Big mistakes call for BIG erasing

Oh man.

I really effed up this time.


Oh, and reflections are all the rage, Crystal A. 😉



  1. Deja vu!

  2. Morgan Skye says:

    Omg!! And I thought I had tiny frogs in my yard!

  3. Froggies neh-var make zee mistakes, sacre bleu!

  4. Clearly the froggie is normal sized, and the giant eraser is erasing CO posts and reposting them.

  5. Speaking of effing up… Meg, what’s with the double-posting, lately?

  6. that is so cute, and i love the way he looks glittery.

  7. Please to pencil me into your schedule Monsieur Hop-Hop.

  8. id like to know what camara took such an xtreme close up!

  9. There’s something so disco about this pic.

  10. maybe hes in a nightclub?

  11. Yah, what with the doubles? Not that I couldn’t take three more froggies like this wee one. 🙂

  12. It’s like the eraser’s glowing. It’s kind of disco-sci-fi. I wonder if the pencil is actually an alien spacecraft, and the eraser is some sort of glowy shrinking machine that turned a normal-sized frog so teeny.


    I need coffee.

  13. Ba-ROO?!

    [puzzled head tilt]

  14. Yeah Meg, if you’re gonna post another teensy frog post the pic I sent you of the froggie on my doorknob! 😉

  15. Rule #14

  16. TheLoveOfIsis says:

    OMG! Him is so tiny! Much too tiny to snorgle… then again… would you really want to snorgle a frog? But oh-so-cute!

  17. Can’t snorgle him, but you could snort him. Get your daily hit of frog in one convenient package.

  18. woflwhocriedboy says:

    Every time an amphibian is posted on this site I consider it a small victory for cold-blooded creatures everywhere. 😉

    When a spider is posted I’ll know that the world has changed.

  19. Glitter frogs arrive early to gain entrance to the newest hip hop club, “The Frog’s Legs”.

  20. As far as the double posts go- I haven’t seen any of them happen.
    Maybe a browser issue?

  21. Ahhh. I want one! Oh…Wait!! It that one of those Designer Frogs from those tadpole mills??!?!?!

  22. Am I really seeing glitter on that froggy?????

  23. Nora, ha!

    Trying to shake vivid image of very unfortunate wiggly frog stuck up my nostril.

  24. Layla : Definitely an Alien Spaceship!!!

  25. Stillllll a blurpy little frog!

  26. Definately the second post. Has the postings been outsourced to a newbie?

    Just kidding, I liked seeing teeny sparkly glitter guy next to the giant magical marshmallow eraser on a stick again!

  27. What an amazingly tiny froglet! How do you even see it to catch it and put it next to your eraser? Can you imagine how teensy he must have been as a baby polliwog?

    *takes out pencil and stares at eraser very hard, trying to imagine just how small this frog is*

  28. He’s from the Froggie Mafia, or Cosa Nostril. See the frown? He’s ordering a rubout!

  29. He’s the Frogfather?

  30. “He’s the Frogfather?”


  31. HRH and Kate — one gold star, one Mad Hat. [bowing]

  32. House of Mayhem says:

    Lord Frogly, The Earl of Iridesence.

  33. i think hes just bronzy but it might be glitter..

  34. Minute glitter frog.
    Goldeneyed amphibian.
    Wise and unafraid.

  35. Lauri!

    you got your haiku! awesom-o

    /golf clap

  36. /golf clap for Lauri

    I didn’t see the double post of Hamster N Rack, but did see the double of teeny froggie, who def. falls into the “if you can fit on a finger, you’re cute”.

  37. *grin*

    tank-u! Been thinking in Haikus all day. The brain is a very weird thing. 😛

  38. Cute teeny frog! He definitely needs a name…

  39. Something commanding and intimidating…

  40. How about “KERMIEEEEEE!”

  41. Oh, nevermind. I see the double post now 😀
    I love this little froggie, he’s so shiny ^_^

  42. Jackie from Michigan says:

    Oh my…that frog is so tiny that he could easy get smooshed! He definitely has one of the rules of cuteness going on there…

  43. Peg of Tilling says:

    He’s so small he’s a froggle pebble (not a froggle rock).

  44. O
    G…That is so cute….(I’m at a loss for words….)

  45. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:

    My fave part of this pic is the shiney purple pencil!

    ooooo aahhh ooohh!

    Purple is my fave color!

  46. i wonder what he eats? ants?

  47. _______________________
    froglet—> O

    It boggles the mind…..
    May I have him? Pleeeease?

  48. i think if he tried to eat an ant it would squish him. he is absolutely too miniscule to have ants as a snack.

    (anyhow, he’d have to keep the legs and abdomen as a leftover or something, gross as that sounds…)

  49. pistache268 says:

    ? :S

  50. I don’t think it is ever possible for a picture of an itty-bitty froglet to be UNcute!!!

  51. He should be called Froggy Stardust.

  52. Ya know, even though he’s a frog, he’s got a sort of lounge lizard look.
    Gonna break out with an Elvis medley any minute now.

  53. LOL, Froggy Stardust! So right!!! 🙂

  54. Um, you should SO not let your frog do coke.

  55. omg! is it even possible for animals to be this size and fully formed!??

  56. This is so cute! You so have to show me where to get little frogs like this! lol

  57. WHAT is up with that luminescent eraser??? It’s brighta than the sun!

  58. Isn’t he a little small to be doing white lines?!