Boxingk match

Dees faucet box! I SHALL NOT LET HER WEEN!

I shall defeat her—WEETH ALL MY STRENGTH! rarrrrrrrrgh! [pushing against wall]


No-tingk ees safe—zee sides of zee box, ZAY WEEL PEREESHE!


[NAWM NAWM] [Belly flops out]


[Suddenly stops] Bah—Oui? [Tiny paw sticks out, back leg trembles]


BON, Keeeem S.!



  1. First comment?!

  2. Somewhere in the quiet darkness, a purring cat was heard…

  3. Awww, what I Wino.

  4. …and then a teeny burp is heard…”cardboard gas.” Pardonnez-moi!

  5. y.manynames says:

    Tres Cute, and her sagey green eye peepers are beautiful!

  6. Is this another Bengal beauty? Whatta face! Whatta belly! What cuteness!

  7. warrior rabbit says:

    Love the splayed toesies in the second to last shot.

  8. reDONKulously cute!!!

  9. Shadow Tiger says:

    Is this a Mau? Or an exotic like a Bengal or somesuch?

  10. Adorable!!

  11. Cattitude in a Box. Get yours today!

  12. Reminds me of when our kitten discovered the box my husband’s Star Wars Tie Fighter toy came in-it was clear and she seemed fascinated by being able to crawl into an practically invisible box….!

  13. Speaking of cats in boxes…

    Please note this is an April Fool’s joke and is not real. 😉

  14. second to last: note the little fang tooth sticking out into the box.



  15. I guess there is no keeping cats out of boxes…

  16. I guess there is no keeping cats out of boxes…

  17. What a pretty little Bengal 🙂

  18. Isn’t that the first time you’ve used a frawnch accent with a kitteh?

  19. Awwwwwwww! It is always a huge treat to see pics of animals in their natural habitats!

    What a schweethart!!!

  20. Belly spots! Belly spot alert!

  21. Two Sheds Jackson says:

    So what did cats do before the invention of cardboard boxes? Wooden orange-crate type things just don’t have the same cronchability – plus- splinters – ouch.

  22. Oh, the faux-French accents are the best. Mah kitteh, she ees so beeyootiful, she spit on you.

  23. cute!

  24. Yet another demonstration of the First Law of Cat Physics: when a cardboard box and a cat are contained in the same vicinity, the cat is compelled to attempt to fit into the cardboard box. Then, the Second Law of Cat Physics comes into play: no matter the actual volume of the cardboard box, or the mass of the cat, the cat is somehow able to squeeze itself in till it fits. (Extraneous body parts are allowed to hang out to aid the cat, as in this case).

  25. ‘Tis a pretteh kitteh indeed. And silly.

    But I just want to big-up Meg for challenging the Cat hegemony of Cute.

    Rats, bats, baby ‘tiels, pig snogging, pillows with ears… there’s a whole world of cuteness beyond felis domesticus and little baby bunnies.

    And as Meg is the Cute-Arbiter General, if she detects the presence of Cute, then the Cute-sceptics must be wrong…

    *goes off to find some unappreciated bebeh things*

  26. brownamazon says:

    I like how the cat matches the carpet.

  27. What a beautiful cat!

  28. Next on Fox: When kittehs attack…

  29. A thinker – you are sooo right! Here is a picture of my Sam. Given a choice to be in a large box, a small box, or in no box at all, she chooses the small box. I should have put a ring box down, too. She might have tried to stick her wee toes in at least. 🙂

  30. Mon Dieu! Monsieur Cat est tres … um …. ferocious. (Egad – how do you say that in French?)

  31. Awww, what a precious little purrmonster she is! The belly! *snorgles*

  32. Bengal? Mau? I’m guessing this is your good old beautiful mutt cat DSH– the bestest kind there is! Could be wrong, but never underestimate the awesomeness of the moggy.

  33. Peg of Tilling says:

    That last picture is like “Oh non! I have been spotted-ed! Queek! Act normale!”

    Thank you Meg, for showing us cute in all its many splendid forms!

  34. Bwaha! Kittens are automatically insane.
    I think this is another Bengal, too, and from what I hear, they’re like Tiggers made flesh (and fur). RAAAAAHR!!

  35. so cute it’s painful.. yay bengals

  36. Cats Are Better Than Dogs

  37. AGREED! *runs off to snorgle my kitties*

  38. Subhangi – ferocious = féroce 🙂

    What an elongated kitteh. Très cute, indeed!

  39. Danielle: An *excellent* demonstration of the First and Second Laws of Cat Physics. Very good indeed. Textbook example.

  40. Danielle: Beautiful kitty. I vote the picture goes into the Textbook.

    Kate: “unappreciated bebeh things” – Bwaahaaahaaaa! Right behind ya, peep, ready to snorgle!

  41. Did ze cat make eet out of ze box? Or did ze Frahnch Forayn Lesion half to help leeberate ze feelyne?

  42. A thinker and hrh.squeak – for the publisher of the First Law of Cat Physics book, I will gladly sign over the copyright form. Or is that a copycat form?

  43. I hate it when I get Foreign Lesions.

    [zooms out of room and slams door]

  44. useta hada kitteh says:

    um… looks more purr-ocious than ferocious to me. Or maybe fur-ocious? However you spells it, Mr. Cutey Spot-Spot certainly has it in for that poor defenseless box!

  45. michellemybelle says:

    Danielle –
    What’s the shipping cost for a Cat in a Box? UPS ground? Overnight?

  46. Le grrr! Le rowr! Le oof!

    The spotted tum is redonk.

  47. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:

    Thiis kitteh cat in this box rocks!
    Teeheehee to the nth degree!

  48. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:

    Thiis = this

  49. what a beauty nutkins!

  50. Danielle, your kitteh fitting in the smaller box is sooooooooo sweeeeet…..

  51. The pics of that kitty remind me of my (late) gran and her (late) kitty. “Kittybaby” used to chew up the edges of boxes too before she would settle in. Ahhh, thanks for the memories Meg and submitter.

  52. Oui, Danielle, but ze penicillin clears up zoze Foreign Lesions tout de suite…

  53. Just another reason why buying expensive cat toys is a waste… Except the Cat Dancer! Ma kittehs LOVE the Cat Dancer!

  54. Why are all the animals on here French? Where’s the diversity? Oh, what I’d give to hear a dog with a Jamaican accent. Or a cockatiel with an Irish brogue.


  55. Trish–or maybe a southern belle of an fuzzpuff?

  56. This is my kitteh! Yes, she is a bengal, and her name is Layla 🙂 I call her my fiesty lil’ monster! Thanks to Meg for posting my pics! And thanks to everyone else for your cute comments 🙂 I love it!

  57. I love that last shot, “What are you looking at?”

  58. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:

    *Danielle* When I made my comment about “this kitty in this box rocks” wasn’t a dis to yours.

    I didn’t see/notice/click on yours (Cat or link till a minute ago…) Long after I made my 1st comment about the other kitteh.
    Yours is cute too!
    Different, but also cute.

  59. Awwwwe, this totally reminds me that I have to send in a video of my friend’s cat’s love for playing superwoman with plastic bags.

  60. Danielle, I love that picture of your Sam. cozee, cozee, cozee. and perfectly sized, not a bit of space wasted.

  61. Whenever I get a shipment of something in a box, I leave the empty box or boxes out for a few days for kittunns to enjoy. Makes ’em so happy. Also, bags. They love to sit on plastic or paper bags and will actually fight over who gets to sit on the grocery bag. Can get ugly. I call them the “Bag Wars”