Purring fleece jacket warmer

Don’t EVAR get caught in a cold, purr-less, fleece jacket again! New North Face cat sleeves add warmth AND keep your fleece jacket sleeves in full, upright positions. One cat per arm only.


Don’t forget to remove cat(s) before wear, Ken D.



  1. Super Cuteeeee!

  2. How did that kitty worm his way all the way down the sleeve?! Love it! I might buy a new fleece just to see if my cat wants to wear a cat sleeve LOL

  3. badkittie2021 says:

    Awwww….snorgles kittie…

  4. badkittie2021 says:

    Awwww….snorgles kittie…

  5. *Giggle* purrrrrsssss

  6. DavidBoBavid says:

    awwww.. snorgles badkittie…

  7. Poor li’l guy. How is he ever going to get out of there? Bet he didn’t think of that, did he?

  8. this pic makes my cervix hurt.

  9. I love the look on his face-kinda cranky but cute.

  10. finn! LOL–base minds think alike.

  11. LOL finn!!!
    Is anyone else getting “cannot find server” page trying to come here thru cuteoverload.com? I had to come in the backdoor, thru typepad!
    does that mean I’m a …nevermind that’s just dirty.

  12. ROFL Finn! Love it. Dilated to oh, 12 centimeters???

  13. FINNNNN! You owe me a new keyboard! I had a mouthful of tea when I read your comment and now it’s all over the place. Too funny.

    Kitty looks warm. Wish I did too.

  14. badkittie2021 says:

    *snorgle david* hehehe…I love fuzzy kitties.

  15. “Dilated to oh, 12 centimeters???”


  16. Cutest. Sandworm. Ever.

  17. That cat has no intention of coming out of there. He’s peeking out with one eye just to find out what all the squeeing is about.

  18. Methinks a fleecy jacket sleeve makes a perfect Cat Container.

    Maybe they could detach the sleeve from the jacket and sell it as the perfect cat trap, best method for catching and transporting your cat without risk of claws.

  19. Finn, you better be glad I didn’t have a mouth full of drink when I read that, or you’d be owing me a new shirt. And monitor. And keyboard. And replacement drywall for the area behind the monitor. And…

    Kitty looks pretty snug in that sleeve, though. That’s gotta be seriously toasty by now!


  20. Is that a face up your sleeve?


    All hope seems lost now. There is still no sign of the rescue party, and many in the expedition now fear that Mr. Whiskers may not have survived his attempt to reach base camp with our coordinates. The ceaseless blizzard has confined us to the supply tent to conserve fuel, and the men are sullen and irritable. This morning, Puff-Puff and Jackie Boy came to blows over who had gotten the largest ration of mouse.

  22. WOW. Warm snorgly kitty …

    [scrolls down, idly drinking water]


    [water shoots into nasal passage]

    [coughing fit]

    [watery eyes]


  23. [makes mistake of drinking water again]

    [again scrolls down]



    [coughing fit re-ensues]


  24. you guys r silly says:

    The *one*eye* SQUISHED close is killing me!

  25. That’s it…no one’s allowed to drink while perusing CO ever again.

  26. [eyes boggling]

    eGAD peeps… so busy here today (pre-vaca) that I’ve not been able to check in, much… but you are ALL bound for the looney bin.

    Subhangi — quite right, hear hear, re: Finn and Other Mike… but I also give props for the “sandworm” Dune reference (yay BG!) and the… um… circumference dealie (oy vey, Lauri).

    Wolf — really good idea.

  27. NTMTOM: *snort*

    You’re a genius, dude.

  28. Jackie from Michigan says:

    It’s nice to know that it isn’t just my cats who think jacket sleeves are tunnels. You just have to check before you put your jacket on or else you get a furry clawed surprise!

  29. Ummm…

    When this cat is removed from the jacket, is it an e-jacket-ulation?

  30. Too soon to tell, Aubrey. Let’s not be premature.

  31. NTMTOM and finn: you made me laugh really loud. Like REALLY loud. I woke up my sis’s baby. And now me and sis are laughing together. Baby is still crying.

  32. the world has officially gone insane thanks to this amazingly cute kitty, finn and ntmtom. yayness ^-^

  33. I had a rabbit (Blackadder) get stuck in my bathrobe sleeve once. The robe was on the floor, he was messing around with it, got scaredby something, and ran down the sleeve the wrong way…he looked like a big fat bunny sausauge, with just his head and front feet sticking outthe sleeve end – too fat to fit the rest! Backing up didn’t occur to him, apparently, so we had to very gently shake him out….

  34. “To you Baldrick, the Renaissance was just something that happened to other people, wasn’t it?”

    I love that show. The fact, Tiberia, that you named your rabbit after that ‘horrid little man’ just makes me happy.

  35. I just checked and
    is worth a look

  36. *scream* Omg, Aubrey, and Theo…I think that is the worst puniture YET!!!!

  37. Oh come now…

  38. Theo, Theo…everything I’ve done he-wrecked-I’ll have to thing of something else to say.

  39. EEEEeeeyarg. Um. *grin*
    Perfect laboratory humor!

  40. Man, this is one dysfunctional crowd…

  41. I think we’re functioning quite well in a dysfunctional world. 😉

  42. michellemybelle says:

    Preach on, Sister Lauri!

  43. Aubrey –

    I didn’t just have Blackadder at the time, I had Baldric, too. Their personalities were quite a bit like their namesakes. Baldric was also quite small, and followed Blackadder everywhere. There were many instances of “clever plans” gone wrong with those two 🙂

  44. Tiberia,

    Everytime I see Hugh Laurie on those episodes, I just shake my head in awe.

    A co-worker and I like this quote quite a lot:

    “What on Earth was I drinking last night? My head feels like there’s a Frenchman living in it.”

  45. one of these days I’ll think up something as funny as you brilliant ones. OMG thanks for the major giggles…again.

  46. Lol, this picture has me wondering, was that cat shoved in there or willing went in there.. Either way it made me smile 🙂