Please check out this hilarious pillow character "Honk Honk Ashoo" (with tiny pillow ears!!!) READING A BOOK ABOUT HIMSELF!


"defenestrator", nice redonk link. Honkhonkashoo created by Ralph Consentio 😉 Apparently available at Target, too! Holy crapulence!



  1. karisma1cma says:

    first post?!!



  2. That’s rules #16 and 17 in effect, with a strong resemblance to tiny honk-shus>.

  3. Boring – sorry. I prefer Animals to very boring pics of Cushions or whatever.

  4. oh


    /runs to Tar-shay

  5. OMG! I’m in love with the cuteness! It pulls me in!!

  6. Actually, kittehs would love to honk-shu on this pillow, and it’s all about the kittehs, isn’t it?

    Makes me want to take a nappy…(plunking head on desk)

  7. How sad. It’s obvious that Mona Lisa is waiting for her lover, HonkHonk, to notice her and he’d rather read a book about himself. It’s as if their once full and fluffy relationship has been flattened by his rise to fame.

  8. Note redonk running action of Swella-Bow-Bow…

  9. Oh my doodness..this is the tootest..

  10. i thought my husband and i were the only ones that used the word crapulence.

    as in, “With Smithers out of the picture I was free to wallow in my own crapulence.”

  11. Layla, also Rule #15.

    OMG pillatio trifecta.

  12. It’s not at my Target! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHhhhh

  13. *snort* hahahaha. A pillow reading a book about himself. Hrm.

  14. OMG.
    I am going to target and getting one tonight! I saw they have them at the target near my work.

  15. Honk Honk Ashoo? Isn’t that a Beatles song?

    (And I spot a Nuff!)

  16. Sucked in again. LOVE that little guy!!!

  17. Is this pillow reading to send itself to sleep?

    Also, it seems to have good taste in art…

  18. See, now THIS is cute. ^-^ Much better than that perverse child cross-species makeout session…

  19. Mmmm … doesn’t do it for me. It’s no Hoops and Yoyo.

  20. ka9q's wife says:

    it’s cute in that preteen type cute way. I would buy one for my nieces or young nephews, while secretly wanting to use it when i can steal it away.

    I was just at Target yesterday. They had a ton of halloween stuff out including squishy eyeball toys. I bought three packages.

  21. ;_; Hey, don’t go hating on the pillows….. *cryface*

    *gets distracted by Yoyoish Goodness*

  22. The Japanese had better not be resting on their laurels…the rest of the world just might be starting to make a few cute inroads.

  23. Yeah, ka9q-s wife! I LOVE Halloween and decorate my entire house and party it! wOOt!

  24. Lol, AmyH, your little love story is rather heartwrenching! It’s Mona-eo and Pillowiette.

  25. Looks like a freaking marshmallow

  26. I like marshmallows… ;_;

  27. I like Hoops and Yoyo. And this guy.

  28. OMG you guys, I just stumbled upon the sweetest website:

    This 15 year old girl who loves cats and lived in Iraq until really recently. She just left Iraq for UAE and had to leave her cats behind. Damn.

    Anyway – she’s got some really cute pictures on her site.

  29. Chris Johnson says:

    If _this_ gets to be CO, I want to submit a music video with Paul Gilbert of Racer X singing a song in Japanese-

    Not only are all the musicians completely silly and cute mugging in their little space-suits, not only is the music gorgeous (and cute) but the lyrics mean-

    My head is made out of tomato
    But I like tomato better than eggplant
    My heart is made out of strawberries
    But I like strawberries better than pears

    What is your head made out of?
    What is your heart made out of?

    My head is made out of tomato
    But I like tomato better than eggplant


  30. Aw, that thing is cute! Where did you get it from? I WANT IT 😦

  31. I def gotta feature Hoops and Yoyo—good idea…


    *collapses in a state of confused and tearful wibbling*

  33. useta hada kitteh says:

    Oh, Kate, do not wibble! Us loves teh pillow, us does! da person (obviously not a peep) who said it was boring don’t know from nuthin’. Now, if Meg posted a picture of my pillow, which doesn’t do anything but lie there, now that would be boring. But this pillow can READ for Pete’s sake! How can a pillow that can read be boring? It is sweet! I wants to huggle it! Long live teh pillow!

  34. Yesh! Hoops & Yoyo…luffs me those Hoops & Yoyo dudes!

    An’ now I am luffing this li’l pillow man. I want to nibble on his teensy widdle pillow ears. I am such a slut!

  35. usedta hada kitteh – I am sure your pillow has a wonderful world of its own cuteness. When you leave your place a face forms, little ears perk up, little eyes pop open. A happy smile grins. Not a boring pillow. Your pillow sits there and waits for yout come home to it. Ahhhhh …. fluffy pillow cuteness.

    okay, I will take those drugs now, nurse.

  36. Heh. Cute pillow.

  37. A plushie after my own heart… .< ;; their accent is a bit shoddy though but that makes it even more endearing. Why are they all wearing space suits? I want one!

  38. I just went out and got mine this morning! It was on clearance for only $4 something!!! I’m snuggling with him right now.


  39. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:

    I know this is a pillow “reading” about pillows.

    But it also looks like a marshmallow “reading” about marshmallows!

    A soft and sweet and plumpped up goody of a pic tis!

  40. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:

    Drat… no second p in Plumped!

  41. [double-take]
    Did I seriously just see the word “pillatio” here??
    [teetering on the edge of a snicker-fit]

  42. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:

    Marshmallow descriptive words sheesh!!!Sweet,soft plump marshmallow!!!!!!!

  43. meh. less pillows, stuffed animals and yarn figures, more real animals, thanks

  44. Cirilia: omg! i am totally in love with squarey! 3

  45. Jackass fan 01 says:

    my gawd that is so cute! my degus love the music on the homepage! for info on them even tho u can’t get them anymore here’s a site [they are just the cutest little rodentias!] http://www.btinternet.com/~p.long/degutopia/deguhome.htm ignore the box that pops up tho

  46. Well, I still don’t see it, Theo, but it would certainly would be the shoe that fits!

  47. This is great. We went to the store and found these guys on clearance. I got a couple for the kids in the family, and had to search around the store to find the very last honk honk ashoo mini plush. Adorable!

  48. And when he sleeps…
    honk-shoo, honk-shoo!

  49. that is the best tag ever – ‘defenestrator’. lol.