It’s official—reader Briana T. is nuts

So, a while back, we posted a kitteh that exhibited some unesscessary paws-uptitude while sleeping. This cat had two limbs hanging in the air, for really no apparent reason.

But that’s not important right now (say in Leslie Nielsen voice.) What’s important is that Briana T. has decided that this cat is Burl Ives reincarnated in the form of Sam the Snowman.

Well, obvy, she has a good point, there. Voilà the side-by-side comparison.


Briana T., you’re Officially Nuts™.



  1. starshocked says:

    AHAHAHA, that is incredibly awesome.

  2. bwahaha. “that’s when i discovered i had a drinking problem…”

  3. useta hada kitteh says:

    The resemblance is uncanny! Except, where’s his hat? And I certainly hope he doesn’t melt away! No, that’s Frosty the Snowman, not Sam. No melting Kitties. Phew! And I am NOT going to jump up and down and say First first first, because I’m likely not by now, and because I don’t wanna get a paw-swat when Theo gets back…

  4. BWAAHAHAHA!! The resemblance is uncanny!

    Of course, now I have annoying carols stuck in my head…*groan*


  5. Not Frosty…Sam…narrator of famous doll-mation story of rudolph! “Silver and Gold!”

  6. Catman Dude says:

    When cats give that squinty-eye thing when they are contented, I call that “China eyes”….as in “awwww, she giving me China eyes! awww”

  7. LOL @ Dara… I’m glad someone else thought of “Silver and Gold” too because that’s the first thing that came to mind. I love the Burl Ives “movies.” Soooo cute.

  8. That’s a VERY cute snowman. LOVE the comparison. Tewtally redonk!

  9. I was going to make a collage of all the pop culture characters my cat Daisy brings to mind….including Sam Snowman, Eric Cartman, and Peppermint Patty…some resemblances are mainly physical (Sam), some are personality matches(P Patty), and some are both (Cartman)….

    So now I know I’m not the only one who’s “nuts”

  10. But did Burl Ives ever have a sofa that ugly?

  11. The cat is a nice transition between the ugly cushion and the funky grandma couch!

  12. Awwwdorable! Putting this kitty in a snowglobe would be even cuter, and oooh look at the positioning of those paws! Purrfect balance.

  13. Aww! Check out those chicken legs! And what’s that cat doing on my old couch?!

  14. Jackass fan 01 says:

    that must be sam the snowman’s spring/summer/fall job

  15. Jackass fan 01 says:

    so cute smiling kitteh

  16. Technically, the cat didn’t have two paws raised — the photo was obviously taken from above of a cat lying on his back (those are the seat cushions behind the cat). Cute picture nonetheless and, yes, I see the resemblance to the Burl Ives pic.

  17. I once made a vest for my (then) boyfriend, using a really pricey Italian wool fabric (a subtle, soft plaid in dark blue with sea-green and other blues– very pretty). But whenever he wore it, I had a vaguely disturbing feeling I couldn’t shake: What did it remind me of? And then at Christmas it hit me– it looked exactly like the vest the Burl Ives snowman wears in the Rudolph ‘toon!

    I couldn’t stop snickering. ‘Cause I’m mature that way.

  18. I thought this cat was Burl Ives:

  19. hey that cat kind of looks like colonel sanders.. or maybe colonel sanders looks like burl ives. or, whatever.


    i’m sure our faithful readers could come up with LOTS and LOTS of pics of look-alike pairs.

    one of my dogs looks like eddie fisher. tee hee!

  21. J.Bo-[giggle]
    My ex was a food snob/nut, especially of the haute cuisine set. I used to call all the fancy French sauces “gravy.”

    ‘Cause I’m mature that way.
    [heehee 😉 ]

  22. Hey, now I don’t mean this to re-open the gravy/sauce debate of a few months ago. Just sayin’ to J.Bo…

  23. the more I look at this pic, the more it makes me laugh. I totally see the Colonel Sanders reference too!

    /imagines kitty in black rimmed glasses and a bowtie

  24. now that’s one fat happy cat……..*petpetpetpetpetpet*

  25. I agree…the Burl Ives snowman is reincarnated in that cat!

    Why do I keep hearing “Silver and gold, silver and gold…” playing in my head?

  26. Hohohohoho! Great comparison!

    I still love the picture! That cat is paws up with ecstacy!

  27. Lol jaypo and

    It’s ALL gravy!

  28. MmmmmmHmmmm, gravy….*drools*~~~~~

    (that was close, I almost couldn’t find my tilde’)

  29. useta hada kitteh says:

    Ooh, Lauri! Losing your tilde could be painful! LOL

    I can see that this Christmas I’m gonna hafta watch “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” and find out what all these “silver and gold” references are about. My life is obviously incomplete and sadly lacking…

  30. “Siiiiiiilver and gold! Siiiiiilver and gold!” I LOVE IT!!! Toe-tail-y purrfect.

  31. useta,
    Rudolph is a Classic!
    I love the Elf who wants to be a Dentist!

  32. “I am not just a nitwit. Why am I such a misfit? You can’t fire me – I quit! ‘Cuz I don’t fit in.” LOL!!! Poor little elf.

  33. how come strong resemblances are always “uncanny”?
    is it sorta like when there’s a plethora and it’s always virtual, as in “a virtual plethora of cuteness”?
    either way, this kitteh is still uncannily cute.

  34. TWINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. useta hada kitteh says:

    misscrisp — word questions like that always send me scurrying for the dictionary (or the online version). I looked up both uncanny and canny, and discovered that while uncanny means mostly things that are unnatural, eery, supernatural, as in an uncanny resemblance, one meaning of “canny” is “snug, cozy, comfortable; pleasing, attractive”. So in this instance, although the kitty bears an uncanny resemblance to Burl Ives as Snowman, it is also not only uncannily cute, but cannily cute as well! (And I liked the “virtual plethora”!)

  36. “how come strong resemblances are always “uncanny”?”

    Because the resemblances are fresh – newly brought to our attention. No nasty preservatives in my resemblances.

  37. oh bay-bay! i remember this kitteh! anything to bring this kitteh back again for an encore fine by me!

  38. I think it’s an incredibly apt comparison. Briana T., you get big points for observation.

  39. This boy-o looks TOTALLY smug and satisfied with himself. I almost expect one eye to open as if to say “Yes, I am THAT magnificent and aren’t you lucky to bask in the glow of my curled paw purr-fection.”

  40. Love the contented squinchy-eyes! …bet this pastel marmie has a wonderful hear-it-from-across-the-room rumbly purr.

  41. Heheheheeeee, misscrisp, usta and Aubrey. My little neurons get firing when discussions involving words arise! I love it!

    (ok, so I don’t usually have much to contribute, I am usually here with my cheering section 😉 )

  42. You do realize that now the cat, the Burl Ives snowman and the bloated and aging Peter Gabriel are like triplets, don’t you? That’s pretty scary!

  43. I grew up on Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. My mother had taped it over Smiley’s People (poor mom! She loves SP.) just so I could watch it whenever. Eventually, I wore out the VHS, early 90’s commercials and all.


  44. Yes, extremely cute, and yes, clever camera angle. HOWEVER – I’m compelled to say that if you don’t put your sweet loving kitteh on a diet ASAP, you’re going to lose him/her long before need be. Don’t mean to be a killjoy, but this cat is dangerously overweight!

  45. You’re quite right, JMD. I mean, Burl Ives *died*.

  46. Hilarious! I think there should be a lookalikes page! (thinking of the Anderson Cooper kittehs)

  47. *shuffling down the path to bloated and aging myself*

  48. Vet: Well, Mr. Dave, I’m afraid your cat is a fatty boombalatty.

  49. That cat is no bigger than my largest cat. Of course, I take my kitties to the vet yearly and he has never said anything about her weight. He’s fine.

  50. Briana is nuts? OR…absolutely CORRECT!

  51. “i’m sure our faithful readers could come up with LOTS and LOTS of pics of look-alike pairs.”

    I’m pretty sure the good Dutchies over at are taking good care of that. Just keep going with the cuteness here!

    Also, that resemblance is totally sweet.

  52. OMG J. Bo—
    “He’s a big fat fatty, a fatty boombalattie” LOL my sister & I were saying that for the longest time…Stand-Up spotlight rocked.

  53. I must be nuts too, because I totally see it!

  54. Stephanie in GA says:

    I used to have a siamese named Mai Tai that was the spitting image of the snowman. We always called him “Burl.”

  55. Dude, this site is dangerous. The Fire Chief called, and I was in mid-giggle from this picture.