Four legs is just greedy

Lulu pup is a new "tripod". She lost a leg to bone cancer and is goin’ thru a series of treatments now, poor prosh thing. Check out her road to recovery here. And if you dig this sweet shirt design (below), consider buying a shirt for the cause!





  1. aaawwuuuuuwwwahhhhhhh

  2. {gathers puddle of self from floor]
    Can we file this under Cute or Sad please?

  3. Tripods – the phot-dog-raphy that never fails to move me. Lulu, we the peeps of CO salute you!

  4. Awww – so cute. You can never give these kids enough credit! And what a good idea.

  5. best wishes to strong

  6. Here’s another tripod, our neighbour’s cat:

  7. Yaaayyy… it’s about time all the tripods of the world got their moment in the spotlight.

  8. ka9q's wife says:

    oh man how sweet is that? As a former chemo nurse i think Lulu should be a therapy dog.

  9. If they had a design with a cat instead of a dog, I would buy one. *has a tripod cat, born without a left foreleg*

  10. Really, animals are the most resilient of creatures. They dare you to pity them. In a related story:

  11. I don’t know if you can see it in the photo, but this centipede lost a leg recently, the poor dear. But with therapy, patience, and lots of good old-fashioned love, she’s well on the way to a full recovery and a happy life. In her quiet story of struggle and determination, there’s a lesson for each of us.

  12. Of course, I wish Lulu nothing but the best … but if, God forbid, her condition worsens, there’s always the HoverCritter(tm) Conversion System! Take it from HoverGoat — IT WORKS!

  13. And finally …

    “Four legs, good!
    Two legs, bad!
    Three legs — Exxxxxxx-TREEEEEEEEEEEEME!!”

    — an excerpt from the forthcoming novel “George Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm Reloaded’,” written by the Wachowski brothers and the staff of Animal Planet.

  14. AWWWW!

    What a sweet dog. And she seems so happy, so unaware she only has 3 legs. That makes my heart melt.

    Animals are fantastic creatures. Always.

  15. NTMTOM, brillo as always.
    I am heartbroken not to be able to see the courageous little centipede. I am not worthy of her greatness, as I get a “403 – Forbidden” message. [cries, whimpers]

    I want a HoverGoat(tm)!

  16. hey, look at this:
    i love triops!

  17. When I was a kid, we had a neighbourhood Tripod Dog. He was the happiest and lovingest guy ever, and bounded along with scarcely a notice to the missing leg. Animals are much more adaptable than humans to losing a limb, mainly because they don’t suffer the accompanying psychological agony we do.

  18. Awesome- I have a tripod dog who lost a leg to a car accident- I agree totally with A thinker- if a human loses a limb it means depression, maybe years of therapy, etc- dogs just make the best of it.

  19. She’s a SuperPup!
    The girl’s a SuperPup.
    [humming the rest]

    Sending lots o’love and strong thoughts to you, Lulu.

  20. Tripods are awesome. My father in law has a tripod cat, and he’s a real sweetie. Sometimes you even forget he’s missing a leg.
    We’ve also gotten a fair amount of cats who were tripods at the shelter, and they are always so sweet and never seem to care that they only have 3 legs. Once we even had a cat that was missing most of both hind legs, he came in with a tripod, and I believe they were reunited with their owners, you could not find nicer cats.
    I’ve met a few tripod dogs in my life too, and they’re awesome.

    Has anyone ever seen the Montel interview video of the two legged dog?

  21. Awwww…even Redzilla goes a little squishy over cancer-surviving tripodog.

    What do you suppose is the usual per capita rate of tripodogism? ‘Cause I live in a town of about 80,000 people and in one month I have seen 4 different tripodogs. Is that unusually high?

  22. I have a tripod hedgehog!

  23. Cool shirt. Love all the little critters– I can certainly go with that.

  24. eeeww.
    I’m sure he’s a happy pup but he’s not ‘cute’. sorry.

  25. Buhtterfly, that two legged doggie is from Oklahoma City. That dog park they go to is my dog’s favorite place to go.

  26. nuff… nuff…

  27. What? that dog’s not cute? eeewww? what planet are YOU from? That is a cute pupper!!! And I have seen a couple tripods, why do they always seem to have the same coloring? weird. Anyway, they act like every other dog, I agree. You’d never know they were even aware they are different. Yay tripods!!

  28. I don’t know how much tripod critters realize they’re tripods… I adopted a sweetheart torti from the humane society who had her leg caught in one of those nasty leg traps, front left had to be removed. Anyway, took a bit for her to relearn it all as an adult, but now she’s fully capable of attacking random air molecules and blanket mice like any other spastic furball, hehe.
    Too bad they don’t have the shirt for cats too 😀

  29. Marianne Moore says:

    I LOVE TRIPODS!! I have one of my own my Kittah Reefer Lost her leg due to an asshole pizza man doing 70 in a 35 zone. So I feel for ya. Tripods are the best.

  30. Tripods are the best because they have no clue that anyone might think there’s something wrong with them…we have a tripod Huskie named Harold in our neighborhood and he regularly drags his owners around trying to get at the squirrels in the park 🙂

  31. I had a dog Raja as a kid and although she had 3 1/2 legs, she was lightning fast down the street and a sweeter pup you never met. If it happens young, the pups are still awesome and thrive!

  32. My husky, Silver, (from Homes for Huskies in OK) is a semi tripod. One of her front legs is much shorter… she only really limps when she thinks she can hit up a new sucker for treats, otherwise she just motors on and ignores it. In the snow, it’s an advantage (better traction).

  33. That’s just awesome. I have two tripods, both missing the same leg, and yes, that’s just a coincidence.

    I got both of them from the local animal rescue league and they are the best dogs I’ve ever had.

  34. useta hada kitteh says:

    NTMTOM — Loved the hovergoat! But like Mariser, when I tried to see the giant centipede, I just got a “403 forbidden” message in loud letters (they looked loud, if you know what I mean), I yiped away with my tail tucked firmly where one tucks ones tail when one is frightened by loud letters, and I’m still quivering in the corner. I’m sure it was a heart-warming picture of the ninety-nine-ipede, though.

    And on the topic of tripods, more power to them!

  35. michellemybelle says:

    NTMTOM – I love the way your brain works.

    You sure do rock.


    Hey, do American peeps know of that famous tripod cheetah who was in a zoo owned by some Hollywood star? I forget her name.

  37. Many many moons ago, my grandmother had a cat named Tippy. She unfortunately decided to catnap in a car’s engine, and lost a leg when the engine started. After that, she really *was* Tippy!

  38. Subhangi:

    Tippi Hedron owns an animal sanctuary called Shambala. Would that be it?

    Also, this is a little off your topic, but:

  39. Hey Soxfan, we used to have a cat named Tippy too. But that’s because she was “tipped” in the head a little…

  40. I have known a marmalade tripod kitteh, who was sweet as all get-out and a mighty pouncer.

    Also, some friends have a lovely tripod who looks almost exactly like this illustration, only he’s a two-posts-in-the-back model. Here he is doing yoga:

  41. tri-pawed no?

  42. Dickie Twinkles says:

    Awww I LOVE tripods!
    I admire the way they’re so agile.
    I wanted to get a tripod pup when I was little but my parents wouldn’t let me 😦
    I did have a rabbit with no joins in it’s legs…sadly he had to be put down -sniff-
    I’d definately adopt any tripod aminal if it was the kind I was looking for.
    My first kiss with with a girl with half an arm – I wish more adults were as accepting of amputees or people/animals born that way.

  43. Wheee! Tripods! I’ve posted about my stepsister’s 3-legged pup before, so I was SUPER excited to see this post. I’m off to buy some tees for the stepfam… Or maybe a totebag… Best of luck to Lulu.


  45. Aww, poor little girl. Be strong!

  46. sonia a.k.a. lulu's momma says:

    Just wanted to thank everyone for their well wishes. It’s so nice to see how much animal love there is out there. Keep checking the i heart tripods blog for updates!

  47. Cathy Taubman says:

    My God I couldn’t believe it when I saw the video of your dog. She looks exactly like my dog Marley. She too had a rear leg amputated 3 years ago due to bone cancer. I will send you a picture of her. Unlike your dog she has never had chemotherapy.

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