Bleat, bleat, bleat. Is that all fawns can do these days? [click on fawn to go see ani-may-shons] The best part is the bellowing belly action… She sounds like a kitten.

Nice Googlage, "ˇ" 🙂



  1. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    Whoah… That’s cool! Awww, cute little fawn!

  2. LOVE IT!!!

  3. That was entirely too cute!

  4. Lil’ fawny deer wants his/her momma!

  5. No, no, the best part is the flip-back ear action. Do the bleats go farther with that extra “umph”?

  6. AAAWWW!! cute cute! i don’t think i’ve heard sounds from a deer before… now how about sounds from a giraffe?

  7. Haha, awww. The video freaked my cat out; he couldn’t figure out where the noises were coming from.

  8. Sweet little bebeh bleating!

    What are those white things in the background? Salten licks?

  9. I think this falls under the “cute or sad” category. Poor little thing wants his mommy! Or has gas. Can’t decide. Either way, cute and sad at the same time!

  10. We went hiking a couple o’weeks ago in a nearby national wildlife refuge where there are usually lots of deer browsing in the evening. I kept hearing this little squeaking sound. We came around a bend in the trail, and there was a fawn on the uphill side of the trail, making this exact sound. So cute we just about fell over. His mama was in sight, on the downhill side, looking unconcerned. The fawn was older than this one, and I think she was sort of ignoring him.

    Very cute AND educational!

  11. What a cute little noise! 😀 I love that!

  12. badkittie2021 says:

    It kinda sounds like a kitten. In a weird kinda way I guess. Meh.

  13. Awwww, it does sound like he is saying “mew”.

  14. Bleating looks so hard! His little belly and the ear spasms. Cute spotty fawn. He sounds lonely.

  15. This fawn sounded like a cat to me, too.

    Coincidence: the latest boxcar kitten (brown tabby) that we rescued has been named “Fawn” by my trapping partner (he’s in her bathroom, so she has naming rights). But he’s got a lung infection and having a hard time right now. Cross your fingers for him, peeps.

  16. Awwww! I want the follow-up video with his mommy.

    BTW- new pics and video of my new kitten (and his siblings)!

  17. Crossing fingers for Laurie C and Theo’s kitties!!

  18. awwww! So cute!!

  19. Aw, so cute AND sad! I had no idea those guys made sounds!

  20. Shanchan – yes, a snout out to LC’s and T.’s kits!

    Oops. Wrong post.

    Still: good thoughts are going out to the kitties!

  21. He sounds JUST like my little kitteh. Add an extra few pounds of belly fuzz, and he’d kinda look like her too. 🙂

  22. now that is cute! 🙂

  23. awwwwwwwww!!! *tears up*
    get the mommy!!!!!

  24. Oh, how cute. Does sound just like a kitty. But doesn’t look distressed to me. Seems like he’s just got something to say!

  25. When Mom is away, newborn Whitetails will curl up in tall grass or fields and won’t move or make sounds. This is not good during hay season. 😦 They also have no scent for the first few days to protect from natural predators.

    My family has fostered orphan fawns and it’s a trip to see pictures of teeny tiny deer hanging out in the kitchen.

    Also for Whitetail fawns, the spots are scattered for does and in horizontal lines for baby bucks. Or the other way around (I can’t reach my dad on the phone right this minute to confirm).

  26. honest-to-goodness cuteness. “I want my mommy! Mommy, where are you?!!” sweet baby

  27. Awww, poor thing, did its mommy ever come back? We need a follow-up video!!

  28. useta hada kitteh says:

    Cute little guy! Now THIS is cute. But I had the sound down, so I must watch again (that, of course, is the only reason). With the sound down, he looks like he’s barking! So finding out he sounds like a cat was a surprise. Thanks Meg for the picker-upper!

  29. Stooges Woman – considering the fencing, I’d say this fawn is an orphan and living at a deer farm/sanctuary. The deer’s greatest predator these days is the automobile. With a lack of natural predators comes an increase in deer population, followed by an increase in deer-vehicular collisions, and then an increase in orphans.

    Sorry to be a downer, but that’s the way it is these days.

  30. Oh, my, useta – my timing was off and I hope I didn’t knock down any pick-me-ups out there. I’ll just go back to lovin’ teh qte and wishing I had a baby deer to keep safe in my own house.

  31. pugmamatimestwo says:

    awww, cute but sad. where’s his mama? that is an anerable little sound he makes, tho… ><

  32. I grew up close to the forest, and the most scary thing I ever heard was the “bleating” of the grown-up deers in springtime. it was soooo scary! I thought it was some monster out there in the woods!
    The sound was about as far away from these cute little meouish bleats of this one you can get. I still have nightmares about it…
    how can so cute animals make such noises?

  33. A Fine Morsel says:

    With the sound off, he looks like he has the hiccups.

  34. he sounds like a squeaky toy (like dogs would play with?) when he snorts like that…lol

  35. solveig, I know exactly what you mean! I have heard deer sounding like weregoats from Hell.

    And I have heard them bark just like a dog.


  36. I am unhappy as this deer right now. I just heard that the little kitten Fawn I mentioned above, who was ailing, passed away this morning.

    Little dude barely had a week in the indoors after the boxcars.

  37. You have reduced me to tears, Laurie C. To know he passed on was sad enough, but to read the caption from when he was still alive really broke my heart.

    You are doing such great work. Keep the faith. The kitties do thank you.

  38. AmyH, it took us four nights trapping to catch him. (sigh) I know not all feral kittens make it, I just assumed all the ones we managed to rescue *would*.

  39. LC, I am so sorry. Your news, plus today’s Daily Kitten, have left me completely choked up.

    You (and CO) are the #1 Choice of Kittens.

  40. Aub, today’s Daily Kitten (8 weeks, same age as our little guy) and the bleating fawn gave me a bad feeling about how this was going to turn out today. When I got the call, I wasn’t surprised.

  41. Laurie C, I’m so sorry- I’m glad he got a few days of warmth and love. You’re doing wonderful work.


  43. that is a teeny noise!!

  44. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:

    That makes my ears bleat!
    Really cute sound!

  45. Laurie C,
    You gave Fawn the kitten a warm safe place for his last days. That’s a huge gift. You made a big difference in his life. I’ve rescued a few myself, and they can break your heart, but every moment of warmth, safety, and love for them counts.

    hang in there!

  46. Oh darn it, Laurie C. My heart just sunk in my chest looking at that picture of Fawn. But, it’s so true what everyone has said. He was warm and safe and fed and loved. That really DOES count for something, and makes all the difference.

  47. WickedWendy says:

    Well that was just anerable!

  48. hugs Laurie C, hugs.

  49. Ack! Childhood memory utterly CRUSHED! I just talked to my dad and he said he never heard of the gender-specific spots on fawns. I told him he was the one who told me and he said, “Well, I was probably just pulling your leg.” I asked him what other dirty lies he told me for his own amusement and he just laughed. Gah.

    Growing up with a family full of smart-arses does not come without delayed damage. Oh, the trauma!

  50. Oh MY AmyH. Sorry for the crushed dreams. Have you heard about the Tooth Fairy?
    Actually, this is happening to me more and more frequently. I tell my mom or dad something they told me and I get “I never said that.’
    Huh??? Well, we are an adaptable species…and it’s a darn good thing! I have to adapt my whole childhood! 😉

    It’s ok, I suppose my kids will have to do the same!

  51. useta hada kitteh says:

    Lauri — what about the Tooth Fairy? Wait, don’t tell me, I don’t think I want to know. (And to tell the difference between boy and girl on any sort of anymil, you don’t check the spot patterns, you check the booties (the kind you wear on your feets before anybody makes any smart remarks…) if dey’re blue it’s a boy, if dey’re pink, it’s a girl. Wait a second… that may be why I named my cat George, and then was hugely surprised when “he” had kittens.)

  52. useta hada kitteh says:

    Dose things babees wear on their feets? I just remembered. They’re spelled bootees. There. That looks better.

  53. Oh, LaurieC, I am so sorry about the lil’ guy… but at least he was warm and well-fed, and his mom and bros didn’t ever know what happened.

  54. Oh, and as long as we’re putting bummer things here: we haven’t seen TK’s bro in several days. We’re hoping he’s been adopted for his unbelievable cuteness, rather than anything else.

  55. lurkerT, I’ll keep a good thought for TK’s bro.

    Thanks everybody for the support.

  56. I took that clip in Texas in mid August. We had just finished feeding the deer and passing out cattle cubes. The mothers ALWAYS call their babies to nurse after being fed. There were five fawns this year and sometimes they’d ALL be sounding off at the same time. The mother answering back is the lower pitched sound you hear about halfway through the clip.

  57. Oh how great to hear the story behind the video!

    Now I can listen to mom answering back, too.

    I was surprised when my goat had babies and she called THEM when it was time to eat. I always assumed (in my unknowledgeble state) that the babies ate when they were hungry. But mom let them know when it was time and they came running!

  58. This fawn probably has a bunch of kittens and peacocks on it’s myspace.

  59. musicchick2 says:

    LOL….it freaked my cat out too! It kinda sounds like a cat (from a cat addict who’d never heard a deer before either). CUUUUUTTTEEE tho.

  60. I think my dad just melted into a puddle on the floor….

  61. ZOMG. Now I understand why the deer used to run in terror from my cat when I was growing up.

    Doe 1: “Midge, did you hear a fawn?”
    Doe 2: “You know, I swear I did. It came from over there.”
    Doe 1: “Let’s go look. It was somewhere in these bush– AAAGH! WHAT IS THAT?”