Sometimes, [head tilt] Kittehs need rehab

Don’t let this happen to your kitteh. Perfectly good cats are WASTING THEIR LIFES snorgling catnip. Just look at this flailing-limbed-kitteh ("The Golden Egg" is his name, apparently. Sounds like a Hippeh.) He is completely out of control, snorting bush after bush of nip, laying there like a bum. Crimminy. What is with KITTEHS TODAY?


On second thot, looks like a great way to spend the afternoon, Jorden C….



  1. Firsties! And my kittehs have passed out like that, too…a high (ahem) compliement, to be so at ease…

  2. This is a textbook example of the “Noonday Lazies”–the diametric opposite of the “Midnight Crazies”…


  3. Stoned again…

  4. Woops.
    I think maybe kitty has loved the catnip plant to death.
    My guys do that.
    I plant cat nip, and it grows for a while, Then one day I go out and there’s just a little nub left.
    And *very* wiped kitties.
    A friend grows it successfully under a chicken wire dome.
    Kitties keep it pruned.

  5. Hemingway’s thining, “Ohhhh if only I could!”

  6. Kitten Reefer Madness!!!

  7. my Snorgle Sensors are activated… crosshairs LOCKED ON TARGET.

    3… 2… 1… TUMMEH!

  8. “The Golden Egg” sounds like a Chinese restaurant… Eek!

  9. Oh, man, that one needs kitty rehab and quick!

    and I want to snorgle that fluffy kitteh tummy!

  10. Cats, man . . . they have the LIFE!

  11. I know cat well. This looks like the mid-mid-morning nap. It’s just after the early-mid-morning nap and the late-mid-morning nap. Man, that kitteh looks like he’s working hard to stay on schedule!

  12. *uhm, insert word ”before” between ”and” and ”the late (etc)”…it sholud make more sense!

  13. Me. Today.

    I will have things to talk about when I get back, oh yes.

  14. That’s the life man! What a beautiful garden to chill in too :o)

  15. butteredtoast says:

    why am i always in the back……..any way is that cat high on coca-cola or cat nip……..its definitly catnip!!!!!!!! that really is somethin

  16. See kids? THAT is what happens when you do drugs.

  17. Someone fill up this guy’s kibble bowl and tie something shiney to a string.

  18. what a preetty creamsicle.
    and is not hungover. is recharging.

  19. T. sez,
    “I will have things to talk about when I get back, oh yes.”


  20. warrior rabbit says:

    Clearly recharging. He’s obviously solar powered.

    Love the face plant in the dirt! He didn’t even bother inching down to find the grass. Well, he already found the grass, I guess.

  21. Egad. That’s what my roommate looked like after downing two glasses of “bhang” (for those who don’t know, it’s a drink for festive occasions, made from marijuana. Needless to say, the guys who prepared this in our hostel put in HALF a glass of the weed instead of the required dose of 1 pinch. Hence the roommate’s state.)

  22. Erm, actually … “those who don’t know” were better off not knowing that at all!

    It wasn’t a pretty sight, I tells ya. Atleast the cat looks HAPPY.

  23. I just luv it when the cats get stoned…lol. I got my kits catnip in little cat-friendly packets and gave each one last night. Chuckie immediately chewed his open, spread it around and rolled in it. Zhu-Zhu tossed hers around a little, but then went after the loose stuff that Chuckie spread around. Didn’t hear from either of them again until this morning!

  24. Little Nikke says:

    This brought back sweet memories. Hee! My first cat used to pass out face down in our catnip plant. He never ate it, so it would grow into a fairly large bush (~18 inches in diameter) that would get flattened when he climbed in it for a slobbering nap. He even kind of looked like the Golden Egg. RIP Beiget.

  25. Beiget, like the golden donuty things in New Orleans, Little Nikke? What a great name for a gato!

  26. I rescued a kitty from such exquisite torture once. The poor thing was rolling around like that for 12 hours in a catnip patch.

  27. BlurpleBerry says:

    This reminds me of a shirt I saw a man wearing once. It said, “IF YOU DON’T TALK TO YOUR CAT ABOUT CATNIP, WHO WILL?” I started laughing hysterically in the middle of the store, it was so funny.

  28. Oh, someone’s ASKING for a belly snorgle.

    Beautiful kitty!

  29. BlurpleBerry, I want that shirt!

  30. Oh boy oh boy, Teho has tings to talk about! *hops around*

  31. cute. checkout

  32. blurpleberry, I want that teeshirt, too! 🙂

  33. Delurking. I love this pic. My girl Cujo does this after a nipfest in the living room. Sprawls out on the carpet belly up. Thankfully she loves belly rubs….lol. I just wish I could let her out in the garden to feast on garden nip, but I live in the downtown area of a city, and I shudder to think of what might happen to her.

    Lovely kitty. Just begging for a snuggle!

  34. Ooooh… the cat with minty freshness breath!

    I used to wonder why my nepeta (cat mint) grew so flat to the ground until I noticed the neighbors cat snoozing in it.

    Wonder no more!

  35. dooooood! tewtlly cute!

  36. Owners –

    Are your kits on ‘nip? Here are 10 tell-tail signs:

    1. Unusual drowsiness (referred to as ‘nip nap by users)

    2. What are your kits’ musical tastes? If your kit listens to the likes of Phish, take careful note.

    3. A change in eating habits; if you find your kit eating ‘junk’ food such as Dolly Cat-ison pastries, Mew-lomars and the like.

    4. A change in clothing: wearing challanging t-shirts, such as “If You Don’t Talk To Your Ccat About Catnip, Who Will?” – recently confiscated from a cat currently in rehab.

    5. The appearance of cat-toos, which are unhealthy as well as dangerous. A recent example is “What Would Morris Do?”

    6. Poor grades. Lack of attention, caterwauling in class.

    7. Refusal to ‘cover up’ in the litter box. Referred to as ‘litter rage’.

    8. An unfortunate posture referred to by experts as ‘limbs askew’.

    9. Belligerence towards owner (unacceptable behavior such as: throwing down collar, changing given name on the tag to names such as ‘The Golden Egg’, comments such as: “You’re not the boss of me!” “You’re not my real mother/father!”)

    10. Lolling about in the sun on a Saturday afternoon.

    Owners, mind these hints and protect your kittens!

  37. …well, I *did* have things to talk about, I suppose. Coming home was a serious downer, though; if you really want to read about THAT, you can check out my Vox.

    Anyways… Ann Arbor was fun, my mom & dad are TOTALLY Grandma and Grampa now (mind-blowing), and I’m “Uncle Theo” (see above). Also, lunch at Zingerman’s with Jaye & my sister’s family & Sarcasta & CmdrTaco really was great, and ought to be repeated sometime. I’ve got a mini-writeup from the farmer’s market to post somewhere, even. You’ve heard of cutie pies, right? Well, I’ve got a pic of the lady who was *selling* them. Plus there were Z’s fine fine sandwiches and all manner of other foodie delights… I swear, if all was right and true in the world, their civic slogan should be “Ann Arbor Tastes Gooood.”

    Am wiped out and there’s an effing MONDAY to face. Must get a little sleep. Peace, peeps…

  38. T., I’m so sorry about your little cali. And it sounds odd, but it could have been worse – and you ARE saving one dear life.

    I was once explaining to my niece the theory behind aunt-dom. That I was her father’s sister. She looked at me in horror and said ‘Don’t talk about my dad like that!’

    And regarding your Highly Eventful vacay – peeps demand pix!

  39. Sounds like Ann Arbor was great, T!
    *whimpering from missing Zingerman’s*

    I DO so love being an aunt. Will be posting the oh so perfect neice and nephew on vox asap. My kids are all growed up so I am getting granny practice with my new neice and nephew!

    And, Aub, I copied your hints on ‘nip misuse by kitties. It made me laugh and I want to blog it with pics ….when I get time.

    As for that…this damn house and laundry are looking at me wondering why my a$$ has been planted in this computer chair for the last two hours.

    As to that I say, I COULD have still be in BED! 😉

  40. snorgle snort says:

    What a hipster. Peace and Love the Golden Egg

  41. Man, these multiple post tests are getting more difficult! 😉

  42. My kitteh, Tabatha Muffin, LOVES the “Hippy Lettuce!”

  43. the golden egg is simply enjoying being the golden egg