De Paws! De Paws! (say in Herve Villechaize voice)

Um, exsqueeze me, but could labradoodles be the most ideal breed EVAR? Look at these perf black and brown ‘plastic’ noses. I’d completely expect them each to have a "Steiff" stuffed animal tag on their ears.


Phil W. Those paws got me—clutching chest—right here!



  1. awwwwww.. i want one! no, two!

  2. Is anyone else sensing the Ebert & Roeper likeness here?

  3. So cute.

  4. If they didn’t poop, bark, lick, chew, or need walking, I’d sign up for one right now 😉

  5. These lil guys do look alot like plush steiff … Only I hope not as expensive … Cuz I want one … or two … or shree … Oh pooh … I’ll just take them all …

  6. wolfwhocriedboy says:

    Whenever I see dogs with paws like that I run around screaming “muppet-puppet!”

    People don’t get it but they totally do remind me of muppets – in the best possible way.

  7. Gimme the bonbon puppers! Licorice and chocolate noses on marshmallow fluffers! (smooch the yummy puppernose)

  8. What breed are they? Does anyone know?

  9. I don’t know, the whole puppy mill/backyard breeder aspect of these mutts (it is not a “breed”) really turn me off. People need to look beyond the cute face and address the serious problems behind the horrible practice of intentionally breeding more mutts when there are plenty cute ones in real danger of getting gassed available at the shelter. Often, you can find whatever -doodle you’re looking for at any shelter.

    Please don’t contribute to the demand for milled puppies and backyard-bred dogs– educate, so that cute puppies don’t need to be born in vile conditions.

    Here’s some info for you and anyone else before considering one of these animals from a “breeder”:

  10. Oh, those soulfull eyes! All kinds of, “Feed me, love me, I LURVE YOU!!”

    I just want to schmoosh them sweetly!! *SCHMOOSH*

  11. So, is “look like a Steiff toy” a new Rule of Cutness™?

  12. Erin, sweetie, a little too serious perhaps? I agree that puppy mills are horrible and shelter dogs are the best, but this pic is anerable and worthy of snorgling and cute-overloading. Can we just enjoy them?

  13. badkittie2021 says:

    Ok I distracted by the cat in the toilette to my right. Which when i refresh the page won’t be there. Anywho, Cuttie cuddles pupples. hehe…hypo alergenic to…go labradoodles!

  14. [off subject]

    where’s our Teho been? The peeps (at least this one!) want to hear about A2 and Zingerman’s and how your sweet calico foster is doing.

  15. Sweet fancy Moses, these two are certainly cute.

    That being said, I hesitate to leap into the fray…I don’t usually offer any negative comments here. Normally, I just soak up the cute. But Erin has already made a good point, and it bears repeating.

    Labradoodles are not a breed. Neither are schnoodles, puggles, or shih-tzu-poos. They are designer mutts, created by people desperate for an easy buck and unsupervised by any breed standard organization.

    If you feel you need a purebred (which is perfectly all right), buy one from a responsible AKC-registered breeder, or adopt a lovable homeless doggie from a breed-specific rescue.

    But again, I will reiterate, the puppies are totally snarfable.

  16. They are really cute. I admit that freely. I’m with Erin on this one, though– What irritates me is that instead of people going **aaw, mutts are awesome! viva la mutt! shelter pets rock!** it’s all just about another fad/status symbol “breed” that’s not even a breed.

  17. blueberries4me says:

    The one on the left look like a little old man.

    Love them!

  18. Labradoodles!
    After a lunch comprised of chicken of the noodles!


    We can only hope that T. is preparing a lengthy, involved and Highly Confidential Report which will annoy and confuse those with no joy in their hearts, leading to a long and amusing commentroversy.


  19. Erin is absolutely right.
    Sure they’re cute…dogs are..cute…but, if people honestly cared about animals, they would skip the “designer dogs” like the Labradoodle and the Puggles and go to the pound. Breeding and buying these dogs when there are plenty of Doodles and Uggles being euthanized daily is asinine. People who BUY designer dogs don’t do so out of care and compassion, they buy them so they can say “Why, what breed is Fluffy? He is a LABRADOODLE of course”…sad….

  20. It wouldn’t be so bad if it was “awe, cute mutts” – cuz that’s all they are.

  21. RIGHT ON, ERIN!! As a mom of two puppy mill rescue bichons, I know all too well the dangers of moronic breeding. I have seen people spend up to $2000 for one of these “designer dogs” because they are the latest thing. Funny thing though, my folks’ neighbors just adopted one of these lab/poodle puppies from the humane society for about $100, and that included spaying, shots and worming.

  22. WOW, too CUTE! I saw these little guys “labradoodles” when I purchased my Wheaten Terrier, they are adorable and who cares whether they are mutts or not…too CUTE!

  23. Didn’t realize I was bringing up such a touchy subject. Really what I wanted to know is if they’re considered “hypo-allergenic” (do they shed, etc) so that when I live somewhere that will let me I can get a super-cute and loveable dog despite my allergies! YAY! for fuzzy friends!!

  24. No, I can’t just “ENJOY THEM”, as this is in essence, a big PR ad for your neighborhood backyard breeder. Look at the responses! People see a picture like that, and want one based off the picture. CO has the opportunity to reach a lot of people, and decides to put a cute face on a decidedly NOT cute issue. Instead, the webmaster could do the right thing and not contribute to influencing others to get these dogs.

    To the webmaster: please remove the picture. You have the power to influence others to do the right thing, or to do the wrong thing. I’m extremely disappointed with Cute Overload on this issue. If the picture isn’t removed, I will no longer visit the site. In addition, I will bring this issue to other animal lovers and request they stop visiting the site as well. It’s a shame that with such a large community, the wrong messages have to taint an otherwise excellent website.

  25. Guys, this is no way to run a commentrovery! You’re all agreeing with each other.

  26. I would really like to have a bichon someday and will of course go to a respectable breeder or rescue place to find one when the time comes. I have such lovely memories of playing with my neighbor’s bichons. Lovely dogs with lovely personalities!

  27. Karen In Toronto says:

    I was goin’ all “right on” with Erin’s post — and I still think that “Cockapoos” and “Labradoodles” are fake — but I recall that even the most careful breeders can let ghastly genes into the pool (hip dysplasia comes to mind). Labs and goldens are fantastic pets but are short-lived. Poodles are hypoallergenic but tend to bite. So if a kind and careful dog “husbander” can create a blend of two good breeds without their less-than-ideal traits, well… just don’t charge 350 dollars for one.

    I dunno what to think anymore.

  28. AliceTanzer says:

    Erin – Oh for Christs sake! Get over yourself. Really. This website posts pictures of cute animals. Its not forcing anyone to buy puppy mill animals. Its just posting pictures of cute. Yes, Puppy mills are incredibly upsetting. But how do you know that these are puppymill puppies? How do we know its not someone who went to a shelter and said “Holy Biscuits! Look at these cuties!?”

  29. Viva La Rescue Pet!

  30. I see nothing cute about an advertisement for milled mongrels.

  31. Erin, you don’t know that these dogs were bought by someone who wanted a “designer pet.” In fact, you know nothing about the history of these dogs or their owners. It is very possible that they were rescued and adopted by people who have similar feelings about “backyard breeding.” In any event, the dogs are lovely and appear to be healthy, which is all we can hope for. I don’t see how this picture is going to hurt the effort to curb unethical animal treatment, I already knew the kind of dog I wanted, and was curious about other “hypo-allergenic” dogs, in case the rescue place I volunteered at doesn’t have any bichons when I am able to adopt a dog.

  32. Hrm…I had wondered what all the brouhaha about labradoodles was. As long as someone loves these little guys, I’m okay wit dat, but puppy mills are sad.

    Oh, and I just wanted to say, peekapugoodle, peekapugoodle, peekapugoodle. I’ve never seen one, but I luv the way the word sounds.

  33. I bet that is what happened! Someone went to a SHELTER and found two DESIGNER puppies, the same age and from the same litter! What LUCK!

    (And the moon is made out of Blue Cheese.)

    Good night moon.

  34. Yes, they are cute little mutts of love, but don’t expect to get a “labradoodle” and have it be hypoallergenic. You have two separate gene pools mixing there, so the claim that they are hypoallergenic is bull. Unfortunately, that’s the way most millers and BYBs advertise them.

    Don’t promote the breeding of these designer dogs. They are the same mutts you can get at the Humane Society or SPCA for around a $100. And they will give you just as much love and joy. 🙂

  35. AliceTanzer says:

    Fine, Right, lets all freak out and protest a _website_ because someone decided the picture of puppies was cute instead of tragic. Sorry.

  36. So if posting an image like this is a “a big PR ad for your neighborhood backyard breeder” does that mean the image a few entries down is a big PR ad for hamster sex? Because if it is, count me in. Hummina! (or is that Hammina?)

    I’m boycotting everyone who boycotts CO. Right after I come back from my Meaningless Stands support group meeting. So there!

  37. they cannot be real……..>.<
    too cute i’m fainting…

  38. Sarah J.

    The hypo-allergenic thing is a myth, especially when it comes to crossbreeds like this. Most of these dogs are the product of a genetics crapshoot and you just don’t know what the adult dog is going to end up with. What if you get the shedding of a lab instead of the curly coat (which does come out, but says in the coat because of the curls instead of falling to the floor. Poodles become heavily matted very easily)? It’s all chance. You’d be better off investigating adult animals and seeing if you ahve a reaction to them. What matters is the proteins/dander they put out, not their hair. Same thing goes with cats. I’m fine with some cats and redeyed and miserable with others. Also, frequent bathing (removes dander) and feeding your pet *really* high quality food (reduces dander produced) is going to help more than anything. Best of luck!

  39. Meaningless Stand?

    How many posts said “AW! I want one”? And this is from people who would hopefully do some homework before bringing home a pet…MOST people don’t. They see a PICTURE and find a backyard breeder and buy one while shelter animals die and the “stock breeders” are bred to death…

    yeah…that’s meaningless.

  40. Ivyna J. Spyder says:

    It’s not a ‘breed’. They’re mutts. Mixed breeds.

    For the love of god, people looking at this, DON’T think it’s a good idea to run out to a pet store and get one of these. It’s a bad idea in every way.

    Go to your local animal shelter- I’m sure there are some great mixed breeds there that are just as cute and need a good home. 🙂

  41. Designer breeds! Yeah, bring on the designer breeds! I want a labradoodle, and a cockapoo and a pomerhuahua. I’ll even take a standard poodle, a Great Dane, a German Shepherd, and a cocker spaniel to accompany my designer pets.

    Oh, and let’s not forget the cats! Any PerSiamese out there? Or long-tailed Manx? Why should only dogs have designer breeds?

    And for those who will leave if Meg doesn’t remove this particular picture, why are you still here anyway? This isn’t the first “designer pet” Meg has featured on her website. You should have banned this website ages ago, if you were going to.

    Those puppies are so adorable and cuddly looking. I just want to cuddle up with them!

  42. I think one of the reasons most of us have a problem with this pictures is the way Meg introduces it:

    “…could labradoodles be the most ideal breed EVAR?”

    They are NOT a breed, as there are no guidelines dictating what makes them a breed. This is because they are mutts. Mutts created for profit.

    So saying they are an “ideal breed” is misleading. CO reaches a large audience, and not everyone can be bothered to do their research before buying a puppy. They don’t know about the health issues that can come from these milled and BYBred puppies. I’m sure they are wonderful pets, but I don’t know of anyone who wants to promote this designer dog fad. It’s disturbing.

    If she had said they were two cute mutts, as another poster stated, we wouldn’t be having this discussion.

  43. Some of us adopted labradoodles before they were a fad. My Baxter was not “breed,” he was an accident. And he’s a fantastic dog. He’s calm, smart and really beautiful. He’s as loving as a lab (always wants to be leaning against you, lying at your feet or with his head in your lap) but as smart as a poodle. Give the dogs a break.

  44. Yes, pictures are very dangerous. We should get rid of everything that might possibly cause temptation or be misleading because god knows no one else except you can be trusted to think and to know the The Right Thing To Do.

  45. These dogs aren’t hypoallergenic, if you are looking for one that is less likely to irritate your allergies, look into a purebred poodle from a reputable breeder.

    Regardless of where these dogs come from:

    1) They aren’t a “breed”. They are a mutt between a labrador and a poodle.

    2) The “average Joe” isn’t going to think to go to his shelter for these dogs. He’s going to go to his newspaper or local pet store and shell out $600+ for a mutt. His purchase will put another puppy (or more!) in the original puppy’s place… further contributing to an abhorrent practice of milling and BYBing dogs.

    3) This puts a positive spin on the -doodle mania currently sweeping the country. Doodle = milling, BYBers, and poor, irresponsible breeding.

    Rescue a dog from a purebred rescue agency, adopt a sweet dog from your local shelter, or purchase a dog from a reputable breeder. Don’t contribute to this very real problem.

  46. Cute Overload, if you take this photo down, I’ll eat 10 puppies.

  47. Whoa. Another Erin. This could get confusting fast.

  48. Erin. You’ve made your point. We get it. Seriously.

    Also, I think calling for the removal of the picture is a bit much. Should Disney not have shown 101 Dalmations? Should all those advertisers currently using labradoodles stop because someone might get the wrong idea? Should I refrain from showing puppy pictures of my dog because it might make people want that kind of dog?

    I don’t disagree with your basic, very important point. But you are detracting from it with every post.

  49. Hear, hear, RidBaxter.

  50. wow talk about blowing things out of proportion!

  51. ” god knows no one else except you can be trusted to think and to know the The Right Thing To Do.” – RidBaxter

    “3-4 millions dogs & cats are euthanized yearly” – HSUS.

    (apparently not many CAN be trusted.)

  52. Here Here Sara and Thinker!

    Who cares if the metal plate is white hot, as long as the chicken looks like he’s dancing…

  53. BTW, here’s my beautiful Baxter, the mutt of a labradoodle 🙂

  54. Man, meant to post this picture:

    I’ll shut up now 😀

  55. Where do you think “breeds” come from? We made them, and now people are making new breeds, how is that any better or worse?

    Plus they are adorable puppies.

  56. I know it’s the dander, but the dander is less likely to cause a problem if the hair doesn’t fall out, still a problem, but less of one. I never had a problem with bichons, which is why I’ve decided to get one in the future. I will vacum and wash rugs and linens frequently as well as wash the dog.

  57. “I will vacum and wash rugs and linens frequently as well as wash the dog.”

    Sarah J, if you do windows, too, you’re hired.

  58. Good grief…
    FYI, for the 2 of you who wondered, I’ve been in intense high-level IT meetings all morning (and afternoon). You know. Day job stuff. Have had zero time for Teh Qte™ — but it looks like I haven’t missed much, at least as far as *this* comment thread is concerned.

    Carry on.
    [goes back to work]

  59. There *are* some professional breeders who are attempting to establish an actual labradoodle “breed” by re-crossing lab and poodle mixes over multiple generations. A quick google search on “labradoodle” can turn up a few examples, mostly in Australia. Not all labradoodles are the product of random backyard crosses.

  60. T.,

    well, at least 2 peeps wondered about you.
    me, I’m gone for days at a time

    /tewtally emo
    /nobunny cares about me!

  61. [cranks up Linkin Park]

  62. To b:

    Breeds have standards. With breeds, you know how the puppies will turn out (i.e. what characteristics the puppies will carry).

    With these designer dogs there are NO standards. You don’t know how the puppies will turn out. You won’t know their temperaments, or how they will look until they are born. Therefore, this is NOT a breed. And promoting them as such is EXTREMELY poor judgement.

  63. white_jenna63 says:

    For what it’s worth, Labradoodles were “started” a number of years ago to try to get a hypo (or close to) allergenic guide dogs. It’s been more recently that they’ve become designer mutts with high price tags.

  64. WAIT! We are suppose to be working TOO?

    Hmmm, maybe that is why my boss keeps sticking his head into my office and clearing his throat!!!

  65. gloom raider says:

    Boy, those pups sure are cute! Here on Cute Overload! Where we talk about cuteness!

    Seriously, I can say “I want one!” every time I see a cute dog (and as a matter of fact I do) but I haven’t bought a dog yet. A little too much worry about the weak consumer mind, I think.

  66. “Should Disney not have shown 101 Dalmations? Should all those advertisers currently using labradoodles stop because someone might get the wrong idea? Should I refrain from showing puppy pictures of my dog because it might make people want that kind of dog?

    Posted by: Annie “

    There are a lot of breed specific rescues that have tried to show the data to advertising and media firms in regards to using purebreds. After 101 Dals came out thousands (if not more) of Dals ended up in rescues and shelters.

    The commercials with the dogs also spark people’s whimsical nature and you find more than usual in shelters and rescues. If big firms would add a disclaimer or a clarification on the breeds that they are promoting it would help the homeless pet situation. I know a lot of them do when it comes to working breeds but never do for toy – medium breeds.

  67. Labradoodles were “started” a number of years ago to try to get a hypo (or close to) allergenic guide dogs

    Why aren’t poodles used as guide dogs? They’re every bit as smart as retrievers if not smarter.

  68. Wow, lotsa commentroversy!

    Those are some really cute puppies. 🙂 I’m not sure why a few people are so worked up over commenters saying, “Oh, I want one!!!” I mean, when I see a baby pig, or a panda, or a itty-bitty lemur, I think, “Oh, I want one!!!” but I don’t run out and purchase every pet I see.

    It’s good to make people aware of the problems that crossbreeds pose (like promoting backyard breeders) but you don’t need to leave several comments. If someone reads the comments, they’ll see yours.

    Incidentally, “I will never visit this website again!” is about as meaningless a threat as one can make.

  69. Oh, and as an addendum — the animals I listed are NOT pets (except for the piggie. Maybe.) I meant that I don’t try to purchase every animal I see on CuteOverload, not even a hammie, which would be easy for me to purchase (and so tempting! I would feed him grapes and watch him GALGH!!! all day).

  70. Poodles aren’t used as guide dogs because of temperament and personality issues, I believe. They’re viewed as too hyperactive and exciteable. Labs are calmer and more staid.

  71. NebraskaErin says:

    I’m changing my username a bit, just to avoid confusion.

    Puppymills bad. Puppies in any way, shape, or form, good. This Erin’s two cents.

  72. “After 101 Dals came out thousands (if not more) of Dals ended up in rescues and shelters”

    I know. That’s why I mentioned it. My point was not that it was GOOD that more dals were adopted as a result, but instead that people should be held accountable for their own actions. It was not Disney’s fault that people didn’t do the research.

    Cute Overload posted a cute picture of cute puppies. If people are stupid enough to adopt a breed without understanding what they are doing, it is not Meg I hold responsible.

  73. Normally I can’t stand it when the comments get controversial , but I have to agree with the sentiment that the caption should be changed from “the most ideal breed” to maybe “one of the cutest cross-breeds.”The unfortunate truth is that there ARE people who would look at this picture and then start trying to find out where they can get one.

    It would be nice to know whether they are shelter pets or not, though.

  74. WhatEVAR people. I think they’re really, really cute, but I don’t want one because I only have cats (you don’t have to take them outside to poop)!
    The person who demanded that this image be removed needs to take a pill. Sheesh!

  75. BTW Sarah & Calenth, I have seen Standard Poodles used as a type of guide dog. They can be really great dogs! Poodles just have a bad reputation as a breed because of a combination of backyard breeders and overly permissive owners. Sigh.

  76. Oh no! Dont post any pictures of baby seals or else people will see how pretty their coat are and start clubing them!
    And yes! The average joe will be able to shell out hundreds of dollars just because they saw a photo of a cute dog, yup yup, they will run out and buy a dog just like that.
    And HAMSTER SEX?! Oh god, now they are going to jam two hamsters together and let them ‘make love’ when in reality they are fighting to death! the horror!!
    ….Get real! This isn’t an ‘educational’ site, this is a personal site for posting CUTE pictures.
    Now excuse me while I go have a premarital baby because I saw this cute baby photo yesterday and now I want one. =)

  77. Labradoodles = not a breed. I agree with the sentiments that perhaps we should be more careful about what we call a breed, because these designer mutts are the kind of dogs that come from puppy mills and end up sold to any old yahoo with $500 in pet stores.

    That said, did anyone even *notice* that one’s nose is black and the other one’s is brown?!? CUTE.

    P.S. I think there was some confusion about Erin – it appears there were two Erins commenting and it made it look like it was one person posting over and over. Just to clarify.

  78. zookeeper40 says:

    Lurker, unlurking.

    Purebreds with breed standards create “good” puppies–not always.

    Designer breeds come from BYB and puppymills–not always.

    Puppies are cute–ALWAYS!

    Don’t kill the puppy, because you don’t like the message.

  79. Fer what it’s worth, I missed ya too, T.

    Almost posted something about it. Figgered you were probably busy.

  80. Shasta McRocksta says:

    For all you do gooding liberal “It’sth my duty to tell everyone elsthe how to live their livesth becausthe I know better than anyone elsthe and alstho I’m vegan stho I’m better than you and alstho George Bush blah blah blah and alstho webmasthter change that HORRIBLE OFFENSTHIVE CAPTION AND TAKE AWAY THAT HORRID PHOTO BECAUSTHE I STHAY STHO IT OFFENDSTH ME STHO!!!!”

    Shut up. Go get a life. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to read it. Go make your own stick up your a** website with your own obnoxious views that no one cares about. This site is about cute animals to share with everyone. It’s not here for you tell everyone what to do you self righteous retards. Go smoke some of that there grass you hippies do and chill the f*ck out.

  81. Trivialize it. It’s not like thousands of dogs are euthanized everyday.

    As long as it’s cute, who cares about the message behind it.

    And Chia, let’s all pray here together that you don’t reproduce…

  82. Shasta McRocksta, someone is need of a “chill-out” indeed. You.

    Oh, and Spell check is a handy feature on most computer…and pretty user friendly.

  83. Oh, Shasta. I don’t even know where you start with you. I guess your post speaks for itself. I love the “dogooding liberal” –>vegan –>George Bush rant. It makes so much sense. You are clearly a brilliant thinker, one of the best minds of our great nation.

    The best breed of dog you can get is the mutt you rescue from the Humane Society or the like.

  84. Lab/poodle mixes often do irritate allergies. They are also large and extremely active and have loooong puppyhoods, and not all of them are this cute. So many people are falling for the “labradoodle” craze and then realizing that hey, just like every other dog, yes they do shed, and they chew, and they need a lot of exercise etc.

    Great job everyone else that has spoken out against the “designer breed” fad. It’s important to say – lives are stake.

    A great website to check out if you are interested in adopting a poodle mix, or just in seeing how many of these type of dogs are in need of new homes, see:

  85. [reaches behind back]
    [whips out kitten]
    [huffffffs it]


    [kitten purrs]

  86. No one is trying to trivialize this. It’s okay to make the point that labradoodles and glamour mutts are often produced by puppy farming (and that this in turn leads to more euthanizations at pounds). It’s okay to make that point once so people reading the comments will see and absorb. Then it’s okay to drop it, because there is a place for sermons and this ain’t it.

  87. it’s a good thing i can’t understand that Shasta email…cuz i might be offended…” dogooding liberal “It’sth my duty to tell everyone elsthe how to live their livesth” Bush? Huh?

    i need a drink.

  88. *skips off to look at pics of best friend’s new baby boy*

  89. I agree with Erin completlely, if they don’t take this out i am outta here too. (at least the comment connecting labradoodle to a breed) that is just idiotic. And yes they are mutts, and yes if you buy one you are contributing to the puppy mill most likely. They will never be a registered breed. they are glorified mutts.

  90. Shasta McRocksta says:

    Hey, was a I right? I bet all of you going on and on about this and thinking it’s totally ok to tell someone else what to do because it “offendsth” you would never dream of voting for a conservative candidate. I BET YA! Come clean! It’s not too hard to pick you guys out or anything. Just look for the pr*cks trying to ruin everyone else’s fun and they’re almost always liberal! =D

  91. hey T., pass to the left, yo!

    [puff, puff, pass]

  92. Pass that kitteh, Teho.

  93. Oops, Mariser beat me to it!

    On to me next, M 😉

  94. Not that I’m agreeing with anyone or saying whether I’m liberal or conservative, but just for the sake of accuracy, aren’t the conservatives the ones trying to keep gays from having fun at their own wedings? Please don’t respond to this, just know that both sides kill fun, both sides do good, both sides do bad. It’s all a matter of which good things you find more important and which bad things you can ignore more.
    Can’t we all just love each other and agree to disagree?


  96. Hey, as long as they play nice, Futilemind…

  97. Oh, yeah, I’ve got a closetful of pygmy goats and fawns and potbelly pigs and hamsters and fruit bats, just because I saw the photos here and JUST HAD TO HAVE ONE. (The backyard is filled with kittens and puppies and ducklings.)
    Erin, we get it. More to the point, how stupid DO you think the people posting here really are?

  98. I don’t know, I had a shitzu-poo growing up, not a designer, a bit of an accident. These designer dogs disturb me because it’s just so much easier going to a shelter (or doing it yourself when you’re 6 and don’t know any better!) My first reaction when they started was why would breeders want to create mutts on purpose and why would people spend thousands instead of going to a shelter. But I have to admit, though I’m against designer dogs these pups are cute to look at.

  99. [passes the kitterbong]

  100. alright, theo…but i’m not drinking the kool-aid!

  101. OK… but will you *inhale*??
    [holds up a kittin]
    [eyes cat-dander bloodshot]

  102. FYI:

    Merriam-Webster’s definition of “breed”

    “A group of usually domesticated animals or plants presumably related by descent from common ancestors and visibly similar in most characters”

    Linguistically speaking, there’s nothing to say a labradoodle isn’t a breed, except possible the relation to a common ancestor, which isn’t even a strict requirement.

  103. [Gets behind Mariser and A Thinker, sings along.] Pass the kitteh on the left hand side….

  104. The thing with M-W is that it doesn’t print a standard definition of a word, it prints the common usage and pronunciations of a word, (just ask Gene W at the WashPost!)so you might have to look in an older dictionary to find the definition of breed mentioned before.

  105. Peekapugoodle peekapugoodle peekapugoodle. Come on. Feels good to say it. Plus, I think it would lower everyone’s blood pressure.

  106. …hey, stop bogarting that tabby, man…

  107. RED-
    as long as that Peekapugoodle is a libral, okay…

    Pass on the kitten, moved on to main-lining Bunnehs…

  108. (in case anybody missed it…)

  109. You mean I shouldn’t have gone out and brought a fawn after I saw one posted on CO? But CO has magical powers that force me to make poor choices for myself and society.

    Ooops. Got transported to CRAZY world for a second.

    The two are as schmoopy as any doodle could be. Buy/adopt responsibly but don’t fault these little ba-doozles.

    Post moore mixes! Do it!

  110. A Fine Morsel says:

    More hammie sex!! (pair of eyes blink and toothy smile appears from underneath pine shavings)

  111. My brother has a lab/rottweiler mix… is it a labweiler or a rottrador?

  112. I admit it. I went out and bought a tiger after seeing how cute they are on CO.
    I know it was wrong.

    I have no choice. I have no free will. I cannot just look at a picture and say “it’s cute.”

    I missed you mariser!

  113. Ah…trivial sarcasim…how refreshing…

    If everyone were as smart as you, everyone would do their research before they buy…BUT alas, not everyone is as smart as you…

  114. I own a labradoodle here in Australia and ‘Noodle’ is the sweetest crossbreed I have ever lived with. yes, she cost a few hundred dollars and worth twice that. She doesnt shed hair (it’s a poodle thing) so she lounges on our couch at every opportunity. She hardly smells ‘doggy’ so our asthmatic daughter can bury her face into Noodle’s coat for snorgles. As an adult dog, she still looks as adorable as these pups. I’d pick her over an inbred overexpensive purebreed anytime and it is rubbish that they shouldnt be allowed to exist. Just look at those eyes! they really are gentle doggies and totally anerable!

  115. So we’re not allowed to post a cute picture because someone “not as smart as us” will see it and want it?

    Gee, maybe porn sites should be outlawed, too.

  116. uh, “Spell-check” is our friend typo’d “sarcasm”…That’s funny!

    I had no idea how prevalent kitten huffing was…i have not seen it on COPS yet…but i imagine it’s only a matter of time…

  117. Lauri,
    Of course we shouldn’t outlaw porn sites…i know you need to pay your bills somehow, i’m just saying, as a site for animal lovers, CO should be careful of the message they present.

  118. dump dump dump dump
    dump dump dump dump
    dump dump dump dump
    dun dun dun DAAAAAAAHHH!!

  119. *CHORTLE* Oooooo good one, BerkKV.

  120. ka9q's wife says:

    Protect the easily offended! Ban everthing!

    Erin actually i wasn’t too fussed about what you said and agreed for the most part until you started making stupid threats. Oh wait you won’t read this you went away in a huff…or maybe a minute and a huff. *rimshot*

  121. ka9q's wife says:

    Protect the easily offended! Ban everthing!

    Erin actually i wasn’t too fussed about what you said and agreed for the most part until you started making stupid threats. Oh wait you won’t read this you went away in a huff…or maybe a minute and a huff. *rimshot*

  122. ka9q's wife says:

    Protect the easily offended! Ban everthing!

    Erin actually i wasn’t too fussed about what you said and agreed for the most part until you started making stupid threats. Oh wait you won’t read this you went away in a huff…or maybe a minute and a huff. *rimshot*

  123. ka9q's wife says:

    Protect the easily offended! Ban everthing!

    Erin actually i wasn’t too fussed about what you said and agreed for the most part until you started making stupid threats. Oh wait you won’t read this you went away in a huff…or maybe a minute and a huff. *rimshot*

  124. ka9q's wife says:

    Protect the easily offended! Ban everthing!

    Erin actually i wasn’t too fussed about what you said and agreed for the most part until you started making stupid threats. Oh wait you won’t read this you went away in a huff…or maybe a minute and a huff. *rimshot*

  125. ka9q's wife says:

    Protect the easily offended! Ban everthing!

    Erin actually i wasn’t too fussed about what you said and agreed for the most part until you started making stupid threats. Oh wait you won’t read this you went away in a huff…or maybe a minute and a huff. *rimshot*

  126. Not.

  127. Ditto, ka9q’s wife.

    The point was made. Well, made, and then stompled into the ground with grumbliness.

    You folks are PREACHIN’ to the CHOIR.

  128. Y’all come to my porn site. Ya won’t be disappointed.

  129. I, Princess Sarah, hereby decree that everyone quit bickering and start oohing and aahing over cuteness and sharing jokes and laughs.

    And I’ll start!

    What do a grape and a bicycle have in common?

  130. roundness?

  131. I don’t care if they’re a hybrid – they are living muppets of adorableness.

    Does anyone know if there is a schnauzer-pug mix out there? Because if there’s not, I’m just gonna have to breed one, because OMG, how cute would they be with the sqwooshy face and the flwoofy muzzle!? Dibs on the name “Schnug” for the mix 🙂

  132. They both have handlebars, except for the grape!

  133. OK, Sarah J, then how is a raven like a writing desk?

  134. roundness?

  135. So Labradoodles are mutts? So what? It was true when Bill Murray said it in “Stripes” a quarter century ago (man, I feel old) and it’s true now: There is no animal that’s more faithful, that’s more loyal, more loveable than the mutt. Although there are some kittens that come close. Unfortunately, I can’t huff kittens, not even the really cute ones. I’m allergic.

  136. Wow, people sure get riled up, don’t they?

    For the record, I don’t care for dog breeding, either, but as has been said here before (again and again and again…ad nauseum…) this site is for the purpose of squeeing over cute animals. Not to moralize over the evils of puppy mills.

    It’s nonsense to suggest that these photos promote puppy farms or encourage people to run out and get badly-bred and sickly animals. For crying out loud, people want one of everything that’s posted here. Including the baby beluga whale. So what?!?

    So to those who have threatened to leave if Meg doesn’t change the photo/caption, I say only, “Don’t let the screen door hit you on the ass on your way out.”

    And I’ll join dmac in eating puppies if Meg changes a thing about this post. (Except maybe deleting a few of the more idiotic, trollish replies.)

  137. They are both corporeal, and therefore inherently flawed expressions of a perfect ideal that only exists in the incorporeal?

  138. And I just want to go on the record and say, Meg, I don’t expect your actions to make smart people dumb, dumb people smart, or cure world hunger. I thank you for entertaining me with teh cute. And if I end up owning a menagerie, I promise it won’t be your fault. 😀

  139. How is a raven like a writing desk?

    The higher the fewer, of course!

    … and yes, that’s the actual answer to the riddle.

  140. Mariser, I was gone too and no one cared. Whine, cry, blah blah, cry, emo emo. =)

    (say it out loud)

    I love threats that make the threatenees happier if you do them.
    “I”ll turn this car around!!!… from going to the DENTIST!”
    “If you’re not going to finish your dinner, you get no… LIVER POPSICLES!!!”
    “I’m going to poke you in the eye unless you… ENJOY THIS FOOT RUB!!!”

    We had a dog like the above in my childhood neighborhood, and he used to roll in the dead frogs that got squished by cars. These look like they must smell a sight better than that yippy monster, so I am an *approving* rabbit.

  141. Sarcasta:


    I’ve heard this: that originally Carroll never answered his own riddle, and later as an afterthought he did – “They both produce a few notes, all very flat, and are almost never turned the wrong way front.”

  142. STEIFF?!! You’re absolutely right! Haa! Those puppies should have a button-in-the-ear! Nature imititating art?

  143. Lil, maybe in Australia you don’t have a horrifying overpopulation problem where millions of dogs are killed each year due to lack of homes. In the US there is such a problem, and there is also a huge fad for “designer” breeds at the moment. Yes the puppies are adorable, just as adorable as any puppy being killed in a gas chamber on any given day. The point trying to be made is that people should be aware that a mutt is a mutt, no matter what silly word you use for it…and just because YOUR lab/poodle has those specific traits doesn’t mean that another of the same cross, even of the same parents, would share those traits….far too many people rush out and buy these dogs due to the associated hype and then the dogs end up in shelters. Many, many of this mix have ended up homeless because not ALL lab/poodle mixes are hypo-allergenic. Some are, some kind of are, some aren’t at all. Some don’t shed, some shed just as much as a purebred lab.

    I think the point is don’t run out and get one because you hear great things about the mix, or think the mix is cute or whatever…go to your local shelters, talk to your local rescues, and find the individual dog that is right for your lifestyle.

    Maybe this doesn’t have anything to do with the individual pups we are looking at, but education should never be unwelcome, and if just one dog is saved from the needle or the gas chamber by something posted on this site, then all the posts made about the subject are definitely worth it.

  144. What is worse: A labradoodle “breeder” who treats his puppies with love or an official Pug™ brand Pug™ Breeder who dropkicks his dogs for fun and profit?

  145. Both are bad, breeding dogs while millions are being killed doesn’t make any sense at all.

  146. Education is fine, Blue.

    It’s the incessant trolling that crosses the line.

    We have established that puppy mills are bad, and everyone here agrees. There is no need to continue the harangue.

    It would be more useful to nag the people paying money for designer dogs than harassing those of use who don’t mind shelter dogs of indeterminate ancestry.

  147. Hey, Shasta McNasty – “you is not a right”. Btw, the way you spell makes me think you talk like Daffy Duck. =D

  148. why would anyone breed those ugly dogs? Not cute!! bring on some rats!

  149. Man, I’m not even gonna BOTHER with reading the trollspew.

    All I’m gonna say is, a site dedicated to pictures of cute animals is most likely run by someone who feels that animals are more than just dumb food-eating crap-factories. So I doubt that Meg is promoting the misery of puppy mills by posting a picture of two adorable labradoodles.

    To the trolls: Your morality would serve you better if you channeled it toward shutting down actual, proven puppy-mills–NOT a well-meaning and innocent site on the Internet. Your flaming righteous indignation is misplaced here, among this august group of animal lovers (many of whom, like myself, actively CONTRIBUTE to the welfare of strays and injured critters!) and it just makes you look like frothing idiots with nothing better to do then harass a very nice woman.

    The ‘doodles are cute, BTW!


  150. Blue, I’m watching your lips move, but all I hear is “Blah blah blah…”

  151. ‘Cause it’s been done to death, savvy?

  152. SOOOOOOO…..Theo, what’s up w/the cats man? (staying out of the controversy as most every pet I have ever owned purebred or mutt has been a rescued animal)

  153. little miao says:

    …cute puppies…

  154. Wow. I guess I don’t have the patience to read all this. Good thing…I guess.

    Except on Saturday’s NPR “Wait, wait, Don’t tell me…” they were talking to a woman who wrote a book about her dog called Shitzu Caca Poopoo.

  155. HRHQueenCat says:


    BTW, here’s my beautiful Baxter, the mutt of a labradoodle 🙂

    Posted by: Annie

    honeybunch, your Baxter is just beautiful …

    every pet-owner loves her/his pet/s and Cute Overload is the place to show others the sweet and funny pics that are so hard to capture on camera …

    so why all the fuss and bitching about definition of breeds, virtues of adoption, blah, blah …

    for such people, find another forum to air such grievances …

    meanwhile, enjoy the pet pics

  156. I luv these pups. And Baxter is a wonderful dawg — lookit that tongue.

    Dude, who’s bogarting the kitten now? I’ve read the article on kitten huffing, and I’m ready to go.

  157. shasta…just like it’s easy to pick out the rabid conservatives who think everyone with an opinion is unpatriotic or…something. who the hell knows. also…wtf is that ‘thisth’ shit supposed to be? a gay lisp? what? it wouldn’t surprise me, given the rest of your irrelevant, hysterical rant.

    btw, i’m a bleeding heart liberal but i’m not going to boycott a website. i actually believe people are responsible for their own actions, GASP! so if some dee-dee-dee buys a puppy from one picture on a website, it’s their own fault.

    those who are ranting here need to chill the f*kk out, whatever side of the fence you’re on. if people are going to be morons, they are going to do it with or without your input.

  158. [soapbox]

    I’d adopt a mutt over a purebred anyday. My mom’s dog is a mutt – a lab-golden mix – and is over 15 years old. He still acts like a puppy. They are healthier than most purebreds.

    I think we all agree on that, natch.

    That said, my father – who loves dogs and has adopted stray mutts off the street – has a purebred dog (adopted from a responsible breeder) that doesn’t shed so that no-one those in the stepfamily who have asthma and allergies won’t be negatively affected.

    Both dogs are fabulous. As is the 3-legged pure-bred my stepsister adopted from a vet, who in turn adopted her from a family that wanted to euthanize her because they didn’t want their children growing up with a “deformed” dog.

    My point is: however a dog comes into your life, you are responsible for that creature, pure-bred or mutt, “deformed” or not, purchased or adopted. Be responsible, mah peeps.


    Dewd, pass the kitten. I’m going to go donate some Hamiltons to the Tripod fund…

  159. That should be:

    “no-one in the stepfamily who has asthma will be negatively affected”

    Ignore the “those”, singularize the plural, and drop the double negative.

    I was ranting, changed something, and forgot to grammar check. Mea culpa.

  160. Dickie Twinkles says:

    All pedigree breeds started off like Labradoodles.
    If I like a breed of dog I will buy it and I don’t care if it’s pedigree, ‘designer’, or mutt. It’s just pedigree and ‘designer’ dogs are a far easier way to go if you want to know what you are getting.
    Not many people have the luxury of being able to get any homeless they like.
    I live in a small apartment and have other pets – I needed a small dog that wasn’t a terrier (they have the rat-killer instict that would have by other pets dead by now)
    So, I got a CKC. I did look in the shelters but there were no other dogs that would suit me so I bought froma breeder.
    People might make similar desisions when getting a labradoodle. They may want the family-friendly temperment of a lab but the non-shedding of a poodle.
    If the dog’s not bought as a fashion accessory or as the ‘latest thing’ then I have no objection.

  161. Ah fergit the grammer, let’s fix EVERYTHING! Here we go:
    I’d quaff a homebrew over factory swill anyday. My mom’s beer is a homebrew – a Mich-golden mix – and is over 15 years old. He still acts like a Sapporo. They are healthier than most factory swills.

    I think we all agree on that, natch.

    That said, my father – who loves beers and has quaffed stray homebrews off the street – has a factory-swill beer (tapped from a responsible brewer) that doesn’t go flat so that no-one those in the stepfamily who has stress or citations will be inadequately buzzed.

    Both beers are fabulous. As is the 3-legged Coors my stepsister quaffed from a vet, who in turn nicked her from a family that wanted to return her because they didn’t want their children growing up with a “deformed” beer.

    My point is: however a beer comes into your life, you are responsible for that beverage, factory swill or homebrew, “deformed” or not, purchased or nicked. Party hearty, mah peeps.

  162. SassyLassie says:

    I can’t say I read all of these comments, but I can not ignore this issue and must add my voice to the outcry about the designer breeds. Really, I am against even reputable breeders of established breeds. First of all, as has been said, there are countless dogs out there in shelters that would make wonderful pets. Too many of them are euthanized because there simply are not enough homes.

    Secondly, I am appalled at the notion of anyone, whether they are buying a designer breed or an AKC breed, allegedly “knowing what they are getting.” Last I checked, it’s an animal. You do NOT know what you are getting, any more than you know what your unborn child is going to be when he grows up. The fact that the dog is this or that breed does not guarantee anything about the dog’s temperament. I have heard too many sad stories about families spending $800 on up on a certain breed of dog because “it’s a breed that is good with children” and then having to give it away because it turned out not to be. Those misconceptions lead to people rushing into dog ownership without thinking through the possibilities of an individual dog’s unique personality or their serious responsibility to the animal.

    And anyone who says they want this or that breed because they are “interested in maintaining the standard of the breed” you are a selfish person who wants a dog as a status symbol. Pet ownership is about giving a happy life to an animal. It’s not about you or looking quaint in your Volvo with your 2.3 children and mass-produced dog.

  163. [Raising a mugful of puppy]

    To Theo! Long may he wave!

  164. [Mopping up poodles of spilled humorlessness from table]

    Well, that peace accord didn’t last long, did it, T?


  165. I am a long-time lurker and agree with most of the comments about doing research before you buy a pet, not buy from puppy mills, back yard breeders, etc. But I am honestly laughing at the *idea* that I bought my purebred Basset Hound as a “status symbol”! And last I checked he is living quite the happy life.

  166. OK, gotta do another one… yeeee-HAW!
    I can’t say I grok all of these wingwangs, but I can not skippy-hop this gewgaw and must add my spittle to the hoohah about the ker-schmancy peacocks. Really, I am against even reputable peacockers of established peacocks. First of all, as has been said, there are countless condiments out there in brothels that would make wonderful Porks. Too many of them are Martinized because there simply are not enough washers.

    Secondly, I am impaled at the notion of anyone, whether they are buying a ker-schmancy peacock or an NBC peacock, allegedly “knowing what they are getting.” Last I checked, it’s an enigma. You do NOT know what you are getting, any more than you know what your n00b salmon is going to be when he throws up. The fact that the condiment is this or that peacock does not guarantee anything about the condiment’s temperament. I have heard too many sad stories about families spending $800 on up on a certain taxonomic subclassification of condiment because “it’s a peacock that is good with salmon” and then having to feed it to the dishwashing staff because it turned out not to be. Those misconceptions lead to people rushing into condiment marriage without thinking through the possibilities of an individual condiment’s unique noodle-ality or their serious responsibility to the enigma.

    And anyone who says they want this or that peacock because they are “interested in maintaining the accountability of the taxonomic subclassification” you are a diaphanous noodle who wants a condiment as a status symbol. Pork marriage is about giving a happy life to an enigma. It’s not about you or looking quaint in your Hoverboing with your 2.3 salmon and mass-produced condiment.

  167. Hey…I *knew* what my nOOb salmon was going to be when he threw up 🙂

    *ok, back to lurking*

  168. You’re one of the lucky ones, Kow. Truly.

  169. Wheee whoo….. it’s like Theo just discovered Babelfish.

    Or Mad Libs.

  170. Aye, lassie, you have grokked the wingwang indeed.

  171. michellemybelle says:

    I wish I had a nickle for every time I’ve heard “you have grokked the wingwang.”

  172. Dang you people take the fun out of everything. The dogs can’t help what they are. They are cute plain and simple .

  173. hey Blue. here in Australia there are plenty of unwanted dogs and pups that are put down daily. I would strongly doubt that there would ever be a pup like these doodles in the pound-only if they got lost. I tried to buy a Pound dog and the only ones I could see were wounded ones, lost ones or really-bad crosses such as mastiff/alsatian type big ones withe big paws and psychotic eyes and jumping legs. They would have come from irresponsible owners who dont desex their bitch and allow random/’ugly’ pups to be born without homes to go to. No-one wants them. Labradoodles dont happen that way. They are bred on purpose because they have lovely temperaments and people love them. If you think they would end up unwanted in the Pound you probably havent been to a Pound recently. Unfortunately, ugly/ unwanted pups/dogs/cats will be destroyed while people do not desex their dogs. sad. i guess the argument would also dictate that I should have adopted a child instead of giving birth to one of my own? OK. now I’m being silly. I love the site, and I love the doodle pups. bring em on.

  174. Let’s see if I’ve got this right.

    No pugs on CO because they are intentionally bred with short noses.

    No teacup dogs on CO because they’re unhealthy fashion statements for the irresponsible.

    No labracockapoodledores on CO because they come from a breeder.

    No animal of any kind in any type of clothing because it’s cruel.

    No odd animal pairings because one might eat the other.

    As a rule, they are totally not playing, they are mutually terrified of each other and That’s Not Cute.

    Dog food must not even *look* like people food because people food is poisonous, and you’re only encouraging bad behavior even when it’s pretend people food.

    No rodents because somebody on the internet doesn’t think they’re cute.

    No pet store dogs because pet stores are evil. Just leave the unfortunate pooches trapped in their cages.

    Did I leave out any? I hope you all took notes. Your Cute license will be revoked if you’re caught admiring something that can’t help its own existence.

  175. useta hada brain...and a kitteh says:

    Oh Teho! Dat is priceless! But do you realize how hard it is to read with my eyes squeezed shut, tears running down my face, and I’m nearly falling out of my chair with laughter?? Do you realize what you are doing to us? I may have to grok a few wingwangs and plostch the zooboo to boot, while snoofling a poonfoid, just to recover. Snorfle. ROFL. All dem things.

  176. I loved Mad Libs. That was a great blast from the past.

    I’m actually sorry I read this post after avoiding it all day. I’ll just read Teho’s comments again and make it all better.

  177. bees on pie says:

    Katy, you forgot:

    No kids because we don’t come to CO to see kids.

    No kids interacting with animals because it’s dangerous/unsanitary/racist.

    Good list otherwise, I do so hope these rules are followed or I shall have to boycott CO and tell everyone I know not to visit this site! ‘Cause that will…um…accomplish…er…something!

  178. Quite right, Bees. How could I forget about the POK (Photos Of Kids) violation? Children simply cannot be cute! Pfff!

    Plus, they come from a breeder.

  179. Katy: Same with any products of cuteness, apparantly products can never be cute either ^_~
    Oh and the language of the captions have to be clean as a whistle, or else sensitive parents will cry foul. =)
    And…*looks at the cats and racks pictures* Lol.

  180. To all : ….”don’t you feel better?” Well,this stupid discussion almost ruined my day , were it not for the pictures themselves !

  181. gloom raider says:

    And don’t forget cats with smushed muzzles, and cats getting baths.

    (Actually, I kind of agree that wet cats are less than cute, but they ARE hilarious.)

  182. Useta — sometimes, you just gotta be silly.

    Katy — TWO breeders. Children come from two of them, so they’re DOUBLY verboten. Or so I’ve heard. (Well, in *one* version, anyway.)

    Happy Wednesday! Let’s all gum some kitty tails!


    [Sitting here sniggering at Teho and all the rest of you funnies]

    I think you managed to erase the troll-effect.

  184. Yes, yes, thanks to all who tried to dilute out the trollness.

    I was hesitating to read any more comments cuz the negativity! Arrrrgh! But, am back to laughing again.

    *licks a pig nose*

  185. Expensive mutts rule!! says:

    You people who ignore the real issues and just want to “cuddle wit cute widdle puppy noses aww” are idiots. Seriously. You’re calling out the “trolls” because they’re opening your eyes to a real issue? Get over YOURSELVES. The intro is misleading and you all are turning a blind eye. Way to go!

  186. gloom raider says:

    Our eyes are quite open, and cuteness is an aesthetic judgement. Many of us wouldn’t give a possibly-cute rat’s butt about the site if we didn’t like animals and care about their well-being.

    I’m perfectly capable of spelling PETA when I want my consciousness raised. Here, I am looking for fluff.

    As for the “idiot” remark…kittens at dawn!

  187. Word, Gloomie.

  188. just because we saw “awwww” and “i want one”, doesn’t mean we’re going to run right out and spend a fortune on a pet. we’re just enjoying the adorableness of the animals in the pics.

  189. Speak for yourself, Karen. I’ve just started my own backyard wingwang-grokking business. I filed all my LLC papers last night, in point of non-fact.

  190. Great.

    I had a LOUSY f**king day in college, AND I’ve got to work all night, AND I have a headache, and I come onto CO to soak up some cute for 15 minutes, AND I see a very cute picture of two puppies of some mutt parentage of which I don’t give a f**k, AND have it ruined by some trolls pretending to be some holier-than-thou protectors of deliberately mixed breeds…

    Please remember that there are folks like me who DON’T have an animal shelter close by and who DON’T have animals of their own, and are just as happy to LOOK AT PICTURES. So save the preaching for your neighbourhood dog owners or those who are considering adopting dogs, and let the rest if us just enjoy the cuteness. Thank you.

  191. Annie said: “Cute Overload posted a cute picture of cute puppies. If people are stupid enough to adopt a breed without understanding what they are doing, it is not Meg I hold responsible.”

    But Annie…we can’t hold people responsible for their OWN actions, that would be idiotic *rolls eyes* 🙂

    This is my first time posting a comment on CO after being a bif fan-lurker for a while.

    People can protest all they like, but as far as Im concerned, this site is about the cute animals, not about anything else.

    Yes, people say “Aww, I want one!” at a lot of the pictures, but thats a stock response. Its not like we all go out and buy every animal we see a picture of (eep I ended a sentence with a preposition!).

    Yes, Puppy Mills are bad, and no, Labradoodles are not an official breed. In context of this site, I don’t CARE. Its about cute.

    And whether they’re a breed or not is irrelevent. They are an ideal CROSS-BREED for maximum pawsitude.

    I am amazed at how some people will try to pick a fight over anything.

    By the way, I have 4 dogs, 2 of which were rescued (A Greyhound and a Jack Russell/Beagle/Foxhound mix) and two that were given to us because their owners didnt want to/couldnt take care of them anymore (a Shih Tzu and a Llasa Apso), and when I look at a dog, my first thought is about the individual animal and its needs, not about what breed (or non breed) it is.

    The animals need our care and love, regardless of the breeding methods needed to create them.

    By saying that we should ignore these animals to discourage the breeders, you’re asking us to ignore these loving animals who need homes and people to love them back.

    Thats cruel, in my eyes.

    Ok, rant over. Sorry!

  192. Jeez… Daniel G (can I just shorten that to “Dang”?) — dude, it’s OK. We’ll forgive you that prepositional slip, this once, long as you make sure it doesn’t become something you make a habit of.

  193. And now for a break: a little rescue-group humor:

  194. Theo:

    Dang is fine (ive been called a lot worse!) and thank you for your grammatical understanding.


  195. For some reason all function in my brain stops when I hear the word labradoodle, and all I can think of for a whole five minutes is labradoodlelabradoodlelabrad…

  196. not that you guys r *DOODLES* . . . says:

    I agree:
    just makes EVERYTHING
    *A-OK* ! ! !

  197. Karen said: just because we saw “awwww” and “i want one”, doesn’t mean we’re going to run right out and spend a fortune on a pet. we’re just enjoying the adorableness of the animals in the pics.

    Well that’s just great. You must think the multi-billion dollar advertising industry is nonsense. Positives images and personal testimony definitely don’t sway buyers and their impulses.

    And that’s one of the many reasons why these designer dogs are a huge problem – they’re impulse buys.

    So while you might not be affected by this, you can’t without any certainty say that no one at all was.

  198. [rolls eyes]
    [continues knitting]

  199. Most of these trolls are coming from the high and mighty Holier Than Thou Something Awful message boards in the psycho Pet Island subforum.

    Here’s some great quotes from one of these crazy elitest jerks!

    The post that started it all from Miss Indy/Erin:

    “I typically check the website Cute Overload a couple times a week for a cute fix. Lo and behold, today I am greeted by the product of BYBers and millers: a picture of labradoodle puppies along with a short note praising the “breed”. The result of this? Several people already asking in the comments what breed it is, and how they all want one.

    I whipped up a short post about the negative aspects of BYBers and millers, and posted it with some links for reference. I doubt many will see past the picture on their front page. If anyone else can put together a better response for CO, please do. I just really think they shouldn’t be influencing others to purchase these types of dogs. They have a large audience, they could be spreading the good word rather than spotting an ad for your friendly neighborhood BYBer.

    If the image doesn’t get removed, I will no longer visit the site. A sort of boycott, if you will. Not that it will matter to the owner, or to the people who now want one of these mutts.”

    Some more from I Should Be Making All Your Descisions For You Because I’m More Righteous And Smarter Than You Miss Indy

    “That would be me. I’m just so irritated, there are SO many visitors to that site. One picture can result in many mutt puppies being purchased by the uninformed.

    I’m just really surprised that I was the first to say something.”

    “Or the equivalent of a child shoving his fingers in his ears and yells “LALALALLA” so he doesn’t have to hear hard truths. Honestly, it’s just too bad that people are more interested in squealing over cute faces rather than confronting the issues that exist beyond the image. It’s the same mentality as those that justify purchasing pet store puppies frequently have– “OH WHAT WILL THE PURCHASE OF ONE PUPPY HURT??”. They can’t see the bigger picture.

    The lack of logic and extreme ignorance of some of those individuals really blows me away. {Hoggle says what she really means is “WHIIIINNNNE WHY WON’T THEY DO WHAT I SAY I’M SO MUCH SMARTER THAN THEM”} If not exposure to mainstream media, how DO people become attached to the idea of any doodle? It’s through sites on the internet, shows on tv, magazines and books that people come up with stuff and cave to the trends. Picturing these mutts on a high traffic site is bound to generate genuine interest among the community, which very reasonably could lead to impulse purchases.

    I’d hold the same standard to any Hollywood actor, movie, television show. With exposure comes responsibility. There’s a million little Ein corgis out there, some of which I’m sure were purchased on a whim. Same with 101 Dalmatians, same with the “badass” pit bull image made popular by hip-hop culture, same with the Paris Hilton chihuahua fashion accessory… the list goes on and on. I blame those people who make irresponsible decisions that promote certain breeds (or “mixes”) for the sake of its “cuteness” or “meanness” or whatever. That image on CO (with especially the commentary) is a promotion of the labradoodle.

    Oh well, I know I’m preaching to the choir for the most part with this forum. So my bookmark to CO has been deleted, and I will no longer pass the site onto others.”

  200. There’s a reason these comments were in Something Awful, and not here. Ahem.

  201. *finishes reading all the comments*
    *glances around, wondering where that kitten went, shrugs*
    Man, I wanted to join in on this kitten huffing…
    *notices her kitten sleeping in her lap*

  202. The good thing about the Something Awfullers deleting their CO bookmarks and not sending their friends here anymore?

    We don’t have to hear from them anymore. Or from their friends.

    See, there’s something positive to come out of the situation, after all.

  203. It’s embarassing to see that people are more concerned with “cuteness” than the welfare of these animals.


  204. gloom raider says:

    I give up: the only thing I can do is try to find a site where people post baby pictures and join my new brethren in pointing out:

    1)That people with small noses should never breed;

    2)That oohing over babies is just an incitement to teenage pregnancy and baby-stealing;

    3)That we have no right to think these kids are cute when so many kids are abandoned and abused everywhere;

    4)[I don’t know what my fourth point will be yet, but I’m definitely hoping to work the phrase “backyard breeders” in there.]

  205. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:

    Paws and reflect.

  206. ka9q's wife says:

    haven’t we all bred in the backyard at least once?
    Oops maybe just me.

  207. ka9q's wife says:

    haven’t we all bred in the backyard at least once?
    Oops maybe just me.

  208. ka9q's wife says:

    haven’t we all bred in the backyard at least once?
    Oops maybe just me.

  209. ka9q's wife says:

    haven’t we all bred in the backyard at least once?
    Oops maybe just me.

  210. ka9q's wife says:

    haven’t we all bred in the backyard at least once?
    Oops maybe just me.

  211. ka9q's wife says:

    haven’t we all bred in the backyard at least once?
    Oops maybe just me.

  212. you guys r silly says:

    ka9q’s wife:
    It’s NOT just you…..(woohoo!)

  213. This is Naughty Overload. [slaps table] I’m in.

  214. Not in the backyard… how about backward?

  215. H — it *would* be embarrassing, if this was a puppy welfare *site*.
    Please try to get your head around this.

  216. Teho – not everyone’s head is as cavernous as yours. Be kind to the less fortunate [wankers].

  217. Would it be too simplistic to condense the whole of the above into “Responsible owners GOOD; irresponsible owners BAAAAAAAAD”?

    Now excuse me as I have to go and find the nearest cute thing and blow raspberries into its tummy.

  218. Ow, Kate, gerroff! [tries to pull shirt down over belly]

  219. Oh, you love it really 😉

  220. [staring slack-jawed & transfixed]

  221. THEO!!! [faints]

  222. Awwww… 😦

    Anyone else for raspberries?

  223. Fickle, fickle woman. I would’ve come to in a second…

  224. Not going near that one…not going near it, Cerise.

  225. Oh, whoops. Cover the chillun’s eyes. Didn’t mean to…yeesh.


  226. christ on a cracker says:

    fuck, people. this is a fucking site about fucking cute dogs and not your mother-fucking soap box.

    if you want to proselytize, take it to a fucking street corner.

    any fucking concern I had about the fucking homeless dogs just went down the fucking tubes when you mother-fuckers started shoving it down my mother-fucking throat.

    fuck! get a fucking grip. it’s embarrassing to see some of you fucking whiners who can’t appreciate something for cute sake. do any of you have any stomach lining left from the way you’re tying yourselves up in knots over a site about cute animals?

    cute overload. that’s the name of the fucking site. take your fucking causes to the appropriate fucking venues.

  227. Hmm.
    Almost makes me want to proselytize, just to distance myself from THAT.

    Way to win friends and influence people, “Christ.” Really in-character.

  228. [giggles] He said ‘fuck’.

  229. OK, all you negative posters, go down a few to “Four Legs is Just Greedy”. CO, and it’s viewers & posters obviously care about animals…besides just needing the cute!

    BTW, great pups in this pic, we had a cockapoo when I was a kid who looked like these (as I recall) except he was smaller – funny dog we named Lamb Chops. He was from an irresponsible Mom who let a local scoundrel sweep her off her feet!

  230. “They are glorified mutts”

    I just had to put in my two cents worth here; it sounds to me like many people here are opposed to labradoodles because they are mutts = automatically less dogs. Purebreeds come from puppymills too. They suffer from all sorts of conditions from weak bones to highly infectious skin to hip problems to personality problems. Some of those only aren’t seen as problems but as breed qualities, things expected from those dogs. That isn’t pretty either. By breeding, inbreeding, mixbreeding and whatnot people have created dogs that look the part but are not one bit “natural”. Still, I have read many times that you cannot differ one dogbreed from another by DNA; they are all just dogs.

    I don’t find labradoodles particularly appealing (but I do like the name); then again, I don’t like many, many proper breeds either, nevermind where they came from.

    And oh, I live in Finland; dogs or cats or animals bigger than a small rabbit aren’t sold in pet shops here. Apparently they are in the US? That *is* bad and should be stopped 😀

  231. “[giggles] He said ‘fuck’.”

    *sniggers juvenilely*

  232. gloom raider says:

    Wow–when did characters from “Deadwood” start commenting? Not that I’m complaining.

  233. Oh oh oh I just thought of another rule: No baby animals because that means it was either weaned too early or orphaned. =) But no adult animals either, because apparantly those aren’t very ‘cute’.

  234. Gloomie — did you see this?

  235. gloom raider says:

    Thanks, Theo! That was awesome. I’m really going to miss that show, and the excuse it provided for swearing…

  236. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:

    Why oh why did my 1st comment on this entry have to land next to that post?!

    I wasn’t seconding the post above my 1st comment on this entry…

    “Paws & reflect ” = Dog paws & they look so much alike ie a mirror reflection/image
    besides the noses I mean.

  237. Well maybe we should all go over to phycho pet island and SQUEEEEE really, really loudly.
    Meanwhile LALALALALA….

  238. Single Malt says:

    What’s wrong with Labradoodles? It’s no different than mating Germans and Peruvians!

  239. All I have to say about this commentroversy:

  240. as in, I don’t give a . . .

  241. Have you ever seen a mass grave??

  242. Shayne — disturbingly random, much?

  243. Well, I’m sure we’ve all learned our lesson now.
    No more brainless squeeing, life is real, life is earnest.
    Once I would have just mindlessly gone and picked up a designer mutt, or two, from just seeing an evil pix like this one.
    But now my eyes have been opened.
    Oh, and I’ll stop with all the irresponsible kitten and puppy breeding too.
    (Not my fault!!! Bad Peeps kept showing me kitten photos, and I couldn’t help myself.)
    Anyway, troops, Your Work Here Is Done!
    So why don’t you all go back to wherever you normally hang out, and celebrate.
    Uh, I’ll stay here and clean up these last few kittehs…

  244. Labradoodles are over-priced shams for preppy-yuppie wimps who think poodles are too french or too prissy. If you must spend a lot of money, get a real poodle and just don’t shave it. They’re freakishly intelligent and terribly loveable dogs.

    Down with designer doodles! Up with poodles or rescue muts!

    That said, these two guys are shnorgleriffic times ten.

  245. (Emerging, blurry eyed from a 48 hour kitten huffing binge) Uh, hi everyone. What have I missed?

  246. Uncle Janet says:

    Erin, Sarah and all the other self-righeous folks out there: shut up and GO AWAY. We don’t CARE what you think and we’re sick unto DEATH of your sanctimonious blather.

    Just because YOU believe something doesn’t mean the rest of us have to believe it too. If you can’t cope with opinions other than yours, you’ve got a hell of a lot of growing up to do.

  247. Looks like *somebody’s* late to the party.
    Like, a month late.