OK, this just really isn’t funny.

You’ve had your fun, now get me the H-E-double-hockey-sticks OUT OF HERE!!!


Norman K.—What can I possibly say that would make things right? Nothing. Nothing that’s what. Except for the tiny hoof-i-tude. That’s awesome.



  1. Alice Tanzer says:

    ..Oh man. Thats a tiny piggie!

  2. I think it’s a little too much pork in those beans.


    Where are the beans?

  4. Clearly, this poor piggie has been unceremoniously yanked from his daily mud bath to pose in this cannibalist photo! I say that his piggie rights are being violated!

  5. AliceTanzer says:

    Thinker – The piggie ate them all! They should have known that piggie was too fresh!

  6. I like the leetle peeggy smile.

  7. Their hooves always remind me of wee grass shears. I want to kiss this one smack on the nose.

  8. Hahahahaha. So ironic, yet so cute!

  9. awwww, cute little piggeh!
    he KNOWS he’s adorable.

  10. OMG we’re damaging the wee piggie’s psyche and sense of self! Oh, we are so cruel! How can we laugh at such a thing?


    OK, I’m back, forgot that this is not the commentroversy thread.

    Meg and Norman, we share the same twisted sense of humor!

  11. “Deed I ruin zee pork and beens, or deed I eemproove eet? Hmmmm??”

  12. STOP! You must take this picture down. This may encourage people to go out and buy pork and beans in the hope of finding a little piggie inside! This is irresponsable!

  13. Sorry. Sorry! I can’t help myself some times. I need a mandatory 10 minute thinking period before ever hitting post when I’m being sarcastic. d’oh!

  14. Lil wee hoovsies! You know piggeh is enjoying the spotlight…he’s such a lil ham! *boo! hiss!*

    i could just kiss that forehead. Too cute!

  15. Maybe the PC thing would have been to have him in vegetarian beans? Love the tiny hooves!

  16. Does anyone else wonder what that racecar runs on?

  17. i’ll save you, piggers!

  18. “I need a mandatory 10 minute thinking period before ever hitting post when I’m being sarcastic.”

    Annie, for God’s sake. It’s five minutes, max.

  19. T:


  20. ka9q's wife says:

    man if i knew that P and B came with one of those i would have bought more cans.

    or is this only the Nascar version, cuz i have Campbell’s brand.

  21. ka9q's wife says:

    man if i knew that P and B came with one of those i would have bought more cans.

    or is this only the Nascar version, cuz i have Campbell’s brand.

  22. ka9q's wife says:

    man if i knew that P and B came with one of those i would have bought more cans.

    or is this only the Nascar version, cuz i have Campbell’s brand.

  23. ka9q's wife says:

    man if i knew that P and B came with one of those i would have bought more cans.

    or is this only the Nascar version, cuz i have Campbell’s brand.

  24. ka9q's wife says:

    man if i knew that P and B came with one of those i would have bought more cans.

    or is this only the Nascar version, cuz i have Campbell’s brand.

  25. ka9q's wife says:

    man if i knew that P and B came with one of those i would have bought more cans.

    or is this only the Nascar version, cuz i have Campbell’s brand.

  26. zee bleu ayes! dey kilz!!

    I am slain (slained?) (slaint?)

  27. …ploded, Mariser.

  28. A Fine Morsel says:

    I love this smiling little porklette.

  29. oh yeah,
    begins with ass
    ends with plodes

    thanks T.

  30. I think this little piggie will never be the pork in the pork and beans…I hope!

  31. I suppose when one has a can-sized piglet, and a conveniently empty can, the temptation is irresistible. This is one funny picture!

  32. Oooh look, his leetle eyes are still blue!
    I just want to lick his teeny snout – d’oh! – I mean kiss!

  33. “Slainte!” back at ya, mariser. It’s Scottish “good health to you” like when toasting someone with a drink.

  34. “Slainte” to you, Lauri girl! may MSU never again get their ass*s handed to them as they just were this past Saturday!

    /oops. I didn’t mean to say that outloud. sowry.

  35. I have a WEAKNESS for little piglets… oh my XD

  36. Now, this is what should really be on the shirt that says “Don’t eat me, I love you!”


  37. mariser, wrong Laurie. You’re thinking of Lauri without the “e” or the “C”. I sadly don’t even know about MSU, or their asses.

  38. Floopy Floop says:

    Snuggles to the piggles.

  39. I think this is the very first CU post that seriously FREAKS ME OUT. 😐

  40. omg…this picture was *begging* for trouble, and not one seriously upset post yet! Hurray!

    Totally adorable, btw. Too bad those buggers turn out terrifying as adults. o.o

  41. Maybe I spoke too soon?

    *eyes Annie #2 suspiciously*

  42. If that piggie ate all of those beans, it’s going to have terrible piggie poots!

  43. “MA, get over ‘ere! This ‘un done come pre-wrapped! I’ll be doggone, someone pass the hot sauce!”

  44. He looks like he’s smiling; I think he’s in on the joke.

  45. So… is that pig a purebred, or a mutt?

  46. Ha! This is a hoot. Actually, he’s making the beans right now. Check the can later.

    And Mariser, I’m far too familiar with MSU and our asses. Sigh. [holds out hand, waits for own being handed back after leaving it in bar during the Notre Dame debacle]

    MSU does have a pair of donkeys guarding the flock from predators at the sheep research facility. They’re pretty cool. But mean. Maybe they should be on the football team.

  47. Ham, Ham, Ham, Ham, Ham, Ham, baked beans, Ham, Ham, Ham and Ham.

  48. Laurie C.,

    ooops, so sorry… [embarrassed shuffling of feets]
    amended toast:

    Slainte to you, Laurie C.! may the boxcar kittens run to meet you, may their mothers join them, may their fathers be amenable to a little *snip-snip*!

  49. yikes AmyH, sounds like an *interesting* bar evening you’ve had.
    I’m sorry that MSU “snatched defeat from the jaws of victory” as it was; yeat another toast.
    Slainte to you, broken MSU fans! may this MSU v. Notre Dame debacle be the only one this century!

  50. mariser –
    I too am a broken MSU fan. /sigh/ But luckily, I was home, with only the kittehs, so there was nobody there to hand my *ass* to.
    Thank you for your kind wishes.
    And we hardy Spartans shall continue on, loving our team, debacles et al…

  51. Heh… that’ll teach ’em.


  52. YAY Amy! “We’ve got ham, ham ham, ham eggs and ham, ham beans bacon and ham, ham, ham ham, ham and ham”

  53. >.>;; …hehe Also, whenever I see Amy post I always get confused, since that’s my name, too… ~_~;;

  54. Ooh, let’s start a new commentroversy!
    GO BLUE! Hail to the Victors valiant and all that.
    No, seriously, I am perfectly willing to root for MSU as long as they are not playing UM (so watch out on October 7…)
    And I’m neither Catholic nor Irish nor a Notre Dame alum so I kinda like it when they get beat.
    [runs and hides from the wrath of the Irish]

  55. Teho – it’s not safe for us Spartys to show up at Zingerman’s during football season.

    The Wolverine faithful have now infiltrated the State alumni hangout. But we don’t allow them on the main floor and they must stay upstairs. It’ll be interesting for sure a couple of weeks from now.

    And yes, mariser, it was an interesting bar evening for sure. I met a guy who asked me out. Then a friend calls me today to set me up with someone she met on Sunday. It was the same guy! And here he thought he moved to a big city!

  56. thewolfwhocriedboy says:

    OMG – that is one tres adorables little piggie. shnikies!

  57. Aubrey:

    GASCAR. You rawk. 🙂

  58. Oh, 2cats, it could get really interesting on Oct. 7. Let’s keep the commentroversy on simmer until then. I’d like to not have to hand my ass over to anyone again.

    I’ve tried to like Michigan, even to the point of marrying one alum and dating three others. Not at the same time, but maybe that would have helped – or at least have been more fun. I may be moving on to Ohio State…

  59. Hey! *waves hands in the air* Here I am! How could I miss the MSU asshanding party! It was SO ridiculous. I was SO crestfallen!

    Three quarters of bliss and one big kick in the arse. OUCH.

    Oh, well, as for this piggy, I am smoted!!!

  60. Ok, for a group of “animal lovers” to find this funny, they have to be pretty sick. This is sad and in poor taste. Yes let’s make fun of the animal who is in a can of what held a dead pig. Really, it’s not cute, it’s just horrible.

  61. bwaahahahaa SPAM!!!

  62. useta hada kitteh says:

    Nuff! Nuff, I say! I knew one would show up to the party eventually! ‘Tisn’t horrible, ’tis funny! The piggers is even laughing, well, smirking, because he knows what people will be thinking. But I think the only reason he’s in the can in the first place, is that there’s a picture of a race car on the can, and he thought it was the prize, like in cereal, and he’s been rooting around in the can, and has popped out to say “Okay, who took the racecar prize? I had dibs!!”

  63. Is it ironic when irony is lost on someone?

    BTW in these hyea parts (NE Okla)folks keep mules in with the horses and sheep to keep coyotes away. Mules and donkeys get very protective of their herd.

  64. Agreed, useta. Def ’nuff. I haven’t even checked in on the purebreed/mutt commentroversy so it’s nice to see people getting riled up over here. Now I’m not missing anything.

    You know, I’ve said before I read the commentroversies like some people watch NASCAR for the crashes. And LOOK! How they’ve come together in one post!

  65. I love how he’s got a bit of authentic barnyard dirt about him…gives them beans some flavor.

  66. ha ha ha, this is so funny. because when they are done taking the photo, they are going to lock in in a little tiny cage where it cannot move, they will feed the pig till it is big and fat and rotting from standing in its own waste, and then savagely slaughter it and chop it up into bits and put it in cans similar to the one it is in! omg, that is WAY too funny. did everyone get the joke? it fits in the can now, but not as well as when it is dead and all chopped up into a million little bits. very clever you guys!

  67. Ever notice how Nuffs come in waves? For about a week there was a conspicuous absence of Nuffs.

    Now, a veritable tsunami. Oh, should I not use that term because there really ARE tsunamis and they are not funny?

  68. No dirt. Designer smudges. Look, he’s even got a little French manicure on the hoofies. “Ooooh, cherie, you like zis pose? Come and snuggle wiz me in le can, zere is plentee of room for a petite fleur like you!”

  69. Really, Lauri, tsunamis have killed people. I bet YOU’re just the sort of person who eats pork and beans. ;O)

  70. Oh, god, caught me Redzilla. AND bacon. 😦

  71. Now that’s a lickable pig.

  72. omgwtfbbqciakgbfbi.

    I just came from the labradoodle thread, http://mfrost.typepad.com/cute_overload/2006/09/de_paws_de_paws.html
    first chance I get to read it. I had just stopped there to huff a kitteh [puff, puff, pass].
    I had *no idea* that Meg was on the payroll of evil and powerful “backyard breeders” [ain’t that an oxymoron?]. naive me, I thought she wrote on the captions that labradoodles were “the best breed eVAR” because it was a funny/cute thing to say.
    silly, silly, me.

    I think I rather hang around here where is safe.

    hrh.squeak, “designer smudges”: faboo.

  73. For some reason, I think he’d look better drenched in brown sugar sauce, wearing the slice of fat on his head. Is that so wrong?

  74. “I think this is the very first CU post that seriously FREAKS ME OUT. :-|”

    CU? Cute Underload? whaaaa…? 😛

    Cuuuuuute piggeh by the weh! He’s got a prosh little smirk going on there!

  75. *snicker*

    Poor lil’ piggeh!

    And for all you moaners and groaners know, this could be someone’s pet and not destined at all for the slaughter house.

    Geez, just enjoy the cute, wouldja!

  76. If this beanery photo freaks you out, I think it actually franks you out, don’t you think?

  77. Can it, Aub…

  78. Can’t, T. Impossible to worm my way out of this.

  79. Ok you two, quit hamming it up.


    Whatevs, doods. Come to Zingerman’s. It’s officially neutral territory, and you missed some hella-good sammiches.

    AmyH… hee hee hee *giggle*… check the can for beans later… *giggle*

  81. Man, ya gotta wonder if the Nuffinghams EVER have any fun…sheesh.

    I wanna show this piggie to my Mom. I’d have to mop her off the floor afterward! *LOL*


  82. Y’know, if this little piggy is male, then…you think he has one of these going on?


    *ducks thrown objects*


    …if only.
    …and politicians.

  84. …and pedophiles…


  85. …scratch that. There’s some things that even Soylent Green wouldn’t improve…



  86. PIGGEH PIGGEH PIGGEH I can almost feel his bristly little head as I nuzzle him….. *sigh*

  87. This is why I gave up eating meat.

    I agree with rachel.

  88. This is a prosh, pampered, pet piggeh. He’s in on the joke. He’s so well-groomed he’s probably a house pig.

    I’ve been to East Lansing. There is no there there.

  89. Argh, I am torn here – it is KIND of funny, but…Having just seen PETA footage of pig abuse at a factory farm, footage that made me really upset and angry, I can definately imagine what life is like for the pigs whose pieces wind up in those cans. I am wondering how many lovers of CO are vegetarians? I am close-to veggie right now, having gone back and forth for a long time – all I ever, rarely eat now is free-range, organic meat – but even then I feel like a hypocrite. I think I need to learn how to cook better protein-rich veggie food. Just some thoughts…And the piggie itself is cuteness animalified (I almost wrote “personified!”)

  90. Im with melly. My mom always told me growing up that pigs were intelligent and emotional creatures and that I shouldn’t support the cruelty by eating pork. I always kept it in mind, and never cook pork myself, but it’s easy to get lazy and turn a blind eye to your own actions. From this day forth, I will never eat pig again!

  91. nuff… nuff… nuffingham. The little engine that wouldn’t.

  92. Does anyone else think he looks like Humphrey Bogart?

  93. Lurk — they all moved to Ann Arbor! Wahoo!

    lotsa beans
    lotsa beans
    lotsa beans

  94. Pixy Misa — were you just watching the end of House, too?
    Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon, and for the rest of your life.


    *covers ears*
    LA la la la la LA LA.

  96. Again. Needs to be filed under “Cute or Gross.” This is a gross month at CO.

  97. Okay, I have been a lurker forever, but all this talk of UofM and MSU has lured me out. Kindred spirits! I am eagerly awaiting Oct. 7th after savoring a delicious victory on Sept. 16th. (I married into a ND family.) I think wee piglet is smiling because he knows that Michigan will have a very good season.

  98. TiVo or MythTV, Sarcasta?

  99. ka9q's wife says:

    Isn’t this a pot-bellehed pig? The kind of pig that is a pet not a snack.

    I think they are really cute.

  100. ka9q's wife says:

    Isn’t this a pot-bellehed pig? The kind of pig that is a pet not a snack.

    I think they are really cute.

  101. ka9q's wife says:

    Isn’t this a pot-bellehed pig? The kind of pig that is a pet not a snack.

    I think they are really cute.

  102. ka9q's wife says:

    Isn’t this a pot-bellehed pig? The kind of pig that is a pet not a snack.

    I think they are really cute.

  103. ka9q's wife says:

    Isn’t this a pot-bellehed pig? The kind of pig that is a pet not a snack.

    I think they are really cute.

  104. ka9q's wife says:

    Isn’t this a pot-bellehed pig? The kind of pig that is a pet not a snack.

    I think they are really cute.

  105. brownamazon says:

    OMGWTFBBQ, how dare Meg post this pic, now millions of people are going to want to go out and buy cheap-ass pork and beans in a can and clog up their arteries and burden our health care system with their stupid fat pinko commie heart disease. Oh, the humanity.

  106. …porcinity!

  107. This is a very sleek and healthy piggers. He must have been kept on a Spartan diet.

    (Sorry. I got nothing for ‘Wolverines’. No offense intended. Or defense. Or quarterback sneak.)

  108. TiVo, but it’s slowly dying. Here’s hoping it lasts long enough to make it through the fall season.

    AmyB, if you’re ever in the AA area, stop by for Zingerman’s. *points and laughs at Theo* I can have it wheneeeeeever I want! Nyah nyah.

    “Look at him now, disappearing a cow…”
    So that’s where all my beans went! (Wondered how long until someone linked Trevor.)

  109. Evil redhead. (Making myself remember.)

  110. This little piggy, um, ate the market???

  111. I have yet to indulge in Zingermans, but have spent some time drooling over the website. Don’t get back home to Michigan as often as I’d like. But next time we are in the vicinity we will check it out. We are usually by Kalamazoo, or (gag) East Lansing.

  112. people who eat pigs will die soon

  113. Threadjack:

    We trapped another boxcar cat tonight! This one:
    The great thing about this one is, she hasn’t been around for the last six weeks or so. She suddenly showed up again once last week, and then again tonight. So we nabbed her! She’s less than a year old.

  114. emfole: people who breathe oxygen will die soon, too. Eventually, people die. No-one’s been found yet that is immortal, whatever they may eat.


  115. Yay Laurie C!!


  116. useta hada kitteh says:

    Cheers for Laurie C! Cheers for boxcar kits! Cheers for KitG! (Nice kitters, by the way. Nice soft colors.)

  117. useta hada kitteh says:

    Hope y’all noticed that was three (count ’em, three) cheers for Laurie C!

  118. Awww.. wittle baby piglet is so cute!!!

  119. ya know…i’ve been a vegetarian for nigh on 20 years.

    …and i think this is about the most adorable thing i’ve ever seen.

    people who take things WAAAAAAAAAAAY too seriously will die soon.

  120. LC:

    For your box car sweep:

    Chim Chim Cheer Cheer Cheer-ee!

  121. I think the pork’n bean Nascars run on methane.

    Thats my gas.

  122. This picture made me laugh out loud at work. I get fired, I’m suing.

  123. Teho, some of us live in westerly regions where the good dr. comes on later.

    And then some of us are accursed with a station what’s showing sports and NOT Greg H. Grrrrrrr, as HRTortie sez to TuxKit.

    !yay! for Laurie C. and the lovely Boxcar Kit!

  124. Thanks, peeps. Here’s the same kitten, when I first saw her, back in May. Small enough to fit on some boxcar flange.


  125. HonorH, you’d be sooey-ing.

  126. Okay, now I have a real beef with this porcine thread.

    The Magical Trevor video implies the cow is a ‘he’. Wrong. A cow is a she, a bull is a he. Male bovines do not give milk. This is simple as I can make it, people!!

    And I’ll die eventually, no matter what I eat, drink or date.

  127. And YAY for our West Coast peeps! Although, technically I’m not West Coast until the next big earthquake takes off California.

  128. YAY! YAY for Hugh Laurie!

  129. Hmm… Soylent Green and beans. Yeh that sounds good.

    The pic is cute and funny, but in a sarcastic kind of way.

  130. Physiology lessen: People who put themselves under constant stress (upset at everything) have high levels of stress hormones (like cortisol) in their system, that suppresses the immune system and can cause damage to neurons, in extreme cases leading to eventual dementia… burdening the health care system. They will also die soon….So enjoy the cute people!

  131. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:

    Concept pic…teeheehee I think it’s clever!

  132. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:

    Concept pic…teeheehee I think it’s clever!

  133. I kind of find it funny :/


  134. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:

    “Can it, Aub…”

    Good one Theo!

  135. this little piggie went to the market ,this little piggie went to blokbuster and THIS LITTLE PIGGIE WENT INTO A CAN OF BEANS!!!!

  136. Laurie C,
    The Boxcar cats will never be a threadjack, I think meg should give you a column, especailly as they look so well you must really be looking after them before catching them.

    Two dragons
    I agree, but putting peadophiles through a mincer “slowly starting with certain bits of male peado’s first” sounds a good punishment.

    Please relax, this isn’t an advert some very loving owner of a pet pig, decided it would be a good joke to photograph their pet in the one place it wouldn’t end up, I bet that can was carefully washed and checked for no sharp edges before putting the porker in.


  137. Ho my god, those eyes!! This is one sexy piggy!

    Could you eat pork after that??? I’m getting respect for those dudes.

  138. I dunno, Lex-Be… it’s BEANS that I no longer feel like eating. Plus, I’ve just read that 100% of people who eat beans die. (Of course, I had to type it first… then I read it.)

  139. Folks, folks. All you anti-Nuffinghams. C’mon, they have a point! *I* think we should *all* be deadly serious and try to think of all the possible unethical/inhumane/harmful/dangerous/nasty/unfunny results or connotations that could possibly be drawn out of any seemingly cute, innocent photograph! We’re so carefree and irresponsible and lighthearted in the face of catastrophe! Think, people! Think of all the dangers we could prevent! Think of all the stress we’re missing! Think of all the anger, the cortisol, the adrenaline that we’re skipping! Just think how much more serious and awful life would seem! And how much good we could do!

    I think we ought to give it a try. Seriously.

  140. [smacks Thinker upside the head with a tubesock full of mousse]
    [yes, the chocolate variety]
    [sounds like “SPOCK”]

  141. *ouch*

    Tubesock, eh? Now *that’s* an original pudding-container if I ever saw one…

  142. Thinkie, you’re wearing the wrong cap. Put.on.the.other.cap, thinkie. The colorful one with the propeller. Good girl! Now sit down and eat your pudding.

  143. Wow, I thought tubesocks were just for putting tubes of blood in to separate plasma and cells.

    Before centrifuges.

    Hey! *Fills centrifuge with butterscotch pudding. leaves lid open. Turns on*

    *sounds like fwupfwupfwupfwup*

  144. I like thinkie’s idea. Next post let’s come up with every possible evil that could arise from it.

    Beheadings, childporn, hemorrhoids, impotence…there are SO many things to protest, and what better place than a {{{{CUTE}}}} website???

  145. Hey Theo ^^.
    For my part, I’ve read that 100% of people who breathes, dies. Tssss, shameful…

    And thank you Theo, I was thinking about a serious answer for “A thinker” but your solution is much better.

  146. But heyyy!!! By the time you answer to something, a bunch of people have commented in between!! I protest!

  147. Yeah, I was just going to say, after about a minute of thought, that I can’t do it! I simply can’t think up crappy things to say about EVERYTHING! I am a loser! A failure! I suck!

    LOL…forget it, I’ll just be my “look on the bright side” annoying self.

  148. Just an idea: a Cute Overload Forum………?

  149. *I* for one agree with A thinker. (say in Sam the Eagle voice)
    Cute is a serious business and we should treat each posting as though we were treading on eggshell… nay.. exploding eggshells. In our bleak and gloomy world I ask you, just what price is too high for a little speck of laughter or joy. You all should be *ashamed* thinking only of yourselves and your own selfish desires to have a little bit of a giggle.

    Won’t somebody *please* think of the kittens!

    *hrumph, grumble, grumble, hrumph*

    (Whistles looking about wide-eyed and innocent waiting for the impending pudding assault.)

    I’m partial to Crème’ Caramel or perhaps some of that lovely chocolate mousse. (grins)

  150. Hooray for Laurie C! Hooray for boxcar kits! (You know I look forward to every update? I do, I do!)

  151. I have something dire and tragic for you.


    Saliva has been proven to cause cancer. But only if taken in small amounts over a long period of time.

    (paging Dr. Carlin, Dr. George Carlin!)

  152. …Beans? Beanie?

    Puddin’? Otay.

  153. Laurie C–cheers for you! Kitten G is for *giant* paws. She’s a lovely soft girl.

  154. “Saliva has been proven to cause cancer. But only if taken in small amounts over a long period of time.”

    I’ve never heard a better case for drooling.

  155. EricaE,
    *Happily plops two pudding cups, appropriately opened, bottomsup! onto your head*

    One of each flavor!

    Lol, Danielle! Good ol’ George!

  156. “I’ve never heard a better case for drooling.”

    jaypo, you rock!

  157. Lauri — silly girl, puddins come in WAY more than two flavors.

  158. Hmm… actually if some one put me in a human and beans can, like this picture, I’d think it was funny. However, I understand the quirky sense of humor.

    People should excercise their sense of humor more. It’s not healthy to get bent out of shape over every little thing. Trust me there are enough big things in life to get upset about, there is no need to add to it.

  159. Cute cute cute! 🙂

    What a sweet little face.

    Somebody help him out of there.

  160. re brownamazon: HEE!

    stupid fat people.

    lay off the corn syrup, or the terrorists have won.

  161. *emerges from bedroom smelling strongly of coffee and pork-flavored legume product*

    A’mornin’ y’all! 🙂


  162. I don’t wanna know.

  163. A’morning, D2D! You were…um…drinking coffee and licking that lil’ piglet, weren’t you. WEREN’T YOU?!

    [hands over ears]
    La la la la….

  165. Nice to see that this pigster is still sty-lin’.

    Myself, age will never leave its mark, for I will have eternal beauty – my sins will never make a mark on my face. I’ve had my portrait painted, see, and I spoke with this guy named Dorian…

  166. don quixote says:

    Before you pat yourselves on the back for your sophisticated sense of humor and ironic wit, make an appointment at the closest slaughterhouse and watch (and listen to) a pig killing. You might not be quite so smug, after that.

  167. DQ — how about we divert that particular writeup to a more appropriate forum, like maybe this one?

  168. Monsieur Windmill-Assaulter, I have.

    Now shaddap.

  169. DQ:

    Sorry. My smugness has been intact for too long a time.

  170. This is probably someone’s pet. It could even be a potbellied piglet, who will live inside the home. Not everyone who has piglets kills and eats them. Friggin’ relax people. Geez.

  171. Who’s being smug? And for the record, I’m having turkey AND bacon for lunch.

  172. [salivating]
    (oh $#!% — CANCER!!)

  173. the piggy is really cute, but being an animal activist and vegetarian i just find the idea of this image rather disgusting.

  174. My brother and his wife received a little pot-bellied pig as a wedding present. (Don’t ask why, for none of us still have an answer). Herman had the run of the farm. He hung out with the cows, played with the cats and thought he was one of the dogs.

    Being the practical farmer, my dad asked the vet what the meat on pot-bellies was like. The vet said pot-bellies tasted awful and that was the end of that. Herman lived a carefree and happy life until the end of his days.

    So I can say from experience no one’s going to eat their pet pot-bellies unless they were in dire dietary distress.

  175. Well, of course the vet’s gonna SAY that…

    (still on my obnoxious jag, it seems)

  176. Even if the vet said it was super yummy, I don’t think the family would dish up a helping of Herman.

    It cracked me up that Dad even asked, but I thought it was a reasonable question.

    Don’t let all the Nuffinghams drive you into perma-snark, T! It was great to check in on the peeps this morning and see that order seemed to be restored.

  177. Mame – I’m having tofu for lunch, but it is against my most strident protests.

  178. Definitely “Cute Or Sad”!

    (Of course, I’m a vegetarian, so I could be biased …)

  179. OMFGBBQ? best thing ever rofl

  180. I have to protest. Where’s the bananna pudding?

  181. I’ll bananaphone it in.

  182. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:

    Sheesh, vegatarians sure do have quite a few beefs about this that & the other!
    Isn’t it ironic???

  183. ndr,o!!heartheartheart…

    a small correction:
    we vegetarians have *beets* about this that and the other.

    not beefs.

  184. …beers.

  185. beers are good too.
    we have beers
    while kitteh-huffing
    puff, huff, pass

  186. acelightning says:

    My reaction is that the picture is saying, with subtle irony, “How could anyone even THINK of eating something as adorable as this little piggie?” Have you ever seen the vegan protesters who wrap themselves up in plastic trays as if they were “packaged” like supermarket meat? Little pig here is doing the same thing.

  187. Alloy-ways agree with irony, AceL.

  188. You’ve STEEL got it, Aubrey. It’s pretty BRASS, though, to keep LEADing us on with your ZINCing humor. I have a NICKELing fear that some of it is going right over my head…

  189. 15+ year vegetarian here. hardcore animal advocate here. former animal shelter director here. veteran of slaughterhouse protests here.

    those of you who protest this photo must be young. i was naive and idealistic when i was young, too.

    now, that i’m older, i recognize and acknowledge that pain and suffering have been a part of this universe since the big bang.

    “it’s better to light one candle than to curse the darkness,” sayeth ghandi. so, yes — do everything you can to make your own life as humane and sustainable as possible…

    …but please, please, PLEASE — for the sake of the animals you hope to help — don’t burn yourself out by wallowing in your anger and disgust.

    again, remember, too — the most effective ad that farm sanctuary has ever had showed a photo of a perfectly anerable pig, with the headline, “do you really want to eat me?” (or something like that)

    putting a face on our otherwise faceless, shrink-wrapped, re-named food (why IS cow called “beef?” why IS pig called “pork?” –why, to assuage the consumer’s guilt) helps to discourage people from participating in the factory farm holocaust.

    and, by the gods, the lil piggy is about the cutest thing evar. chill, folks. please.

  190. you guys r silly says:

    A *sane* voice rising up from a sea of *insanity*!

  191. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:

    Mariser & Theo…
    Sometimes it seems as if they are beeting a dead horseradish!

  192. [arches eyebrow]
    [looks around for Aubrey]

    …Mariser AND Theo? Why both of us? Trying to kill tubers with one stone?

  193. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:

    Because Theo you added to Marser’s comment to me so you are a secondary reply inclusion.
    Make no beans about it!

  194. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:

    uh…just to be frank!

  195. I’m just waiting for the Musical Fruit to work its natural mojo on Piglet Potbelly here.
    Legume kaboom, straight to the moon!

    (YAY for fart jokes.)

  196. I second that.



  197. Its my gas that fart jokes are pretty stinking funny!

  198. Blame Google. Blame US News. Blame the President. I dunno. Here it is, anyway:

  199. (panting) T., I was looking for cheeze whiz. I just got back.

    I mean, I do carrots just that I can’t bean in two places at one time! Where’s the love? I can’t deal with all the taters!

  200. You’re late, Aubrey.
    Pull my finger.

  201. Ehhh…but what would happen if I put it in a bowl of warm water?

  202. Oh, Aubrey … please don’t pull that finger. We’re still painting over the scorch marks on the wall from last time he said that.

  203. jackie31337 says:

    DLT: “ya know…i’ve been a vegetarian for nigh on 20 years….and i think this is about the most adorable thing i’ve ever seen.”

    Same here (10 years for me).

    I remember a similar incident from a musical theatre class I took in college. One of my classmates was horrified by the murder/cannibalism in Sweeny Todd and just couldn’t get past her literal interpretation to see its symbolism. Black humor is something that you either get or don’t get.

    Lauri: “Hey! *Fills centrifuge with butterscotch pudding. leaves lid open. Turns on*”

    Here’s another fun experiment: get one of those old hot air popcorn poppers. Put a clean sheet on the floor and put the popper in the center of the sheet. Turn on the popper, but don’t put on the lid/chute that channels the popcorn into the bowl. Result: the coolest popcorn fountain you’ve ever seen.

  204. JackieLeet — that sounds fun… for starters. Heh heh heh.

  205. What? …still isn’t really me.

  206. ppbbbtthyeah.

  207. **From Theo:Lurk — they all moved to Ann Arbor! Wahoo!**

    Hey – this Lurker moved to Ann Arbor! From East Lansing!

    Seriously, yo. What did I miss where all the MSU chat came up? I’m totally confuzzled. And that is what I get for only reading when comments hit 100+, eh?

    P.S. *waves at AmyH* We’ll do coffee someday, dearie!

  208. LOL!!! Good one, Jackie! Scary website, TO!

    Good god look at the Schnozz on that Mad Hatter…..NOT cute!!!

    Go Green, we luvs ya no matter what goofiness occurs on the field!!!

  209. The pig is cute, the concept is stupid. This is why I’m a vegetarian.

  210. I think that little piggie is way cute. Love the little hooves. And love the black humor.

    I tried being a vegetarian, and couldn’t manage it. Now I settle for trying to eat mostly happily-raised 4-H project pork and lamb, and grass-fed beef from hopefully happy steers. It’s not a perfect world. I don’t hold with the people who think a meal must contain meat (we go many days without eating any) but I sure like a little of it now and again. Moderation, in all things, except the CUTE!!

  211. Moderation in all things, even moderation! 🙂

    Except where the Cute is concerned….like you said, Kim H.!

  212. I wish I could schnuggle up with this guy for a nap right now.

    Makes me sad, though, that other sweet little piggies had to be killed for the pork. That’s why I went veg! 🙂

  213. NOT KOSHER!!

  214. Vee, you hit the nail straight on the head. Those are my sentiments exactly. GROSS!!!

  215. MissMichelle says:

    Who’s to say this image is advocating the death/slaughter of pigs? This picture could be showing a cute pig in a can as if to say, “now who would wanna eat that?”
    I myself, think it is ADORABLE! teeheehee.

  216. This actually makes me want to cry a bit.

  217. Kinda cute….kinda messed up.

  218. Wow. This picture makes me want to never again eat pork in my life, ever.

  219. That’s a potbelly pig, which in general make horrible meat pigs because they are one of the smallest breeds: ergo, it will not end up as pork ‘n beans later in its adorable life.

  220. Ahhhhhhhh! Too adorable!

  221. ummmmmmmmm…… uhhhhhh…. i dont thikn that pig lived happiley ever after i think……. HE ICSPLOUDED


  223. awwwwwwwwwwwww i loooooooovvvvvvveeee pigs i know that sounds syco but whatev thats sooooooooooooooooooooooooo adorable and sad too

  224. aaaaaaawww,poor wittle piggy…well atleastthey got fresh pork![j/k](3

  225. look at his LITTLE SMILE!

  226. Thats sick….