A puppys’ gotta eat

Here’s the story: a cat named Ms. Kitty had kittens but lost the litter. A pup named Smoochie had puppies but is less than interested in her litter. Ms. Kitty adopts Smoochie’s pups.

Oh, and the cat’s owner is seen poking around under a trailer for some reason.

I love trailer park stories, Mindy M.



  1. maymeemaymee says:

    AAAWWWWW what a good momcat! Just further proof that CATS RULE.

  2. Whoa… now THAT’S fostering.

  3. Head just exploded for the umpteenth time!

  4. Catman Dude says:

    I actually was about to tear up at the giving of the Mom-cat of herself to the pups. Awwwwwww-some!

  5. ShelleyTambo says:

    Cute, really, but get that dog spayed.

  6. Oh how precious!

  7. Yay for mom cat … but that dog is on an awfully short chain, and I’m not seeing any water or food for her within reach.

  8. Maymeemaymee? Heh. You can just call me Maymee.
    And oh yeah, FIRST POST!
    *does a gleeful first post dance*
    *spots Teho and runs away*

  9. That’s adorable. But yeah, the dog needs to be fixed.

  10. That momcat is l-o-v-e.

  11. martha in mobile says:

    Doggie AND Kitty need to be spayed. Maddie’s Fund!

  12. Oh.. That was so adorable I almost started crying at work! Gosh..

  13. awesome kitty, feckless dog, dumb reporter.

    the setting is uber trailer-parky. cool! and kudos to the lady pokin’ around under the trailer, who i think is adjusting the kitty’s home to make it more spacious or stable or something.

  14. Saw this one before.

    Cats are TEH AWESOME.

  15. Ack, it was almost unspeakably cute. I personally love how the puppies were all over the momma cat, as if life for them wouldn’t be complete unless they were spread out all over her fluffitude.

    Meanwhile, I had to watch this with sound off thanks to grumpy sleepers at my home, but it’s just as well. Instead of reporter voices, I put in cute puppy “whuffling” sounds as they crawled around.

  16. ShelleyTambo says:

    Yes, both doggie and kitty need to be fixed; however, doggy could and should be done now (especially since she doesn’t want to take care of her younguns). The vet would probably want to wait on kitty until the puppies have been weaned.

  17. Maymee — When you *happen* to get FP when you actually have something topical to say, then I’m fine w/it. Do your Snoopy Dance or whatever. You’re golden.

    It’s the GRATUITOUS “First! First! Lookit meeee I gots nuthin butt at least I’m FIRST!” variety of comments that irritate me.

  18. this is beyond heart warming. thank you for sharing! it really made my day.

  19. TheLoveOfIsis says:

    Ok. C.O. just keeps getting cuter. You don’t think it can happen, and then it does.

  20. I’d forgotten how puppies sort of wail and groan and squeak all the time. We must nibble them, Precious.

    And that beautiful Queen with the biscuit-making and the squeezy, happy eyes…

    [head drops to desk as commenter dies]

  21. I love how Mama is hugging the baby at the end of the video.

  22. The mamma cat ‘lost’ her litter? Did they die? All of them? Were they taken away too early? Just wondering – I aint never owned a cat.

  23. *grabs Teho and snoopy dances*

  24. Hey HEY! [spilling mocha] …try’na WORK here.

    (OK, so I’m not trying very hard.)

  25. That’s just so unbelievably cute! I love this site!

  26. A “news” segment which is disturbing on a number of levels…but cuz I ain’t a Nuffingham, I am only going to think about how incredibly happy and content momma kitty looks with her adopted babies squirming all over her.

  27. i was wondering when this was going to be posted.

  28. you guys r silly says:

    CURSE this damned work computer where I’m UNABLE to view any kewt videos….

  29. blueberries4me says:

    okay, I just love stories like these. It doesn’t look like that dog chain was attached to the tree rather it was on a leash. Ms.Kitty carrying the puppy in her mouth is too frickin adorable. Especially with all the squirmy squirm happening.

  30. oh, I wanna cry, that was so sweet!!! The little baby squee, squee, squee, and how happy mama kitteh looked! I felt kinda bad for the dog though, I don’t know that a cocker spaniel is a “tied up outside” kind of a dog.
    Did that lady keep her luggage under that trailer?

  31. Marianne Moore says:

    First off yes very cute.. But that lady should be bitch slapped. There was no food, no water, and that rope or whaterver was tied around her dogs neck was waaaaayy to short she couldnt even get in her doghouse.. And yes Cocker Spanials ARE NOT OUTSIDE dogs.. that why she keeps trying to run away you dumb hoe.

  32. That was darling, but I hope she gets them fixed so this doesn’t happen again. Where is the ASPCA??

  33. Wow, do we still have that kitten handy from the commentroversy the other day? I think Marianne could use a good whiff of teh qte. Too much coffee, hon?

  34. Spay spay spay. All three adult females in the video.
    [runs away]

  35. I lurved how the momcat looked so content with her big swarm of puppies, each one almost the size of her.

  36. Very cute, but SPAY and NEUTER!

  37. OK, since I am at work, though I’m being useless in a huge, almost Biblical sense, I haven’t put the sound on, but I can guess the gist. And I’m with Redz, there are problems, but there also be cuteness and fluffiness, and squirminess and puppiness and kittiness and happiness so I’ll keep mum about the moms.

    Teughie, that was one intense kitteh! What kind of ‘nip did you use? (takes one more snorgle and passes it on)

  38. so sweet! are those puppies getting enough nutrition from uh, cat milk though?

  39. Miss Kitty is gorgeous and she’s such a devoted mother. I’m sure it can’t be easy shlepping those puppies up inside that trailer.

  40. WTG kitty mom!!

  41. I’m with chacha. (run away)

  42. Oh my god, that poor dog!

  43. “First off yes very cute.. “

    nuff… nuff… snuff…

    snurff… snurg… snorg… snorgle… awwwwwww! Thanks, Aubs!

  44. *starts to master CO lingo*

    Bebeh doggehs suckin’ on mama kitteh=A-NE-RA-BLE!

  45. Ah, trailer trash…

    The dog would probably stop running away if she was spayed and if she was kept in the house (uhhh….trailer?) with the family.

    Inbred hillbillies…not cute.

  46. JP:

    No probs…hey, wanna go to the high school auditorium tonight for the midnight showing of ‘Meeper Madness’?


    Welcome to the jungle.

  47. Also a response to ShelleyTambo I think – the cat can be spayed now, she will continue to lactate even after being spayed.

    I highly doubt ANY of these animals will be sterilized however and the cycle will just continue.

  48. To bad mom lives on a chain – that is horrible.

  49. Anyone notice that the woman’s haircut is the same as the dog’s?

    Love love love the squirmin’ puppy in momma cat’s mouf. So cute!!!

  50. Peggy — whose mom? Mine doesn’t…

    Blue’s ass, this is my foot. Foot, meet Blue’s ass.
    I’ll just hop along now & let you two get acquainted.

  51. I must say I’m dismayed by the extreme negativity here lately. Instead of thinking about how AMAZING (and it is amazing) it is that this cat was able to recover from losing her little AND save a little from an entirely different species, so many people seem to have only negative comments to share.

    I rarely comment, because with the clever words of people like Theo and Aubrey filling the comments, anything I have to say is just so much squeeing. I would like to suggest to people however, to keep in mind that while you are sitting there calling people hos, and insulting them based on the fact that they live in a trailer, none of us can know all of the circumstances of another person’s situation.

    There is nothing wrong with commenting on social issues at large, but judging another person, or your fellow posters with such limited knowledge as generally accompanies these posts adds nothing. This is not an admonition to “shut up and enjoy the cute” but rather, an encouragement to think before you post about what your comment adds to the conversation. There is plenty of negativity in the world. Why not make a positive contribution instead?

    I hope I have not overstepped my bounds in posting this, but reading the comments from several recent posts compelled me to speak my mind.

  52. Wow… actual substance.
    [tips the Mad Hat to Gryph]

  53. Wayyyy Cool. As an owner of a
    boxer and a beautiful cat named
    Lucille….I truly adore this story.


  54. One small note, though… just a note-let, really… Gryph, I think your spell-checker might be a wee bit overzealous. (I think “little” = “litter”)

    Can’t help myself. Hate to see an otherwise excellent comment blemished.

  55. Theo, can I update a comment? *grumble stupid spell check grumble*

  56. You don’t KNOW how many times I’ve wished I could do that, with my own stuff.

  57. Are you insane?? What’s cute about this?

    The way the chirpy announcer frames this tragedy (all of the kittens died, the cat’s health is going to be severely compromised by nursing puppies, and every single one of those pups is going to die in a week or so when their need for milk outpaces the cat’s ability to produce it) makes me ill.

    Every cute little puppy that you see on the screen is dead by now, rotting in the ground. There’s a litter of dead kittens somewhere out there, too. And the cat and the dog are probably both pregnant again. Aww, shucks.

  58. Theo – well, it was worth a shot. 🙂

  59. You don’t KNOW how many times I’ve wished all the little kitties and puppies weren’t dead and rotting and pregnant because Kim said so.

  60. Gryph, ditto and never, NEVER deprive us of another squee. Please? For me?

    Kim, Erin, whoever else. No one wants you here. Can you please just go away? Please? For me? For Baby Jesus?

    Signed: Former Trailer Trash

  61. First of all – How happy is Momma Kitty with her new pups. Um kittens. puppens????

    Secondly – SPAY your pets WOMAN!!! (Sorry Gryph – I agree with you, but it has to be said) That dog is not in great shape (look at her coat). That may not be her normal place to live – but I bet it is. Spaying her (well both of them) will keep her from running off. ANd she may be too young to know what to do with the pups in the first place. Chained dogs become societal problems.

    Cute cute cute tho!

  62. I might argue that UN-chained dogs can also become societal problems.
    See also: http://www.whitehouse.gov/

  63. Shannon, again says:

    Umm Kim – thanks for that? What a pleasant mental image. Uncalled for and unwanted.

  64. Y’know, if mama cat does run short of milk (and I am not convinced she will, as the mammary gland is an amazing thing and works on supply-and-demand), there are these amazing inventions known as baby animal nursing bottles. And even people who live in trailers ought to be able to figure out how to use them. I bet mama and puppies are doing just fine.

    Just for the record, MY mama used to live in a trailer. And I turned out okay. She’s got better hair than this lady though…

  65. So…you think that lady is reading these comments? ‘Cause if I were her I’d’ve run off when previous commenters called me Trash and made fun of my hair.

  66. Theo – Why the white house link? I must be missing something. And well sure, anything and anyone can become a societal problem. But people are just beginning to realize what chaining dogs can do to them. Thats all I was saying.

  67. Kim H., that hair thing was NOT aimed at you. No one said it’s a good style decision on Miss Kitty’s mom’s part. Nope.

  68. SO what happened to the Mommacat’s kittens? When they say lost her litter.. do they mean they died? Poor Mommacat 😦
    But it’s so cute how she’s taking care of the puppies. Loved it when she picked of the squiggling puppy 😛 lol Definitely doesn’t go all limp and helpless like a kitten would lol.

  69. Cerise, I figured you were pointing that gun at some earlier commments…

    This is a simple person without a lot of education and without a lot of money. Easy for us to say, “Spay your pets” or “don’t have ’em if you can’t take care of ’em”, and sometimes that does need to be said. But these critters may be this lady’s only companions. Perhaps they were given to her or dumped on her, and she just never quite got up the funds to get them altered, hoping for the best. A lot of people live that way. When one is poor, one tries not to think about what might go wrong.

    We shouldn’t stop trying to educate pet owners through media channels, and we can all help pet owners GET them spayed/neutered… and we can support local laws that do remove the truly neglected animals. But name-calling isn’t very useful.

  70. Man, whoever said that about commentroversy coming in waves sure had that right…

  71. Quite right, Kim H.

  72. Gryph–
    [raises tea cup, toasts teh power of the word]

  73. I second that, Kim.

  74. I’m sorry that some folks think we should all just sit back and “enjoy the cute” (which is what we’re usually priviledged to do on CO — Meg is awesome!!), but this sad little movie does indeed have Spay/Neuter Your Pet written all over it. No fun to watch, and excruciating to listen to. I have nothing personal against the lady, but it hurts to think about those animals having litter after litter after litter in the dirt…

    I’m a huge fan of this site. I tell people about its wonderfulness all the time.

    But sometimes you just gotta say what’s on your mind.

    Thank you.

    (no offense meant to anyone… but not running anywhere, either)

  75. am i the only person who is unable to view this?

  76. Kim H., do you seriously believe that a woman who treats her animals the way she does would exert the huge amount of effort it takes to hand-raise puppies?

    Do you think she’s going to get up every three to four hours ’round the clock to feed them and stimulate their elimination processes? Weigh them on a kitchen scale to ensure that they’re growing properly? Get them medical care if they develop gastroenteritis as so many hand-raised pups do?

    Of course not. Those pups are dead, and there’s absolutely nothing cute about that.

  77. ShelleyTambo says:

    Blue, the problem is not whether she’ll continue to lactate, it’s whether the babies can go at least one day without her. Most kittens will be fine overnight, but many vets prefer to wait until either the milk has stopped or the babies have started eating solid food. If there are comlications with the surgery, it could cause serious problems for the babies. Same if mama is sensitive about the incision site. After my cat was spayed, if she thought I was even looking at her belly, she lunged at me. Maybe she would be been different for her kittens…

  78. Martha in Washington says:

    We used to have a St. Bernard that would “babysit” our barn cats’ kittens to the point where the mama cat would take them away and hide the kittens! The dog (Ringo) would go get them and bring them back to the box on the porch. It was hysterically funny to watch the mama and the Babysitter carry the kitties back and forth. The mama would usually just give up and leave the kittens where the dog could watch them.

  79. I haven’t looked at the video yet myself, because I’m at work, but Kim, you are skating dangerously close to condemning an entire group of people (those who live in trailer communities) by painting them all with a single, narrow-minded, stereotype brush.

    You do not know anything about her. You would do well to refrain from judging her.

  80. Squee away, Gryph, squee away.

  81. AuntieMame, the puppies squee. For realsies.

    Dangerously close? I fink she crossed the lahn, honeh.

  82. I’m with Phyllis on this one, that dog (as well as the kitty) should be spayed…the comment on having to chain her up so she doesn’t run off and get pregnant again really drives the point home. And also, I’m really not sure those puppies have half a chance at life, when they get too big for the cat to handle there might be dire consequences unless someone steps in. Which isn’t likely.

    This is awful…prime “Cute Or Sad” material.

  83. the momcat is gorgeous!stretchy splayed feets and all.

  84. Kim, did it ever even remotely occur to you that if the pup’s health started to fail she’d take them to an animal hospital rather than keeping them and watching them waste away? Stop being so flippin’ morbid. It takes an entirely different level of negligence to allow pets to starve when you could easily hand them over to people more able to give them the care they need and there’s NOTHING – I repeat NOTHING – in that video to insinuate that this woman would let things get to that point. Is she a bit careless? Maybe. Is she a little ignorant about pet care? Possibly. Does that mean she’d watch puppies die once it became clear they were not being properly nourished? Gimme a freakin break. That’s a helluva leap.

  85. AWWWWWWWWW. Go, Miss Kitty! With you all the way, girl! (The reporter was a little irritating though…)

    I LOVE trailers!!! Sooo exciting!!!

    [scrolls down]

    Oh GOD, not again.

    [repeats hypnotically to herself]

    I did not see the comments … I DID NOT see the comments …

    [tries to hold in her puke]


    Jeez, I’d better keep my troll-repellent ready when I next log in.

  86. In fact…I’d put all my money on it that within a week after that news story was released, someone in her area with a bit more savy made her aware of the dangers and encouraged her to give the puppies to foster care.

    So, 100% chance they are NOT dead. Lighten up.

  87. Wow, Kelly, calm down…I’m sure Kim didn’t mean anything overly harsh by it. I’m sure all that was insinuated was, and I agre epartially on the matter, is maybe since she may not be properly educated on pet care, she might not even recognize the early stages of malnutrition or starvation if it DID get to that point. :/ that’s one reason I can’t stand the show this clip is taken from, they really don’t offer any valid updates on the animals featured on their show.

  88. I’m interested to read where I mentioned this woman’s socioeconomic status. Please point it out.

  89. ShelleyTambo says:

    Pillow, actually segments like this often air on local news, so it’s entirely possible that a rescue organization became aware of the situation–and hopefully directed her toward a low-cost or free spay/neuter program so the situation doesn’t arise again.

  90. martha in mobile says:

    That’s why I mentioned Maddie’s fund! All you need is a medicaid card and $5 to have your pet spayed at a participating vet. Because even we toofless trailer trash* need pets to love.

    *I was trailer trash in college.

  91. Allie and Jojo's Mom says:

    For the love of the tiny baby Jesus people!!!! If you don’t like what you see you can use that little arrow and go and hit that little red button in the corner and GO THE HELL AWAY!! This website is for people who enjoy all things cute. If you’d rather think of dead rotting thing, I’m sure there’s a fethish website that’s perfect for you. Yes, people should spay and neuter their pets. There should also be more no-kill shelters with unlimited funding, world peace, and mandatory sterelization for people like Kim, but there’s not!Tough Tacos!! When was the last time you funded a shelter or donated money for free spay/nueter services? Just enjoy the squirmy puppies and the happy mommas and the joy that is poofy bangs.


    PS – I apologize for the blatent miuse of my ! button.

  92. Allie and Jojo's Mom says:

    Wow. Sorry for the manifesto. That diatribe was a lot shorter in my head. I think I was just possesed by Michael Moore. ‘Could be worse though…

  93. Poofy bangs are not joyful! :p

  94. So….

    I’ve only been checking this site for about 6 months or so: has Meg made up a word for the sound little puppies make when they’re nursing? I know she must have the perfect term.

    And look at the tail on that kitty! Gorgeous!

  95. May I please just say. “Squeeee.”
    Best momma cat ever.
    (And a hearty round of
    “LALALALALA, I can’t hear you”
    for all those folks who have so much contempt they’ve never met.)

  96. I always called that sound “Snurfling” back when my own kitty was a baby and would suckle my nose (he was found behind a dumpster and wasn’t weaned yet, he still suckles my nose to this day <3 ). That vid is definitely full of snurfles.

  97. ‘S OK, A & J’s mum. Since I agree with you and all…

  98. Allie and Jojo's Mom says:

    Thanks for the support Cerise.

    Teho – sorry in advance for all the grammatical and spelling errors I’m sure I made.

  99. ShelleyTambo says:

    I agree, too, A & J’s mom, although in Kim’s defense, she’s not the one who brought up socioeconomic status. To those who did, get a clue and check out the people who surrender their pets to shelters. The number of people who obviously have the ability and just as obviously choose not to care for their animals properly may surprise you (at least at my shelter–can’t speak for everywhere)–as opposed to this woman, who probably can’t afford it and isn’t aware of programs that could help her. To say that this is typical of “trailer trash”–and thus imply that it’s not typical of others–is ridiculous.

  100. Yeah, I should be sterilized for not thinking that cases of neglect are cute.

    I have spent the past decade working with animals, and I’ve seen situations like this far, far too often to find anything cute about it or to be able to fool myself into thinking that a miracle happened and those pups are okay.

    Y’all are heartless.

  101. You’re right. We don’t give a sh*t about the plight of mistreated animals everywhere and hate those who do. You should go, for your own good.

  102. Allie and Jojo's Mom says:

    Ok – I’m from the South – Alabama, specifically – and I dislike the social streotypes associated with Trailers. That said, this isn’t a potical form. I’t about teh Qte. Enjoy the snurfling. And my beef with Kim was the whole “dead and rotting” kick she seemed to be on. Just keep thoughts like that to yourself please.

  103. Kim, Kim, Kim… do ya *hear* ya’self?

  104. Allie and Jojo's Mom says:

    Ok – who am I to just be spouting off orders like a regular. I’m going back to Stuff On My Cat and will return to merely lurking my way around CO.

  105. ‘sokay, A&J’s Mom. The “regulars” spout because spouting is what makes us regulars.

  106. Allie and Jojo's Mom says:

    So does that mean I have an official ‘Teho seal of approval’? I like puddin.

  107. STUFFONMYCAT.COM!!!!!!!! YES!!!!

  108. ka9q's wife says:

    OK OK I have this visual of the usual posters to CO sitting in a huge circle and huffing and snorgling baby mammals. ooooo dude don’t bogart that kitteh. Pass it this way. Sooner or later it’s going to be the Huffingtons and and Nuffingtons.
    *Takes a deep huff off of a passing puppeh and sends it over to Mariser.*

  109. “spouting is what makes us regulars”

    Or does it just make us regular? Along with the large doses of Nuffage?

  110. Can I have a puppy to huff, please? I like kittings but they don’t agree with me.

  111. Dude.

    It’s all about the kittings.

    *goes to glomp her own kitteh*

  112. I kinda like “whehrk” as the noise a squeaking puppy makes.

    It’d be fascinating to know what goes on inside an animal’s head when it adopts cross-species. Heck, fascinating to know what goes inside an animal’s head during any situation, but particularly when it does something that’s not part of its usual eat, protect territory, breed routine. Is it mere confusion about what species the baby is? Is it a biological response to the same general traits that turn humans on, the disproportionately big eyes, big head, and squeaky voices? Is it a conscious compassion that animals can feel?

    Who knows…

  113. Niiiice, Laurie C. [snickering] Now scat!

    Kate — here: http://www.squidgrid.com/images/misc/wahwahfamily.gif

  114. Morons. The woman AND the stupid, smary camera crew.

    To those of you who think the woman will rush the pups to the vet if they start to fail …. excuse me, this is an owner who cannot be bothered (or afford, if some of you are to be believed) to even neuter her pets, instead leaving them to get knocked-up and add to the population of unwanted animals. This is a woman who makes an indoor dog live outside in hot weather on a goddamned SHORT CHAIN with little access to food, water or shelter. This is basically your common or garden ignorant TWIT who may very well express extreme sentiment toward her pets but demonstably does nothing to help them live full and healthy lives. People can love their pets and also be extremely irresponsible pet owners who end up causing more pain and suffering to their charges.

  115. Hehe it’s a snurfle fest. ^-^;;

    And I can tell you EXACTLY what goes on through the head of my kitten about 90% of the time:

    “Food. Mommy. Food me. Food. Mommy. Food? Me?

    Food…? Foo….zzzzzzzzz”

  116. Allie and Jojo's Mom says:

    Does anyone have a Hammie to huff on? I’m kinda on a hammie kick these days?

  117. Oh, dear god, the trolls, the trolls.

    [blink, blink]


    [falls to knees, raises clawed hands to the sky]

    Death comes like a lover. Good…bye…

  118. Allie and Jojo's Mom says:

    My kittehs usual inner dialouge goues like this – “I’m hungry. Where’s momma? Momma I’m hungry. Whatcha got? Can I eat that? Hey what’s this shiny thing. I wonder if I could destroy that. I’m hungry.”

    PS – Am I only one who thinks that maybe the doggers is chained up like that so she won’t bother all the vistitors?

  119. [grabs kitteh from ka9q’s wife and inhales][for a long time]
    puff, puff, pass
    to the left

  120. [grabs kitteh]

    Trolls didn’t kill me after all. I need summa dat.

    [inhales – kitten ear flapping madly at my nostril]

  121. Boyohboy, CretinHelen. You really are a shining specimen. Permit me to paste your poster to my porch.
    [puffs & passes]

    Dude, I can see my HANDS.
    Wait, I guess I could do that before.

  122. Wow..Cerise wins for Most Emo Post of the Day Award. o.O;;

    lol and A&J’s mom, that’s pretty much the essense of Cattitude for you XD I’m pretty sure my baby orange tabby has plans for world domination.

    Until he gets distracted by yet another shiny, fluffy and/or delicious object.

  123. Thank you, Pillow. Thank you. [bows]

    Theo: clever and evil. And cute. Mebbeh.

  124. XD

  125. I’ll never say.

  126. ……Maybe we should stop, we could be inadvertently sparking a disturbing trend of Kitty-puffers.

    Oh, the humanity. So many allergy fits…..so many scratched faces! Dear god, the scratched faces!

  127. Hey, pass the kitteh *and* the pupper over here. Needs me a *big* damn hit of the cute, I do.

    A & J’s mom – let’s go get us a rodent or two. Meet you behind the barn –

  128. HEY YOU KIDS!!! Why aren’t you at school? And is that purring coming from under that door?

    (sounds of frantic window opening)

  129. You know, Aubrey. Kids these days. I’m almost happy they’re huffing kittens, honestly. Other kids are huffing puppies, rats, pandas…kittens really ARE the gateway drug.

  130. Only if they’re outdoor kitters.

  131. LOL Aubrey!!!!!!!

  132. H and the rest of you complainers, you do not *know* any of that stuff about that woman. The video was TWO MINUTES and TWENTY-NINE SECONDS long, fer cryin’ out loud. That’s hardly a basis for claiming that you have figured out her economic status, her mental condition, or her opinions on animal care.

    How do you know that she doesn’t keep the dog in the house most of the time, but just put it on the chain so the camera crew could film it?

    I looked at the video at last, and I did not see one damn thing that would justify any of anyone’s criticisms.

    So shut it already.

  133. Well I was going to make a Dell joke… y’know, as opposed to Gateway…

  134. …and it would have been funny indeed, Theo. Funny indeed.

  135. Thpppt.

  136. [grins wickedly]

  137. Correction, it was ONE MINUTE and 26 seconds long…

  138. *runs in, slams the door* THEO! CERISE! Guys! I got the stuff, had to pay a lil extra for it but here it is:


    Lock the door, dude, this is some choice snuffle here.

  139. Oh my god, dude. ohmygod. Hurry up, start it off.

  140. *snorgle-snorgle-purrrrrrrrrrrr*

    *SNIIIFFFFFF* Ahhhhhh…..duuuuude….I so totally want some nachos now

  141. Mmo… mo… mmmmm… o..
    [squeaky throat noise]

    * * * ka-PLOOEY * * *

  142. Theo. THEO!! You’re up, man.

  143. Yeah, Mochi is my bebbeh ^-^

    *motions to Theo* C’mon dude, keep it rollin’

  144. [inarticulate googoo noises]

  145. [sigh] Pillow, we’ve lost him again. Pass it over.

    Honestly, it’s like being so distracted by the beauty of a water bong that you’re unable to take a hit. Come on! Don’t LOOK at the kitteh, huff it.

  146. Don’t dwell on its super-ultra-cute name, either.

  147. Hehehe. *passes him along*

    >< ;; Too bad he's GIGA-NORMOUS now, this was taken like nine months ago XD

    *takes a puff* So how ’bout them nachos, bra?

  148. [pupils showing “tabbyhead M” symbols]

  149. Dude….cerise, I think he’s OD’ing, what do we do?!

  150. What a bunch of Pussheads!!!


  151. [thought-bubble appearing over head: “is it bad that I still find all of this to be very very funny?”]
    [stripey silver-gray bubbles escaping from ears]

  152. I dunno, give him a hamster bum to snorgle? Should sober his ass right up.

  153. LOL Theo, we’re nerds, accept it XD

  154. good old whatshername says:

    Yay for the cuteness, and I’m glad that Mama Cat has stepped up to the plate, but between the politics, the class prejudice and the general morbidity, I think this thread has pretty much cured me of reading past the pictures. Theo, Aubrey et al. notwithstanding.

  155. ka9q's wife says:

    lay him down on some pillows and just keep an eye on him. The good thing about snorgling kittehs is if everyone takes their allergy meds no one gets hurt. Or alternately if you need him to come out of it fast put some peanut butter on his cheeks and let a few great danes lick it off.

    *snorgles deeply and lays back to enjoy the rush…well first brushes fur from my lips.*

  156. [bubbles abruptly pop, in unison]
    Eeww. I won’t be needing any Great Dane baths, thankyouverymuch. And no peanut butter within 100 yards, it’s in the restraining order.

  157. ka9q's wife says:

    I love the stereotypes about southerners. Inbred. Hillbillies.
    Actually Hillbillies although for a long time denied the education that they deserved had a proud heritage. Most of the Hillbillies descended from Scotch and Irish immigrants who came over in the 17th century and settled in the hills at some point. They preserved the traditions and the language patterns of their heritage. Funny I find calling people ethnic names or names based on their geographic location to be far more ignorant than someone whose culture is different. And trust me the US is a big place and the culture changes from region to region.
    me-who has family who came over from Ireland in 1753 and who also has family in pretty much every region of the states.

  158. ka9q's wife says:

    snickers at Theo….oooo snickers…gets the munchies.

  159. *passes the nachos over to Ka9q’s wife*

  160. Great Dane snorgles….oh god…The Wettening….the humanity!

  161. ChaCha has said it best…SPAY ALL THREE FEMALES IN THIS VIDEO!!! (yelled whilejoggn by..)

  162. [deftly intercepting the nachos]
    Hmm, I thought “hillbillies” was a derogatory term for folks living in Appalachia, not the South…?

    Who’s got the Snickers?

  163. Wait; I was actually working…(smells melted cheese)…what’s this?


    Don’t bogart that guac, my friend! You have and I have not!

  164. Hehe… ^-^;; I love you guys.

  165. Kitty’s gotta eat.
    [scoops one LARGE last glob o’ guac]


    I suffer from exhaustion due to lack of guac, you fiend!

  167. [nawm nawm nawm]
    There’th thtill thom lepht…

  168. (books a ticket to Michigan)

  169. I had guac with my lunch turkey and bacon.

    It was yummy.

    And from out here in the West, Appalachia IS in the South.

    Meaning no offense. Just giving some geographical perspective.

  170. I’ve just noticed that the dog is called “Smoochie”. I think this might be the most horrifying fact of all…

  171. Two words – drunken stork!
    “Congrabulatons mishes kittycat, yur a muther! Hic!”

  172. i love the irony. “humane” activists who use every specious and despicable stereotype in the book to help themselves feel better about themselves and superior to others.

    your hatred and righteous indignation are disgusting. yes, there are millions of people in this world who do not care for their animals — or children, for that matter — properly. do you think that your hate and vitriol help that situation? if you do, you’re wrong. make change with love, not judgment.

    …and now…

    anyone got a tabbico stash? i hear that stuff’s the bomb. i’d settle for a mastiff spliff. bouvier doobie? pointer joint? shiba reefer? saluki doob? great dane mary jane? lowchen roach? (bouvier des) flanders fattie?

    whatevs, just lemme sidle up, k? don’t park on the grass…er, puppy!

    “pass the kittie to the left-hand side, i say…”

  173. *passes it on to DLT* Here ya go, bra!

  174. Can someone please call the Humane Society? While it is tres cute that the cat is feeding the puppies, someone needs to do something about the fact that the dog is 1. not spayed and 2. being chained to a tree… Just a bit concerned, here. I’m not kidding.

  175. Christine :-) says:

    Um, just out of curiosity, and I don’t mean to offend anyone, and I definitely agree that more people should spay and neuter their pets, but, um … if EVERY cat and dog were spayed and neutered — wouldn’t that wipe out the entire species cattus and doggus? Because spayed and neuterered animals usually don’t procreate. Unless maybe the Dog Star is rising in the east or something.

  176. [in a sing songy voice]


    I brought more nachos, guac, and my fav… Ritz crackers with a can of easy cheeze!

  177. [passed out on a shaggy yellow floor-pillow, in the shape of a duck]
    [faintly snoring]

  178. Now you guys be a Humane Society with that can of Easy Cheese!

    Just kiddin … I brought a whole case of Easy Cheese!


  179. [dreaming of armored cheeses, for some reason]

  180. Thank God the cat was around or the puppies would probably still be laying in the dirt. Btw, that dog is way too filthy looking to be a house-dog.

  181. Hey Danielle, ol’ buddy, ol’ BFF – care to share with a fellow peep?

    Wait – woman are you mad? Put that can of Cheeze Whiz down!

  182. No, Aubrey … hand over snuffly kitty or the cheeze goes flying!

  183. Gimme the spray cheez and a marmie to snorgle. That’s, like, color-coordinated.

    Ms. Kitty here is a good kitty.

    *squirts canned cheez*

  184. Alright alright, for a fellow peep.

    Have a can. Have 2, their small.

  185. (takes one final huff of fine artisanal kitteh, and passes to Danielle)

    Thanks; sharing the dairy (real or not so much) is a true sign of friendship and compassion.

    And remember, lurkert. is next in line. T. has had enough.

  186. Cheese cheese

    the magical fruit

    the more you eat …

    ::: giggles :::

  187. This kitty is empty. I snorgled till I had no snorgle left to snorgle.

    … gergle

  188. Danielle — nah, wrong joke, wrong thread. Go here…

  189. [comes in, looks around]

    Oh-KAY. In the time it took for me to leave work and get home you people EMPTIED THE KITTEN?

    Stheriouswy – you guys have a problem. I’m calling Meow Anon.

  190. The canned cheese is empty,guys, thanks alot.

    [sounds of empty canned cheese nozzle… or is it…?]

  191. Hi, my name is Danielle

    (“””hi Danielle””)

    and I am a kitten emptying snorgler.

  192. Dudes! I brought a whole case. Who snarfed the case?

  193. It’s ok Cerise, lemme roll another one real quick…


    This one’s not as potent but my dealer said he rolls a good Schnurgle.

  194. Dawwwww.

  195. Oh YEAH. Meow-ie Wowie, maybe? You can take a few puffs off of that fuzz puff, no worries.

  196. Pillow, looks like little kittie’s got snackitude!

  197. Yeh, that’s his “eager face”.

  198. Hehehe. Ok guys, no more kittehs, after htis one’s spent I got no more ;_;

    …..*reaches for the cheese whiz*

  199. Ooooooh, look what I found … a bebe skunky. Anybody wanna snorgle him?

    [Tossing bebe skunkie to Pillow]


  201. I remember seeing this on tv! Incidently the hostess of the show is C.O material as well. ^-^

  202. do wombats like canned cheese?

  203. Many years ago my family rescued a pregnant cat. Unfortunately, the kittehs were born premature and none of them survived. The mommy cat adopted some of my stuffed toys as her new “babies”. She carried them around in her mouth, bathed them, and even did that *making biscuits* thing with her paws when she slept with them. It was so cute/sad.

  204. I think mama kitty thinks the puppehs are adorable.
    Same as me.
    I think puppehs think mama kitty is wonderful.
    Same as me.
    Maybe cute is universal;

  205. Yes, many of the statements made about this woman are classist and every bit as ignorant as she has been called.

    That said, there are so many things about this situation that aren’t cute. Poverty, for starters. The people calling those who refuse to keep quiet about it “trolls” should probably stick to stuffed animals and not live ones. Hell, I’m starting to think some people here would find a taxidermy preserved cat or pup “cute.”

  206. “Hell, I’m starting to think some people here would find a taxidermy preserved cat or pup “cute.””

    Only if it’s stuffed with rainbows and unicorn horn shavings.

  207. “Hell, I’m starting to think some people here would find a taxidermy preserved cat or pup “cute.””

    Only if it’s stuffed with rainbows and unicorn horn shavings.

  208. Yes very cute. The lady needs to get all her animals desexed and put that dog on a longer lead if she is going to have it chained up for it’s whole life.

  209. little miao says:

    oh my, that’s the most adorable wombat i’ve *ever* seen

    i simply can’t stop staring at it

  210. Oooh, yeah, Pillow, that’s the good schtuff. Thaaaaanks.

    [reaches for puffy poos with both hands]

    Laurrriiieee. Why do they keep coming baaaaack?

  211. I know, Cerise, it’s been a long day.

  212. oh, I’m sorry … this is Cuteoverload.com. You want GiveMeASoapBoxIWannaBitch.com, thats next door.

  213. Are you guys eating marmalade kitty orange puffy poohs and you didn’t invite me?


  214. No, Danielle, you want room 12A next door:


  215. ka9q's wife says:

    *notes the emptied kittehs sleeping off the snorgling done earlier* Awwwwww!

    *curls up with a kitten and a great dane. mmmmm comfy*

    Yeah i know that Hillbillies are primarily from the Appalachian and more latterly from the Ozarks. But the perjorative has lately been given to many marginalized rural people.

    *lapses back into semiconciousness with a smear of canned cheese on my cheek. That is until the tongue bath from the great dane.*

  216. I can’t ‘find the cute’ here. Mostly I see an uneducated person who doesn’t attend to her animals’ health needs and keeps her dog tied up rather than have her spayed. It makes me so sad to see people act this way when they don’t know any better, and it makes me very disappointed to see it distributed by a person who ‘should’ know better.

  217. This is Cuteoverload.com. You want GiveMeASoapBoxIWannaBitch.com, thats next door.

    Danielle, I couldn’t agree more …

  218. New topic: Although kitties adopting puppies are very cute despite their unfortunate situations, as are many other things that have been posted lately, there have been no bunnies on here for three weeks now! I love all the cute here, but I especially love bunnies!

  219. I have things I wish to say to others in this thread, but I feel the need for a hit from whatever kitteh is handy beforehand.

    *looks around in anticipation*

  220. Best to keep it to yourself my brother/sister – here; take a kit hit: we’ve legalized it mahn!

  221. That I will do then. *takes a kit hit*

  222. Umm .. wow. Okay – I’m gonna break lurker-stat long enough to grumble about something.

    *Grumble* (stop reading here, if you aren’t interested)
    Got one thing to say on ‘Humane’ societies – they’re (mostly) government-wannabes run by people. People like the lady in the clip, in many cases. Some know jack about animals, some know a /lot/ about animals – including other people.
    Just keep that in mind the next time someone starts squalling about ‘cruelty to animals’ and that being a reason to do this, that and the other thing.
    Yes. For the love of all that’s holy, spay your animals. That’s being responcible – and that’s all anyone should ask of people who have pets.
    */grumble* (Okay – you can start reading again.)

    Having got that out of my system – *takes another look at Mama Cat’s adopted litter* Awwwwhhh! /Almost/ makes me want a puppy. Except, I don’t much like dogs, and my DH is terrified of them. That, and I have two cats. The midnight rampages are bad enough without having to deal with a perpetual two year old…. ^.~

  223. Thorne, what you say is true. Western-like, that is.

    A trip to Asia may possibly expand your paradigm. I highly recomend it.

    May your journey be everything you want it to be!

  224. who says cats are selfish?

  225. Even ants have petss. Are we so surprised one domesticated animal can take care of another?

    Totally lovable, though!

  226. “The midnight rampages are bad enough without having to deal with a perpetual two year old…. ^.~”

    Yeah, having a man around can be like that. 😉

  227. I must say, I was disappointed with this one. The video was cute, for sure, but even in the original post… how is the fact that the cat’s owner lives in a trailer relevant to anything?

    I thought the main purpose here was to enjoy the cuteness of animals together, NOT to make judgments on people that (presumably) none of us know.

    It’s especially ironic that while an animal can have compassion for something that is different from itself (i.e. a cat caring for puppies), some people here can’t seem to do the same.

    Badly done, Meg.

  228. I must say, I was disappointed with this one. The video was cute, for sure, but even in the original post… how is the fact that the cat’s owner lives in a trailer relevant to anything?

    I thought the main purpose here was to enjoy the cuteness of animals together, NOT to make judgments on people that (presumably) none of us know.

    It’s especially ironic that while an animal can have compassion for something that is different from itself (i.e. a cat caring for puppies), some people here can’t seem to do the same.

    Badly done, Meg.

  229. Susannah Susannah — “Badly done, Meg”?? Hokay, suuure, because MEG shot the video, and MEG made all of these comments, and not only that but that’s obviously MEG herself in the video poking around under the trailer.
    What. Ev. Ar.

    Tuldas — aha, I spy a PUN. And it’s one that’s been done by the Simpsons, son.
    (But then again, what hasn’t?)

  230. good old whatshername says:

    Okay, so I lied. I’m back. Somebody pass me a Bengal blunt, stat.

  231. GOWHN — I think we ran all out of those.
    More likely, they all ran out on us.

  232. I’m afraid I’m with Susannah. The trailer park comments really are not relevant and I would normally ignore them if they were part of the ‘Comments’ section. The whole “Let’s just make fun of a certain class of people” thing is getting old.

    I know, I know. Grow some guts and get over it. I can, but I wasn’t really expecting to see “I love trailer park stories, Mindy M.” as part of the actual caption. But then again, what would I know? I’m a well-adjusted, intelligent, and productive member of society who just happened to grow up in a mobile home park.

  233. I love [insert group of dwellings] stories, Marie.

  234. Allie and Jojo's Mom says:

    Ok – who’s got the Hammie? I just got to work and I need a pick me up. We’re all stoned out here in Bama.


  235. Wrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrghhh….

    *lying on floor, dangerously overdosed, with a tiny puppy stuffed into each nostril*

    *Note: no puppehs were harmed in the intoxication of this peep.

  236. christ on a cracker says:

    anyone have any idea who pissed in Kim’s and H’s cheerios?

    some people need things to send their blood pressure through the roof. looks like they came to the right place. looking at cute kittens and puppies and all the assorted animals that get featured here are obvious testimony that ALL YOU PEOPLE ARE ANIMAL ABUSERS AND DON’T CARE ABOUT THE ANIMALS!

    sheesh. guess all my money going to volunteer organizations that rescue animals means nothing because instead of tackling the heavy issues on EVERY SITE ON THE INTERNET, I choose to come to a place to squee over cute animals and leave the LARGER ISSUES TO THOSE VENUES THAT ARE MORE APPROPRIATE FOR IT.

    thanks Kim and H, for assuming our intelligence is below average and that we actually, secretly, enjoy abusing animals, that you feel the need to drag your soap box along with you every where you go.

    aw man. now look what you made me do. *cleans up*

  237. If I lived near that woman I would wait till she left her house, take the dog and cat and puppies, spay & neuter them all & find them good homes. She’s an idiot.

  238. Allie and Jojo's Mom says:

    I’d argue with everyone that I’m not an animal abuser, but I’m still in a puddle over here from to much puppeh puffing

  239. Allie and Jojo's Mom says:

    a puppeh puffing puddle

  240. I count my lucky stars that it wasn’t a huddle of puddled poodle puppy puffers.
    That would be trouble I simply couldn’t suffer.

    GGG — yeah, and then you’d be in *real* trouble. Way to think.

    C on a C — dude — just stop, OK? You’re not helping. You’re, like, the polar opposite of help.
    You’re the good intentions paving the road to help.

  241. Allie and Jojo's Mom says:

    Teho – you really must stop. I almost piddled in my puppeh puffing puddle.

    A poodle puppeh puffing piddle puddle.

  242. [muddled]

  243. I had the strangest dream.
    And parts of it weren’t very nice.
    People were yelling about fixing trailers, then a gleaming flood of kittens spilled over it all.
    And you were there, And you…
    Then I woke up.
    But why is there cheese spray on my cat?

  244. good old whatshername says:

    AJM – If you can actually say “poodle puppeh puffing piddle puddle,” you’re too sober. Take another hit.

  245. Allie and Jojo's Mom says:

    I’m actually at work – but what the hell… pass me a puppy…and a kitteh…and a hammie.

  246. Heavens, I went to bed and then I got up and you people are still up taking hits off cute little animals.

    But I agree with whoever said we need more bunnies. Wuv the bunnies. So soft. Oh well, I will just snorgle my own tiny tabby and pass her around. Careful, though, she’s an old kitty.

  247. Blecchhh! The aforemention small tabby just tried to insert her tongue up my nose, and snorgled me with HER cold wet sticky nose. She’s definitely getting passed around the circle. Anyone want Smellie Nellie, the little cat with the big personality who loves to kiss? Just on loan, mind…

  248. Love the fact Mama Kitty didn’t adopt the puppies so much as abduct the puppies.

    Cocker spaniels are real beauties as dogs, but kinda fluffy between the ears as mamas, anyhooo, so good ting Mama Kitty was around, i say…

  249. “Cocker spaniels are real beauties… but kinda fluffy between the ears…”

  250. Hmm, on second thought, maybe I should’ve used Britney instead.
    (Then I could’ve used the whole quote.)

  251. Meh, birdbrains of a feather, teho!

  252. Theo, i’m sure if you look, I have more bad puns. Not alot of cute pictures though. So sad. I need pets around the house.

  253. Cute video…also, I agree with the posters who are asking for more bunnehs. Bring back the bunnehs!!

  254. Kim H., pass her on to me. My B’Elanna is a wet-nose-snorgler as well, but she also – and this is important – lets me huff her belleh. A fair trade-off, I say.

  255. Here you go, Cerise, but watch out… the little minx has a temper. She gives me love, she gives me scars… it’s all the same to her.

    Hey! What’s this empty can here? You guys weren’t scarfing Easy Cheese… this is a can of Troll-B-Gone! and I think it worked!

  256. My lord people! Drinking, smoking “dope”, eating GUACAMOLE?!?! And BREAD PUDDING?!?!? For the love of pete! How can you all sleep at night?

  257. I lurve youse guys. I really do. You make my sad, pathetic existence worth continuing. (Thought I’d add a little more emo to the thread).

    BTW, Kitty huffing is my anti-drug.

    Mama kitty is so sweet. God, I love marmies. I want to kiss her widdle nosie for being so sweet to those pups.

  258. Also, guys – notice who’s producing this little news item? Animal Planet. ANIMAL PLANET. These guys are VERY conscientious, and they do rescue shows all the time – you can’t tell me they wouldn’t make sure that cat and those pups turned out okay in the end. They would have taken the animals away if they foresaw a problem. That nice lady probably also got a long animal-care lesson, some brochures, contact info for humane societies and vets, and a free Animal Planet Keychain.

    In other news, KITTEN MOSH PILE! 😀

    **leaps into fluffiness and snorgles**

  259. A cat can feed a puppy for how long? A week or so? Does Ms. Trailer Trash have money to bottle feed the little shelter dogs of the future? No.

  260. Whoops, better get out those cans of Troll-Be-Gone again… they’re baaaack.

  261. Theo – By saying “badly done, Meg” I was referring to the comment in the original post “I love trailer park stories.” You know, the one she DID write.

  262. Susannah
    Humor, a difficult concept.

  263. [shakes can, gives Kim H. the thumbs-up]

    I’m on it.

  264. I can’t see anything 😦

  265. Open your eyes, R. Moore!

    I kid. I kid.

  266. lauowolf – you keep telling yourself that.

  267. Umm, I kinda feel like that dog should be inside, rather than chained up outside…

  268. That was NOT cute, it was repulsive.

  269. I agree — that dog needs to be spayed. Mama cat will need incredible amounts of extra nutrition just to keep up with the milk demand, and eventually may just be exhausted by appetite and size of her adoptees. Now – as for puppies raised by a cat, that may do wonders for their psych profile (or may just make them incredibly confused as adult canines 🙂

  270. Geez, who’d’a thunk that so many “glass is half empty” commenters would frequent a spot with cute baby animal pixes? Maybe the story here is just that miraculous help (sometimes in the form of a orange mama kitteh) arrives where it is most needed. Lighten up, people, and appreciate the wonder of it all.

  271. AN orange mama kitteh …. *sigh*


  273. hee! this is so cute!

  274. Poopy Puppy says:

    wait till thoses dogs grow up and maul thae cat

  275. …………….and you people have turned me off reading comments from now on(first time I’ve read comments at CO too), plus killed the warm and fuzzy feeling –*

    When regulars start bullying like this, it really turns me off. Yeah, racist comments are idiotic, but what does troll mean in YOUR book? o.O Last I looked, it wasn’t someone who had a different view then you.
    I think it’s important that people do notice things, and don’t just jam their fingers in their ears. I ALSO think it’s good to not gang up on people, regardless of the situation. A bully is a bully, even if they happen to be in the right.

    As for telling stuff from a short clip, you’d be surprised. A roughly 5 minute story I saw recently, it was only through observation of a 20 second portion of it that I got the real story. Christmas trees are taken down at the local airport, and everyone thinks it’s some scrooge complaining. The real story? A rabbi asking that they put up some Jewish stuff as well, and in fact is upset they took the trees down and wants them back up. If you took the story at face value, the complainer is a villain. But from just 20 seconds, your views change.

    With news, you have to use your thinking cap sometimes. They’ll only tell it to you a certain way, so you have to pick up on things to get the real story.

    Am I saying either way about what type of owner the woman is? No. Am I slightly silly for commenting this late after the fact? Yes. But I wanted to get the point across, that I hope things have changed and people are no longer flamed here just because they aren’t living with rose colored glasses.