Daily C.O. Reminder

How great would it be if, wherever you were during the day—at the office, at home, wherever—every day at 2PM, a little grey kitten like this would crawl up yer pant leg and make sure you had checked CuteOverload at least once. Not in an annoying, nagging way, but in a soft, white muzzlepuffed, purring kind of way.


"Juuuuuusssssssst checkin’!" [Say in Cliff Claven voice] Jon H.!



  1. :poit:

  2. That would ROCK!!!!

  3. Er, poit well taken.

    Around these parts (midwest) it’s more of the “are you ready to go to lunch yet?” kitty check.

  4. “:poit:

    >>poit< <

  5. This kitteh has more of a “Aw geez, I thought I’d reached the summit, but this thing just goes on and on!” look.

  6. T’wud be a great great thing indeed if every desk came with this anerable kitty PDA!!!

    Purr D A, I say!!!


  7. …sorely needed and much appreciated today…

    [red-eyed and frathzledly winsome gaze…]


  9. He would be my Daily Kitten as well as my CO reminder (not that I need a reminder). And I wouldn’t mind him being the same kitten every day, because look how cute!

  10. Teeny. Little. Claws.

  11. Really, he’s created to soothe us. I mean, look at his colors–pink, white, gray, and blue. You just *think* those colors and suddenly everything is ok.

    Laurie C, a kitty like that should be named Moon Drop.

  12. Teho, on your pregnant kitty’s not eating — when they’re very soon to deliver, they can lose their appetite. Is she that far along?

    I’m keeping a daily eye on a boxcar momcat who is due any day now to see when she delivers.

  13. Good luck to li’l mom, T-O. Perhaps the “true” state of her digestive health must be the reason she’s not eatin’.

  14. jaypo, I agree. His white bits do look like slivers of moon in a night sky.

  15. ShelleyTambo says:

    Hey, that person is wearing the same thing I am today–down to the same shades of blue. Maybe that means…* takes quick peek at lap*…nope, no kitten.

  16. Hee! He’s just trying to climb up into the lap-owner’s shirt and become a Cats ‘N Racks category winner! 😉


  17. Kitteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen!! *reachy fingers* Must snorgle teh kitteeeeeeeeen! Stheriously, people, we gotta get that Port-a-Snug service going… and perhaps a kitty alarm clock (patent pending!)

  18. Perhaps that’s actually a “You haven’t snorgled me in the last five seconds” reminder.

    A new kitty has joined our household (a deeply-orange Tiger Tabby Tom; shout-out to Teho)–and he is absolutely ferocious about demanding Attention when he thinks he hasn’t been given enough. The lap-attack is one of his favourite methods, as is licking my toes (ew).

  19. Another feature in the CO Dream Office.

  20. musicchick2 says:

    Oooohhh!!!! Me wuvs baby kittehs SOOOOOOOOOOOO much. My 2 feline sons are 9 yrs old. They’re wonderful & I love them to pieces, but I yearn for a little kitty face like this to greet me and do the freaky little sideways ‘crab jump’ at himself in the mirror. LOL Older kitties won’t demean themselves by behaving in such an immature fashion *sigh*

  21. I wanna know: who’s goosing that kitteh?!

  22. AThink,

    congrats on the new roommate. Ferocious About Demanding Attention sounds like the description of Tigger. enjoy the toe-licking or go to bed with socks on…

  23. The wee kit’s spray of whiskers and the color coordination of this photo are making my head spin.

  24. Thanks, Mariser. He is not allowed to sleep with me, though the last few nights he has desperately attempted to (his real mummy is away). This involves pathetic claw-scrabbling under my door and persistent cries. Eventually he gives up and goes away 😉

    (I feel slightly cruel but I’d never sleep if he was allowed in…)

  25. AThink,

    totally understand. you need your sleep. been there with the claw-scribbling and the cries, meself. ‘cept I gave up. but then, Steven E. is my cat…
    I hope The Ferocious One’s mummy returns soon.

  26. Oh how CUTE!! I LOVE that his eyes match his coat! Makes me miss my furry-purries who are ALLLLLL the way back home! *sigh*

  27. I WANT!


    [sigh] Today at breakfast I was scratching the coffee-shop cat Psycho continuously for about five minutes.

    [sigh] Miss my kitties.

  29. The hell with keyboards. Give me a squee-board, any day.

  30. I have a kitten who thinks she is an alarm clock and believe me, it’s not as cute as it sounds! She curls up next to my face, purrs and licks me – AND THEN BITES! Usually it’s my nose, but today she went for an eyelid. Youch!

  31. That would be, without doubt, the Best Thing Ever.

    Can I have one?


  32. That kitten looks terribly surprised – or is that just a standard-issue kitten freakout face?

    Good luck with your pregnant girl, Theo 🙂

  33. My Kanji does this nonsense all the time. When Im on the puter, he jumps on the cpu and then climbs into my lap to sit and be my lap cat. In fact hes sitting here right now!

  34. *climb climb climb*

    “Ehhhhnnnn…I KNEW IT!!! YOU DO HAVE THE ICE CREAM!!! I climbed all this way, now gimmee!!!!!”

    Yep, that’s what I see…

    I have 2 Kitties and 1 Pooch that are alarm clocks for me…Unfortunately one is at about 3:30 a.m., one is about 4 a.m. and the last one is anywhere from 5:30 to 6:00 a.m. One will sit plaintively and beep at me… One will whine quietly…and the last one will put her tail in my face, or reach out with her paws and tap my lips… *sigh* But you gotta love ’em!!!!!!

  35. Okay, I know I’m going to hell for this one, but…

    “Is that a kitten in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?”

  36. Eeeeeeeee! *death*

  37. On your momma cat, Theo… At least in humans, the hormones that start the labor process tend to cause some nausea and to, um, clear out the lower gut. So, watch for labor. Of course, you just gave her a bath, which is sort of like washing your car just before it rains…

    Give the poor dear and nice backrub and tell her to take a few deep cleansing breaths. Here’s hoping for some healthy sweet kittens.

  38. POIT. Really. Just imagine a “POIT” that’s like 5 inches high at this bebeh.

    Good luck to Teho’s new foster mommy.

  39. Jackie from Michigan says:

    Know what would be even weirder? If the cat decicded to come out of the computer screen instead of under the keyboard. Anyhow, holy white muzzlepuff and sockies!

  40. Ah, the cuteness! So sweet it’s making my teeth hurt… 🙂

    And what’s with the super kitteh face? It’s all, “Hiya! Ooo I made it.. now will you play wif me? Pleeeeeeeaaaase?”

  41. No offense, but if I had a cutie pie like THAT in my lap available to snorgle at my whim I wouldn’t need to look to CuteOverload to get my daily dose. No offense.

  42. acelightning says:

    Aaaaaawwwwwwwwww! Kitty! Itty Bitty Kitty!
    Although with that much cuteness around, I’d *never* get any work done!

  43. I’m having a near-CO office experience…my puppy is at work with me for the second time this week and he’s being such a good boy. He’s spent most of his day underneath my desk asleep and the rest of his day getting love from my co-workers. Not quite as pleadingly cute as that small kitten, but pretty good.

  44. I would love a kitten with me at work every day!!! But as someone else said, not much would get done! Such a darling little face!!!

  45. He’s saying, “Lunchtime, bra. You gonna….you gonna get up and feed the need or what?”

  46. Oh, wow. That’s too much kittitude for one lap. That’s too kittilicious to be true. My head can’t take it. It’s going to a’splode.

  47. CBS had a story on office pets, mostly anoerable doggies and puppies. That one benefit I would demand up front!

  48. Rafæl! I love your spelling of anœrable!

  49. I just can’t help thinking about and mentally feeling those teensie-tinsie needles going all the up my leg to my lap. ow! ow! ow! ow! ow!

  50. *poit!*

    hee, it’s like the gmail notifier, only super-cute!

    it would be cool to make an app that made a little kitten peek in from the edge of your screen or over the top of your windows when cuteoverload updated. and of course it would go *poit!*.

  51. “Wow, little kitters, you’ve got nails!”

  52. Oooo, do it, Adam, do it, do it!

  53. “Hey … where are the yellow legal pads kept?”

    “In between the litter box and Iams.”

  54. How about adding ::POIT::
    to the glossary??

    (eh, powers that be Theo?)

  55. I’ve made the suggestion MANY times that we have a “Bring Your Pet to Work” day rather than “Bring Your Kid to Work”! I’d much rather have kitties and doggies (yes, and birdies) around than kids!

  56. Awww. Boo-faced kitteh.

  57. We had Bring Your Pet to Work days at my last job. The problem was that I’d bring my herding dog and she would “help out” by herding everyone into the same area. Aussies aren’t the nap-quietly-under-the-desk types.

  58. Danielle — “poit” is from Pinky and the Brain (like “narf” and “are you pondering what I’m pondering?”)… but the “powers that be Theo” is nicely original. Yes, I think there’s real potential there.

  59. I am fairly sure that if everyone had a wittle bitty kitten, there would be no war. Everyone would be to cute-ified to want to kill someone else.

  60. Leilani, take your dog to work day, the official one, was on June 23rd. Start planning for next year!

  61. …or start a national grassroots initiative for a MONTHLY Take Your Pet To Work Day. (Just be sure it’s not the same day they test the emergency sirens.)

  62. Though that could be cruelly (and perhaps painfully) entertaining, Theo.

  63. *Grin-grimace* As the “mom” of a dog who freaks out at the sound of rain. Who chews up entire bathrooms (metal towel racks and the metal toilet plumbing) at the sound of fireworks….take yer “calm” Pets to Work Day. is fine!

  64. Far away, in the lonely night, a kitten was heard purring….

  65. I am so glad that Teh Intarwebs is here to hear me:
    >>>poit< <<


  67. Well, kids get easily bored and they see work as something that gets between them and the moms/pops. They are not inclined to like it. Hoevwe well behaved pets love the attention and been with the moms/pops where ever that may be (except the vet!)

  68. With those tinesy craws, I can’t help but be reminded of Theo’s pic of Mr. Bounce on his shoulder. T3h 0wch! And perilously close to the groinage area…eek.

    Thank the gods for jeans in cases like this. I wish I worked in a place with an office kitty or dog.

    The bestest thing, though, is that when My Wee Bebeh Eva© is borneded in December, I’ll be at home with her AND the three dawgs!

  69. This reminds me of a friend that recently got an office kitten at work. Poor little kitten has a broken leg in a big green cast.

  70. Actually, I need this kitteh to remind me to STOP looking at CO, and get back to work!!
    Kitty says, “Uh, wasn’t your coffee break over, um, like 45 minutes ago?”

  71. the best part of working at home is having my cat around me all the time, the only thing that would make it better would be a little grey kitten and my cat

  72. Phew! I made it! Whoah, what are you doing up here?

  73. That kittens eyes are the cutest ever, and their so very big! He/she is just like ::O.O::

  74. If I had this kittehboohead at work with me, I would do nothing but kiss and coo and talk baby talk at him for the entire day. I think everyone in my office would have head-esplody, because I’m usually quite bitter, angry and quiet while I’m there…to see me dissolve into saying “OH WOOK AT DA WIDDLE KIDTYPUSSEMSFACEHED!!!” about fifty times a minute and the deafening sound of fur-kisses would confuse them greatly. 🙂

    Cutest. Kitten. Ever. AHH I gotta sit down, it’s too darn cute. Wait, I am sitting down. I gotta lie down.

  75. He he, when I was in the early days of high school I once sat on my bed to do my math homework. My cat had a litter of kittens, and one, a beautiful little tabby, saw that I was sitting with my legs over the side of the bed. My book was in my lap. She hopped onto my jeans, climbed up my leg, and settled down on my book. I declared her my “Math Buddy” and didn’t do a thing that night.

  76. hahaha. Kittenboohead!

    When our little Gandalf was around he would grab my kids’ pens and pencils if they were doing their homework on the floor.

    I dubbed him “the scholar” he loved pens so much!