Hey Bebeh! Wanna git on my bike andzzzzzzzzz

No, seriously, Bebeh, It’s a Suzzzzzzzzzzz[trails off]-zuki motorcycle and it’s awesome, I can tewtelly reach the handlesssszzzzzz.

[A few minutes pass]

No c’mon, Baby, really, let’s go score some milk cow tippingzzzzzz…


Get ‘chur motor runnin’, Sarah R.



  1. Awwwwwww!
    That looks like Da Furr from my ex job from hell!! I wonder if this one gives headbutts tooo…

  2. Nice bike

  3. badkittie2021 says:

    Awwww…wittle tiget kitteh! I lurve it!

  4. :o) Kittehs pick the durnedest places to snoozzzzzze…

  5. [sniggle]
    I wonder how many rides the owner has forsaken so kitters could finish his nappy-poo.

  6. Oh i’d rather go and journey
    Where the laser lights are glowing and
    Run across the scratching post
    Beneath the sacred cat condo
    And wander through the front yard
    Where the trees have leaves of catnip
    And bring a dead rat in the house
    That no-one knows the names of…..
    And when it’s time i’ll go and wait
    Beside a legendary cat food bowl
    Till i hear the can opener
    In it’s clear and jeweled humming
    because I wasn’t born to follow……. (you know from easyrider……)

  7. As usual, the picture is adorable but it’t the caption that totally makeszzzzzzzzzz….

  8. ZZZzzzzzzzooom?

  9. This increase in kitteh biker gangs is truly alarming. Beware the drive-by lickings!

  10. Born to be wild.


  11. ZZZZZed’s dead, baby. ZZZZZed’s dead.

  12. We had a Siamese named Sinbad that used to slepp on my dad’s bike…the one with the nekkid lady silouette painted on it.

    He finally ran away to join Hell’s Kittehs.

  13. Cats. The masters of sleeping in Highly Improbably Places, in Highly Uncomfortable Positions.

    Cats are the Zen Masters of sleeping. I think that they believe enlightenment is achieved by attempting to sleep in as many different places as possible, in as many different positions as possible. Points are earned by: 1, the improbability of the place as a sleeping location; and 2, the amount of physical contortion/uncomfortability necessary to achieve sleep in that place.

  14. This kitteh needs some PLEATHER, man! A little cap, a teeny vest… COOL!

  15. *Heavy guitar*

    Get your motor purring,
    Get out on the highway…

    Born to be *ZZZZZZZZZZ*

  16. A rice-burner? Yep, Zzzzzzzz.

  17. I hear the sound of the kid whispering from the Mazda commercials, “Zoom Zoom…”

  18. hrm. Maybe this is truly Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance?

  19. brownamazon says:

    It’s a Snoozuki

  20. In the day we sleep right out in the streets in our coats of orange and cream
    At night we prowl through alleys of glory, heard but we’re not seen
    Sprung from cages of the ASPCA
    Soft furred, quiet padded
    And steppin’ out over the line
    Baby this town rips the mice from your grasp
    It’s a death trap, it’s a runaway’s rap
    We gotta relax while we’re young
    ’Cause marms like us, we were born to sleep in the sun!

  21. Oh, man, think what having this bike is going to do to his midnight crazies.

  22. brownamazon- Hah!!
    Aubrey- I bow to your brilliance.

  23. Did you hear that Yamaha is coming out with a motorcycle that runs on laughs and giggles? It’ll be called the Yamahaha.

    … ba dump bump chiiiing!

  24. Wasn’t it nice of them to buy a motorcycle for their kitty to sleep on?

  25. Nice, Miette. I know *I’d* reach a zen state with that kitty as my co-rider.

  26. Ceebs, I thought I had the only head-butting orange kitty! He’s knocked my glasses off more than once. Lately he’s switched to shoulder-checking; I really shouldn’t let him watch hockey…

  27. So bendy! His spine has melted!

    Cat owners… may I ask something? Personally I like kittehs, but there is a woman in my office who comes in virtually every morning, chuckling about the woodpigeons, songbirds, mice, frogs and baby rabbits that her cat brings in every day. She shakes her head over this, but when I suggested that there might be ways of discouraging it, she just got cross at me.

    She used the classic cat argument “it’s his nature”… which, of course, it is, but it was also his nature to scent-mark the house and claw her legs to pieces and she’s chosen to stop him doing those. Plus, of course, her kitteh is not natural to the environment. And hunting is natural to dogs too, but most dogs aren’t allowed to.

    Anyway, this woman was really getting my goat today, so I thought I would ask you guys what your views are. Ooh, and I found this interesting link…


    After all, this seems to be a place for loving *all* the animals.


  28. Kate, I’m all with your co-worker, I’m afraid. Hunting *is* natural to cats, and there’s no way to stop them from doing it, if they’re outdoor cats. Personally, I would keep my cats indoors, which would prevent it anyway, but I would not be upset by my cat doing something which is normal for them.

    My 2 cents. I’ve had cats who were amazing hunters, and other cats who weren’t interested. It isn’t pleasant, but it is normal.

  29. kate, it’s a tough question. I’ve got four cats and only one of them hunts (the one whose previous owners had declawed). I’ve tried keeping him in the house, years ago… nothing doing, he would just pee on everything. I put bells on all of them; he’s the one who manages to lose his. Now he’s getting old and averages one mouse or bird every six months. While I don’t approve of his hunting, there isn’t much I can do short of locking him in a kennel. The others like to watch birds but are too lazy to do anything.

  30. Whoa, now THIS one I’m sorry I missed. 100 MPH standing still… er, catnapping.
    Tip o’ the Mad Hat to the following folks:

    Alicia (for the singalong)
    LeFox (tomorrow!)
    octochan (ZZZZZed)
    Miette (…more like Zen and the Art of Seatwarming)
    brownamazon (Snoozuki)
    Aubrey (The Boss) (-lady)
    Danielle (sometimes a one-liner is all you need)

    …and to Teh Meg™ for Teh Capshunz™ o’course

    PS for Aaron DeLay — ooh, I can’t *STAND* that kid! Grrrrrrrr.

  31. Headbutting!
    My lady cat walks down the stairs, hitting her head on eachstairrail as she goes,
    Step-thud-step-thud-step-thud the whole way down.
    Loud, like you would knock on the door.
    It seems to please her.

  32. A Thinker and Kim H… thank you, honeys, for your measured responses.

    I totally agree that hunting is natural to a cat – I don’t think “evil murderous kittehs!” – but it’s also true that cats are not natural to their environment, in the sense of not being a native predator. So while I don’t blame the cats themselves, I think the “nature” argument is a bit disingenuous. And obviously a cat can’t be expected to check prey against an endangered species list.

    Anyway, I admire owners who do what they can to stop or reduce hunting and I am all for lazy sofa-based cats and gentle cats like the Rhodesian Ratback the other week.

  33. And as for head-butting… my old marmalade boy who still hunts a little is the best head-butter EVAR! He has knocked my glasses off countless times whilst happily smearing me with cat snot (ewww). When he wants “kitty nuzzles”, he gets ’em, and watch out! A sweet lovable disreputable old fellow… and I can admit, now, that in his youth he was known to catch the occasional SQUIRREL! Usually alive, thankfully… but have you ever tried to get a frantic skwerl out of your house?

  34. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:

    Groovy! That’s one cool cat man!

  35. I <3 this kitteh.

    I am singing Aubrey’s new words right now (Just in my head, though).

  36. Out this direction, most cats are indoor cats, due to coyote and wild dog populations. It does, indeed, bother me that cats hunt native species that really don’t appreciate the added pressure…

  37. Ok, this reminds me of the ”Get Fuzzy’ where Rob wonders what Bucky dreams about and thinks it’s probably ”kitty stuff” or something like that. And the you see Bucky on this HUGE Harley, cruising around. Anyway, it’s hillarious (and I feel so geeky right now!).

    And Laurie C, good point. Midnight crazies? MOtorcycle? Oh dear…

  38. It’s a shame it’s not a duCATi.


  39. By jimminy, Anna, you’re right.
    Hell, I think you scooped *Aubrey* with that one.

  40. Lol, Anna!!!