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Two-day old behbeh cockatiel rockin’ rule 14. AND rules 2, 12 & 18. Don’t you just wanna one-gulp him?


Like, Bok, Rebecca H.!



  1. TINY baby! I had to look three times to see which end is up!

  2. aiiiieeeeeeeeeee


  3. Radio snack! *snicker*

    The battery probably outweighs it 3 to 1, as well!

  4. Ok, I’m clueless…
    which end is up???
    I don’t see it…

  5. want tha birdie in my mouf.

  6. Judging from the shape and the direction of the wings, I would guess that the pink humpy thing at the top is the bird’s head.

    (And I love the chicken butt t-shirt. I want one!)

  7. HRHQueenCat says:

    Yikes …

    don’t let your kitty see this teeny weeny bit of love-fluff …

  8. chomp ^-^

  9. OMG! So TINY!

  10. Noooooo. Not too cute.
    Sorry. BUT – who saw CO in “BUST”???!!! This was probably discussed a loooong time ago, but I just want to give a shout-out to Meg. Let’s ALL thank her for providing us with such a wealth of cute (even if we have to tolerate a little birdish clump of feathers every now and then).

  11. I don’t really wan to pop it in my mouf so much as use it as a pencil topper.

  12. I feel like running home to see if we’ve got any of these hiding in the smoke detectors.

  13. Don’t look now, little birdie, but there’s a cat nearby who’d love to use one of his nine lives trying to take you down. He stalks you even now — ever watchful, ever vigilant, ever … something, I dunno.

  14. heehee he’s all “Chicken Run” shaped.

    I love the flufferly little shadow.

  15. cute from this angle only.
    not cute when you look at them straight on. They kinda look like a vulture after a chemical peel.

  16. The grown up ones are cuter, but size-wise this one is cute. From top only as someone said before.

  17. Vultures after a chemical peel aren’t cute?! Uh oh…

    (cancels submission)

  18. Other Mike —
    …ever lurking. In a blankie cape.

  19. Theo: Exactly! The very phrase I was groping for!

    And now, if you’ll all excuse me, I have to get down to Target to stock up on Everlurkinginablankiecape batteries.

  20. Theo, you’re killing me. Make the laughing ST-O-O-O-O-O-P.


  21. Tiny bebeh birds really are not in the usual category of cute…kind of like, they’re so ugly they’re cute. In a bulbous, lumpy sort of way…

  22. *gasp*!

    This should come with an ‘unfathomable amounts of cute ahead” warning =D

  23. mrbunsrocks says:

    Honestly, of all the things posted, I don’t find this cute at all. Looks more like a balding, tiny little head to me. Kinda creepy!

  24. I dunno, I think bebbeh birdies are all cute. In a tiny, helpless, wobbly sort of way. Some of them are born bald and wrinkly, some of ’em are fluffy…but they’re all cute.

    This itty bitty cockatielie cutie is just beggin’ to be held! How would one go about doing a “kangaroo carry” on something the size of a nickel, though…? *LOL


  25. Teeny tiny ‘tiel ‘tocks!!

  26. My cockatiel is a grown up 2 and a bit years old. It’s funny to think he must once have been a tiny little ball of spikey feathers like that. I wish I could have seen him back then.


  27. you guys r silly says:

    oh my god…*UNBELIEVABLY*ADORABLE*!!!
    I want to *kiss* the tiny bald top of his teeny bald head, but I’m afraid I might INHALE him by mistake…

  28. Teh shadowz!
    They make it extra interesting, if slightly spookier also.

  29. somehow, the thingy looks like a piglets head, seen from above.

  30. I’m kinda spooked by the fact that the gray thing on the right side of his head is his eye. Looks like he wasn’t quite finished before he hatched. Can somebody put him back in till he’s done?

  31. Hee Hee, LaurieC, bebee birds always look half-finished to me. Alien alert!

  32. And now, for a bit of fun (283 KB):

  33. LOL!!! [gaaaasp]
    …er wait — what is birdlet *doing* exactly?

  34. Ya know, that bird doesn’t look all that small from where *I’m* sitting (253 KB):

  35. I cant even tell what that is, I’m just taking your guy’s word that its a me it looks like the tope of Pinky’s head from Pinky and the Brain

  36. LOL x2… slow day, Other Mike?

  37. what kind of birdie is it? O.o*

  38. NTMtoM . . .ROFLMFAO x2

    But it looks like someones got WAY too much time on their hands *grin*

  39. NTMTOM- Very funny! (But my mind is in the same gutter as Theo’s re: the first one….)

  40. Denise in Nebraska says:

    More baby birds, Cute Overload!! We need more baby birdies like this!! They are sweet and cute because they are vulnerable and dependent and need someone to take care of them. This one probably can’t even see, yet. His fuzz has just started to show. So precious! I want to put him in a warm incubator, and watch him all day!! (kisses fuzz)

  41. NTMTOM, what program do you use to create those animations? They are so great!

    Love the giant bird in the streets.

  42. Urm… that’s not cute… urm… I normally think that just about everything is cute… I don’t think I’ve ever found anything not cute before… but… okay, he’s cute – – – well, he will be one day and that’s good enough for me… SNORGLE!

  43. Ya know, that bird doesn’t look all that small from where *I’m* sitting (253 KB):

    LOL, Other Mike! Did you used to work with Terry Gilliam?

  44. Crrrap, no time to read ALL quotes! *gnashing of teeth*

    For now I will say, bebe birds ARE in the lumpy, bald, nobbly category of oh so SQUEEEEEably CUTE!

    I have a story and pics to post on my blog one fine day of bebe bluejay, Rockly, and his horrifically cute little gulping mug!

    Night night, peeps!

  45. ahhhhh! Its . . .


    Run away! Run away!

    NTMTOM – great job!

  46. oh, cuteoverload- from cats in bowls & yawning hedgehogs to scrawny birds & off-brand batteries? how the mighty have fallen! paws down to this picture. all the way. i mean, come on- look at the bulging fly eye on that bird! so NOT eye capsule-y.

  47. Okay, I thought this was mildly cute at first. Then someone pointed out the grey eye lump on the right side of his head and I’m a little grossed out now. I appreciate the fact that he’s a baby, which is sweet, but… not cute.

    No. Not cute. Sorry.

  48. Denise in Nebraska (again) says:

    We can only hope that those of you who judge the baby birdlet for having a “lumpy” right eye were not born wrinkly themselves (or with any birth defects)! Maybe you too looked “gross” at one time, when you were two days old. Most babies poop out grossness, if they do not externally exude it. In my opinion, fuzzy baby chicks are infinitely more snuggle-able than other kinds of babies I could name. You go, 2-day old baby chick!!! You just ignore the comments about your bulgy, developing eye. It’s cute, dammit!

  49. Cockatiel McNugget

  50. EEEeee! So that’s how they fit in those tiny shells! My female ‘tiel laid a few eggs in her time, and they were so eentsy.

    Anyway, the poor little beeb is probably COLD sitting out on the counter top like that… :-\ I hope it’s ok.

  51. Little fluffy chick, tiny grey eye – where’s the harm in it? Little sweetie! Put him back with Mama I say, where he will be all snuggly and warm.
    (But Godzilla chick? he needs no Mama – at least we should hope not! Cos how big would she be?)

  52. Omgawd. I don’t know if I have ever laughed harder than I did just now at Denise in Nebraska’s wonderful pep talk to tiny bebe chick, here. It’s SO true.
    You peeple quit saying bad stuff about the fluff!!!
    *crossed arms and frown*

    Lolololol to Teho and NTMTOM. Crazy nuts!

  53. eye capsule rocks!

  54. R we trying to show how leetle the bird is? or how Beeg the batterie is?

  55. As much as I appreciate the baby tiel pic (which is to say, HUGELY), I must point out that cockatiels do not say “bok”. “Bok” is for chickens, i.e., poultry, i.e. barnyard fowl. Baby birds of pretty much any species say “peep”. Mature cockatiels say “squeep”. Or “cher-wee”. Or “wick-ker-wee”. Actually, they have a large vocabulary. Squeep!

  56. Not cute. Baby birds—excluding ducklings, and chicks, are for the most part, REALLY ugly—for a period of time. Also, I hate cockatiels. I had to live with two of the non-stop squackers. I hated it!

  57. Thanks, Denise and Lauri and all, for the defense of my behbeh’s cuteness! 🙂 I adore cockatiel chicks. They’re cute from all angles to me. And thanks especially to Meg for the post!

    Don’t worry, zandperl. The chickie was *tewtally* warm sitting out for his picture. I have a ceramic (non-light-emitting) heat lamp for my birds, so I can take them out and keep them toasty.

    Props to Mike for the animated gifs! I like the second one a lot. It would have been a super popular entry in the “Monster Tiel” contest I made up, like, three years ago:

  58. Rebecca!!! Great contest! Loved all the pics! And still love bebe tiel!

  59. ahhh, the cosmic unconscious, ya gotta love it.
    There’s NTMOTM making byootiful gifs for us, and meanwhile back at the tiel ranch they’ve been making monsters for years.
    Pretty nifty peeps.

  60. oops, NTMTOM

  61. misscrisp, your byootiful gifs is SO right eeooonnnn! And, I betcha not a single one of us woulda noticed the NTMOTM/NTMTOM misnomer.

    Good catch! 😉

  62. troll (sorry, it has to be said) says:

    What if you could stop the suffering of another? What if you chose to buy your meat from free-range farms with veggies maing up the xxxtra portion? Why doesn’t Meg take the next step? – animals are cute = animals feel and think like us. Meg is helping, yet CHEATING the life reality. Speek OUT for animal rights, or die knowing you didn’t really care, afterall.

  63. troll(no, it didn’t), I don’t think you know enough about Meg’s lifestyle, or life choices to make assumptions or lecture to her on her own blog. Feel free to preach on your own, though.

  64. Ewwww, it’s a spambot! Did someone leave the garbage lid off last night…?

    As for the presumptuous preacher, feel free to exit stage left and start your own blog site. And I’ll do you the favor of not reading it.