Um, could this kitteh follow MORE rules of Cuteness? [Chandler voice]

1. Assuming a snorgling posishe
2. Crossed lower paws
3. Totally vul-nerable (that’s vulnerable + anerable)
4. exhibiting stubtetude (in tail depahtment)
5. Close to a rack


Are you happy now? You just added 5 more rules, Robert R.



  1. This is me, plotzing…snorgling…

  2. ShelleyTambo says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever been that relaxed in my life. Sigh.

  3. Holy floppy-limbsitude, Batman!

  4. This is just too much!

    This helps me get over the fact that today is Monday and I wish I was still in bed!

  5. [tiny voice] ohgod…

    : : : S P O O O O O M : : :

  6. crossed anklies n’ pinkie an’ an’….!!! [splodes]

  7. SNORGLE!!!!

  8. I want this darling for my very own … for the first time in my cat-companion life, I’m without a Marmie, and I miss ’em!

  9. Swayt Jaysus! That’s what I call service. I just got off the phone with Port-A-Snorg, and bam! just like that, a friendly snorgarista is at my door with my order: one snorgly, tie-tie, limp limbed marmy kitteh. Blessed relief. I might make it through Monday after all.

  10. If I were to die right now, I would die happy, just for having seen that sweet fuzzeh bebe kitteh.

    *happy, dreamy sigh*

  11. AarrrrrglglglllgGLURGH.

    *the quiet darkness of the crypt*


  12. He manages to do rules 20, 22, and 25 AT THE SAME time! So much talent in such a small package.

    AND this almost fits into the Cats’n’Racks category.

  13. Dang. Totally chillin’ in a hand hammock. There must be an ocean view and a Corona nearby.

  14. Or maybe

    ***** honkSPOOM*****

    Teh cutest kitten picture evat.

  15. somebody just rip my heart out right now cause it’s about to burst for the love of adorableness!

  16. Is it just me, or if you squint at the lower right-hand/paw corner, does it look like clouds? Like this kitteh is literally in cute heaven! <3

  17. Poor Theo’s head just imploded.

  18. more rack next time, people. gimmie a break here!

  19. 6. Marmalade kitty

  20. Man, that’s the most mellow kitteh I evar seed in mah lahf!

  21. Man, that’s the most mellow kitteh I evar seed in mah lahf!

  22. Hahaha, Jake, just look to the right at the One Horse Shy shirt girls.

    You know, this should be the goal for ALL creatures. This much love, trust, security, well fededness (sorry), no worries, no fears, no hate, no sorrow.

    Lokaha samasta sukhino bhavantu. May all beings everywhere be happy and free.

    Yoga moment for the day. ™

  23. omigoshh… so floppy and warm and cuddly and sleepy and comfterbuls and SNORGLY!! *snorggggle*

  24. It’s like the marmie is in a warm, soft human hammock…*LOL*



    There are be kittehs to snergle.
    Yes… that’s slobber on my laptop screen.

  26. OMG!!!! Orange belly! Primed and ready for a snorgle! Love it!

  27. pink+orange tee paired with pink+orange kitty. That’s too much color-coordination for me. This is why my cats are black, they go with everything. 🙂

  28. 7. Sleppin kitteh

  29. OMG! And not the TLA (three-letter acronym), but the actual word “omg!” I’m choking on the cute! This kitty = too adorable. I must SCHNORGLE HIM!!

    I would also like to add that he/she is imitating humans. That fell-asleep-in-the-lounge-chair-watching-20/20 look. Awesome.

  30. Nothing’s more likely to disarm
    Than the charm
    Of a marm

    Lying fast asleeps
    With no mews
    With no meeps

    Breaking all the rules
    For the enjoyment of the peeps

  31. Awww!! I love snorgling the neck and chest area of teh kittehs! You can almost hear the sleepy purr this one is giving off. How sweet! To be that relaxed, ever!

  32. A Fine Morsel says:

    Full body floppage!

  33. Rick James Biatch! says:

    Actually.. I think that poor kitty is dead.

    R.I.P. man

  34. orangepeacock says:



    On another note, congrats to Meg for the full-page article in BUST magazine! The picture was pretty awesome, too. 🙂

  35. Sleepeh marmeh kitteh!!!


  36. See the kitteh…

    Be the kitteh…

    Seeeeeee the kittehhhhh…

    Beeeeeee the kittehhhhh…


    (Zen kitteh sleep technique in action.)

  37. enough with the cats already!

  38. good old whatshername says:

    I wish I were that kitty. 😦

  39. Wow.

    Does the little guy have a pulse?

  40. And the award for the cutest in all CATegories goes to … Sleeptastic!

    Oh, the pink nose of it all!

  41. ahhhhhh! Cuteness to the max.
    so much better than sniffy hammies

  42. I wonder if he fell asleep like that, or if he’s just so zonked that his people can manhandle him any old how and he doesn’t even notice.

    I’m catsitting for a friend this week, and she’ll let me skritch her head, but no snorgling or she’ll try to bite. Brat!

  43. “Wub my tummy….”

  44. Look at the floppy front legs. And the tiniest hint of pink paw pads on the back…

    He’s cute, he knows it.

  45. astrid jane says:

    I want to kiss the pink kitteh nose….I sorta like kissing my own big fat marmalade kitteh’s nasty wet little pink nosey. Mmmmm kisskisskiss the wet ketteh noseh, kisskisskiss, mmm it’s so wet n’ pink n’ KISSABLE!!

    …By the way, this is totally why I’m still single.

  46. “Loooove meee, looooove mmmm . . . . honk-shu.”

  47. That is just to sweet. And hey just to let you people who are on here on a reg basis and might know who I am from previous posts… I had my baby on Friday morning and ya know when your holding her with one hand behind her head and one on her booty… she looks kinda like this kitteh! Heres a link, she’s cute!

  48. Heather S., you had a baby on Friday, and you’re already back here, checking the posts? How addicted to the cute are you? I guess, so addicted, you had to start making your own.
    Congratulations on the bebe!

  49. Yeah, little Madison Grace is *almost* as cute as a kitteh …

  50. Congratulations, Heather S! Hope you had an easy time of it! (myself, I got stuck – inspiring the doctor to say to the nurse: ‘Get that baby out of there!’)

    And LC, I think Heather S. got back to the CO PDQ – it’s perfect therapy for the new mommy.

  51. We are exhibiting lethal amounts of cute here. I’m afraid I’m going to have to confiscate this kitty for the safety of the general public.

  52. Heather S — on that Growing Family photo page, if you keep clicking “Next Photo” really fast, it looks like Madison’s dancing.

  53. Awn! The colors are really cool coordinated. The kitten is a good sleeper ^_^
    Now the cat is bigger? How is he? or she? Greetings!!!

  54. Heather S., congratulations on your little baby one. she’s quite the cute one, Madison Grace.
    now Heather…go back to bed and rest! gawd, you just had a baby!

  55. mariser, rest? I think becoming a mom means Heather S. has given up on rest for, oh, about the next sixteen years.

  56. What a beauty, Heather S.! Good job on the whole birthing thing! Beautiful bebe.

    Hey, Theo – I was doing the baby dance, too. Ya just gotta be quick around Theo.

  57. Hah, Theo! I was doing the same thing! Maddie’s got the moves, fo’ shizzle!

    Congrats to you Heather S.! Enjoy your new addition to the family and get some sleep whenever you can!

  58. oh lawd, I *had* to go and see what T. and Danielle were talking about.
    and is true. Madison
    (and yes, I could hear the GO MADDIE! GO MADDIE! GO MADDIE! in my head).

    Laurie C, you are right. poor, poor sleepless Heather…

  59. Gosh I just wanna snorgle that belly… and skritch that chin a little…

  60. My stupid mouse doesn’t click fast enough for the Maddie Dance.

    Ah well, she’s cute anyway. Love the pink, floofy dress!

  61. useta hada kitteh says:

    Yes, Madison Grace is a sweetheart! And I was doing the Madison dance, too! How delightful that Heather S. shared her pictures with us! All the best, Heather S!

  62. AuntieM — here it is. MADDIE DANCE!

  63. *eyeing Theo in confusion* Theo, you have WAY too much time on your hands…

    Heather, she’s a doll.. Truly a doll…

    And as for this Kitteh, GIMMEE!!!!!!!! Can you imagine how warm and cozy those little toes are??? And please, don’t even get me STARTED on that belleh!!!! *sigh*

  64. StormCat — nah. I’m just that fast.

  65. Good God, T.

  66. useta hada kitteh says:

    (still doing the Maddie Dance in my head, but not quite as fast as Theo does it!)

    I was just looking at that anerable kitters again, and imagining stroking that ultra-soft furr (yes, it deserves two rrrr’s) under its little bitty happy chin. Furrrr… purrrr… I’m happy.

    (And cool! I just saw my name in “recent comments”. I never did be in “recent comments” ever before. I’m happy.)

  67. HAHAHA! My hubby actually did that dancing thing when we first saw the pics too LOL!

  68. TEH SMIRK on this marmie is at least one, if not several, Rules of Cute at the same time. oooh. I would luv to snorgle him.

    I can’t snorgle TuxKit right now as he is killing a toy. HRT is still grrrrrrrrr at him all day, all night.

    Now, you get a kitten next to Maddie and you’d have yourself redonk amounts of cuteness.

  69. “(And cool! I just saw my name in “recent comments”. I never did be in “recent comments” ever before. I’m happy.)”

    Useta, you would’ve been in ‘recent comments’ every time you’ve commented, you just have to look fast to see it before 10 other people flood in with comments and push you off the list. (It automatically tracks only the last 10.)

  70. Science has finally developed the boneless cat. (…this is a line from an old Peanuts comic strip I think?)

  71. i can send you a pic of my cat if you like.. 🙂 shes really cute. well emaill me and ill send it to you soon if you want 😛

  72. Congratulations, Heather S. and Madison Grace!!!

    Maddie has been doing a lot of dancing today, for sure! 🙂

    She is a DOLL!!

    I totally love baby ANYthings!

  73. had a really busy, really yucky kind of day and then I saw this little kitten and now I feel so much better

  74. Oh, I’ve been so sad lately, and this kitten is so cute.

    It helps, really it does.

  75. Teho’s gif really highlighted the HipHoprisy of Baby M’s moves. She’s dropping knowledge, newborn style!
    When I look at young boneless up there, I think….I MISS RUBLE (my catten, he’s a big ‘hand’ sleeper) so can I please go home now?

  76. Well, you have MY permission, anyway.

  77. By the way, Maddie’s rocking a straightforward
    pattern. So simple, even a newborn…

  78. this kitteh is so funny… reminds me of the bf. he sleeps kinda like that – head back, paws (arms) to the sides & you can just seeeee the honkshu’s come out & mouth to open a little.

    heather s – congrats momma! madison is so cute!

  79. [sing songy voice]


    floppy marmy kits are good for so many things.


  80. Hee! Scent of a Marmie!

    misscrips, by all means, go home to your bebe!!!

  81. deep breath…AHHHHHH…furry….kitty…..cuddle….better….happy….snorgle…snrfggklgg………..

  82. Heather… Maddie is precious.
    Enjoy every minute!! The adventure is just beginning.

  83. OMG.. I wanna bury my face in it’s belly and gnaw on it’s limp legs!!!! rofl

  84. awww… I WANT.

  85. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:

    Add a loving hands hammock;cradling zonked to the nth degree kitten…

    Voila a pic showing a kitten chalk full of comfort and trust!


  86. “I don’t think I’ve ever been that relaxed in my life. Sigh”

    Tell me about!! Can you imagine!

    This looks like the little one my sister will be getting in a few weeks. EEEEE!

  87. Marianne Moore says:


  88. Awwwww.

    [yawn] Wanna sleep like the litty kittykins.

  89. OMG – Heather S!!! CONGRATS!!!

    [On-screen snorgles to the newborn bebeh]

  90. I think if you stuck your face in its tummy, it’d do that reflexive curl-up thing they do when you rub the belly, and then you’d have a cat wrapped around your face face-mask style.

    Such a happy looking kitty it just makes *me* happy. Thank you. 🙂

  91. teho,
    you’re a nut. Lofs yua.

  92. I think that this kitteh is so precious, you should rename the Rules of Cuteness to Robert’s Rules of Cuteness.

  93. Streeehhhzzzzzzzzzz