Das Hammen und das Rakken

It was ONLY A MATTER OF TIME before hams got in on the action. Move over KITTEHS! THE HAMS WANT IN! (Oh, and whatever hams want? Hams GIT.)


Right, Sender-inner who’s email just got placed into the swirling vortex that is the C.O. mailbag and I can’t find it after an hour of searching—<gasp> right?



  1. Sad. In his cups again.

  2. 🙂

    Please, please, somebody post an “owl in rack” photo so I can make a comment about hooters.

  3. Hey, this post took cups… I mean CUTS.

  4. look at his lil cheek puffs! :3

  5. Wow..I think a hammie and a rack is even cuter than a cat and a rack! The necklace is also cute btw.

  6. This hammie looks so much like Nikita, my first hammie…

    I miss her so… *sniff* *hamsterlove*

  7. OMG, I love the girl’s necklace!

  8. …Hey, where did this post come from?

    Cute hammie, tho.

  9. Cute ham.

  10. Twice is nice?

    Anyway… as I said in the other post: I made the necklace, so email me if you’d like one of your own 🙂

  11. Andy Lee, if I ever come across an owl… I pledge to photograph it in my shirt, for the sake of bad humour.