Das Hammen und das Rakken

It was only a matter of time before hams got in on the action. Little hams everywhere are prolly shoving cats out of racks with a mighty "EHN!" so THEY can have the place to themselves. And whatever hams want—HAMS GIT.


tiny white muzzlepouch thanks to the girl that sent in this delightful photo whom i can’t find in the bajillion email C.O. mailbag after searching for an hour. If you recognize your rack, write in!



  1. awwwwww…A+ BEF. They match the beads on her necklace.

  2. Jawhol! Das Hammen ist sehr, sehr CUTE!

  3. I think Racken would be feminine, therefore…
    Die racken! 😛
    cleavester hammage!

  4. I call duplicate posting!

  5. Nope. Not my rack. Still looking…

  6. “n’racks” is a bit played out. Racks are great, but their proximity to cats and hams usually diminishes the cuteness of all IMO.

    I am glad for the hamster tho.

  7. I would really like to buy that necklace.

  8. FairyDogmother says:

    It’s cute and everything, but her boobs are probably full of ham-poo.

    It’s a virtual Lake Titikaka.

  9. Once, when I worked at Bank of Evil, I was sitting next to one of my coworkers in the lunch room, and this crazy chittering sound began to emanate from her cleavage. You try not to stare, but how can you resist?

    After five minutes of me staring at her increasingly cranky sounding boobs, she finally said, “Baby sugar gliders. I keep them in my bra all day to get them used to people. Don’t tell anyone, okay? I’m probably not suppose to have them at work.” Probably.

    Anybody else ever heard of keeping baby sugar gliders in your bra?

  10. Actually, I’m fascinated by her necklace. It’s beautiful!

  11. BTW, did anyone notice this is posted twice? Wats happenin?

  12. Dat is cute.

  13. I love how the beady eyes of Mssr. Hammie match the necklace perfectly. A necklace, that I, for one, would love to own.

    The hammie too, for that matter. Although my Ruby would NOT appreciate a roommate. Diva-hammie.

  14. “I’m out of order? YOU’RE out of order!”

  15. Ok, I think there have been enough comments that we need to know about this necklace! Submitter, please come forth and let us know where to find it. =)

  16. brownamazon says:

    Baby sugar gliders in your brassiere @ work=WTF??
    I imagine they’d be warm… but scratchy.
    Hamsters seem easier to shove down one’s cleavage than a 20-pound cat…

  17. Ok, it’s taking all my self-control not to giggle out loud in my cube over the sugar gliders in the bra.

    (second post ever, woohoo!)

  18. I knew a guy that worked at a dry cleaners who kept his sugar glider in his shirt pocket.

  19. I bet she made the necklace.

  20. It looks like it could be a Native American piece of jewelry, like some of the stuff I used to sell kinda, those type of flowers are a signature style.

    LOL@ sugar gliders in zee-bra! yipey!

  21. Must know about the necklace – please. I’m distracted by it.

    Animals in bras? At work? Eww.

  22. A ham so nice Meg had to post it twice.

    Righteous ham, bra.

  23. The hamster is teh cute and all, but I’m with the I-want-that-necklace crowd. It’s lovely!

  24. Mein Gott! Sehr CUTE!!! *sterben*

    Teehee, I took German for 3 years (started in G2 freshman year since G1 wasn’t offered) and that’s like all I remember. I didn’t whip out the translator, though. Righteous.

    Anyway. AWESOME! Now I wanna get a hammypants so I can tuck it in my top and walk around with his little face poppin’ out. It must be a great way to figure out when a guy’s checkin’ out your rack. “Hey good loo-GAAAH!”

  25. I make some jewelry and have seen those kinds of clasps at gem and bead shows. I never saw it worn in front like that though–very pretty! If you have even a little time and creativity, that necklace would be really easy to make.

  26. pistache268 says:

    Double post?


  27. I think that the girl/hamster combo is definitive proof that

    Mammals = Cyute.

  28. Jaypo
    I am starting a jewelery business in the UK-get in touch if you are interested in selling what you make. That hamsters definitley got a smile on its face.

  29. My hams used to climb in my shirt all the time – I was at rehearsal once, and the director remarked that “your cleavage has eyes”. Little hammie was peeking up out of my v-neck sweater!

    And I also know a woman who kept her sugar glider in her bra – actually her halter top. She was a belly-dancer at the renaissance faire.

  30. Hey, peeps, that clasp is from Pegasus Imports in Petaluma, California, stock number TL110. The catalog is from before the horrendous jump in the price of silver, so I’m guessing at the current cost, but about $6.50 wholesale. The rest of the necklace is probably onyx, about 5mm, beads.

    I have a small jewelry business (beads and wirework only, no metalwork), and a wholesale licence. I am not really 100% comfy with stealing a design off the Intarwebs verbatim; but if you’d like to dialogue about a reasonable variation of this, email me directly, perhaps on my Vox account.

    Meg, if it’s not OK to put this out there, please please delete this post. I *do not* want to shill for my company, just to offer people the chance to get a necklace they seem to be really interested in.

  31. I also want to know who the girl in the pic is… because I made that necklace! (Unless it’s the exact same version of one I make)

  32. Ed, that’s awesome! I’ll email you for info.

  33. Hello peeps,

    Please get in touch with Aliza for any necklace inquiries. I’m glad the designer stepped forward!

  34. Pete and Repeat walk into a bar….

  35. Squeak, I remember seeing Pegasus stuff in the shows but haven’t bought any of their items. Very classy!

  36. Hi all… as hrh.squeak said, feel free to contact me for more info on the neckalce. Just click on my name to email me 🙂

  37. Isn’t that a gerbil, not a hamster?

  38. Redzilla-
    Sugarglider bra-stuffers seems to be fairly common. My friend’s aunt has one, and it’s not uncommon to see it erupting from her cleavage. Tickle, tickle!

  39. Anybody else ever heard of keeping baby sugar gliders in your bra?

    No, but I know someone at my job who did the same with a baby bunny. No chittering, just warm snuggles.

  40. Well, I would definitely not be taking my guinea pigs to work in my bra cuz there would be a trail of turds wherever I went.

  41. Lauri – LMAO.

    Boss: Where’s Lauri?

    Co-worker: (checking trail of turds) Making copies of that report, I think. Check the copy room.

  42. [envisions the standard-issue cubicle DustBusters]
    [makes note for Dream Office]

  43. Sugar gliders in the brassiere would be cheaper than implants, I guess…

  44. Cheaper than implants, yes.
    Eat less than implants, no.

    And they would re-arrange themselves!

  45. That could be a problem, Danielle. 🙂

    “I think Racken would be feminine, therefore…
    Die racken! :-P”

    Your German grammar is correct, ceebs, although I quibble about whether all racken are feminine. I’ve seen some guys with pretty impressive racken, and it makes me a little jealous. 8^0

  46. My sister did that with her pet sugarglider, and she also took it to work.

  47. Whoa, Danielle. Moboobility!

  48. That’s one of the many things I like about CO. Racks? Eh, who cares, but let’s make sure the grammar is right. But big enthusiasm over the necklace and the hammie. You guys rock.

  49. It’s a glam ham.

    And is there no love for the pretty lace-y top?

  50. Nnyuck nyuck, Theo, you cracken me up over die racken!

  51. Aubrey – die lace-y top ist rocken’ on top o’ die racken.

  52. Holla,
    i’m the chick with ham n’ ma rack…very tickly and gigglin’ good time with the furreh.
    haha, i didn’t realize there’d be so many comments about my necklace…i actually got it as a gift for crimmas from my friends last year…they got it from someone who made it and sells them on a website? i forget the address, soory. didn’t realize i was a walking advert, hehe.
    cuteoverload, you should put up the bonsai picture, tooooo. ham chan is perfectly proportionate to it and looks like he’s the size of a bear to the tree but he’s a hamster (not a gerbil). i wanna gerbil. and a sugar glider. i’d put them all in my shirt, it’d be very crowded in there.

  53. I KNOW THAT CLEAVE!!! That’s my best friend Kay-chan!! I bought her that necklace…but not the hamster…no…not the hamster. Write me if you need her email!!