The nearsighted fawn

First of all, this clearing/meadow/back yard tewtelly looks like a Ranger Rick poster, like there should be a caption at the bottom that says "Working Together!" on it. The kind of poster on the wall in third grade. Radical!


Apparently, this fawn wandered out to make the scene even better. Have you ever seen a smaller fawn? Didn’t thiiiink so! [singsong]


You know that horse is all "git out the way" and the fawn is all "I shall mimic your grazing pattern!"


I think I’m cruisin’ for a C.O. coma…Amy M., call the DOCTAH!



  1. Okay everyone, all together now–


  2. lol…your captions always get me rolling

  3. “the fawn is all ‘I shall mimic your grazing pattern!'”

    Heehee 😀

  4. Not awwwwww: Faaaaaaaaawn!

  5. Bambi-ette is all like, “Man, I am hangin’ with these dudes, they’re like the Shaqs of the deer world!”

    Geez louise, it’s not even as big as that horse’s head!!!

  6. *sigh*

    where’s mom?

  7. Adorable!


  8. I swear… I always know EXACTLY what voice you mean for the little critters, even when you don’t specify. “Git… out the way”, all doleful and hickish horse.

    And “I shall mimic your grazing pattern!” is clearly Ralph Wiggum’s voice.

  9. daaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwww!
    and i heart ranger rick.

  10. best. cuteroverload picture. ever.

  11. where’s mom indeed? Bambi looks like s/he went up to the horses because s/he confused them for mom.

  12. “…got milk?”

  13. aww!!! it’s so teeny next to the big horses XDDD

  14. Aw, the last pic it looks like horseh is being very motherly and protective of lil Bambeh. Like, you stick with me, babe, with your knobbely knees.

  15. GAAAAH so cute, my tummy fell outta my office chair.

  16. Oh this so made up for the hamporn. I feel clean again.

  17. I’ve seen this series before and the fawn’s mom is just offscreen. If I remember it correctly, the fawn and mom grazed with the horses everyday. No one is lost and no fawns were harmed in the making of these photogs.

    Just TOO sweet though.

  18. my heart just disploded.

    Hi, ariel–nice to see you again!

  19. You wanna know where Mom’s at?!

    She’s over there in those trees having a coronary!!! She’s trying to figure out how in the WORLD she’s gonna get her kid back with those huge horses standing around!!! Sheepers…

    Makes me all teary-eyed looking at them…

  20. i’m melting……

  21. oooooooohhhhhhhh! Toooo Cuuuuuute!

    So very teeny tiny!


    [deep breath, pause to avert coma]


    Wow. I have now COverloaded. I seriously think this is the cutest thing ever posted. I’m going to need that doctor, too.

  23. Thanks, Kris. I was wondering what happened to the doe; i feared the little dude was orphaned. I’m glad he’s just enjoying haning out with the cool crowd!

  24. Since this is a girl horse, I think she’s thinking: “Dang, I wisht mine came out this small. That wouldn’t hardly be any work at all.”

  25. *joins the chorus*
    Such a wunnerfuls wittle bebe.

  26. Does anyone else see the big white rabbit in in the bushes in the background? Or shall I just call him Harvey?

  27. Okay, that did it…I’m cute overloaded. My head is swelling, it’s rolling from side to side, it tumbled onto the floor!

    What a precious little baby and what nice whinnies! Great pics!

  28. We sure can see the spot pattern on that baby! Is it a boy or girl, AmyH???
    Just joshin’ wid ya!!!

  29. Ceebs – Um, I think that’s a rock…Either that or it’s a REALLY big rabbit…

    *eyes Ceebs carefully*

    *big grin*

  30. “I’ve seen this series before and the fawn’s mom is just offscreen. If I remember it correctly, the fawn and mom grazed with the horses everyday. No one is lost and no fawns were harmed in the making of these photogs.”

    Stone rolled off my heart; I thought the little one had lost his momma.

    Ah cuteness!

  31. AWWWWWW! 🙂

    I hope it goes back to it’s mommy soon! She’s probably kind of confused by the situation! Like she looks everywhere for her kid, only to find him/her with the horses next door.

    “I don’t know why you insist on hanging out with those HORSES! They’re just TROUBLE! Do you hear me? Don’t you EVER wander out of my sight again!”

  32. hidey-ho, jaypo!
    i also made an appearance as the siren on pirate day.
    ; >)


    [pained whinnying]

  34. awww…this looks just like my grandparents’ ranch in Texas. sigh…

  35. Glau-fawna – a debilitating eye condition found in bebeh fawns; symptoms include a specific type of near-sightedness leading to examples of inter-species grazing.

  36. So adorable! Thank you to Kris for reassuring us about mommy deer, now I can enjoy the cuteness 100 percent!

  37. Could your commentary play-by-play on these pictures be ANY funnier, madam? I think we need to get together for BLTs and snarky conversation. Love you!

  38. …is all “I shall mimic your grazing pattern!”

    sounds like something Jack Black would say.
    were he a fawn.
    mighty unlikely, methinks.

  39. Yup, that looks like Texas Hill Country, right down to the live oak and elm trees in the background. Gorgeous equines, too!

    Man, I gotta go sponge my heart out of my sandals now… *grin*


  40. AH! Awww, frank you for posting some ponies, Meg! That’s tewtally what I needed today. Someone in one of my online equine groups posted this series a while back. I’d almost forgotten about it! EEE!

  41. Now that you mention it, it reminds me of my uncle’s (former) ranch near Houston. Pecan trees & horses they had. Only time I ever saw an armadillo (well, a live one) while I was living in TX.

  42. That is one cute and TINY fawn!

  43. Teeeeny fawn, or really big ponies?


  44. So sweeeeeeeeet!!! Itty bitty fawn and really dang big horses!
    Total overload!

  45. brownamazon says:

    I’m not usually one to scream the PS word… but soemthing about the proportions here looks off. I’m around horses every day; we often see deer and their fawns grazing nearby. Something in that last shot isn’t right.. I’m just saying, is all. But hey, if it makes you go awwwww, no harm. (*Runs away to escape the torches and pitchforks).

  46. Teeeeny tiny fawn and horsies all “whatever”! Eeee!

  47. awwwwww
    what else can I say?

  48. I’ll put in another vote for gotta-be-the-Hill-Countreeee.

    *Is homesick*

  49. Sounds good to me, mariser!
    Those bebes are sooo tiny!

  50. hey, ariel, you were the siren on pirate day?
    Good job, girl!

    *borrows mariser’s golf clap* 😀

  51. According to Key deer info. the does are only about 2ft. at shoulder. Seems like a fawn would truly be this size.. but they would not be in Texas but instead in Florida keys (hence the name).

    Whereever or whatever, this is a wonderful picture. Thanks to the sender-inner and c.o.!

  52. Oh my gosh!!! Must rip out eyeballs before cuteness gives me a heart attack!!!

  53. Lauri — the Bunny Creme kryptonite didn’t give it away, for you??

  54. I’m confushizzled.
    I thought bunneh cremes were *Aubrey*’s weakness. they are ariel’s/siren’s?

  55. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:

    I’m quite fawn d (fond) of this series of deer (dear)horse pics!!

  56. Well… they’re not Ariel’s *exclusive* domain. Unless she’s getting royalties I don’t know about.

  57. Oh good god, that is the cutest picture i have ever seen here. my favorite.

  58. BrownA, I don’t know about the deer but I have a sneaking suspicion that giant wabbit in the background was photoshopped.


  60. Mariser:

    I have no weakness.

  61. Bestest EVAR!!

  62. Aub, a thousand pardons, madam.
    my mistake. a most regrettable one.
    [leaves, hat in hand]

  63. ROFL….ah, CO hits the heights again.

    And, I don’t know what the hoot bunny creme kryptonite was…oh …it’s coming back to me….

    (singsong) Someone hasn’t been paying attention….*points at self*

  64. To me, that looks like, “Are you my mama?”
    So adorable!

  65. useta hada kitteh says:

    The wabbit is a wock! It’s a wock wabbit, I tell you!

    The baby deer just wanted to fawn-d out all about its new neigh-bor. That’s all.

    And the wabbit is a wock!

  66. “[leaves, hat in hand]”

    Somehow, Mariser, I picture you walking away carrying a 17th c. hat, billowing feathers and all. This image makes me happy. Therefore you may live. The Bunneh Creme Assassins have been called off.

  67. Grreat sequence + captions!

    its a cute little bambi

  69. oh wow… I MISS RANGER RICK.

  70. phew! glad to hear that “mom” was nearby. last time a fawn that little was wandering around by us all alone, there was some rehabbing that needed to be done.

    Too adorable!!!
    Like really.
    Stop it.

    I really like the size comparison between the two hoof-ed aminals. Makes each other look doubly big/small.

  71. mwahaha. FAAAAAAAAAA!


    That surely is adorabiggle. And i’m glad i’ve come back to find lots of new entries to hide the ones below, because i’ve not visited since the day of that post with the disgusting pig-nose-licking fiasco, which made me feel sick. 😦

  72. …I am so glad I didn’t put sugar in my coffee. My sweettooth is going to ache for a week.

    On the other hand, my roommate’s reaction to my automatic “squeeeeeeeeeee!!!!” was wonderfully entertaining.

    Somebody, quick, offer up some wall posters of this for sale!!!!

  73. Cute cute cute! Cutest little baby ever!


  74. For those who think these photos might be ‘shopped…well, maybe the horses are huge (19 hand!) Texas warmbloods?? Ain’t everything bigger in Texas? Hee! Yeah, ok, whatever…still the spotted baby is adorable, and the horses are gorgeous.

  75. “are you my mommy?”

    awwww this is absolutely adorable! I’ve heard of animals “adopting” other ones, and it seems these horses really don’t mind the little deer’s presence. Wonder where the mommy is….

    And OMG, RANGER RICK! I got Ranger Rick magazine for years when I was kid, and my entire bedroom was plastered with pictures from the mag. That, plus a huge poster of Secretariat.

  77. The cuteness is giving me heart palpitations. Oh, I want to kiss that baby!!

  78. …I want to kiss the horsies.



    Bebeh fawn!!!

    I just had a near-life experience.

  80. Very young baby deer are just tiny as can be. Most people don’t see them because they haven’t started following the mom yet.

    here is an image of a fawn that supposedly weighed only 3 pounds:

    Its from wisconsin, so it must be a white tail.

  81. Denise in Nebraska says:

    So, does anyone remember the beloved children’s book “Are you my mother”? In this classic animated tale, a little bird who has just hatched out of its egg and whose mother is not around (she’s off gathering food, or something) goes from animal to animal, asking if each one could possibly be its mother. The little baby is clearly confused, as it approaches a cow, a dog, and finally a giant bulldozer that sees the baby bird and finally plops it back in its nest, where it does (as happy endings go) meet its own mother. These photos remind me of this storyline! Where is this fawn’s mother?!?!?! *hands on hips and scowly face here* Cute, though! :^)

  82. Denise – I loved that book! And though I didn’t think of it, I was going to say that the poor little deer is probably saying, “I am a horsey. This is my mom.”

    And for those wondering where the BIOLOGICAL mother is, does will often leave fawns in meadows with tall grass or other sheltered areas while they look for food. That’s why a) fawns have spots (mimic light patterns in grass or dappled light of forests), and b) hunters go for bucks even when hunting for meat. Apparently killing an adult is fine, but orphaning a baby is not.

  83. Denise, that was one of my favorite books when I was very young! In retrospect, I realize my parents had amazing patience because I made them read that book to me over and over and over and …

  84. We have a farm near by that has a deer living with cows. He is over a year old now, developing antlers and still stays there grazin’ in the grass! The cows are saying “We thought he was a skinny cow but he has no udder and has stuff growning out of his head!”

  85. i love these! (obv.)

  86. *packs picnic basket* it’s not too hot to picnic in the hill country anymore!!! anyone care to join me?
    Oh, I want to go where the grasses will grow,
    where teh deer an the horsies graaayze.
    Where seldom is hoid, a discouraging woid,
    and teh skies are not cloudy all day

  87. Too cute for words…
    horses can be so wonderful
    and kind.
    Totally brings out the awwww in me…and warms the cockles of my heart! 😉

  88. this is cute and all but isnt it a bit dangerous?

  89. Just saw this today and thought I would make a comment. I actually know the man that took these pics and let me tell you; he wouldn’t know how to OPEN photoshop nevermind alter the pics. 😉 The pics were taken at Camp Rusk which aside from the Pecan trees is known for it’s horse retirement. I first went there when I was helping a friend take her old mare there. Yes, it is in Texas btw; here’s the website: