A real-life “Walkie Bits”?

Tortle_2 Check this out, this Egyptian toi-tull must be the inspiration for Japanese ‘Walkie Bits’

With his little arms out-stretched, he’s all: "EHN!" (Which, when you check your Turtle-to-English dictionary, is Turtle for "EHN!")


Tiny, scaled thanks to Becky L.



  1. I really need to compile all the turtlet links…

  2. turtlehead! turtlehead!

  3. Thanks for herding the turtles, Teho.

  4. How can a funny-looking, scaly, HOMELY creature be so doggoned cute? No fur, no feathers… I guess it’s the body-language and the way the little legs look like they are waving around. And the fact that it’s so teeny it looks like it came out of a Cracker Jacks box…

  5. Fingertip turtle! Goes well with the thumb monkey.

  6. The only thing funnier than a herd of turtles (of course I have!) is a herd of turtles STAMPEDING.




  7. Ok, it’s official. Turtles the size of quarters have made it onto my ‘Awwww’ Factor list.

  8. groooooaaaaan.

    Put that one in a BOX and close th lid.

  9. CUTE!!!!….nuff said

  10. Is “animals that fit on a fingertip” a cuteness rule? If not, it totally should be.

  11. Haa, Haa, haa! S t a m p e d i n g Turrrr-tulllies! That made me chuckle.

    They’re just so darn cute, for little scaley reptiles. I think it’s the micro-sizing that does it.

  12. I WANT IT!!!!!

  13. Another name this a wee-turtle’s “ehn!” would be ‘thumb nail stretch’.

  14. Teeny, Tiny, Thumb-Topping Tortoise.

  15. He’s a lovely caramel color. I wonder if he comes in chocolate?

  16. Awwwww that’s the second blurpy lil turtle (as I call em, tur-du) I have seen today!!

  17. What did the snail say when it jumped on the turle’s back?


  18. My first year away at college (“university” to you Canadian types), a dormmate of mine showed me a piece of paper his dad had sent him. Seems that back home, the pair of box turtles in the back yard had produced a batch of eggs which hatched, releasing several REALLY weensy baby turtles. Dad had no camera, so he did the next best thing– took them to work in a shoe box, lined them up on the office Xerox and made a bunch of copies.

    My friend carried a cut-out of one of the babies (tummy view, of course) in his wallet for years next to photos of his family.

  19. P.S. MamaDawn, I believe that punch line is “Wheeee!”

  20. michellemybelle says:

    J.Bo – that story’s great!

  21. Peg of Tilling says:

    Tee-tiny turtle pretends to fly: “Look at me! Look at meeeeee!”

  22. *SHRIEK*
    It’s a tortoy!

  23. That’s it. I want ten tiny turtles, one for each finger including thumbs!

    …Actually make that twenty. I’ll wear them on my toes too!

  24. Xerox turtles! Love it!

    Yes, I think “if you can fit on a finger, you’re cute” is a rule or should be.

  25. Yes, good to see all the little turdies in one place. Thanks, Theo!

    And, I must say that I don’t find all the cartoony type stuff all that cute, but that herd of turtoys definitely IS cute.

    My daughter had a toy turtle she named Picklehead. Hmmm, now that she’s growed up a green robot turdie might be a good Christmas present….hmmmm….

  26. *barfs a rainbow*

  27. ooooh, look at his little tiny legs paddling through the air! He has almost inspired me to write a hiaku, but I don’t think I could capture his essence!

  28. Jess:

    Chanting from the peeps:

    “Do it…do it…do it…”

  29. Turtles.turtles.turtles.

    Me wuvs dem.

  30. Caramel turtle,
    balanced on a fingertip,
    I want to kiss you.

  31. Goddam fingertip.
    Can’t crawl forward, can’t scoot back.
    I know where you sleep.

  32. ROFLMAO.

    Omg. Jaypo, lovely. Theo, gutbusting!!!

    What’s up with Haikus anyhoo? There has to be a story!

  33. This blogging is so fun it can’t be legal.


  34. Not much to tell, Lauri. I suppose we *could* eschew haiku, but we’re not averse. So to speak.

  35. T., is there an ETA on a post about Zingerman’s and their many delights? possibly on teh blog?


  36. I Loove turtles! And the Haikus! Just make sure all those teeny turtles don’t very slowly escape!! Thanks for all the pictures… Now I think I can finish marking all the exams (emotion exam, question asked: How would you make someone happy? One person answered ‘let them hold a kitten’.. had to find a way to give marks for that!!)

  37. ooh! it would be cool to see one of the itty monkeys interacting with the turtle.

  38. bcteagirl! Oh yes! Points for that fer sure!

    Adam, turtle would be EHN, and monkey would be …meh!!

  39. bcteagirl! Oh yes! Points for that fer sure!

    Adam, turtle would be EHN, and monkey would be …meh!!

    T’would be KYOOT!

  40. dammit.


  41. Hey, I would not eschew Haiku.

    I likes Haiku.

  42. useta hada kitteh says:

    When I try to chew Haiku, it gets stuck in my teeth. Oh. eschew? Bless you.

    Of the turkle. I likes him a lot. I had a toy turkle when I was little (I think he was a little green turkle whistle, if I recall correctly — that was many moons ago) I loved him, but this would be way more fun. Turkle races, anyone?

  43. Useta:

    You bring back memories. When I was wee, I had a bebeh turtle. My brother one day took it upon himself to give my turtle for a ride on his tricycle. He came home (blast) but he came home alone. At some point, somewhere, my little turtle stepped/dropped off. Never found out where.

  44. OMFG, you’ve pegged my cute gauge AGAIN. Tiny turtles! Argh!

  45. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:

    That’s one tiny turt!

  46. little miao says:

    Awwww, adorable baby turtle…

  47. TURTLE!!!



  48. what a cute tortoise

  49. Ok, time to sing again!

    One two three four five,
    six seven eight nine ten,
    Ten tiny turtles on the telephone, talking to the grocery man…

    Love tineh turkles. Specially real ones. Tineh frogs too. Sigh.

  50. Psh, my mini-turtle is SO much cuter than the real thing. 😛

    On a side note, the Walkie Bit shown there is the same colour as mine! SO YOU CAN EASILY COMPARE THE CUTENESS FOR YOURSELVES!


  51. Theo!!! That is a GREAT haiku!!!! I laughed–really, really loud.

  52. turtled28 says:

    Subhangi, the mental image that accompanied the:


    was tooo much for me, and I nearly wet myself laughing. I love this pic.