large schnozzle percentage and tiniest of ears

Um, THOSE EARS must be stopped. Athena A., do you realize that sending this image in means NOTHING BUT PURE HAVOC for our audience? Offenses of this photo include; closed eyes, large schnozzle-to-other-features-ratio, TINIEST of ears and MAKING ME TYPE IN ALL CAPS DAMMIT


Le sigh.



  1. pink panda!

  2. I have to say… cute or creepy? He kinda looks like he has no eyes. xD

  3. AWWWWWWWWWWWW! He is aNERable. Schnozzleschnozzleschozzle.
    Yeah, baby!

  4. I can’t HANDLE the CUTE!

  5. That is an exceedingly ugly animal. I’m guessing panda. Eww.

  6. Yes, immediately upon seeing this linked (from Fark I think) first thought was: Cute Overload!

    But I figgered Meg would have ten gazillion people sending it in, so refrained. And I. was. right.

  7. That is an exceedingly cute animal. Definitely panda. Squee.

  8. that should be the atlanta zoos new baby panda and its a girl

  9. and the cuteness of the eye markings … living anime eyes!

    Been busy at a conference, missed you all!

  10. Baby pandas are so cute. They kinda look like little wormies when they’re born.

  11. <3 A thinker.

    and ditto the squee.

  12. bald pandy, so squeet.

  13. Peg of Tilling says:

    Suddenly I am overcome by the need to rush out and buy a panda Beanie Baby(tm).

  14. Pandito!!
    We don’ need no steenkin’… um…
    (little help, here?)

  15. gently touch finger to nose…


  16. Ice? We don’ need no steenkin’ ice.

  17. Ow ow ow. My head hurts from thinking way too intently about smooching this little guy’s snoot.

    Hey, I know what might cute this up for Yasmine…if this panda were in an empty Pan and Beans can. Anybody else remember Homer Simpson’s favorite Chinese restaurant? Kentucky Fried Panda. It’s finger ling-ling good! Stopping now, really, I’m stopping.

  18. …badgers? We don’t need nto steenkin’ badgers?



  20. FINALLY A PANDA featured on CO!!!!!
    Pandas are probably one of the cutest fluffiest roly poly animals on earth. The adorable black markings, especially on their round ears and paws are REDONK!

  21. Have you ever in your life heard the noise that baby pandas make? OFF THE SCALE cuteness!

  22. ka9q's wife says:

    Peg of Tilling have you really thought about the consequences of rushing out to buy a beanie baby. Thousands of those things are bought every year only to languish on shelves when their owners are tired of them….oh the humanity. And yet these irresponsible manufacturers crank out millions of them every year, because people still buy them even though they have more beanie babies than they need at home. I vow to make some really silly threat if you ever grok wing-wangs again.

    stheriouthly what a cute baby.

  23. Its ears look like little bits of felt stuck on! -like a teddy bear! guh!

  24. Wayyyyyyyy tooo cuuuute!!

    Panda, panda, panda!

  25. Awwwww. wee pink pandy.

  26. Ewwwwwww…

  27. Much too tiny! Much too tiny!


    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! (sniffsniff)

  28. Yes, Diem… “beep”

  29. Theo,
    I stand corrected. How could I have missed all these!!!!!? I thought I was a devoted CO head too….! I will resume my cuteologist duties with vigour!

  30. Extra credit for finding all the panda-wannabee posts, too.

  31. T-o, I don’t know how you remember everything the way you do. Your mind must be cavernous. I mean, in a good way… 😉

  32. Peg of Tilling says:

    Please, k9q’s wife! Let us not return to the great Qte War of 1907, when the evil Count von Harshington vowed to make all cuteness adhere to the Nuffingham Cathechism of 1614, leading his armies with the dreaded war cry “ONLY KITTENS! ONLY KITTENS!”

    Fortunately von Harshington’s forces of Ortho-Cutesy collapsed from within after the kittens/kittens-with-ribbons schism of 1908.

  33. Eeeeh! Peg, I cannot breathe, thou hast made me laugh so heartily.
    Down with the Nuffinghams! Hooray for the forces of Hetero-Cutesy!

  34. Google, Jaypo. Google.

  35. Theo! It was so much more fun thinking of you with an enormous, echo-y head. With stalactites.

    [shuts up, kisses the behbeh]

  36. Holy bejesus! The size of that snoz is amazing. I feel like I should wrap it in a bow or something…. I have no idea why though.

  37. Cerise — that’d be the HAT.
    (hat… hat… hat…)

  38. Oh, that’s adorable!

  39. Oh, dear god. [squeezes eyes shut, pinches bridge of nose]

    You’re taller than I’d imagined…

  40. How about …

    We don’t need no stinken’ pandas looking like sushi.

    Eating my lunch here, folks. He looks like something i just popped into my mouth.

    (mmm… more wasabi, please)

  41. “Cerise — that’d be the HAT.”

    SEE!!? That’s what I mean!


  43. T:

    I see you as Joel Robinson wearing the giant head:

    “Who’s That Guy With The Big Head?”

  44. Marianne Moore says:

    THE EARS THE EARS!! *Dies*

  45. Ok… this must be illegal. Sorry, past a certain level of cute-a-tude? I can’t work under these conditions, DAMMIT! Submitting bay-beh panda pics??? Oh for the LOVE….! (thank you sir, may I have another??!) he he he!

  46. OMG. I’m shaking from the cuteness. Look at the lil mist o’ fur that just covers the pink noggin. I’m dying.

  47. ka9q's wife says:

    Peg yes but we must still be ever vigilant for roving groups of Neo-Nuffinghams and even worse, the Harschists.

    *Takes a big huff off a passing kitten then snorgles a rescue puppy and feels too mellow to argue with anyone, in fact i don’t want to move…except for the unexplainable munchies for animal crackers.*

  48. Oh nose! Teh poor bebeh is about to be picked up by a zombie!

  49. Seriously, is that person dead, or what?

  50. Uhhh… no, they’re wearing latex gloves, I believe. Hehe.

    Insane cutetity. xD

  51. “Seriously, is that person dead, or what?”

    Latex gloves, to protect bebe from germs.

  52. I LOVE pandas.

    Some people think that baby pandas are ugly. To me, they just look like serious little OLD pandas.

    And then, when they grow up, they look all chubby and baby-like!

  53. Jaypo, regarding the hat reference: tewtally. What, uh, does Teho do for a living, exactly?

  54. Just to be crystal clear: You do understand that’s not actually me, right?
    I am not a Disney drone.

  55. He is, however, completely mad. As we all are.

  56. Sththuper schnoz!

  57. Peg of Tilling says:

    Thank you kindly, Redzilla. And k9q’s wife–Neo-nuffinghams? Harschists? Tip of the iceberg! There’s the dog-hair-o-ticks of the “ONLY PUPPIES” K-Nuffinghams (barking mad, most of them) and the pig-centric Nuffinghogs, who sue-eed to make the NuffingHAMs become NuffingTITEs…waste of blood and lawyers, though.

  58. You mean to say, there’s something wrong with wasting lawyers?

  59. (wow, I’m really obnoxious today…)

  60. There is something weirdly creepy about newborn pandas. I think it’s the pink skin peeking through the thin, white hair. Plus, they’re so wobbly and out of control.

    But they grow out of it! 🙂

  61. I used a couple of lawyers to seal a crack in my house’s foundation. Is that wasteful?

  62. Litigation… latex’d foundation… all the same to me.

  63. Peg of Tilling says:

    I once used a seal to crack a couple of lawyers:

    Peg: Look! a seal!

    Lawyers: NO! MAKE IT STOP!

    Seal: Ark! Ark! Ark!

  64. [suppressing fits of giggles]

  65. Wow, everybody is really funny today.

    Either that, or I’m just in a reeeeaaallly good mood–maybe both.

  66. Or maybe it’s those kittens I’ve been huffing…

  67. cute

  68. “I think it’s the pink skin peeking through the thin, white hair. Plus, they’re so wobbly and out of control.”

    Honey, that’s me in five years.

  69. [suppressing fits of pathos]
    [with 100% success]

  70. Whatever, Aubrey. You’re prolly 35. Christ.

    Theo, how on earth could you hang out on here so much if you were prancing around Disneyland in a weird costume? Probably why you changed jobs, what?

  71. Need more pictures of it when it’s grown some! Baby pandas are just the cutest fluff balls!!

  72. Cerise, I won’t see 35 again. Passed by like a speed limit warning. Hope you didn’t take the comment the wrong way.

  73. No, darling. I was perhaps overly rigorous in my well-meaning effort to assure you that you don’t sound 5 years shy of er, pinkness. And wobbling. [nervous smile]

  74. Aubrey – “passed by like a speed limit warning”

    LOVE IT!!!!

    That’s like the comment, “I love deadlines… I love the whooshing sound they make as they go by…”


  75. Yeah, I can see 35, too.


    In my rear-view mirror. 🙂

  76. Cerise:


  77. Newborn bebe pandette!!!! SQUEEEEEEEE!!!

  78. omg the shnoooooozle

    it is the sweetest little pandalove ever!~!

  79. ka9q's wife says:

    OH dear lord you guys actually look in yer rear view mirror? Damn.
    I give my age in either Hexadecimal or Binary as it confuses the hell out of people. That makes me 2E or 00101110.

    Peg I hate to be Dogmatic about this but you neglect the only fluffy nuffinglambs, the wild and wooly nuffingrams and the anti-children league and their auxillary the nuffingprams. I know they are but small factions but they can be very vocal. They are always bleating on about some wrong they feel has been dealt to them. I would feel a bit sheepish if i neglested them though.

  80. ka9q's wife says:

    um negelected

  81. I’m only 17… in base panda.

  82. Neglected + molested = Neglested

    Very apropos, ka9q’s wife. [grins]

  83. AuntieM — um, right-ways-round, wouldn’t that be “53”?

  84. Eek! I think I like hexadecimal better than binary.

    In binary I’m 101000, but in hexadecimal I’m still 28. =)

  85. Happy happy joy joy! Funny funny thread, youall. I haven’t been moved to comment in the other threads, just to run away with my tiny tailio tucked between my legses.

    Is it wrong to want to put this pandalette gently onto a warm tortilla and wrap him tenderly up and then nawm him to bits?

  86. squeak, or, maybe a rice-paper wrap.

  87. I’m glad I’m not the only one who likes to *beep* animal noses. I though I might be weird or something…

    *slips into fish costume and goes for a ride on her invisible giraffe, Gerald*

  88. The proper base for a panda roll is an egg roll rapper, or for more fiber, a really soft baby blanket.

  89. Mmm, moo shu panda… cutest thing on the menu.

  90. Theo.



  91. I’m with Donna – much too small!!!! Makes me too nervous to be truly cute!

  92. fish costume… invisible giraffe… can’t stop… LOL’ing…

  93. Yup, shoulda been a mu-shu wrapper. Sorry, tortilla is my ultimate comfort food and I wanted comforting.

    (throws stale tortillas at trolls till they go away)

  94. Peg of Tilling says:

    K9q’s wife, once you start trying to classify the Nuffings it very quickly descends into the realm of woolly logic–they’re such loosely-knit groups, with all their do-knots and crochets–and if you forget one you have to take it on lamb and that would be baaaaaad.

  95. Yeah, Peg, they do tend to embroider the issue, making it seem more complex than necessary; and whenever they find a spy in their midst – yes, they drop a snitch.

  96. [oh dear heaven, not *another* punfighter…]

  97. The better to needle you, my dear.

  98. This is like… a nanopanda. A picopanda.

  99. I’m telling you, it’s PANDITO.
    [distant flute trill]

  100. Peg of Tilling says:

    This is actually a needling-exchange program.

  101. Peg, I think T’s fabric is unraveling. He’s been odd all day, and now he’s gone all wood-nymph-ish on us.

  102. No, like the Western, Aubrey.

    [raises flute to lips]


    wah wah waaaahhhh

    Right, Teho?

  103. That’s the very one. You’re good. And Aubrey’s bad. Which leaves me with… aw crap…

  104. It’s good to be bad, especially when it means that T. is not going about looking like this:

  105. I’m just reading the posts and getting all warm and snuggly cuz I lofs you guys.

  106. It’s the good, the panda, and the snuggly!!

  107. “Nuffers? We don’t need no stinking Nuffers!”

    ooWee ooWee ooooohhhh
    waaah Waaaah waaaaah . . . .

  108. ahhh!!!!! so sweet!!!!!!

  109. best. thread. EVAR!

  110. (throws stale tortillas at trolls till they go away)

    hrh.squeak… NO!!!! Don’t FEED them.. then they’ll NEVER go away!

  111. Sarcasta – OOhhh, you’re right. In fact, I would like someone (Teho?) to make a postable sign for right after one shows up saying DO NOT FEED THE TROLLS, IT ONLY ENCOURAGES THEM.

    On the other hand, a *really* stale homemade tortilla (yes I do know how, no I don’t do it very often), flung properly, can take your Head off.

  112. I know that for a fact, hrh.squeak. I have read Wolves of the Calla. Stephen King.

  113. You’re *kidding*, Lauri, right? Stephen King wrote a horror story about TORTILLAS????!!?? Oh, the comestibility!

  114. *shudder*

    Adorable and gross at the same time, lol.

    I’ve always been creeped out by uber-baby animals, and we’ve had alot of them. This is cuter than most, but still gives me the chills, heh.

    I can definitely apreciate the awesomeness of this though. *thumbs up!*

  115. disgusting

  116. LOL!!! I tewtelly missed HRH Squeak’s comment from Sep 29 there… sublimely silly!