky from the left is looking at the chick-sock like, “Hey bebeh…” Is that considered interspecies snorgling?

  33. [sprays monitor again]

    Oh, Jaypo. Jaypo-Jaypo-Jaypo.

  34. Those are actually an evil variety of ducklingburrs (not to be confused with pussywillow). It flourishes in urban and suburban wetlands and you have to be careful or they’ll cling to your socks or even bare legs, and they’re too cute to pry off.

  35. Oh, my lord. Those are ADORABLE. I love ducklings, and I love them all the more because they are making a comeback in my little river (slowly, the duck population is pulling up and the geese population is settling down).

    Also, totally unrelated, but after taking a hiatus from reading comments months and months ago and only returning because of the doodles, I still have to say I love you people. Especially the ones I recognize from way back when 🙂 Always good for a huge laugh!

  36. LittleLizard: after glancing at that website, I have to conclude that any putative fashion faux pas of sox w/sandals is the least heinous thing going on over in that corner of the internet. What’s with the guy in the plaid skirt on the scooter?

  37. Jaypo? Gold star. And a prophylactic.

  38. AUBREY!


    *reluctant laugh*

  39. If one is a goose and many are geese, is one a shoop and many sheep?

  40. Or is one a door, and many deese?

  41. And is one a schmoop and many a schmeep?

  42. and if the opposite of pro is con, is the opposite of pro-gress Con-gress?

    [deafened by howls of YES coming from all sides]

  43. There’s a fifth ducklet who can’t squeeze on just peeping through the grass. Quick! find someone with bigger feet or he’ll get a complex… 😉

  44. 2Cats, there’s Congress… then there’s that unchained dog causing problems to society.

  45. Oh how cute! Wittle fuzzy heads! It does look like they are peeping, little bills open.I was just saying to a co-worker yesterday that Mallard ducklings are the cutest of ducklings. Then this posse comes along and proves me right. Ah…floofy duckies!

  46. Duckie wuckies on the footsie wootsie!!! This is just tooo cute.

    Chicks rule. Ducks fluff.

  47. you guys r silly says:

    No — deece is “deece”
    and dat is dat.

  48. And one is a mouse and many meese…or is the plural of moose meese and does that make mousse meese and what happens to pudding THEN?

  49. And then, horror of horrors, what is the singular of peeps?

  50. poop

  51. existential angst

  52. LOL! Mariser!

  53. Mariser, that’s what I was afraid of. I know that’s what I get acomplished here at work when I’m playing on CO.

  54. We all know what a cow pie is, so… what’s an Eskimo pie?
    [apologies to any Eskimo peeps]
    Think I’ll stick to pudding.

  55. I think you mean an Inuit Pie.

    [smacks self on head]

    OK, sorry.

  56. Of course, Inuit would come down to this.

  57. [urp]
    Dude, clear out my way, gonna hurl…

  58. LittleLizard says:

    Redzilla: I noes. I think the socks’n’sandals is just a small symptom of unfashionabilityness in the majority of those cases.
    Anyhoo, these perky little fluffy humbugs make up for any fashion crime in this case.

  59. LittleLizard… men in kilts are always in fashion, no matter the footwear.

  60. HOLY **** SH!T!
    damn that’s cute…

    my words fail to express it…

  61. They look like they’re waiting for her to give them horsie rides.

    This is the way the ladies ride, trot, trot, trot, trot.

    This is the way the gentlemen ride, TROT, TROT, TROT, TROT.

    This is the way the cowboys ride, TROMP! TROMP! TROMP! TROMP!

  62. This has been a simply EXCELLENT thread! ducky fluffulence and all….ALL.

    A round of applause, pudding pops for all, the troll repellant appears to be working!

    *spritz spritz*

  63. That man has a bad case of “duckling’s foot”… >:)

    “Sorry, I can’t come to the phone right now, I have a bunch of ducks on my foot” – “Yeah, like I haven’t heard that one a zillion times before”

    *ducks* *pun intended*

  64. Denise in Nebraska says:

    Oh no!! Duckling cutenesses have evolved into literate connosseurs of winged-animal promoting fashion! They are clearly attracted to the “chicks rule” message that the sock bears!! What smart little duckies. Just look at duckling #2 (from left), looking down at the animated “chick”! He’s all like “let me kiss your eyeball, chicklet”! Cute and precious. Keep the baby birds coming, Meg!!!

  65. ‘sock bears’? Is this a new kind of puppet? Will we see them on CO soon?

  66. I think we just freaked out Meg’s server. The post counts on the main page have just dropped precipitately.

    The posts are all still here, though.

    (More’s the pity, in some cases…)

  67. sadie_asher says:

    That has got to be the luckiest child in the world…. babeh duckses!!!!

  68. ok. so it is sad to see sandals. like, i think, ever. like with straps and things. but maybe the ducks are embarrassed for her, and are trying to hide the unfashionability of the sandals, because the wearer has a ‘great personality’ and the ducks are trying to distract possible anti-sandalites like…uh…me i guess, with their inescapable cuteness.

  69. The peeping! The cute sox!

    ALMOST makes up for the socks with sandals faux pas.

    They’re lined up like it’s a ducky thrill ride. Wheee!

  70. No, No.
    Leah B is sacrificing her extreme hipness (after all, look at those socks!) for the cause of duckie safety and accessibility — socks are there to provide traction for de bebes.
    Number five duck is checking out the tiny sign in the grass: “You must be at least 3 inches tall to enter this ride,”
    Doubtless little duckie three-point harness are soon to follow.

  71. jackie31337 says:

    “Now let a Commentroversy begin over whether it is proper to wear socks with sandals.”

    I’ve actually come to accept the socks with sandals thing. You see it everywhere in Finland. In the warmer 2 months of the year, it’s often too warm for closed shoes, but not warm enough for bare feet in sandals. I know I’ve been guilty of it a few times myself.

    Also, OMG! I CAN’T STAND THE CUTE!!!! We get adorable little ducklings on the beach at the lake in our town, and if you stand still long enough they will come right up to you and check out your feet just like this.

  72. LOL

  73. I think they are Birkenducks!

  74. MEGGIEMOO, we’re jonesin’…

  75. Lauri-
    Well, I guess they make your foot take on the healthy natural shape of a foot covered by ducklings….

  76. I guess I learned my lesson, if you wear Burrkinstocks on your walk, you run the risk of picking up burrducklings in your sandals. I won Teva do that again.

  77. …or then again, I might.
    Sometimes I flipflop.

  78. Ahahahaha.

    Maybe they are Birkenquacks, or then again, Quackenducks.

    It’s all a lot of mallardy.

  79. Lauri, sorry to hear about your mallardy. Have you seen your duck-tor?

  80. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:

    Tis not a “look at me,” thang to say First Post…

    But those who complain about others who say First Post it sure is a: “look at me constantly complaing about it,” thang!

    When I say First Post I say my pic comment along with it…not in a separate post.

  81. Aubrey,,, you quack me up!

  82. There is nothing cute about wearing socks with sandals.

  83. My gawd, Aubrey. Is there a job where you can make puns all day? ‘Cause you could make millions.

    The velcro comment reminds me of some stuffed animals that I had as a kid. The mama duck had velcro attached to her back and side, and you could attach two baby ducks to her. It was AWESOME. (Mama duck was “married,” by the way, to my stuffed Canada Goose. Talk about hybrids…).

  84. I see tongues!! I SEE TONGUES!!

  85. More carrots!

  86. It looks like they are sticking their tongues out at us.

  87. I don’t actually think those are duckie tongues (for that, you can go here: ) …I think that’s just the paler tip of the bill where the “egg tooth” fell off. Still cute.

  88. The ducks are adorable, but Meg’s “McStackersons” comment is what has my cracking up all week, every time I think about it. What is it about that word that just makes me giggle uncontrollably? lol

    And so, because it has to be said, I think I’ve finally quacked up.

  89. I’m a poultry farmer, and I’m aware those aren’t tongues. But I like to imagine they are blowing raspberries at us! (yum, raspberrries-I grow those, too!)