THIS is completely unacceptable.

What a CRUMBELIEVABLE way to start off the week.

I swear—WHO SENT THIS IN!? [Looking around the room shifty-eyed]


LOL, ‘Tock-sniffin-ham-owner Jane H.! 😉



  1. gloom raider says:

    Awww…time to winterize the undercarriage, eh?

  2. Uh-oh! Looks interesting to say the least…

    We see in action the reason why hamsters multiply so quickly.

  3. Aawwww….and eewwww.

  4. This was a GREAT way to start the week! And your comment made me snort Gloom Raider.

  5. Oh yes, and Holy ‘tock-itude!

  6. AAAAAAiiiiieeeeeee!

    It’s just a nice little howdydo!

  7. I was beginning to say “awww” and then I saw that pink area and it turned into “Hoooooo!!”. I know it’s information to them but… common… 😀
    Nice colors for the left hamster btw, looks like a mustang horse color.

  8. Whaaaat …

  9. I like Ham-butts I cannot lie
    You other Hammies can’t deny!

  10. This makes me wanna scratch in unacceptable places.

    Still, makes me LOL!

  11. Just snorted coffee, Mejezabel.

  12. Gloom Raider and MeJez — LOLZ. 😉

    And Meg, of course. You saucy moo, you.

  13. I’m not quite sure it’s ‘tocks that we’re sniffin’ there.

    Just sayin’.

  14. ahahahhahahahahhaahahaahah



  15. They have studied the arts of the Hama Sutra.

  16. The teeny tiny tail-in-the-air is cracking my own ‘tocks up!

  17. This looks a lot more…involved, than an innocent sniffing of the ‘tocks. These two hamsters are going to have to get married now.

  18. The Guy Over There says:

    Richard Gere would be proud (yes, I know it’s a fake rumor).

  19. ShelleyTambo says:

    Mary–think you’re right. Judging by the stance, I think the sniffee is in heat and wants a little more than just sniffing. I hope these are both girls or pretty soon someone will have a litter of little hammies.

  20. I said it on the piggy pic and I’ll say it again. We need a “Cute or Gross?” category. STAT.

  21. Lol, the Hama Sutra! Ya!

  22. brownamazon says:

    My humps, my lovely hammy humps, check it out!
    Lol+ ewww.

  23. Oohboy, I’m not ready to explain this one to a 4 year old… (. __ .)

    “Um, honey, they’re just…um…playing. Yeah. Playing.” *sweating*


  24. OMG. Someone hide the children’s eyes! Hamporn!

  25. Well, honey, it’s just a big hamster hello!

    When I was an innocent youngster, I had hundreds of pet mice. When I first saw them mating I thought they were giving each other piggyback rides. 😛

    Then, I noticed how always three weeks after the piggy back rides, a litter of babies would appear. So I knew babies and piggy back rides were related.

    I still didn’t know what was going on under the tails. Sheeesh. Talk about slow on the uptake!

  26. Dude.




    is all.

  27. Nuh-uh, mister. Talk to the ‘tocks, dude. Talk to the ‘tocks.

  28. Christine B. says:

    Tail up = time to mate!

    Hamster beh-behs are good, but I’d rather not watch em do it. Privacy PLZ! D:

  29. I don’t know what’s worse…getting your tock snorgling posted on CO, or getting your tock snorgling photographed on a plaid couch…

  30. you people crack me up.

    *plaid couch*

  31. “Ah-ha! THAT’S where I left my watch.”

  32. Charming. Delightful shot that is… and you just happened to have your camera ready yeah?

    Ack, that hamster is cute but not breedable (male) its band is so broken that you can hardly call it banded.

  33. I was once in a very broken band.

  34. oh, sorry … that would be a broke band.

  35. Isn’t the plaid couch pretty much the hallmark of homemade porn, human and hamster?

    Is this the hammie equivalent of looking a gift horse in the, uh, mouth?

  36. Oh my…

    Must scrub brain with bleach now…

    LOL Oh yeah, it’s just not right.

  37. [snickering merrily @ Danielle]

    And ’tis plainly true, plaid couches DENY the fabulous.

  38. I couldn’t get my brain to orient this picture properly and I first mistook that ear in the middle there for another weirdly underdeveloped eye like in the cockatiel chick picture. Once I got that scary image out of my head and saw what was really going on, it was like, oh, he’s sniffing her butt? No probs.

  39. I know this is how animals gather information about each other, but man, this made me giggle in a way that brought me back to 4th grade and having “class mascots”.

  40. “Rose…bud.”

  41. Ham 1: *snnnfffffff!*
    Ham 2: “Baroo?”

  42. Now that’s what I call Real Friendly…

    Love the hammie-sniffer, with it’s head all turned down – “whotcha got there”

  43. I used to breed hamsters… I don’t think he’s just …sniffing….

  44. “Let’s see, 1/4″ inseam – yes, ma’am, we’ll have your pants hemmed for you in a jiffy.”

  45. (Beavis voice) Henh … henh-henh henh-henh-henh … those hamsters are gonna … *DO IT* … henh … henh henh (end Beavis voice)

    You’re just showing us hamster porn, you shameless hussy!

    We’ll have to see pictures of the resulting babies.

  46. Lol at all the funnee peeps! Lots of good ones!

  47. Boom chika waa waa!

  48. Hey look, it’s Ally and Billy!!!

  49. Coming To An Indie Film Festival Near You: “Brokeback Habitrail: Love Among the Cedar Shavings”

    *dodges thrown objects*


  50. Aaaah, D2D beat me to it!

    Nice reference, Lisa.

  51. *snort*!!!

  52. What!! Uh-uh!

  53. cristinutria says:

    Oh Denita2D, you made me laugh!!! And so did RidBax with *boom chikka wa wa*. This site makes my day!!

  54. chet's momma says:

    what is a broken band, for crikey’s sake?

  55. hammie hole!

  56. Kitty’s comment (from waaaay up there lol) about them having to get married made me LOL!

    This picture is so wrong! *falls over laughing*

  57. *chokes*



    You guys are hilarious. And wrong. *This* is what I needed today. Forget poofy smiley kitteh faces. Raunchy pictures of hammie butts, and humorous comments to match.

  58. It’s the Hamminator. A sophisticated sex-robot sent back through time to change the future of one lucky lady.

  59. Hahahahahahaa!!! 😀

    This is wicked. I love how the sniffer is angling his head so he can get right in there.

  60. Rodents are NOT cute- please stop posting pictures of them- it makes me ill.

  61. Marianne Moore says:

    RODENTS ARE CUTE!! If you dont like it then leave omg. You make me ill. All creatures are cute. I love HAM TOCKS!!

  62. Egads – Soft Pawrn!

  63. a ‘broken band’ is the white band around the middle of the golden hamster. As someone who breeds hamsters, it is rather dissapointing to see ‘poor quality’ < <-- not up to show standard hamsters being bred... however cute they are!

  64. pantaloons!

  65. “Poor quality”? Hahahahahahahahaha. WHo the hell picks a hammie on the condition that you can frickin’ SHOW it? Good gravy.

  66. And introducing…Ham Hamler, the Dirk Digler of the Hamster Porn.