These lambitudes look like they’re parading thru someone’s living room, across a blue blankie, for no apparent reason. I bet there is a tiny Chihuahua nipping at their heels or something.


Denis M., patience is a virtue (he sent this back in ot 5)



  1. Super cute…I love the made up words here, like “lambitudes”. I’m assuming “parafing” was supposed to be “parading”, though. 😛

    I wonder what the gray thing on the right is. It looks like some sort of elastic barrier-type thing.

  2. I’m not a big fan of goats (bf’s family own some so get to experience them first hand)… but baby goats are cute.
    Specially when they’re first born and they’re still all tiny and just oh so silky soft.

  3. ah, love teh little lamb-chops. say in a bleating voice: “don’t eat me lisa”.

    the gray thing looks like an impromptu baby gate.

  4. maybe its cold where they live- i once saw a tiny goat that had been brought in because it was born in the wrong part of the day and it was too cold. hmmm

  5. Oh! I want that little black and white one! So incredibly cute, just look at those ears.

  6. THOSE aren’t lambs! Those are KIDS! But I suppose “kiditudes” doesn’t sound quite right.

  7. Mmm, cabrito on the hoof…

  8. Here in the Canary Islands, we call those baifitos (kids). Quite a speciality at Christmas! I’ll take the little b/w too, but not to eat.

  9. Okay – how old are we?! ot 5 (aught 5)?! Too funny. I had a grandfather that would use that term – of course for the last century.

    Cute boney-headed little goats, btw. 🙂

  10. Ummm…those are goats, not lambs. But they’re still so freakin adorable. 😀

  11. they’re all like “bbbaaaaa”…

    i love goats.

  12. baby goats crack me up, they are so dang cute.

  13. Awwww!!! I love baby goats.

    Betcha they’re in a playpen and the grey thing to the right is the mesh.

    That makes ’em even cuter.

  14. Badkittie2021 says:

    I LOVE BABY GOATS! OMG! look at the little goat faces.

  15. I have goats and when our two babies were born, they were the tinest cutest things ever! Tiny tiny tiny!

  16. Hehee, tiny white laying down goat is all “Get yer butt outta my face, kid. “

  17. goats….I thought…

  18. If ever there was a time to get someone’s goat;this is it.

  19. I want to kiss their cowlicks…erm…I mean their goatlicks…no, no, not that… I just wants to kiss’em.

  20. So glad you clarified that, jaypo! It was getting baaaaaad.

  21. badkittie2021 says:

    It’s a freaking goat party!

  22. LOL I thought it was goats too….and speaking of goats & chihuahuas….
    last December I was out of town for a few days & left Elvis with my friend with the farm. She has 2 goats, Molly & Dolly, and she said they were in LOVE with Elvis, and would come up to the sliding glass door at the kitchen looking for him, she said they had never come up to the house before. hehe

    These are some freaking KEWT goaties in this pic, I don’t know which one I want!

  23. I want every freakeeng one of them!!!! *hops around*

  24. these are GOATS! freakin cute ones at that! 🙂

  25. I wants to hug them and have them tumble all over me.

  26. these are GOATS! freakin cute ones at that! 🙂

  27. im sure its been posted but those are goats not lambs :). a baby goat is called a kid.

    they are very cute kids 🙂

  28. There are few things in life as cute as a bunch of bebe goatlings.

  29. Very KEWT.

    Baby goats are prone to trying to eat any portion of your clothing and/or anatomy within their reach, so WATCH OUT when attempting to snorgle.

  30. Oh man oh man…bebbeh goats are cute, but if any of them are MALE and they grow up to be billies…? We is talkin’ SERIOUSLY stanky! They pee on themselves to impress the ladies. I’m not kidding!

    If only the kids would STAY kids! (Of course, I sometimes say this about my own son, too…*LOL*)


  31. Babeh livestock! SQWEEEEE! Lurve the kittehs and all, but this ex-farm girl gets all giddy for the kiddies.

  32. A Fine Morsel says:

    I wouldn’t want goat butt in my face either. But they all are pretty darn cute.

  33. I”m pretty sure those are goats… not lambs.

  34. my favorite thing about goats is their milk. used in the best soap/lotion evar. available at,

    [Meg, I don’t think product linking is inappropriate, but if it is, please remove and accept my apologies.]


    Lil’ goats are frisky baaaaa-bies. Damn cute! In villages around my place, I see TONS of bebbeh goats. Tewtally, redonkulously cute. (Though a little stinky.)

  36. I’ve always thought the best thing that I could have would be a baby pygmy goat in the backyard. Wouldn’t that be awesome? A baby pygmy goat that hangs out in the yard playin with his buds on a rock and keeping the grass short.

  37. And this is why I’m a vegetarian.

  38. hard little heads and velvety faces. Want one…..
    And am sharing the vegetarian sentiments.

  39. Jackie from Michigan says:

    Beware all wool sweaters…the goat kid brigade has arrived! I hope those kids wiped their hooves off before they came inside!

  40. Adorable “goatness”!
    My children and I helped deliver goats one time. The owner went back into the house to get jackets because it was getting chilly. While she was gone, our children got to deliver the last “kid” that the farmer didn’t realize was still in there!! My daughter said she felt very smug! 😉

  41. Mos’ def’ goatlings – I’ve been wishing I could own a pair (or more) of pygmy goats for several years now, and even know of a place that hires out goats as lunch-carriers if you go on their hiking trails…

  42. i want the black and white one! he’s a devilish lil’ fellow. and i love their mini hooveses

  43. I don’t know why, but I’m just under the impression that the velvet rope has been lifted, and there is a mad rush for the opened doors of Club Blue Blankie.

  44. They’re so …..clean! Heh!

  45. mairsydoats and doesydoats and little lambsydivy… a kiddleativytoo, wouldn’t U??

  46. My nubian goat Annie once had 5 babies at once (2 is normal). The poor doe saw her 5 youngins and walked away muttering, “noooo, not 5!” So I got to raise them with milk replacer. Egads, they are sooo cute, but, but, (collapses in exhaustion).

    The 2 female offspring eventually went to a neighbor, and became milkgoats to help raise bummer lambs (orphans). Cute!

  47. ADORABLE. i lov ethe little black and white one

  48. keeee-ute!!

    I want the brown one in the middle because she’s a mover and shaker and a little belly acher and I love her! (plus I hear she makes a mean venti caramel macchiato!)

  49. Holy crow, Juniper!!! 5 baby goats at once!

    You’ve got to be kid-ding!!!

  50. Lauri, Juniper’s done a wonderful thing! She has a right to be proud, to come to CO and goat.

  51. Heeee, Aub, SO right!
    Juniper’s goat has accomplished more than me or Nubian ever imagine.

    Ok, THAT was stretchin’ it.

  52. brownamazon says:

    Goatitude!I love how kids will butt their little baby eraser horn stublets into your hand.

  53. Oh my goatness! I got my very own puns! I feel like a real peep now instead of a semi-lurker. Thanks! And double thanks to CO on behalf of all of us lurkers-we are just as addicted to teh Cute and teh Comments, even if we may not be witty enough to say much!

    Shannon (Juniper) from Lopez Island, WA

  54. MOMMY I WANT A GOAT PLEASE. Seriously, I am reduced to a puddle of cooing and babbling…

  55. I see that others before me have corrected the error that these are “baabee goatees” rather than “lammmmbbsss”.None the less, they are adorable and I wish I was among them to play! Whittle bitty goats are funnn!

  56. They’re goats! Not sheep! Lambs are baby sheep, kids are baby goats. FYI….

  57. If those are sheep, I’m a pickle!

  58. Any livestock little enough to be pickupable is automatically cute.

    Can we have a farm animal day? Please? Wheedle?

  59. Juniper! Of course you are a real peep! I love your name Juniper from WA.

    And as for witty, I am constantly yammering away with nothing to say. (ask my hubby) Witty is not a requirement for teh Comments! 🙂

    Hehehe, “wheedle” Loris! You definitely got your farm animal day with Licky McSnoutlickerson up ahead!

  60. I’m not vegetarian, but I don’t eat goat.

  61. Don’t you just want to pick ’em up and squeeze em? And mebbe put some ribbons on them?

  62. Shouldn’t these guys be lambi-dudes?

  63. Damn cute goats. Not as cute as my little Stewie, but damn cute.

  64. Everything about this picture is cute. I just wish we could see the faces of the rest of them!

  65. Barbara Letsom says:

    These are goatkins – or kids!

  66. um…not to sound all pedantic, but baby goats are called kids, not lambs.

  67. useta hada kitteh says:

    Question. How many times can it be pointed out that these are goatses not lambses before it starts to get our collective goat? Each time the same comment comes up, I think, butt, butt, butt…we already learned that lesson! (I feel as if I should put in my Grade 1 teacher’s name after “we already learned that lesson” — her name was Miss Kydd. really and for truly.) Whatever one calls ’em, these small fur bearing animals of the goat persuasion are c-y-double oo Cute! And besides,
    and doesaregoats
    and littlelambsaregoatsies,
    a kidisagoatsie too,
    what are you?

  68. Very cute. Esp. the little brown-noser in the bottom rightcorner. What the heck is going on there?!

  69. cutiness freak says:

    theres a family renting my parents house and they have three kids.this pic looks just like the family.(no offense to you guys,because well you rock)
    (P.S.and no offense to the family to.u guys are awsome to just like the little lamies

  70. these are baby goats, not lambs.

  71. I grew up on a goat farm. I got to say these 4 legged kids are so cute. They are definatly a blast when they get old enough and u are young enough to enjoy them climbing on you and giveing you little baby kisses. by the way goats dont eat clothing. when they take your clothing in their mouth they are simply trying to taste in a attempt to get to know you better and make friends with you. And yes bucks(male goats) stink and pee on them selves when the does( females) are in heat. bucks always smell but if u descent them at birth then they dont smell half as bad as adults. I loved living on a goat farm. miss it tremendusly now that i live in the city. ps the little white one lieing down with short ears is a a lamancha