This is the LAST place he’ll look!

LOL—this is "Ratty" the rat hidingk under "Hemingway" the cat. Apparently, Hemingway spent 15 years chasing rats and has had it. This is soooo Tom and Jerry, I love it.


Rock and roll, Jordan D.



  1. badkittie2021 says:

    lol buahahaha!

  2. Too cute, especially that “huh,what” posture the cat is sporting

  3. I’ve given birth to a WHAT?!

  4. I apologize in advance for what is likely to be the single most disgusting comment in this thread, but from this angle, it looks like Ratty just survived an entire trip through Hemmingway’s digestive system.

  5. FOURTH!

    LOVE ’em both. (Love Tom & Jerry too.)

  6. DAMN. Make that fifth. [sigh]

  7. “Better run, rat, or I’ll show you what ‘Death In The Afternoon’ was really about!”

  8. Hmmm.. that lil rat does look pooped.. I mean tired!

  9. NTMTOM – Don’t worry, I’m sure the peeps can come up with something more disgusting than that! (Not that I’m trying to turn it into a contest, y’all…) Plus you’re right, that is what it looks like!

  10. DAMN. Make that fifth. [sigh]

  11. Puck – ROTFL! You’re trying for Aubrey’s punning crown aren’t you?
    No, I said *punning*, NOT *pudding*, Theo!

  12. NTMTOM: Dang, and I was just about to say “That’ll teach that cat to swallow rats whole!”

  13. ahhh, the legend of Lemmywinks continues……

  14. “No, I said *punning*, NOT *pudding*”


    Butter-scotch that kind of chat right now!

  15. DAMN. Make that fifth. [sigh]

  16. martha in mobile says:

    Has anyone else noticed the preponderance of ragdoll kitties on C.O.? I guess ragdolls are just the cutest of the cute! Of course, the marma-posse might have something to say about that, but they would be misguided.

  17. Egad. Crappy internet. Sorry for the double post.

  18. [hands Subhangi a fifth of Jack Daniels]

  19. Bwahahah =D Brilliant!

  20. Subhangi: I just want to tell you both good luck. We’re all counting on you.

  21. Tee hee! Hemingway must be in honourable retirement from rat-hunting. However, judging from where that rat is emerging, it doesn’t look incredibly comfortable for the cat. Perhaps that rat had better watch out after all…

  22. Hemingway: Hey that’s a nice looking rat….

  23. hahahhahaha ceebs. that made me laugh at a not-ok-for-work volume.

  24. NTMTOM: Nice ‘Airplane!’ reference.

  25. … and you’ll be seeing it again, Aubrey.

  26. Oh well – looks like I chose the wrong…LOOK! There’s a sale a Penny’s!

  27. [walks gingerly around the bar full of peeps]

    [hic]Egads. [hic] Lovely evening, Ceebs. Thanks for the Jack Spaniels. [hic] And thank you for your good luck wishes, The Other Mike. And you too, The Other Mike. Oh wait, that’s your twin there! [hic] Silly me. I didn’t know you had a twin. Hi, The Other Mike Twin. May I buy you gentlemen a drink each?

    [trips on the way to the bar]

    [looks mortified]

    DAMN. Make that a fifth. [hic]

    [passes out]

  28. Badkittie2021 says:

    I was numbah one! Whoo hoo. Not to shabby for a newbie like me. *grabs fifth from Subhangi’s hand.* Thanks. *walks away*

  29. Subhangi: I just want to tell you both good luck. We’re all counting on you.

  30. Dunno if she’ll get the “Airplane” reference, Other Mike… American flick from the ’70s y’know.

  31. [suddenly wakes with a start]

    No one gets MY share of beer!!!

    [runs after badkittie]

    [snatches her JD back]

    Bad kitty. Bad, bad kitty.

    [walks triumphantly away]

    Hehe. 😉

  32. Subhangi has a drinking problem.

    Perhaps she never got over Macho Grande.

  33. ‘Airplane’? Is it based on the Arthur Hailey book?

  34. Drinking problem? Who, me? And what’s Macho Grande?

    [takes a swig of Guinness]

    I’m good. Hic.

  35. Jackie from Michigan says:

    I don’t know what is cuter….the cat that looks like my beloved Nickelodeon or the rattie that is hiding in the cat’s butt fur!

    *keeps doing double takes* :poit:

  36. little gator says:

    so, does hemingway give a rat’s ass?

  37. Hehehehe.. it’s like the kitteh was all tired out so instead of chasing rats all day, he just sits on them instead…

  38. [realization dawns through the alcoholic haze]

    Oh. MACHO grande.

    [sips her Guinness thoughtfully]

    Of course, I dumped him when he mixed up his bunny’s hemp leaf salad with his marijuana. (Like this one: )

    Macho Grande, indeed, with brains the size of an M&M.

  39. Guinness, Jack Daniels…Badkittie, you had better stay away from Subhangi…I know how you hate puking!!!

  40. Egads, just for the record … I was JOKING. Thought I should mention that, before my dad becomes a visitor here and wonders whether I’m *really* in the same country …

    I was joking about the Macho Grande too, honest. I swear. On the kitten thats eating leftovers off the trashcan outside my dorm.

  41. Oh, AND for the record … I’m a teetotaller. 😉

  42. That *may* have been obvious. (JD != beer)

  43. Jerry hidingk under Tom.

  44. [rolleyes]

    I *know*, Theo.

  45. Egad! It’s past 1 AM!

    Goodnight, peeps.

  46. The kittie looks like he’s about to get all up on the rat – those paws are BIG and in a position to lock and load.

  47. Now THAT cat is prosh!

    Awesome owners too…no little mouse toy for Hemingway!

  48. Brianna Leonard says:

    Awwww, that is so cute. I luv cats. Especially, cute and adorable ones.

  49. Subhangi: I just want to tell you both good luck. We’re all counting on you.

  50. Hemingway is so fluffy and beautiful! Even if there is a rat coming out of his butt.

  51. When he was nicknamed ‘Papa’, Hemingway had no idea what was implied.

  52. Cats – n – rats!?!

  53. DavidBoBavid says:

    hey.. um.. badkittie’s getting drunk.. and no one informed me?

  54. “I don’t give a rats ass about that. Oh wait, I guess I just did…
    No, that’s ‘ass-rat’. Darn, now I’m all confused.”

  55. *sniff sniff*
    Why does it smell like a cat’s arse in this forest?


  56. This just may bring Hemingway out of retirement! So… close…

  57. *peek!*

    🙂 easily part of the peek hall of fame!

  58. Haha, I just looked at this pic and thought “Well, at least he’s not passing the buck!”

  59. I bet it’s nice and warm under there!

  60. *in Steve Irwin voice*
    What we’re looking at ‘ere mates is the Hemingway cat..and you bet he’s ferocious as a lion. This is his sleepy time so we’ve picked the perfect time to observe him. Wait, I think he’s waking up! Crikey!”

  61. LOL I bet Hemingway would get a kick out of these responses 😀

    FYI: He’s a Birman, not a Ragdoll 🙂

    Thanks for posting my buddies!!

  62. Jordan – Both your buddies are beautimus! My ratties are totally fascinated with my cats, who are Terrified of ’em. We just got Nugget a big ol’ critter ball, and seeing him run hopefully towards a freaked-out cat is The Funniest Evar.

  63. Yes, Jordan, the furkids are awesome!
    Lol, hrh.squeak! I can see the ratty in his running ball, now, harassing your cats!

  64. It’s what happens when you inhale your food… sometimes they come out undigested. teeheehee

  65. better would be: “Wrong hole fool!”