Saturday morning morsel

Just a little kitten morsel to start off your day.

Please meet Mr. Jackie Chan, Kitten Esq. at your service. (Luuuurve the chipmunk-esque stripe)


Nice name, Jenni W.



  1. wow first comment

  2. Nice dorsal stripe.

    and, this kitten is making me want to nap even more than I already did (and that’s a lot).

  3. O lord, I just want to pick up this little kitteny cottonpuff and gently rub it all over my face. Floofy yumminess!!

  4. Can we buy these morsels at Radio Snack?

  5. Awwww … what a sweetie!

  6. Want to SNOODLE to teeny-tiny bits. Too Cute to Live! Aaaaaaahh {dies}

  7. I love those dark grey ears.

  8. The human Jackie Chan should be so cute. Okay, he is, but still.

    The human Jackie Chan should purrrr so well. There! Huh!

  9. Ooooo eet is dee arteesteek poses un dee subdood lighteengk dat makes dees so beeootifool.

  10. Sqeeeeeeeeeeee! IwantIwantIwant!!!
    *grabby hands*

  11. absolutely. adorable. *SNORGLEEE!!!!*

  12. *gasp* what a cute kitty – but not *quite* as cute as my new kitten – Yes, a marmalade kitty!!! He looks like one of the mosh pit kitties 🙂

  13. useta hada kitteh says:

    Can I have him? Pleeze? I’d pet him and hug him… Look at those gorgeous gray ears all perfectly outlined in black! Look at the tiny triangle gray nose! What a sweetie-kitterkins. I repeat, can I have him?

  14. mayhem kitties I meant

  15. Very Zen.

    Till he wakes up and attempts stunts his namesake wouldn’t!

  16. And a sweet morsel it is.

  17. Sealpoint me. Stat.

  18. After a very long, tiring day yesterday, I needed this kitty to start off my day. Thank you.

  19. little miao says:

    how sublimely sweet…

  20. martha in mobile says:

    See? Another ragdoll. It’s a conspiracy of cuteness.

  21. well that’s it, I’m going to buy a bigger house so I can have more kittens like this just lying around

  22. Peg of Tilling says:

    Does anyone remember that Warner Bros. cartoon where the big bulldog tried to hide his teeny pet kitty from his humans, and one of the things he did was make believe the kitty was a powderpuff and powder his whole face with her? That’s what this kitty reminds me of. A powderpuff. Or purrderpuff.

  23. that needs to be screensaver-sized

  24. Peg of Tilling: BWAAHAHA! That’s the best descrip I’ve seen yet! And that’s one of my fave cartoons, too! *LOL!*

    That silvery sweetie looks like a puddytat fashioned out of moonbeams and platinum and angel hair…*sigh*


  25. what a sweetie! my maia was so whitish like that when she was a kitten. now she is very dark. how our “children” change!

  26. useta hada kitteh says:

    “moonbeams and platinum and angelhair” — Ooh! D2D, what a lovely description! Purrfectly apropos! ::poit::

    Hey! That was my very first ::poit::

    By the way, what was the cartoon bulldog’s name? He was a different dog than the one who had a little birdie buddie,right? The one with the birdie buddy was always saying “Close your eyes, little feller, you shouldn’t oughta see what’s going to happen…” His name was Chopper, and now I remember the birdie was a duck. But what was the name of the dog with the kitty? (This is very important, don’t ya know!)

  27. Peg of Tilling says:

    The bulldog’s name was Marc Anthony…this information brought to you by google and the IMDB:

    If the link doesn’t work the name of the cartoon is “Feed the Kitty.” Anyone remember the squeaky noises when the bulldog shook his finger at the kitten? And then the bulldog fell into a big puddle of goo.

  28. …or when the kitten would climb onto his back and claw a little nest of his fur up, and he’d just wince and whimper…*giggles*

    I remember Marc Anthony, I do! But did’ja know the kitten’s name was Pussyfoot…?

    Yeah, I have two moonbeam-kitties of my own…it’s a shame they can be such shadowy characters sometimes… *groan*


  29. I wanna bite his wittle ears and snorgle, snorgle, snorgle his fuzzy neck!

  30. Peg of Tilling says:

    Jackie Chan…Pussyfoot…I think those names go together!

  31. butteredtoast says:

    oh good lord……………… big to be a kitten to small to be a cat

  32. Jackie Chan, Esq. most pleased to make your acquaintance.
    would it be allright if I stuft you in ma mouf?

  33. AWWWW. Kitty heaven!

  34. A quilt and a kit. Two comforters.

  35. Oh this kitteh looks so chilly, he needs me to come snuggle him warm, he’d fin nicely right in the crook of my neck <3

  36. it’s cute minimalist-style.