Pass the Haagen Paaws

I just LOOOVE that Dulce de Leche.

Passitover. C’mon.



Squirreltastic image from Chelsea W.



  1. first????

  2. sweet!

    ‘lil dood looks like he’s growing his fingernails so he can ….reach….ehn…..that…..ehhhhhhn….itchy back….

  3. Okay, I know this little sucker needs to put on weight before hibernation, but… christmas cookies… I hope that’s one big tunnel entrance! They could wash the Baltimore Harbor Tunnel if they soap him/her up and shove him/her through!

  4. Jabba? Is that you?
    You’re cuter than I thought…

  5. Wha? How the hell am I gonna stuff him in my mouth? And the tail! My gaia, the tail!

  6. What exactly is this furrilicious little rodent? A ground squirrel? Gopher? Prairie dog? Groundhog?? Whatever he is, he’s a sweet little ball of rodent blubber and fur. Hope he has a nice cosy winter, dreaming of tasty vegetable matter.

  7. Pudge pudge!! I must snuggle the puuudge! What a perfectly snorgtastic little ball of fluff. Once she passes out for hibernation, it’ll be 24-hour-a-day snugfesting.

  8. That’s a squirrle?!?! That actually makes me really sad. The poor little lardo probably can’t climb a tree to save his life. I think that level of obesity is animal abuse. He clearly didn’t get that way w/o the help of people.

  9. Yeah I can almost imagine the poor critter’s clogged arteries

  10. useta hada kitteh says:

    CB — chill. That isn’t a tree climbing squirrel. Check out the tail! That’s a ground-squirrel of some sort or description. A completely round, ready to hibernate the winter away, ground-variety squirrely-rodenty-something. A really cute one. A really round one. If an animal is programmed to hibernate, non-obesity would be the cruel thing. Have you ever seen bears preparing for winter?

  11. Christine B. says:

    I’m actually 90% positive that the chubby lil’ ball of fluff in the photo is a groundhog. Still in the squirrel family, but not quite a squirrel. ^^;

  12. Catman Dude says:

    “Fat? What fat? Just gimme those biggie fries! Like NOW!”

  13. that’s a mos’ precious squirrel/ground squirrel/gorundhog/whatevs. and definitely prepping for Winter.
    I’m curious about the environment, though, was this pic taken in the wild, in a habitat? the ground cover looks like wood shavings.

  14. useta hada kitteh says:

    mariser — definitely looks more like the pic was taken in the Tame, rather than in the Wild, but who knows? Wherever he/she hibernates, he/she is one cute critter.

    > “Goodness, Gracious, Great Balls of Fur!”

  15. useta hada kitteh says:

    The trouble with typing with one hand while eating a bagel with the other (getting ready for hibernation, myself, cuz it sounds so good), is sometimes yer comment gets screwed up. That was supposed to say “In Jerry Lee Lewis voice — Goodness, Gracious, Great Balls of Fur!” Don’t know where Jerry Lee disappeared to the first time!

  16. That rodent is in perfect shape.

    What?! Round IS a shape! 😛

  17. “A completely round, ready to hibernate the winter away, ground-variety squirrely-rodenty-something.”

    And if turns out that he’s fat even for a ground dweller at least he’s the perfect shape for rolling from A to B.

    There’s always a silver lining!

  18. It’s either a squirrel-shaped softball, or a squirrel that ATE a softball…


  19. Woah!! Its so fat you can hardly see its tail, and squirrels are FAMOUS for their bushy tails!

  20. mmmm… hibernation… mmmm…. bagels…. maybe that’s why I am so sleepy this morning. It’s time to get fat and hibernate!!

  21. warrior rabbit says:

    “Round IS a shape!” lol

    I’m thinking this squirrely-rodenty-something is a groundhog, and he’s puttin’ the word hog in groundhog fer shure.

    He reminds me of William Howard Taft, actually.

    I can imagine him saying, “I’m not fat, I’m portly,” except I really wonder whether he can port himself anywhere any way but by rolling.

  22. Awww it’s a cute little squish!

  23. He’s just big-boned.

  24. Squirrels pull up to the McDees drive through:

    Sqirrel: I’ll have a #2, a #5, two #1 and a supersized #6, with a diet soda.

  25. I think photographing him from above has made him look fatter than he is… sort of telescoped him up.

    He was probably *mortified*… “That’s not my good side! Look at my ass! My ass is NOT that big. I’m so depressed now. Give me doughnuts.”

  26. Good Lard, now *that’s* what I call a furball!

  27. musicchick2 says:

    Loris – I LOL’ed at “he’s just big boned”. Having been overweight most of my life (not now..size 8 now) I can totally relate to that statement. Priceless! 🙂

  28. useta hada kitteh says:

    “He reminds me of William Howard Taft, actually.”

    Snort! Guffaw! Warrior Rabbit, that’s so good! Wonder if this skwerly thing had to have a special bathtub made for him, too??
    (and to, ground squirrels don’t have the same bushy tail as Chatterer the Red Squirrel up in the tree. They either have little flicker tails about two to three inches long, and thin, or a little skwiff of a tail like this er, “round” specimen. I’m sure he’s not covering up a whole bushy tail under there. Although who knows what might be under there? The entire city of New York perhaps (I can see the headline now, “Squirrel, Readying Self for Hibernation, Eats Central Park”)

  29. Peg of Tilling says:

    Monica: Remember the camera adds ten pounds–

    Chandler: How many cameras did you have pointed at you?

    (I think he’s a perfect pooshula just the way he is.)

  30. It’s a gerbil! Check out the tail.

  31. Look out, Pilsbury Doughboy, you have competition! Do you think Mr. McPortlygroundsquirrelersons will object if I reach out and tickle his warm, furry, pudgy tummy?

    Speaking of Chatterer, big Mother West Wind props to useta hada kitteh!!!! We dearly loved those books in my house 🙂 And I love “Great Balls of Fur,” too. It’s so very Paws Up (TM)!

  32. He really looks more like a prarie dog to me, of course I could be wrong. Whatever it is, I’d like to pick it up and snorgle it, even risking those nasty claws on my face. Sometimes animals just end up pudgy, my friend’s sister has a cat that eats nothing but diet cat food, and weighs like 20 pounds. *Shrug*

  33. omg thats like CUTE do you ever see overfeeding animals as animal crueltly?

  34. Whenever I call my cat Mitzi fat, my grandma says “Now don’t call her that, she’s not fat, it’s just her SHAPE.”

    Yeah. I wish I could use that excuse!!!

  35. Claire, “nothing but diet cat food” can still be expected to make a cat fat if it eats a *lot* of diet cat food. Just like humans get get plump on obnoxious amounts of Snackwell cookies. Like the ones in my cupboard right now, that I’m rationing.

  36. awwww that is the cutest hacky- sack i ever seen!

  37. Jackass fan 01 says:


  38. It’s a prairie dog croquette!

    Someone pass the gravy! ^^

  39. Jackass fan 01 says:

    noooooooooooooo hacky sack!

  40. It’s his defense mechanism. Like a puffer fish. He’s a puffer-squirrel.

  41. BlurpleBerry says:

    Omigosh! Soooooooo cute!

  42. Definitely doesn’t look like a groundhog or a prairie dog to me. Check ’em out on Wikipedia — even with the hilariously squooshy body making it difficult to compare, the face and the tail are totally squirrely.

    Now I wonder if ground squirrels really hibernate, or if they just roll to the bottom of the their burrow and can’t make it back uphill until they burn off the pounds. We need a team of Cuteologists to spend some time listening at the entrances this winter, reporting back whether they hear teeny squirrel snores or the faint sounds of jazzercise.

  43. They do say the camera adds 10 lbs.

  44. “They do say the camera adds 10 lbs.”

    So this ground squirrel weighs eleven pounds instead of one pound.

    William Howard Taft– I love it.


    I wish to hug it. It looks eminently squeezable.

  46. LOL! This should be in the CUTE OR SAD category. I suspect we will see this pleasantly plump little guy on NBC’s “The Biggest Loser” some day.

  47. fate: Ummmmm…lemee see if I get this right…a ground squirrel; a species KNOWN for its pre-hibernation habit of gorging itself on every edible thing it can get its paws on so it’s nice and fat for the winter, is…somehow…become CRUEL?!

    My irony-meter just hit low-earth orbit…


  48. Sqwerl is in shape.

    Round is a shape!

    A spherical sqwerl. The mind boggles.

  49. Okie off to weightwatchers with you ;)!

  50. Aiyee! I want to eat him! But not really ’cause that would be mean. Smooshy fat squirrely pie!

  51. Anyone else think of the blueberry girl in Willy Wonka?
    D***, now I can’t get that weirdo music outta my head… doompity doo…

  52. That is a Prairie dog!

  53. … Pardon the impending buzzkill. But can we please not mock the sqwerl for being fat? I’m in a treatment center right now recovering from an eating disorder, and those kinds of comments – no matter who says them or at whom/what they are directed – are very triggering to me. Sorry… I’ll go away now.

  54. Lizzy, good luck in your recovery.

  55. useta hada kitteh says:

    I’m not mocking him… but I just hovered my mouse (computer mouse, not the rodent variety) over his picture, and a tag came up that said “Dumpling”. So he’s not a sqwerl, he’s a dumpling. Glad we got that cleared up.

  56. useta hada kitteh says:

    Yes, Lizzy — with Laurie C. I wish you well. Take care of yourself.

  57. He’s not fat, he’s extra fluffy! lol! Great pic! 😀

  58. A perfect demonstration of the amazing rodent ability to mimic spheres. This guy is 24% chub and 75% rodent poof (that’s *p.o.o.f* not that other stuff, which is the missing 1%).

    My hamsters look exactly like this guy until they unpoof and do things like squeeze through coin slots.

  59. All I can say looking at this guy is “BLOOP”!

  60. OMG, that is too cute for words. This is probably the cutest squirrel I’ve ever seen. 🙂

  61. Hahahaa…I see the pic is titled “Dumpling”….so perfect!

  62. That’s too cute to be allowed. He looks like a fuzzy marshmallow!! I must have him…and snorgler teh massive belly. Are there currently any rules on head to body ratio?

  63. This “Dumpling” has been sitting in the fridge too long; it needs a shave!

  64. He got too close to the air hose: Inflate-a-Squirrel! Tie a string to his tail before he floats away!

  65. Lizzy – Let’s just say I FEEL YOU SISTER. I humbly apologize if anything I said offended you. I wish you NOTHING BUT THE BEST and send you healing love on your path to recovery.

    Also *looks around* if you could possibly pass along the name of the treatment center …that would be really swell >> < <

  66. No problem, Clotypus, and thank you. It’s really hard a lot of the time, but I’m working on it. It’s so brave of you to ask. This center is called Center for Hope of the Sierras and is in Reno, NV. The staff (therapists, resident assistants, etc) are truly wonderful people.

  67. Looks to me to be a captive, Townsend’s ground squirrel. Here is a link to another. See what you think.

    (This one looks like he’s waiting for a bus)

  68. useta hada kitteh says:

    I promise I’ll quit posting comments about this little guy soon! Could be a Townsend’s…the thing about ground squirrels is they all look kinda similar. Check out this Richardson’s Ground Squirrel (we have a lot of ’em where I live). This particular little guy is just working up to Dumpling status:

    Then again, there’s this one, which shows off his/her manicure…

    or da sweetie babeh one…(he’s picture 4)

    Who knows? But I still wuvs him to bits!

  69. I had to read the entire post before I realized that this was a squirrlie I was looking at. At first I thought it was a perioge dog.

  70. I love the filename for the photograph:

  71. Prairie dog. 🙂

  72. This ground squirrel obviously recently completed an economics class and realized it would be more efficient to eat other squirrels who had already done the labor of gathering and eating nuts….now he’s eyeing the cameraperson….

  73. This ground squirrel obviously recently completed an economics class and realized it would be more efficient to eat other squirrels who had already done the labor of gathering and eating nuts….now he’s eyeing the cameraperson….

  74. This ground squirrel obviously recently completed an economics class and realized it would be more efficient to eat other squirrels who had already done the labor of gathering and eating nuts….now he’s eyeing the cameraperson….

  75. This ground squirrel obviously recently completed an economics class and realized it would be more efficient to eat other squirrels who had already done the labor of gathering and eating nuts….now he’s eyeing the cameraperson….

  76. This ground squirrel obviously recently completed an economics class and realized it would be more efficient to eat other squirrels who had already done the labor of gathering and eating nuts….now he’s eyeing the cameraperson….

  77. This ground squirrel obviously recently completed an economics class and realized it would be more efficient to eat other squirrels who had already done the labor of gathering and eating nuts….now he’s eyeing the cameraperson….

  78. OMG it’s like… A Dollop of squirrel! XD

    So cute!!! SQUEE KAWII!!

  79. Ooo, all the links for other ground squirrels were great, you guys!

    Hehee, LeftOMississippi, great thought!

  80. Peeps, it is not a squirrel. Cerial! No squirrel hands, no squirrel tail! Stop calling it a squirrel.


    [winks to Beans]

  82. Hey! Who turned up the gravity?

  83. It’s a ground squirrel.
    It’s a round ground squirrel. It’s a found sound round ground squirrel.
    It’s a squirrel.

    And, with luck it will never be ground into ground round Ground Squirrel.


  84. Man have you ever stared at the word squirrel too long?


  85. LOL Lauri. The word squirrel has lost all meaning now.

  86. I was like “Husband, check out this funny cute picture.”

    (he walks over)



    Looks like he was foi gras-ed.

    Now that you mentioned it, his eyes actually Do look kinda sad. Hmm.

  87. Tonight on the True E Hollywood story of Chip from “Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers”…

  88. Tonight on the E! True Hollywood story of Chip from “Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers”…

  89. Butter Squirrel Ball!!

  90. Is it bad that I sort of want to play pool with him as the cueball?

    Thought so.

  91. *looks at squirrely guy* Ehn! I know the feelin,pal! Being pleasantly plump myself, i find it’s just more to love and snorgle.

  92. I thought this kind of thing only happened in cartoons. Does he make silly ‘blooing-blooing’ noises when he walks?

  93. I think he’s trying out for a character part in Loco Roco!

  94. Would love to see more pictures of this one!! Adorable!

  95. He’s not fat, he’s fluffy.

  96. My favorite flavor of Haagen-Pawsz: Ground Squirrel.


  97. Can he be my widdle fuzzy doorstop? I would feed him haycorns and knit him little sweaters and caps with pompoms and he would greet people and announce them at my house. Pweeeez???

  98. “I’m MELLLLLTINNNNG!!!!”

    LOL@ pieroge dog!

  99. Yes, ebee, you may have your wish, if you supply us with pictoors!

  100. Lauri–
    You wouldn’t tease a girl wouldja? I’ll start knitting right now. Send a telegram when he’s on his way…I’ll meet him at the train station to pick up his valise. I’m laying in a stash of haycorns and honey and I have a little basket lined with flannel for him to sleep in by the fire. Anything else?

  101. I think we’ve got an ‘unspeakably cruel and not at all cute’ up there, don’t we?

    Take a drink!!!

  102. Heeeee, now a vision of Mr. Roundtocks donning his Bowler and stepping onto a train has popped into my head!

  103. Dulce de Leche…actually my favorite kind of ice cream. Coincidence? Sure….But was it coincidence that I happened to be eating it while I read this caption?….I think not…

  104. oooooo, the Universe luvs teh Cute, Lacey!

  105. Does nobody else fine this image a little alarming/scary?

    I hope I don’t dream about this…

    [runs away from needle-sharp claws.]

  106. useta hada kitteh says:

    E.C. — don’t be scared of the needle-sharp claws! The sqwerly thing just uses them for knitting long sqwerly scarves and blankies for hibernation time. Nuttin’ to worry about at all, at all. Poke, poke.

  107. oh my gosh, it just totally occured to me,
    its all so clear now.
    you know those squirrels at the zoo? the ones that sit on their butts all day while they eat thrown away pop corn?

    or a hacky sack / dumpling

  108. ps good luck lizzy

  109. Round! Round! I think round is so important! Ach, the roundness!

  110. Aw! Looks like this one is going for the minimum fur to maximum rodent award – spheres have minimum surface area.

    He looks so… very well parked really. A ground squirrel who really isn’t going anywhere thank you very much.


    So cute I want to bake, season, and devour this itsy bitsy fluffy wuffy chubby tubby little flufferpie! FOR THE WIN!

  112. that squirrel looks dolloped on to the ground. Dolloped. its the perfect word to describe

  113. Just so you all know that is a Richardson Ground Squirrel. I know what they look like, I own one. The camera angle on that looks very diceiving. They carry a lot of weight on the bottom half of the body, so when they sit on their rears they look slightly heavy when looking straight down on them like that. They are ground squirrels and so they do not have those wonderfully bushy tails that you often think of. Just thought I would put my two cents in for what it’s worth.

  114. A grounded ground squirrel.

    …I’ll go away now.

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